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  1. https://vimeo.com/208254533 A short video clip I made on SL with Summarit 35/2.4 in L-log and graded in FCP X as Arri Log C footage. Wanted to finally see what can be done with those L-log files. Not bad results, looks really promising. Anyone here has any experience with making films on SL? How do you capture the footage, how do you colour grade later? What LUT do you use? I've looked at buying some extra LUT loaders and use some custom LUTs but decided that it's not really needed. I can work with what's in the Apple Final Cut Pro X quite effectively it seems. How about you?
  2. I have shot very little this past year for various health and Covid reasons. Here is one that I was pleased with from my favourite café. It is a grab shot as I just had the camera resting on the table and didn't look through the viewfinder. Leica M7 + 35mm Summarit-M f2.5. Kodak T-Max 400 at 400. No exposure values recorded. Commercially processed and scanned at home. Gerry
  3. Disclaimer: I'm starting a new topic regarding the issues found in my newly purchased Leica MP, the purpose of this is to share any ideas that could lead to a solution, this is not a rant about Leica lack of QC which we all know is becoming an issue. After receiving my camera I run a roll of Kodak TriX 400, after developing the film I found a trace of scratches, I did several test with other films which I didn't develop (in case the scratches were being caused by my development process): Bergger Pancro 400, Ilford HP5+. They all show the same type of scratches. This is an undeveloped roll, https://ibb.co/RbxynrM https://ibb.co/8xkfs17 I found several threads with people claim the source of this issues was the pressure plate so I checked mine in order the find anything that could be the reason, the screws in the plate don't match the position of the marks in the film and the surface of the plate in my camera feels smooth and flat, I wondered if maybe the reason could be the bridge that has the connection for the light meter but after more inspection it was obvious that the plate keeps the very flat and it does not touch that area. I did another test in which I rub some film on the surface of the plate, to my surprise the film was very scratched, I did the same against the plate in my 1958 M2 and it didn't do a single one. I also did a couple of prints to verify the scratches appear and unfortunately the scratches are visible even on a middle size print. This is the print, the scratches appear in the top and the bottom https://ibb.co/VpKsdfb
  4. A home ready for the movers in Snoqualmie, Washington Leica MP w/50mm Summicron DR on Rollei RPX100 dev. in Rodinal 1:25 for 8 min. at 20C. Click for sharper image. Thank you
  5. Japan Camera Hunter unveils cherry blossom-themed M4 https://kosmofoto.com/2021/10/japan-camera-hunter-unveiled-cherry-blossom-themed-leica/ Not my thing, but in a world of 7,904,671,774+ someone is bound to love it. As for me, I'll stick with plain black with the cursive Leica script engraved on the top plate.
  6. This might be a stupid question and many have been answered in some form before. I have an M6 TTL 0.72 and a Summicron 35 f2 ASPH, both in Chrome. First off, I love film and shooting, but other things have over the past few years have taken more of my time. I typically only pull out the M6 during extended vacations/travel, which seems to be once every 2 years. For everyday photos, we pull out the cheap-o digital point and shoot. Film is great, but scanning is a hassle (used to be fun). Also film is getting harder to find locally. I feel like the anyone with a good point and shoot can take decent photos these days and shooting film has really lost it's uniqueness (at least for me). I'd love to get a M9, but I have no budget for it. I'm a bit out of the loop and just noticed the Fuji X-Pro 1. I was thinking about getting rid of the M6 body and picking up the X-Pro 1. So, I guess my question is, is it worth it to keep the body, or get rid of both the body and lens and just go with the X-Pro 1. Will the Summicron be that much better than the lens that comes with the X-Pro 1? I have a number of people interested in the M6 and lens. Should I sell now while I can or hang on to it in case I ever get psyched about film again? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Back in 1997 and again in 2000 I took part in workshops/retreats organised by the New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists on a small group of islands called the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire. I was the only "outsider" there, being from England. The trip was extended both times to make the travel worthwhile. I shot mostly black and white using Kodak T400CN so I could get it processed locally and not worry about x-ray damage at the airport. In 1997 I used an M3 and in 2000 it was an M6. I have recently been invited my the Portsmouth Athenaeum to add my images to their archives of the area for posterity, and have gladly accepted as i consider it an honour. There is a lot of work involved scanning negatives and spotting etc. but there are also a lot of memories. You can see some of the work on the portfolio page of my website, please take a look, or there is a taster attached from 1997. Who knows, one day it may be an exhibition! Gerry
  8. Hi, I'm new to Leica and I'm looking into small-ish lens for everyday use. Which one of these (assuming all are in good condition) would you recommend? Prices are: Summicron €389 (little haze) Elmar €499 Modern Elmar-M €660 Leaning towards the modern Elmar-M but I have zero experience with leica lenses. Thank you!
  9. gwpics

    The Drag Queen

    Just selected by LFI for their gallery. Leica M7 with 35mm Summarit f2.5 and using Kodak Tri-X lab processed. Permission given by drag artist to photograph. Gerry
  10. When I was a young child my summers were spent walking the 600 or so metres from my home to the nearby river to play in its clear waters. Now close on 70 years later this image reminds me so much of those happy days. That is the power of photography. Leica M6 + 50mm Summicron f2 - Kodak T400CN film - ©1997 Gerry
  11. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2021/07/kodak-rochester-new-york/619009/
  12. Sorry to have such a general post. However I just wanted to see an assortment of opinions regarding the summicron 28/f.2. Quality, contrast, detail. It's signature, etc. Mostly for film. Thinking of purchasing the 2008 version. Any opinions or photos welcome; film/or digital. Thanks, richard
  13. This is from the latest roll of film received back from the processors today. Taken on the Leica M7 with the 35mm Summarit f2.5 using Ilford 400 Delta film. Gerry
  14. Taken at this years Mela Festival in Southampton using a Leica M7 with 35mm Summarit f2.5 and Ilford 400 Delta film. Gerry
  15. Taken on the streets of Southampton last week using a Leica M7 with 35mm Summarit f2.5 and Fuji Neopan 400CN. Gerry
  16. Hi! Today I received a batch of negatives which I had processed and scanned at a dedicated b/w lab. Usually I do the scanning myself, but this time I needed some quick results to check the technical validity of some vintage cameras and I had little spare time available. These scans are low res jpeg and only substitute for contacts. I am thinking of re-entering the dark abodes of home-developing, especially after reviewing the result that I want to query this forum about. Seven rolls of TriX, TMax and HP5 from diffeent cameras (M3, IIIf, M7) came out fine, but one roll of film (TMax) from a 1934 IID shows peculiar scratches not typical of ones that I have seen or produced myself before. Since this is the only roll of film from this newly acquired camera that I have available (it is currently away for a focusing CLA), I would be particularly interested in whether it is a problem that might be related to the camera or whether it is related to film handling pre/during/post development, which I find more likely. Since I bought the camera from a respected dealer, he should be noticed of any problems soon as possible. The scratches start at #25 and continue until #36A, where the scratch line tapers off into the perforation. It is not a strictly parallel scratch like ones I have seen from damaged back plates or sloppy enveloping/ rolling and it is not continuous for all the way. I will post three example images. I hope diagnosis can be made from forum resolution. (1): #29, Inadvertent picture of my lens cap (idiot me ) (2): #32, Oyster bed, 300 million years old, today grounding a cottage, situated 600 Km from the nearest shoreline (3): #35, Casino, Wiesbaden, Germany Has anybody seen a scratch configuration like this before? Thanks! Kind regards, Mathias EDIT: By the way, the scratches are on the emulsion side.
  17. gwpics

    Berber Children

    Two small Berber childen, one shoeless, and wearing dirty dresses sit outside their cave home in Tunisia. This is from 2002 when North Africa was a safer place to visit. I wonder where they are now? I used a Leica M6 and I think this was taken using the 50mm Summicron f2. Gerry
  18. Photos from a day spent hiking around the mountains near my hometown. All shot with my Leica M6, 35mm Summicron IV and on Kodak Portra 400 film. Would love to see you over on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_philippw._/
  19. Shot this with my then newly acquired yet lovely beat up M6 classic. Expired Konica film and 50 cron. Walked into a tailor shop and snapped one of his creations. Something about this capture that works for me.
  20. Here is an interesting story of how one man's photographic journey went full circle, bringing him back to his roots in film photography. He shows some interesting images along with the essay : http://emulsive.org/articles/return-to-film/my-return-to-film-adib-mufty
  21. I took this in my home town of Southampton using the Leica M7 and Zeiss 50mm Sonnar f1.5. The film was Ilford Delta 400. I hope you like it. Gerry
  22. Dear users, This summer i will spend long time in Japan and my M2 will be my lovely gear for hot summer. What is your tips to develop B&W and Color film in Tokyo? Negative and prints also. Thanks!
  23. Yesterday I published a fairly lengthy piece on my blog explaining why I was shooting film again after 14 years of shooting digital. Some may find it an interesting read. Here is the link to it: https://gerrywalden.wordpress.com. Comments are always welcome. Gerry
  24. Woman and book Man with Cat Shoes for a pillow Hand and book on the bus All shot with Leica MP and 50mm Summicron on Ilford FP 4+ developed in HC110 H for 7.5 minutes at 70 degrees F
  25. I dropped my M Monochrom onto a concrete pavement some 18 months ago, knocking the rangefinder out of alignment. I thought it would be expensive to fix and, being skint at the time, I just went back to shooting black and white film on my Leica M2 and M5. Leica have since fixed the M Monochrom, and replaced the sensor into the bargain, and they didn't charge me a penny, not even for postage. To say I'm happy with this outcome would be an understatement. But I'm glad I got back into film again. It really does have a magical quality that even the M Monochrom can't quite duplicate. Film isn't anywhere near as sharp, certainly, but that's part of the charm. There's a kind of timeless beauty in those grainy and imperfect images. Anyway, I attach a recent shot (March 2016) I took in my home city of Glasgow. It's on Ilford HP5 pushed to 800 ISO. I shot it in torrential rain, on my M2 fitted with 28mm Summicron ASPH, wide open at f2. I've used the M Monochrom very carefully in the rain, but I don't think I'd have risked it in those conditions. Best wishes all, Colin
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