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  1. I mostly just want to gripe here. I've been trying for a couple of months to find a vaguely period-correct collapsible 50mm Summicron for a IIIg. Twice so far I've actually bought one, for hundreds of dollars, once from a reputable shop and once from someone on Reddit. Both Summicrons were inoperable, and in the same way - disassembled by an amateur and put back together I assume with one or more elements reversed or in the wrong order. No sharp image at any distance, just a hazy swirling blur from infinity to up close. I haven't taken a Summicron apart, but I'm wondering if this is a particularly easy thing to get wrong? In any case I assume even if it were reassembled in the right order and orientation it'd need major recalibration than I'd have no way to accomplish. The most recent one also had the aperture ring installed wrong, rotated 90 degrees from correct. It's just disappointing to see that sellers apparently don't even bother slapping a lens on a digital body and taking a quick snapshot to see if it's even functional at all. It's kind of a dreamy effect but this is not the "Leica Glow" I was hoping for! 🤣
  2. My Tele Elmarit M 90 shows these marks when inspecting under a certain angle. It looks like dried water behind the front-element of the lens. It does not show in photos but still it concerns me. Is this serviceable? Have you ever seen something like this?
  3. I found this Carl Zeiss Jena lens for Leica SM (M39) at a flea market. This is what I could find about it: The Herar should be cheaper opportunity to the Carl Zeiss Biogon. It was originally produced for the Contax mount. The lens was produced around 500-1000 times. The one i found appears to be a prototype/sample for the Leica screw mount M39. It has a connection for the range finder and the aperture can be controlled with the front ring of the lens. It was produced before 1939. I hope I got everything right. My two questions: Are the infos are all right (age, Version etc.) and since inform own a Leica with drew Mount I want to sell it. What is the right price? (I only found two offers online both around 3000usd, is it really worth that much?) I also read that one was sold at a Auction at Christies in 1992. I’m very thankful for any held or answer ✌🏻
  4. I keep hearing good things about the Leica 40mm f2 Summicron. (also read Minolta Rokkor option). Just wondering if it’s as good as the reviews appear to be. Currently have a Nokton 35mm 1.4 & a 50mm 1.2 Nokton. The 50mm is a great lens but quite big and the 35 1.4 is a bit of a so and so for vignetting. Wondering if the 40mm f2 would cut the mustard on my M6/M10 combination.
  5. Hi there. Couple of days ago I decided to try some LTM glass on my Leica MP and bought a new Fotodiox 50/75 adapter. While it worked perfectly I was surprised and mostly heart broken to see that the mid line of the lens mount had been scratched on my beloved camera which I saved for such a long time to buy. The scratch is superficial as far as I can see and on the 4,5,6 and 7 o'clock directions (The photo which I share on here doesn't do them justice. They are more visible than what looks like here). I didn't have time to develop my film so I cannot say if it damaged the mount on funtional level. But I want to learn your experiences with similar situations if you had any. I read that these things can happen even when you use native lenses on cameras but as far as I know for the last 9 months my Voigtlander 35mm f/2 Ultron didn't damage or let alone scratch the lens mount on my MP. I reattached my Voigtlander after experiencing this situation and shooting another roll of film with it to see if there is any problem. Is there a possibility that I damaged my camera functionally? Can my Voigtlander be attached to the lens mount securely and without further damage either to the lens mount or the lens itself? What are you thoughts on Fotodiox adapters? The adapter that I bought seems that it is made of a material that is not similar to the material that Leica uses on its mount. I would be grateful to read your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  6. any point in coding my lenses? 90mm elmarit 50/1.2 canon (code as noctilux?) 28/3.5 canon (not sure)
  7. H guys, As mentioned in another thread, I just bought an SL and 24-90. I have always bought a skylight / UV or protective filter for any lens I have ever bought but this is my first Leica and I don't want to interfere with or degrade optical quality. So wanted some advice pls - filter needed or not? Thanks John
  8. I know there are already a few threads which briefly touch on this lens, but I want to know: What do you think about the little 21mm f/4 Voigtländer? After planning a few photo trips this year, I thought I need a wide angle. Until now, my NEX-7 with the 12mm Zeiss Touit did the job, but I no longer wanted to bring that rather large combination with me all the time. My Billingham Hadley small still has a little room, and my M-system lacks a wide angle lens (I currently only have a 50mm and a 90mm Summicron). So today, I found a deal at leicashop.com (a well known Vienna-based Leica dealer), so I ordered the Color-Skopar 21mm f/4 together with the old 21mm Voigtländer viewfinder for €420. As I can still cancel the order - or simply send back the lens later - I would love to get some input. My Touit is a great wide angle lens, and I don't want to loose too much image quality. Speed is not a concern - since the M (240) can't do exposures longer than 8 seconds at high ISO anyway, night landscapes are out of question, and that's about the only thing where I need speed in a wide angle lens. So have you shot with the lens? Could you post some images made with it? Is the color shift a severe problem? The internet isn't filled well enough with information about this lens, unfortunately, so thank you in advance for any thoughts!
  9. Hello, I just sold my Nikon gear and hopefully I will get my M10 next week. I also ordered the 50mm Summilux and for the lower range the 28mm Summilux. Since I am not familiar with the product range (yet), I am looking for something at the upper range. Yesterday I found a 90mm (Elmar ?) macro for which you need to purchase a macro adapter. Is this a good lens for macro shots since the adapter has a 1:2 magnifying factor or are there other, better lenses for that purpose on the market ? Thank you very much for your replies. Greetings, Jurgen
  10. Hello All, today I was lucky enough to buy a fully functioning Leica R3 for $50 at my local antique store. Anyways, I don't have any R-Mount lenses and was wondering if there was an adapter for my Leica M lenses that will allow me to use them on my R3.
  11. I have an opportunity to buy at pretty close to the same price, and in the same excellent condition, either a 1980 Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 (black) or a ten year old, six-bit coded Summicron-M 50mm f/2 (black). From Erwin Puts' write up, the older Summilux 50 should render much like my 1972 Summilux 35 does, my all time favorite Leica 35mm lens. And the Summicron will have the modern look that works so well in my Summarit-M 75. I like both ... but which one to choose is a puzzle. They're both clean and include caps and hoods (built-in on the Summicron); the Summicron also includes original box and such. I'd want to have the Summilux six-bit-coded. Briefly, which would you choose and why? thanks in advance!
  12. I am curious about different peoples opinion about how effective are Leica's slide-out hoods. I have seen conflicting posts for some time. As an example one person thinks the 75mm APO-Summicron is optically an excellent lens, except the lens hood is ineffective so the lens is a poor design. Another thinks the lens hood on the same lens is just fine. I know I am talking about a variety of lenses over several generations. But I have a variety of lenses from several generations. In some cases I have purchased additional hoods from third parties, such as from Mr. Overgaard, and some I have come to hate, like the plastic hood on the last version of the 50mm Noctilux f/1. One of the lenses I am most curious is the 50mm APO-Summicron, but I would like to ask about others as well...
  13. Hi everyone, i own both a m2 and a m4p. on all the rolls that ive shot on both cameras, ive noticed this weird flaring across the frame. i dont know if it is a light leak or if it could possibly be my lens. the m2 definately hasnt been cla'ed in a while but the m4p i just bought from a shop and has been cla'ed. i use a canon 50 1.4ltm and a voigtlander 35 1.4sc, but its the newer of the two lenses. Ive noticed that the rolls of film occasionally have flare across the top of the frame usually spanning from the top right to 3/4 of the way to the left but only in some frames. in the m2, this light streak crosses frames on the flim, whereas on the m4p, it doesnt but the flaring seems to be in the same position ass the m2 (top right to the left). i suspect that my canon 50 1.4 may be the issue however im not sure if a lens is even capable of that kind of effect. otherwise i think i may have a light leak but i dont think id get a leak in both cameras at the same spot. the attached photo is from the m4p. can anyone shed some light on the matter
  14. Hey, I'd like to do some wide-angle portraits. I found these photos and really love both the look and FOV. Can you help me guessing the focal length? https://flic.kr/p/URde7u https://flic.kr/p/VZuu21 I'd imagine he used 28mm or 24mm, or even wider? Maybe the 24mm Lux (because of the bokeh)? Has anyone else here taken similar shots?
  15. I recently bought a used "mint" Summilux 35 ASPH FLE and upon receiving it I discovered the inside of the lens to be extremely dusty. Needless to say, I returned it immediately. I do wonder how this could be possible though - the lens was sold to the previous owner in 2016/10 so it's been used for about a year. I just can't believe a one-year-old lens can have this much dust in it. Is there some type of design flaw with the FLE version that makes it prone to dust? I'm thinking about getting a new one so I don't want the lens to be like this after a year...
  16. I am experiencing an unfortunate problem with my APO-Summicron 90mm. After a brief portrait session at the office, I left the lens at the camera, over a desk. I almost always use it wide open and occasionally at f/5.6, but this time I went for f/16. When I returned to put it back to the leather case I noticed that the aperture ring was totally loose. It’s now spinning 360 degrees and the aperture blades don’t move at all. I always felt that the ring was too soft for my taste. I’d prefer it to be stiffer. But I never felt that there was a problem. In fact, the lens is still in very good shape and it never gets any rough using. I live in Brazil and I was just planning to take it for a trip do Portugal in about 45 days. I keep my equipment under an insurance that covers for damage. But if this is something relatively easy/cheap/quick to repair, I would prefer not to call the insurance company. Did any of you guys experienced something like this? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Dear friends: hello everybody as this is my first contribution to the Forum! For a brief while, I have been collecting projection lenses - including but not limited to Leitz lenses. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find much information on the optical design even of the most common lenses such as the Hektor or the Elmaron. Apparently there are not really any web-availabe resources, aren't there? Finally, I dissected a fungus-affected Hektor. So I have a certain idea now of which shapes the included lenses are in this case (see http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-wiki.de/index.php/Bild:SCHEMA_H.jpg). But not being an optics expert, this is not much help without further explanation. I'd appreciate any hint - also to printed material. Best regrads, jan
  18. I have an old Summarit 50mm f/1.5. I have had quite a struggle getting a lens cap for it. I'd love to have an original Leica cap, but they're either insanely expensive (with no actual guarantee of fit), or just not there. I made a couple of attempts on eBay, but neither cap fit. Anyway, long story short -- I went to a camera shop today with my problem, and the counter guy came up with a brilliant solution -- binocular ocular caps. He found a pair of thick, soft rubber ones that were joined, one side of which fit my Summarit perfectly. When I got home, I simply cut the pair apart and mounted my $3.00 lens cap. If you are in need of a lens cap, and don't mind not having a "real" Leica cap, this is worth looking into.
  19. Anyone knows what are the Leica production statistics for the different cameras and lenses? i.e. How long does it take Leica to manufacture an M9? a summilux 50mm ASPH? summicron 35mm? How many do they produce daily, monthly? What are the estimates for demand from Europe, US etc.?
  20. I experimented with IR photography using my Elmarit 28/2.8 on the M8. I realized that this lens appears to cause a significant hot spot under IR conditions, especially with apertures 8 and up. Can you please share your experience with other lenses on the M8 when using for IR photography? Thanks! Ralph
  21. How bad ist it if the red dot went off from a Leica lens. How can I repair it ? Is it professional and safe when I glue it with instant adhesive ? Thanks, E.
  22. Hello I am trying to buy 19mm Elmarit R lenses, specifically the newer smaller fronted design. I need to find 10 of them for a movie we are shooting next year. If anyone has one for sale or knows where I can get them please contact me. Thanks
  23. And I can't wait for an upgraded M so I can get a camera with decent lenses... I've been thinking about the Olympus E-P1 for a month or two now, and really, really liked it - that is, until I saw the lens tests. There is a line from a reviewer about the movie, "2010"... Let me see if I can remember it. "How can a spacecraft (referring to the Russian spacecraft Alexi Leonov) from ten years in the future (of the movie 2001) look like it is twenty years older?" Something like that anyway... The E-P1 reminds me a lot of my Contax G1 and G2 - sans finder of course. However, the zoom lens that comes with it, although of the same approximate range and F-stop as the Contax zoom Contax G System , has tons more distortion. The pancake does nothing for me. How is it that twenty years ago (or so) Contax could make a lens system for a new type of RF (made of titanium!) that didn't need correction in software, didn't have loads of CA, and with all the modern tech we have now, Oly can't? It's as if Apple had decided to make a new, tiny iPod for 2009 that had a black and white display and 10GB of memory and sold for $800. Why can't manufacturers these days make a small camera with a zoom, a great set of primes, reliable and tough, with fast focus and a full frame sensor? If Contax could do it all those years ago, with by our standards primitive processors and electronics, why the frell can't it be done now? This is exceedingly discouraging. Sincerely, Dana Kincaid
  24. I guess there have been numerous threads on pre-asph and asph Summilux 50mm f1.4 but I would like to know what people prefer between the second version and the "third version" (pre-asph but with built-in hood and shorter minimum focus distance). I personally think that the "third version" is sharper and the 70cm minimum focus distance vs. 1m is nice but with the same brand B+W UV/IR filter attached, the "third version" seems to have more of the magenta cast. Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
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