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Found 257 results

  1. Kürzlich bin ich im Netz auf einige interessante Videos zu dem wohl relativ neuen Filmmaterial der Firma Silbersalz35 gestoßen. Es gibt vier verschiedene Versionen dieses Cine-Films: 050D & 250D (Tageslicht) sowie 200T & 500T (Kunstlicht). Wer hat Erfahrung mit diesem Silbersalz35-Cine-Film?
  2. amazing..... >>> About "35mm film non-regular product which used FUJIFILM logo illegally" June 24, 2019 Fujifilm Corporation Dear customers Thank you for your continued patronage of our film products. It has been found that “a 35mm film non-genuine product illegally using FUJIFILM logo” (see attached photo) packed with movie film (* 1) has been brought to a development handling shop in Japan. These are the fraudulent use of our logo, not the products we offer. Please note that these products are packed with movie film inside the used 35mm, and can not be developed with the normal color negative film development process (CN-16, C-41). If the photo shop develops, it may contaminate the developer and it may be necessary to change the solution and to clean the rack of the developing machine, which may lead to development failure of other customers' films. In order to avoid these risks, the shop will refuse the development of non-genuine products. We are not responsible for any problems caused by such non-regular films. In addition, we have already implemented this warning notice to developing film handling shops and processing facilities for general purpose films. We look forward to your continued patronage of our products. Example of "35mm film non-genuine product illegally using FUJIFILM logo" packed with movie film Besides 250D in the attached photo, there may be different types such as 64D, 250T and 500T. In this example, there is a display of "shooting" which means "movie" in Chinese. There is no description of "image" on our regular 35mm type. FUJIFILMロゴを不正使用した35mmフィルム非正規品」に関するご注意 2019年6月24日 富士フイルム株式会社 お客さま各位 平素より当社フィルム製品をご愛顧いただき、誠にありがとうございます。 このたび映画用フィルム(*1)が詰められた「FUJIFILMロゴを不正使用した35mmフィルム非正規品」(添付写真参照)が、日本国内の現像取り扱い店舗に持ち込まれたことが判明いたしました。これらは、当社のロゴが不正に使用されているものであって、当社が提供している製品ではございません。 これら製品には使用済み35mmパトローネの内部に映画用フィルムが詰められており、通常の写真用カラーネガフィルム現像プロセス(CN-16、C-41)では現像出来ませんので、ご注意ください。万が一、写真店が現像してしまった場合、現像液が汚染され液の交換および現像機のラック洗浄が必要となる場合があり、他のお客さまのフィルムへの現像不良につながる可能性がございますので、それらの危険を避けるため、店舗では非正規品の現像はお断りさせていただきます。 このような非正規品のフィルムに起因するトラブルについては、当社は一切の責任を負いかねますのでご了承願います。尚、一般用フィルムの現像取り扱い店舗・現像所には、本件の注意連絡をすでに実施しております。 今後とも、当社製品をご愛顧賜りますよう、よろしくお願い申し上げます。 映画用フィルムが詰められている「FUJIFILMロゴを不正使用した35mmフィルム非正規品」の例 添付写真の250D以外にも、64D、250T、500Tなど異なる種類が存在する可能性がございます。 この例では中国語で「映画」を意味する「電影」の表示があります。35mmパトローネ形態の当社正規品には「電影」の表記はありません。
  3. I am relatively new hear and love to see the wonderful photos here and I visit site to see the authors work but I have a question. In my search on Google I read that xrays will effect film by turning it black. If this is the case how do I protect it while going through airport security? Help... I suppose I could but it through checked baggage but I've heard this sometimes get xrayed too. I'm excited. I get to use my R lenses on my film Leica film cameras and on my Canon digital. My first real outing in quite some time.
  4. New to my street photography gallery: June 2019Leica M7 + 35mm Summarit f2.5 lens. Kodak Tri-X.
  5. Finally "Fujifilm Co., Ltd. announced on June 10 the development of the black-and-white film Neopan 100 ACROS II. It plans to release 35mm size and 120 size in the fall of 2019. The sale price is undecided. Sensitivity ISO 100 black and white film. The company ended black-and-white film sales in the autumn of 2018 due to reduced demand and the difficulty of obtaining raw materials, but after receiving strong demand for continued sales mainly from enthusiasts and young people of the SNS generation, It is said that they have been studying for the reopening. The company developed Acros II by researching substitutes for raw materials that became difficult to obtain and reviewing the manufacturing process to match the new raw materials. Compared with the conventional product "Neopan 100 ACROS", the gradation of the highlight part is designed to be sharp and it is possible to reproduce three-dimensional gradation. In addition, the world's highest level of graininess is realized with the unique "Super Fine-Σ particle technology" (a technology that can control the size and composition of silver particles and improve the print quality of images), emphasizing the contour of the subject with high sharpness" https://dc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/news/1189352.html
  6. Wilsberg: Doktorspiele TV-Film, D 2009 R: H.G. Bücking Erstsendung: ZDF 25.04.2009 Titel der Buchvorlage: Wilsberg und der tote Professor In der Eingangsszene fotografiert der Privatdetektiv Wilsberg bei einer Observation mit einer Digilux3 einen Mord. Auslösegeräusch und Spiegelschlag wurden aber nachsyncronisiert Der Fernsehfilm zitiert ausserdem karikierend Filmklassiker wie Blow up und Der unsichtbare Dritte.
  7. https://youtu.be/EL5Qn0weg68 A video of my Leica M System, loading film add also some 2 1/4 .
  8. "Sax Player" "Seattle's Original Neighborhood" "Seattle's Oldest Saloon" Pioneer Square All photos shot with Leica MP on Ilford FP4+ stand developed in Rodinal 1:100 for 60 minutes at 68F
  9. I've started experimenting with Infrared film, unfortunately I am a little confused leading to the first film I developed being overexposed. I am using Rollei infrared 400iso when I looked it up it advised to set the iso at 25. I can't use the light meter due to using a filter on the lens. So did the same with my digital but the lowest iso was 100, so I thought I had to increase the shutter speed but I think I should have decreased it. How do I figure this out? For example if on my digital (again using infrared filter) the iso is 100 and shutter speed is 30secs, then how long would the shutter speed be for the film if set at iso25? I hope this makes sense! Thanks
  10. Taken on Leica M4-P and 35mm Summicron f2.5 lens using Kodak T-Max 400 film. No metering done. Film was lab processed. Gerry
  11. I completed my first year of back to film (stopped shooting film in 2003 when digital became convenient). I did shoot digital for past one year as well and it was fun to compare. I shot around 32 rolls of film (mostly 36 frames each) and almost 90% was in M2 (rest on Nikon FM2 and Konica T2). Many were experimental but I did use it for my summer roadtrip and to capture life as well. I got around 86 pictures that I like very much. That is 7% of total. Still small but I was experimenting a lot. Around the same time I shot more than 6000 digital pictures (with M240 and Nex6 evenly distributed). I got around 4% keepers from that. How much do you shoot in one year? (Note: Nobody pays me, I shoot for myself) All my film keepers
  12. From a film returned from the lab today. Leica M4-P + 35mm Summarit f2.5. Kodak T-Max 400. Gerry
  13. gwpics


    I am intrigued that Kodak are now pushing Kodachrome photography (note, I did not say Kodachrome is back) by publishing a new Kodachrome magazine, edition 2 of which is now available at a price of £20 here in the UK. It features Kodachrome images from the archives but is very expensive for what it is. I also note that a contact sheet featured in Edition 2 was shot on Ilford HP5, but it is what the featured photographer was using ‘back in the day’. Does this re-emergence mean that they are trying to raise interest in Kodachrome again? Pretty unlikely, but a strange move. Gerry
  14. ...This sandgrain day... - ...In questo giorno granello di sabbia... _ Dylan Thomas (from "Poem on his birthday") _ > https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2019/01/07/in-this-sandgrain-day/ 2011 © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo Scan from film Ilford HP5 400 M6ttl, 35'cron
  15. From Kosmo Foto, here are two articles on the future of film based photography. Both are long reads but present some worthwhile information IMO. A passage from the above article: "...the nearly one billion rolls of film a year sold in the US at the height of the film market in the early 2000s has dwindled to a few tens of millions a year..." Yes. it is always better to sell a billion rolls of film a year - but if photographers are buying a "paltry" 30 million rolls of film a year - 1/33rd of the billion rolls a year of legend and lore - that still amounts to over 576,900 rolls of film purchased per week. If the profit per roll of film for both manufacturer and retail seller were $2.00 a roll - and I would guess that given film prices today, that is a reasonable estimate, and may be low for the manufacturer - that amounts to a over a million dollars profit per week for both manufacturers and retailers. That's not pocket change and I would think there are a lot of other businesses out there who compete for much smaller pots of gold than $52 million plus per year.
  16. I started using a Leica M3 a few days ago. After loading the film, the rewind lever pushes the film forward; however, the rewind knob (to the left) does not rotate. It starts rotating after about 5 exposures, and then the lever becomes really stiff. Any idea what the problem might be?
  17. It's not a done deal just yet, but this is good news. I usually shoot Tri-X as an all-around B&W emulsion, but lately I have been thinking of picking up a fine grained higher contrast ISO emulsion for landscapes and some travel work. If Fuji actually does resurrect Acros, it would be a truly outstanding turn of events.
  18. Last week I visited London with my son. I brought my M4-P and some rolls of film with me and want to share some of the pictures I made in this thread. We had a really great time in a sunny London and managed to see a lot of this town. My last visit dates back to the mid 90's and I have to admit, that my memories to this last visit where not the best. Back then we had the typical London weather with the occasional rain, and as I was much younger in those days, my wallet was a lot thinner than nowadays Although you will only see my touristic view on London in this thread, any feedback is strongly appreciated. Let's start with some street art from the East End. While we where walking on the tracks of Jack the Ripper and searched for some of the locations of his crimes in this area, we where excited about the many pieces of street art all over the place: M4-P - Summicron 35 - Agfa CT 100 Precisa (slide film)
  19. First sample is at 1/125 ss. Notice the white stripe near the right edge. It looks pretty much the same at 1/250 and 1/500, however, at 1/60 it's gone. I haven't seen the results at 1/60, but that's what I've been told. Last sample is at 1/1000 and things are much worse there. I am going to make more tests, but what do you think it can be? Shutter? A body was stored without lens attached to it and without front cap covering the mount, so shutter was basically uncovered. However, I couldn't find any obvious signs of damage on shutter. And if it's a shutter problem, repair would probably cost more then a camera itself, right?
  20. Hello there, I have decided to start a topic on jammed shutter issue of Leica film cameras. I experienced this issue while taking photos at the Shard. My camera had been loaded with Adox CMS 20 II, the microfilm had the highest resolving power. The first fifteen frames were beautiful to enjoy the view. Yet after 16th frame, the camera was jammed. Since I tried to force its advance lever, it was totally broken. One wondering what was happened may look at the result here. I sent my camera to Wetzlar via Leica Store Mayfair. After eight weeks, it came back to London in a repaired condition under warranty. Recently, I have heard similar experiences to mine. Some of them is not related to choose Adox's films, since they have occurred while using Ilford's HP5+, and so on. In order to build a guide for one who could experience the same, may you share your experiences on jammed shutter, or advance lever stuck?
  21. I shot my first test roll in newly acquired Leica M2. In precisely one frame, I got a shadow line on top of the picture (see below). It was shot at 1/500. There are other frames just before and after with same shutterspeed which do not have the same artifact. Anybody seen this? My camera was supposed to be CLAed (I bought from Tamarkin). Rest of the frames are good, except only this one. I have warranty therefore I will shoot another roll to see what happens, but would like to know what tribal knowledge in this forum has to say about this.
  22. Hallo und zunächst einmal Entschuldigung für die folgende Anfängerfrage: Ich lasse oftmals einen halb belichteten Film über Monate in der Kamera. Kann dies zu Problemen an Kamera oder Film führen? Ich fotografiere nicht regelmäßig analog und dann kann sowas schon mal vorkommen. Ich möchte dann auch nicht irgendwelche Sinnlosfotos machen, nur um den Film voll zu bekommen. Viele Grüße A.
  23. Leica M7, Summilux 50/1.4 pre-asph, Ilford HP5+
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