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  1. We've all heard of that college student who bought an M2 for 5$ in a thift shop. I've never got such a deal but I've managed to get Leica equipment for low prices in the past. Such as a very clean M2 that I got in an eBay auction for 600$CAD. The shutter speed had to be adjusted, and the vulcanite had to be replaced. Other than that, it is in excellent condition. I later got an M262, which I also bought on eBay, for about 3500$CAD. The sensor was filled with dust and oil spots, and the focusing mechanism had to be lubricated two days after I recieved it. (Those problems where not specified by the seller) It looked like new back then, but after about six months of use, I've got some paint removed on the corners and a cut in the faux leather. It has been faithfull ever since. Then, yesterday, I looked for a replacement for my 35mm ZM 2.8 on the internet and ended up looking for pre-ASPH summicrons. I then stumbled uppon a 35mm Summicron on keh.com for 1080$USD. No picture of the actual lens was shown and generic pictures of a Type 4 where shown instead. It was listed as "UG" (ugly). Giving this extremely low price and the 180 day warranty offered by keh, I jumped on it. (I'll keep you guys updated on this purchase.) What are the good deals you guys managed to get on Leica equipment?
  2. I'm not sure whether I've had bad luck with getting lenses to fit on cameras, or if this is a common problem with the M system. My first Leica combo was an M3 SS with Summicron 50 V2. Since the body and lens shipped together, there was no problem getting them to mount. Next, I purchased an Ultron 28 f2. The lens fit into the mount, but I couldn't get it to click into place. Took it to a repair shop, and the owner basically got the lens to fit through brute force - said Voigtlander QC wasn't great and that this was basically to be expected. I used the lens like this for a couple of months, but it would often "unclick" itself somehow, so I eventually traded it for a LTM Skopar 28mm. Same thing happened with the first adapter - couldn't get it it to click in place. Went back to the shop, and was given a replacement that 'magically' worked without problems. Recently, I traded the M3 for an M4-P and, lo and behold, neither the adapted Voigtlander nor Summicron will even fit into the mount, let alone click. Thus out of 6 total Lens/body combos (2 bodies and 4 lenses/adapters), 4 have been faulty. I'd simply put it down to a service error or wear and tear, but the fact that this has occurred between unrelated lenses and bodies makes me skeptical. Has anyone had a similar experience? Am I doing something wrong?!
  3. I mostly just want to gripe here. I've been trying for a couple of months to find a vaguely period-correct collapsible 50mm Summicron for a IIIg. Twice so far I've actually bought one, for hundreds of dollars, once from a reputable shop and once from someone on Reddit. Both Summicrons were inoperable, and in the same way - disassembled by an amateur and put back together I assume with one or more elements reversed or in the wrong order. No sharp image at any distance, just a hazy swirling blur from infinity to up close. I haven't taken a Summicron apart, but I'm wondering if this is a particularly easy thing to get wrong? In any case I assume even if it were reassembled in the right order and orientation it'd need major recalibration than I'd have no way to accomplish. The most recent one also had the aperture ring installed wrong, rotated 90 degrees from correct. It's just disappointing to see that sellers apparently don't even bother slapping a lens on a digital body and taking a quick snapshot to see if it's even functional at all. It's kind of a dreamy effect but this is not the "Leica Glow" I was hoping for! 🤣
  4. Time Left: 11 days and 12 hours

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    Ja, ich bin auf die M11 umgestiegen und verzichte dafür auf die schönere Kamera, meine Leica M10-P "Safari". Ich hatte das Set aus Kamera und dem passenden 50 mm 1:2 Summicron mit im Leica Store, sie wurde für äußerst gut befunden - jetzt biete ich diese wunderschöne Kamera hier an. Sie hat technisch wie optisch keine Macken, alles 1A, lediglich am Summicron gibt es einen kleinen Lackabrieb, der bei genauestem Betrachten auffällt (siehe letztes Foto, neben der roten "50". Ich musste die Macke im Foto sogar dunkler machen, damit Sie sie sehen können). Das Objektiv ist ansonsten 1A, hat noch Garantie bis 2023, ich habe es 2019 bei Leica gekauft. Die Kamera habe ich im Fachhandel erstanden, ebenfalls 2019. Gerne können Sie sich das Set live ansehen. Es ist top! Machen Sie mir gerne ein Angebot. Tierfreier Nichtraucherhaushalt.


  5. Hi, does somebody own a Leica Summicron-M 1:2/28 Edition "Safari" or has seen real life pictures? I’d love to see additional pictures of the lens except the one official photography that’s spread all over the web.
  6. Hi, I have purchased Summicron M 50mm ASPH brand new. It is with built-in hood.I bought also UV clear filter just for protection of the lens. Unfortunately on some of my latest shots I can see some flares. Any suggestions how to avoid it? I insist on the UV filter, do I have to buy hood for 35mm? I’m surprised that Leica didn’t invent the lens smart enough to work with the filter correctly, meaning w/out need of additional hood.
  7. My main goal is shoot B&W (but not only) on digital cameras. Trying to choose beetwen a 1962 Summaron f/2.8 and a 1964 Summicron V1, both look in very nice condition, the price diference is 700€. From what I`ve read here, these would be my favourite options. Opinions welcome, considering the price diference too. Thanks
  8. My article on some of the highlights of the next Leitz Photographica Auction is here. https://www.macfilos.com/2021/11/08/leitz-auction-goes-into-space-with-the-soviets/ A link to the full auction catalogue is here. https://www.leitz-auction.com/auction/en/onlinecatalogue William
  9. Most of us seem to be photographers as well as collectors. Show me your favorite lenses, old and new alike. I like the Noctilux range for the extreme apertures, but I prefer the Summilux range for the best speed:size/weight ratio. Here’s a Summilux gathering of 21, 24, 28, 35, 50 and 75mm. All in black.
  10. Hallo miteinander, ich habe gestern mal ein paar Vergleichsfotos eines 50mm Summicron v4 (Canada-Version mit Tigertatze) und eines Voigtländer Nokton 50mm 1.5 (1. Version) gemacht. Der Test hat keinerlei wissenschaftlichen Anspruch, es hat mich einfach selbst interessiert wie sehr sich die Bilder der beiden Unterscheiden. Bei den Bildern handelt es sich um jpgs direkt aus der M240. Natürlich könnte man auch RAWs vergleichen, aber dazu hatte ich gestern keine Lust 😆 Die Bilder sind alle ungefähr bei der Naheinstellgrenze aufgenommen, für einen ausführlichen Vergleich müsste man sich natürlich noch weitere Entfernungen, andere Motive und weitere Lichtsituationen anschauen. Es handelt sich wie gesagt um eine Spielerei, vielleicht hilft es ja jemandem der gerade in einer Kaufentscheidung steckt Leider hat iMovie nur eine Speicherung in 720p zugelassen, aber auch in der höchsten Auflösung der jpgs ist das Ergebnis in meinen Augen das gleiche. Für mich etwas überaschend, ich habe mir einen viel größeren Unterschied im Look erwartet. https://youtu.be/l7j3Yck5rS8 Nachtrag: Video eingebettet
  11. I keep hearing good things about the Leica 40mm f2 Summicron. (also read Minolta Rokkor option). Just wondering if it’s as good as the reviews appear to be. Currently have a Nokton 35mm 1.4 & a 50mm 1.2 Nokton. The 50mm is a great lens but quite big and the 35 1.4 is a bit of a so and so for vignetting. Wondering if the 40mm f2 would cut the mustard on my M6/M10 combination.
  12. I got a Light Lens Lab v2LC 35mm f2 Summicron Copy last week Overall, the Lenses share similar tone to Leica Summicrion 35/2, with good enough micro contrast, sharp in a relative cheap price level. I like using color pic more than BW pic when using v2LC. For me, the main difference between Leica Summicron , which can provide a more rich image texture and 3D rendering. But Light lens Labs 35/2 did a good job at this price level. Light lens Labs 35mm F2, Leica M10D, TCP Vision3 500T film Preset Light lens Labs 35mm F2, Leica M10D, TCP K64 Film Preset Light lens Labs 35mm F2, Leica M10D, TCP Vision3 200T film Preset Light lens Labs 35mm F2, Leica M10D, TCP K64 Film Preset Light lens Labs 35mm F2, Leica M10D, LR10.2, Nik Sliver Efex2 For More PIC and reviews , Please read : Light Lens Lab v2LC Summicron 35mm f2
  13. First of all: hello everybody I want to buy Summicron 50mm f2 v3. I have 2 dfferent lens to choose: 1. lens form about 1969r and it look like this: 2. lens from 1974 and this one is looking as is: In theory both are in good shape, after cla and working good. BUT is any difference beside desgin of lens from 1974 over older one? Price is nearyly the same. Second set is more complete, lens hood etc.... but first one is in shop in my city, second one --- only shipping. link to wiki: https://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-wiki.en/index.php/Summicron_(II)_f%3D_5_cm_1:2
  14. Hey guys, The 35 Summicron ASPH ii was updated last year to improve the mechanical design as well as resolving power. While it may not be noticeable on the current 24MP sensors it does offer a greater degree of clarity on the bigger 42 megapixel Sony sensor and when when printed to large sizes. This would indicate that, sometime down the road, Leica will inevitably move to larger MP sensors. In this respect, I was wondering if anyone knew what the resolving power of the Summilux 35 ASPH FLE was? Would be interesting to know, especially considering that it came out in 2011. Regards
  15. Hi All, I'm a bit new here or rather I've lurked here for a very long time without posting. I've tried searching a bit, but I can't seem to find anything on the specific question I have or perhaps I'm searching poorly I currently have a chrome 50mm Summilux pre-asph that I am using on a M3 and M7, but as it's well documented this lens has a bit of a classic look to its rendering and at times lacks the micro contrast and corner sharpness of modern designs and do love the look of the lens. The classic rendering is a big part of why I haven't upgraded to an ASPH version. I do a lot of portraiture and this look is very forgiving in that scenario. I've used this lens for about 3 years now so I feel pretty comfortable with its look overall. That being said, there are quite a few occasions where I would like a bit more of a modern rendering. I think I like the modern rending for a lot of the non portrait everyday type uses. So I am wondering if there are any users here who currently field a pre asph summilux and an additional 50mm lens as a complement in other situations. I am seriously considering the 50mm summarit 2.4 as my second lens. I have heard that it has a way of rendering that is a bit classic and modern at the same time and has a smaller footprint. Does anyone an opinion on using the older lux and summarit as a sibling lens? For reference I have also used the 50mm DR summicron(Loved the handling and sharpness, but it was similarly classic to my summilux) and the 50mm Zeiss Planar f/2(liked the lens, but didn't care for the handling) Thanks so much!
  16. I have bought a Leica m240 and now I have problems to get a sharp image with my Summicron 2/50 E3571xxx wide open. I have difficulties getting for example sharp eyes. The sharp point is always shifted. Should I get an Viewfinder Magnifier M 1.4x? Or M 1.25x? Or do I have to get a 6 bit coding? I hope I get an answer. Best wishes, Felix
  17. Hallo zusammen, ich bin gerade dabei mir eine digitale M zuzulegen. Hier ist mir ein 50er Cron von 1998 mit angeboten worden. Jetzt weis ich nicht, ob dieses Glas besser/anders/wie anders abbildet, als mein 1961er Cron von meiner M3. Sind die Unterschiede (soweit vorhanden) so sifignikant, dass sich der zusätzliche Erwerb des 1998er Cron rechnet/anbietet/aufdrängt? VG jnero
  18. Moin Leute, ich habe gestern im Münchener Leica Store mal das obengenannte Objektiv an meine M9 geschraubt. Finde ich sehr interessant, da es die Naheinstellgrenze auf 50cm einstellbar ist. Hier und da lese ich, dass es für digitale M´s nicht zu nutzen sei. Ich habe bemerkt, dass der Messucher in der vertikalen Achse nicht zusammekommt. Trotzdem aber ein scharfes Foto hinbekommen. Hat jemand Erfahrungswerte mit dem schönen Teil? Danke und ahoi Carsten
  19. I have a 50mm Summicron with collapsible hood - the latest version. Just wondering, if Leica has a replacement lens hood for the said lens? preferably one that does not screw in the filter thread. Thanks.
  20. ru2far2c


    M240 + 90 Summicron-M
  21. Hallo, tja, manchmal kommt es anders als man denkt. Nach Recherche, Bilder schauen etc. pp - ihr kennt das alle - bin ich heute nach der Arbeit losgezogen um entweder ein neues oder gebrauchtes 50er Summicron zu kaufen. Also verschiedene gebrauchte ausprobiert. Hmm, die einen wackeln, die anderen sind nicht 100% scharf. Bis auf ein silbernes gebrauchtes für rund 1800 Euro, alles nix wirklich tolles. Dann kann ich auch gleich ein Neues nehmen. Naja, dann aber immer noch ein wenig rumgeschaut und ein sehr schönes, hervorgend gehaltenes 2.8er 90er Elmarit gesehen - zefix, Fokus leicht und perfekt, bei Offenblende sehr, sehr scharf und prinzipiell ja nicht viel größer als mein 1.4 35 Zeiss (ein Traumoptik übrigens). Preis war auch sehr gut, also mitgenommen. Aber eigentlich wollte ich doch ein Summicron - da der Sauter die Leicapreisanpassung noch nicht gemacht hat, ab zum Sauter - das Leben ist nunmal manchmal teuer ... beim Sauter, dann aber doch noch das Zeiss Planar angesehen. Hmm, auch sehr schnuckig. Klein, leicht, sehr gut verarbeitet und statt 2040, halt nur etwas über 700 Euro. Also hin und her verglichen, Laptop aus dem Auto geholt und ... ich konnte keinen wirklichen Unterschied bei der Optik feststellen - und ich wollte wirklich einen sehen. Ach ne, eigentlich sollte doch das 50er ein Leica werden ... am Ende hat dann doch die Vernunft gesiegt und ich habe mich für das Planar entschieden. Sollte es mich irgendwann mal jucken, kann ich immer noch wechseln. Am Ende habe ich noch einen schönen Paketpreis bekommen und die Zeiss-Geli für das 50er und 35er auch noch dazugenommen. Und so kommts manchmal anders als man meint ... Das das Planar sehr gut ist, wusste ich schon, wirklich überrascht hat mich aber das alte 90mm 2.8er Elmarit (mit Ausziehblende) - das Ding ist eine Hammeroptik und extrem easy zu fokusieren. Wer nicht zwingend das Summicron braucht, kann hier bedenkenlos zuschlagen. Für Leicaverhältnisse ein echtes Schnäppchen. Anbei natürlich noch ein paar Bildchen die auf dem Heimweg und Zuhause mit den beiden Optiken entstanden sind, nichts weltbewegendes, aber halt die ersten ... Gruß Daniel
  22. OK, I'll admit it I'm a bit nutty for Summicrons. I have the 35mm ASPH the 50mm classic and the recently I found a 40mm (from the CL) for a measly $450 on fleabay. OK you say, why? You have two perfectly good lenses that actually have matching frame lines on your M10. There are two very good reasons I can come up with, the first is size. The lens is downright diminutive. It takes the M10 from small mirrorless to large point and shoot. It's now suitable for stuffing in a Billingham Aeva 5 pouch and throwing on a belt even for casual nights out or chasing the kids around the playground. Number 2 is it's actually a spectacular little lens with all the character and sharpness you could ever ask for. I'm actually finding it perfect for environmental portraiture and general street pics. It's also well suited to making multiple image panorama stitches with it's natural perspective. More than anything though it's just a pretty lens and it can do about 80% of the job of both a 35mm and a 50mm as well as have it's own character. OK so how do you frame it? Honestly it's not hard, the 50mm frame lines come up with it attached and I just imagine the frame is just outside those lines and I'm pretty close. For those instances where precise framing is necessary I always have live view. lastly I have great little Minolta double asphere close up diopter that I've adapted and this makes the little 40mm perfect for certain macro shots (especially watches and camera gear).
  23. Met with a friend a few weeks ago and brought my Summicron-R 90mm f/2 along. Unfortunately, I only used the Canon 85L and the Nikkor 58G after the first few shots with the Leitz, even though they turned out to be amazing.. I always process both colour and monochrome versions when I shoot portraits. Found that most of my students prefer colour whereas I myself like the monochromes better. Meet Kathi, a former student of mine and one of my favourite models She's simply amazing. The streets around us were buzzing with tourists and people staring at us. Some came over asking what we were doing. An older man even apporached me to tell me that I should swap to Sony to get a smaller, lighter camera. Then one man (in his sixties) told me that it wasn't hard to get good pictures of such a pretty girl. Through all that, Kathi remained perfectly relaxed and had loads of fun. (Click on the images to head to my flickr stream if you want to see some more of the pics we shot that day.) I really love the 90mm and am keeping my Canon 1Ds mainly so that I can keep shooting portraits with it
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