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  1. Dear friends, I need your advice for a wide angle lens on my M10 R. I was thinking maybe 18-22mm. 24 mm would be almost borderline. I currently have 35, 50, 75mm. Since I rarely need it, mainly for interiors, it can be cheaply new or used. However, I value the fact that it is as small as possible. It should be "sharp", but it doesn't have to be super sharp, good coloring would be desirable, as would a certain light intensity. I can use the Visoflex, but if I can, I'd rather focus with the rangefinder. I would be very grateful for your information.
  2. Hello Leica-land, Been doing some lurking in the forums for some time, but can't find a definitive list of lenses suitable for astrophotography. Main things I'm looking at are fast aperture, low coma, flat field performance. Fast aperture may be not a total dealbreaker with the high iso abilities these days (using an M10-R BP, currently) especially if a tracking mount is used. That said, I haven't seen too many folks doing astro with Leica cameras/glass, though I know it's possible given my first Milky Way run of the season this year. See below for my shot of the Milky Way competing against the light pollution of NYC taken this weekend. Currently I've only tested my existing lenses (Zeiss 21 2.8 and 50 Lux 1.4. ASPH) and both seem to have horrible coma even stopped down. I mostly used the Zeiss and even at f4 I found spots of coma, though interestingly not uniform (maybe there's some field curvature going on here where one corner is better than another?) I've read about Leica's own fast wides, but most seem out of my price range at the moment. I'm definitely getting a Zeiss 35mm 1.4 which may fit the bill for this use as it's pretty darn near optically perfect, but are there any wider lenses the community could recommend? or am I doomed to lust/save for the 21Lux or 28 Lux/cron?
  3. Greetings to the forum! I am new to forum and this is my first post. I recently purchased an summarit 50mm f1.5 on Ebay. But just now I noticed that its serial number is not in the range of summarit on any source online, this for example: https://reddotcamera.net/leica-lenses/serial-number/ . My lens' serial number is 1000025. The closest match is summarit 1000000 (https://www.nocsensei.com/camera/tecnica/marco-cavina/marcocavina/leitz-summarit-50mm-115/). and accroding to the record 1000001 should be an Elmar. Want to ask the forum whether cases like this are usual in leica lens production, building a little bit more than planned and not recording them? Is this lens a valid lens? Should I report this case to the database? Thank you! the figure is attached!
  4. Hi, I know that Tele lens are not the most popular among Leica M users, but despite of this there are some old and new models in the market. My question is particularly for 135mm Tele lens, for what kind of photography do you use it? When you deicide to pick 135mm and mount it from your collection? Photo examples will be highly appreciate it
  5. Hey, be kind it is my first post here! So I have an M4-P, and succeeded in knocking the little focusing knob off of my 35mm Summicron. I need a replacement part basically - two pictures below should explain things best. Any suggestions or recommendations for the place would be great. I do not want to send my camera to them, I am looking to just get the part sent to a US address. thanks! Marco
  6. When I joined this forum a couple of months ago I had just bought the M9 with the 50mm Cron. Since then you have helped me with buying the 21mm Elmar f2.8 and the Tele-Elmarit 90mm f2.8. I felt as well that I needed something in between the 50 and 21 and last week being in Hong Kong I bought a new 28mm Cron. It has been a great lens during the weekend to shoot especially the street markets. And architecture as well (I wonder how much I will use the 21mm from now on). I feel I have all the lenses I need. The next thing will be to upgrade the 50mm and then the 90mm. Both to something with larger maximum aperture. 50mm upgrade will come first. I am thinking mainly on the Noctilux. I have tried the 0.95 a couple of times and I like it very much. But the price is very high and would like to know if I should consider earlier Noctilux lenses and in that case which ones? There might be older ones that gives "better" looks? I see they are quite common on the second hand market. (Summilux can also be an option). Thank you.
  7. I have got great help here before, both when buying my 21mm and 90mm and now I am here again. And I have one 50mm Cron additional to that. Now I am thinking of a 35mm as well. Which one should I get? Or would you have put priority on another lens than the 35mm? I want to get a Leica lens and I have been looking on the new ones out there in the shops but maybe this time it would have been nice with a really old one. I am shooting with a M9.
  8. Hello, Everyone, and thank you for reading my post. I was wondering if the Leica Summarit 50mm 1.5 L39, could be used on the Leica M9, or will it need to be adapted? If so, how do I go about find this adapter, and which size would it be? Thank you! -Americo
  9. Im currently shooting the M (typ 240) with the 50mm Summilux ASPH and love it but im also wanting a Leica 35 to replace my voigtlander 35mm 2.5 I have been looking at the latest Summicron and Summilux 35's but unsure which to go with!.. any advice? (Id be using it for both my personal work; street shooting + portraits and also for commercially shooting weddings) Dan
  10. Hello there! I just got my new Noctilux 0.95 from Amazon and immediately I found that the aperture ring on the lens is inverted, i.e. the numbers are facing the bottom of the lens and the aperture white dot is facing down as well. The lens itself is functional and not defective but this makes the adjustment of the aperture really inconvenient. Any way to fix this? Thanks!
  11. As quite new Leica user I have the M9 with my 50mm Summicron f/2 and my newest purchase 21mm Elmarit from 1991. Now it is time for a 90mm. Which one should I buy? Used is also fine for me.
  12. I have bought a new lens (21mm Elmar-M f/2.8) that I would like to 6-bit code. What is the best way to do this? I think there are ways to do it yourself? And if I do not want to do it myself who can do this type of things? I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  13. I know something that tele-elmarit 90(thin) comes later than tele-elmarit 90(fat). But I don't really know the difference between tele-elmarit 90(thin) and tele-elmarit-m 90. They look quite similar to each other!!!! Can anyone give me a lesson about them? Thanks!! Miao
  14. With the arrival of the new M with Live View and an electronic VF etc is it time that Leica considered perhaps a dedicated mount wide - tele zoom or two? Just wondered if this would be a good thing to do.
  15. Hi everybody, after 35years in optics I thought I´d seen it all, wrong, I would appreciate some help here. I found an old Rodenstock lens, probably just post war 1949 engraved " Rodenstock - Erinar 1 : 3,5 f = 135 mm" with an Leica M39 Leitz thread. Manual aperture setting towards the front element from 3,5 to 32, lens barrel is in the typical post war matt chrome finish, focus in meters down to 1,5. About 125 mm long at most 55 mm in diameter. All lenses (probably a triplet) are single layer MgF coated. Wanted to put it up in the Bay but funny, I can´t find anything about this lens on the web ? Anybody come across this lens ever ? Came out of a company building clearance (Rodenstock HQ in Munich is moving), could have been a prototype ? Best regards from sunny Munich Georg
  16. I bought a "like new" M6 TTL last week (serial number denotes a 1999 model) with only three rolls run through it and have fallen head over heels in love with it. Problem is, the 50mm Summarit that I've been using on my M8 will not mount correctly to it. The lens will fit into the mount but will not twist and lock. The issue is particularly strange in that the lens mounts and focuses perfectly on my M8 and Voigtlander R4a as well as my friends' M3's, M2's, and M4's. Furthermore, all lenses that I've used on my M6; 50mm Summilux, 50mm Summicron, 35mm Summicron, 75mm Summilux, an older collapsible 50mm and even my voigtlander, zeiss and konica lenses mount and focus perfectly. I suppose I should mention that the Leica hood that I bought for the Summarit fit's a tad crooked (very slightly diagonal to the horizontal body lines on whatever camera I've mounted it to) but I can't imagine this having anything to do with the issue I'm having with the M6 as it has mounted just fine to other cameras, crooked hood or not. I know every company makes mistakes some times but this is really bugging me.
  17. I recently purchased the Leica R6.2 and relatively new to film SLR photography. Which lens will be a good choice to start off with? Thanks in advance!
  18. I have done this mistake several times now and I am sure you have as well (except the perfect people out there). Therefore I would like to know how you are using the feature of lens profiles and what you do when you do wrong. First, my gear: Leica M9, Summicron 50mm f/2, Elmarit 21mm F2.8, Lightroom 4. Very often when I make a change between my lenses, especially from my Summicron to Elmarit I forget to change my "Lens detection". When I do this mistake my Elmarit gets identified as a 90mm lens in Lightroom. Can I change this back to the right lens? Does it matter except for the vignetting and flash? (Vignetting I am anyway normally setting myself in LR or PS). What is normally your setting when you have a lot of non-6-bit coded lenses and you change between them. I assume you often forget to adjust this. Now I have bought another lens (90mm Elmarit non-6-coded) and will for sure make this mistake even more.
  19. Hi everyone, I was just given a 1957 (I believe) M3-910 139 in really good condition. It came with a Summicron 1:2/50 #1708858. Everything seams to be working except the lens does something odd... When you focus from lock, it focuses close, but the stop at the top of the lean keeps me from focusing any farther than 36 inches but there are more marking for 36 inches - infinity after the stop... Now I'm probably just being a newbie, but I can't figure out how to get past the stop! In new to Leica but not to photography, I've never seen anything like this. Please advise, and advice is greatly appreciated, -John
  20. Dear friends: hello everybody as this is my first contribution to the Forum! For a brief while, I have been collecting projection lenses - including but not limited to Leitz lenses. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find much information on the optical design even of the most common lenses such as the Hektor or the Elmaron. Apparently there are not really any web-availabe resources, aren't there? Finally, I dissected a fungus-affected Hektor. So I have a certain idea now of which shapes the included lenses are in this case (see http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-wiki.de/index.php/Bild:SCHEMA_H.jpg). But not being an optics expert, this is not much help without further explanation. I'd appreciate any hint - also to printed material. Best regrads, jan
  21. I have an old Summarit 50mm f/1.5. I have had quite a struggle getting a lens cap for it. I'd love to have an original Leica cap, but they're either insanely expensive (with no actual guarantee of fit), or just not there. I made a couple of attempts on eBay, but neither cap fit. Anyway, long story short -- I went to a camera shop today with my problem, and the counter guy came up with a brilliant solution -- binocular ocular caps. He found a pair of thick, soft rubber ones that were joined, one side of which fit my Summarit perfectly. When I got home, I simply cut the pair apart and mounted my $3.00 lens cap. If you are in need of a lens cap, and don't mind not having a "real" Leica cap, this is worth looking into.
  22. Hi All! I'm hoping someone can clarify a question that I'm sure many of you will know the answer to--or direct me towards an already existing thread. I recently purchased a Summicron 50mm lens from KEH as well as a Summicron 35mm, neither of which came with the proper retaining ring. I was told at the Leica store to purchase Series VI 14160 rings, and have done so. The problem: I would like to use a 62mm filter on these lenses but cannot figure out which initial step up ring will fit into the lenses--39mm, 41mm or 44mm? There is a lot of conflicting information out there about series adapters and so forth, and since I won't have the retaining rings for a couple weeks I would like to be able to confidently purchase step up rings without having to wait and then measure the actual diameter. Thoughts? Many thank! Lou (The 50mm is from 1969, and the 35mm from 1970, I believe)
  23. Dear L-forum, I have a great opportunity to buy a Noctilux lens but no opportunity to test it or compare it. I have just tested the new 0.95 and I like it. It is the version 2 below that has been offered to me: Version 1 = 50mm F1.2 Noctilux Version 2 = 50mm F1.0 E58 Noctilux (removable pin hood) Version 3 = 50mm F1.0 E60 Noctilux (removable hood) Version 4 = 50mm F1.0 E60 Noctilux (built in hood) Does any one of you have experiences about the lens? Did you have some issues with it? I have read a little about focus shift but is it a real problem if I only shoot wide open 98% of the time? It is a lens from 1977 and goes for the same price as a Summilux 1.4. Thank you!
  24. Anyone here have used the small Japanese lens MS Optical Super Triplet Perar 3.5/35 on a Leica M 240? I would love to get one but wonder if there are any problems on this new camera. Any advice is appreciated.
  25. Here are some of the reviews I have wrote for Leica M lenses, including some exotic and unique ones such as the Zeiss 15mm ZM, Leica 75mm F1.4 Summilux, MS-Optical 50mm F1.1(Stay tuned for this one): Photography Reviews — JERRY BEI GALLERY
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