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  1. nice video
  2. pity its only in Japanese.. "This book is a comprehensive collection of such masterpiece lenses. In addition to historical knowledge and descriptions by photographers, we also provide information on "lens experiences"
  3. Andreas has a great summary of the SL lenses, but the dimensions/weight section of the table is blank. Does anyone know these figures, particularly the 90-280? I'm wondering how it compares to my Nikon 70-200 f2.8 VRII. Apologies if this info is available. I have had a quick look through the Leica site and here, to no avail.
  4. Have been loving the Leica Q since purchase 2 months ago in mid June 2015. BUT: Noticed a speck this week, which was confirmed today in the Leica store in NYC (SoHo) that is possibly dust or other particle on the sensor. It shows up on all pictures making the camera unusable. Since it is single-body camera and you cannot remove the lens to clean it yourself, this is a BIG problem. However, the BIGGER problem is the camera is apparently so new that even Leica official service (in NJ, who have otherwise been super nice and accomodating) have said don't even bother sending it yet as THEY don't even have the tools to clean it. I would think its just professionally removing the lens and using an air blower or brush but am shocked that I am stuck with a very expensive and new Leica Q that is a brick i cannot use until seemingly HQ sends the tools to service centers to fix! Huge bummer, especially before a big family kids vacation ;( Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone have a workaround or suggestion? -Josh
  5. I have an r5... but all this talk about cams is confusing.... all my lenses, except my 50 cron are 3 cam... I don't feel the need for an r8 or r9, does single cam,2 cam, or 3 cam or any other variation make any difference? current lenses: 24 elmarit,50 cron, 90 elmarit, 180 elmarit
  6. Hi, I'm currently vacationing in Europe. While I was in France, a dust hit my sensor. It can't be remove by blower. Good thing there is a leica store in Paris. Anyway, any tips on the proper way to change lenses to prevent dust? Whether indoor or outdoor?
  7. I stumbled across this website yesterday looking for info on the drawing style of a Leica lens. Most of the current crop of Leica lenses are discussed, along with photographs from those lenses, and also the ZM and CV lenses too. It's a useful resource. http://rangefinder.yodobashi.com/lens/index_e.html
  8. I've been quite impressed with the 35/1.4 (Version IV) and the collapsable 50/2 (Version I). What are your favorite smallest and most versatile Leica M lenses?
  9. Hello, I was shooting the other day, and noticed when i tried to focus on some towers (miles away from Brooklyn) on my M240/50 Lux ASPH at infinity the double images are ever so slightly off. even the focus peaking was not on the spot. When i tried with another lens, the double image were ok ! so i believe the lens need to be readjusted for infinity ? if so should i sent to leica or there are other reputable place in the US that can do it quicker...? Thanks for your help ! Best Vadim
  10. I'd like to get 35mm lens, likely the Summicron asph or Summilux FLE for my M240 to fill in a gap in my current lineup. The lenses I currently have are a 50mm Summilux (II) from 1962, 90mm Summarit and 21mm SEM. The lens would be general purpose: travel, landscape, street. Sometimes I need something a bit wider than 50 but not as wide as 21. I feel that 50mm will probably remain my most used lens so even though the 35 Lux is a fantastic lens and I like the look of the images from it, I'm wondering if the Summicron would be the better choice. I've tested these lenses in the past but haven't really shot with a 35mm to know how much I'm going to use it. The Lux would be an expensive choice to sit unused in my camera bag. I've read a lot of good reviews on both the 35mm Cron and Lux. This raises another idea, overall I'm happy with my 50mm Summilux. My father bought it with an M3 in 1962. But if I'm primarily a 50mm photographer should I consider investing in a new 50mm Summilux asph? I prefer the color in the modern 50mm and it's probably sharper, especially at f1.4. My Mandler 50mm Lux has what I would describe as a greenish cast compared to a red/pink cast in the modern 50mm asph. I'd love to hear some other users opinions on this. I'll be going to Berlin soon and hope to do some shopping there! Mike
  11. Hey guys. Just wrote a review of this lens after owning it for 10 months, with some pictures. Check it out if you'd like Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH review | Observations
  12. Hi folks, New to the forum so, greetings to all. Studied at the London College of Printing decades ago and now have time and money to invest in a Leica. Have been mostly using point and shoots for the last 2 decades. Learned on a Pentax K1000 back in the day. Presently live in South America so will be taking a trip to NY to buy. I'd like to buy an M240 but I have 3 questions. 1) Lenses - what is the ASPH lens? And could somebody explain the 6-bit code lens to me? I intend to buy standard digital lenses. What should I be looking for regards description? The prices vary considerably but often it's not clear what are 'digital' or modern lenses and which are vintage. I'm guessing just by looking at the price differences. 2) Which memory card offers the quickest buffering? I read the Overgaard website that says the SanDisk 64GB 95MB gives a one second start up time. Which card is the quickest and best for writing images to the card? 3) Does it really take 4 seconds for the image to buffer after taking a shot? Do I have to stand around for 4 seconds until I can take another shot? Thanks to all.
  13. I'm considering buying a Leica for the first time. From some video reviews, I noticed that with a 50mm lens, part of the rangefinder frame is occupied by the lens. Does that mean that with a 35mm lens, an even bigger portion of the frame will be occupied by the lens?
  14. A Flickr member has pages from an old booklet about Leica lenses. The descriptions help identify variations that a lens model went through. The writing combines technical detail, history of production run, and promotion. https://www.flickr.com/photos/summicron/sets/72057594070107293
  15. Does anyone know if I can connect Leica M lens to Canon 5D body? if so, could anyone recommend the right adapter for Leica Summicron-M 1:2/50 e39 lens and Cannon 5D body? Many thanks, really appreciate it. Sia.
  16. Hi! As the title says, I'm completely new to Leica, but I'm seriously thinking about switching from Canon to Sony. Currently I have: Canon 5D Mark II Canon 16-35mm f/4 L IS Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L II Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x Macro Samyang 24mm f/1.4 ED IF AS UMC And I really enjoy taking landscape photography, plus some street, portrait, and astrophotography. And at wildlife parks / zoos, some animals. But generally no action, sports or other fast moving subjects. I think manual focus with focus peaking should work well for what I do. I tend to like post processing in Lightroom as much as taking the photos, and seeing what I can create. But it does mean I'm a bit of a pixel peeper. I get the occasional 1m wide canvas done, but generally do smaller canvas / prints. So in my experience so far I've found I can change a little colour and contrast anyways, but with things like micro sharpness and overall sharpness, I'd prefer to have too much than too little. I know I can take some away if needed. The main reason I'm thinking about changing is size and weight. I'm very happy with my current lenses (very sharp, especially for zooms), except they're huge and heavy. Sony's f/4 lenses are not all that different in those regards to Canon's f/4 lenses, but the Leica primes seem incredibly small and light. I was wondering if people might be able to recommend some good ideas on getting started with Leica lenses? There's so many different types, names, ages etc. Any tips at all would be hugely appreciated, and I look forward to joining in some topics here Thanks for reading!
  17. My 75mm Color Heliar Review So I finally got this review up. I have been spending a lot of time with this lens since the fall. I have completed a huge project with this lens exclusively. An ebook of the work is coming too. I have completely fallen for this lens in a major way! For me personally, I would choose this lens over the new Heliar every time. The rendering on the Color Heliar is so unique! I would love to spend time with a 75mm summicron and see how it really compares in the long run. Any opinions on this lens versus the Summicron 75? http://gallery.ancientcityphoto.com/photos/i-CFFNLsK/0/L/i-CFFNLsK-L.jpg
  18. Hi, I've just bought my very first leica a few days ago and have been exploring & testing the functions, and reading many of the threads on this forum which has been very helpful. The image quality is wonderful, although I'm still getting used to the focussing. I bought (from 2 different leica dealers) a mint cond. M8 (less than 300 shots taken & the dealer said that the sensor tested fine) & Summicron 28mm f/2 (6 bit). However, I've found marks in some of the images, and am not sure if it is the lens or the sensor, which makes it a little tricky when I bought them from independent dealers. Samples are posted at MobileMe Gallery and these were taken after cleaning the lens with a leica lens cloth. Can anyone determine whether it is the sensor or lens? Also, the white balance was fine until I started playing with it. Now it seems a little inconsistent, giving images a slight blue tinge. The sensor/lens tests shown were taken on white paper, auto white balance, but have turned out very grey. The last image was taken with manual white balance - and certainly better, but still a little grey. Is this something to be concerned about? Thanks, Julie
  19. I'm in London next week and, as I'm only going to be taking my M9, 35 & 50 Summicrons, I wonder where I might be able to rent a 21mm for a few days. I know where to go in Tokyo to do such a thing, but have absolutely no idea where to try in the city where I was born! Is it possible to do it through a dealer, or would they only be interested in a potential sale? I suppose, if the price was very good, I might get a used example, but I'm more interested in just taking one out for a couple of days to 'keep the others company', as it were. Any information gratefully received. Many thanks Pete
  20. any point in coding my lenses? 90mm elmarit 50/1.2 canon (code as noctilux?) 28/3.5 canon (not sure)
  21. H guys, As mentioned in another thread, I just bought an SL and 24-90. I have always bought a skylight / UV or protective filter for any lens I have ever bought but this is my first Leica and I don't want to interfere with or degrade optical quality. So wanted some advice pls - filter needed or not? Thanks John
  22. I know there are already a few threads which briefly touch on this lens, but I want to know: What do you think about the little 21mm f/4 Voigtländer? After planning a few photo trips this year, I thought I need a wide angle. Until now, my NEX-7 with the 12mm Zeiss Touit did the job, but I no longer wanted to bring that rather large combination with me all the time. My Billingham Hadley small still has a little room, and my M-system lacks a wide angle lens (I currently only have a 50mm and a 90mm Summicron). So today, I found a deal at leicashop.com (a well known Vienna-based Leica dealer), so I ordered the Color-Skopar 21mm f/4 together with the old 21mm Voigtländer viewfinder for €420. As I can still cancel the order - or simply send back the lens later - I would love to get some input. My Touit is a great wide angle lens, and I don't want to loose too much image quality. Speed is not a concern - since the M (240) can't do exposures longer than 8 seconds at high ISO anyway, night landscapes are out of question, and that's about the only thing where I need speed in a wide angle lens. So have you shot with the lens? Could you post some images made with it? Is the color shift a severe problem? The internet isn't filled well enough with information about this lens, unfortunately, so thank you in advance for any thoughts!
  23. Hi guys, just bought a T with 11-23 and 55-135, upgraded to fw 1.43 and I have noticed the when the tele is fitted I have 5 Auto Focus options instead of the standard 3 (M, AFs, AFc): the menu shows also AFs and AFc with a couple of small arrows on the sides, as shown in the pictures. I looked on Manuals, forum, etc, with our finding what do they mean. Any idea?? Many thanks!
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