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  1. This was taken before the coronavirus problems we now all have. Leica M7 + Fuji Neopan T400CN film commercially processed and home scanned. Gerry
  2. Because of the covid-19 lockdown I am unable to go out on to the streets to photograph, not that there are any people around. I am therefore still working through my archives, and came across this image from Paris in 2002. Taken with a Leica M6, 50mm Summicron f2 and using Kodak T400CN film (which I used to love!). I hope you like it. I have also been revamping my web site using Adobe Portfolio, which is part of the Lightroom/Photoshop package, and like the results so far, although it is a work in progress. Take a look here Gerry
  3. Hi everybody, I’m a computer science engineer who has been working, as a hobby, the last three years in a new, more precise, way of recreating film look with digital cameras. I’m posting here for feedback, in case anybody of you would like to test the application (with the M9) and show the results and your opinions. I usually shoot film photography but also I like the comfort of digital. The problem is that I’ve never been happy with existing film emulations. Mainly because of that, because they are emulations instead of simulations. METHOD USED For doing so, instead
  4. This fireboat is celebrating the arrival of a new cruise liner on her maiden voyage in my home town of Southampton. The image is from my archive when I was shooting film. Taken on Fuji RDP using a Leica R8 but I am afraid I have no other details recorded. It was recently selected by LFI to include in their galleries. Sadly the cruise terminals are empty now because of COVID-19, but the future looks promising. The container ships are as busy as ever (and we see the very biggest) and a major new cruise terminal is being constructed. Gerry
  5. Hallo werte Leica-Forumsteilnehmer, vor gut einem Jahr hatte ich mich wegen eines Belichtungsproblems meiner R4 hier im Leica-Forum bereits zu Wort gemeldet (und weiss nun endlich auch, dass der kleine Elektromagnet, der die Springblende im rechten Moment stoppen soll, defekt ist. Alle bisherigen Reparaturangebote überstiegen aber bei weitem den Wert der Kamera, so dass ich mir als "vorläufigen" Ersatz für mein R-System eine zweite R5 zugelegt habe, die auch glücklicherweise tadellos funktioniert...). Ich möchte Heute aber ein anderes Thema ansprechen, welches mir schon seit einiger
  6. Help! My father recently passed away and I sifted thru his camera closet. I found film, presumably from my grandfather, who was an avid photographer. It is a Leica box with cardboard tubes (see image). These tubes had film in them. Most of the film was tightly rolled, not encased in anything other than the cardboard. There were a couple (3?) that had a metal cartridge around them. I have no idea which camera the film came from. All I know is that one of the rolls was possibly from 1934, as that was written on the bottom of the cardboard tube. What has woken me up in a cold sweat was that
  7. Disclaimer: I'm starting a new topic regarding the issues found in my newly purchased Leica MP, the purpose of this is to share any ideas that could lead to a solution, this is not a rant about Leica lack of QC which we all know is becoming an issue. After receiving my camera I run a roll of Kodak TriX 400, after developing the film I found a trace of scratches, I did several test with other films which I didn't develop (in case the scratches were being caused by my development process): Bergger Pancro 400, Ilford HP5+. They all show the same type of scratches.
  8. Okay guys, need help with this rangefinder issue. the image comes up at crooked, and it's making focusing kinda annoying. Any idea what could have caused this? Do I just need to send it away to be serviced? thanks- Massoud
  9. Yesterday I published a fairly lengthy piece on my blog explaining why I was shooting film again after 14 years of shooting digital. Some may find it an interesting read. Here is the link to it: https://gerrywalden.wordpress.com. Comments are always welcome. Gerry
  10. gwpics

    The Ring

    "An animal for sale is paraded in front of prospective bidders whils the auction takes place. Taken at the Southern Counties Auctioneers ring near Salisbury, Wiltshire." Taken on my Leica M7 using the 35mm Summarit f2.5 and Fuji Neopan 400CN film. Post processed in Lightroom. I hope you like it! Gerry
  11. Behind the bus stop MP w/ 50mm Summicron on Arista 400 in HC 110B for 7 minutes @ 68F
  12. Bigger > https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2016/02/12/if-i-keep-travellin/ Leica Minilux 40/2.4, Ilford Delta 100 Pro
  13. MSV


    Read it > https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2016/02/19/waiting-for-me/ M6ttl, 35'cron IV
  14. Martin B

    Taking a Break

    Photo taken with my Leica M6 and Kodak Tri-X 400 film using the Leica 50/2 Summicron-M lens. The film was developed with Kodak D76. The negatives were digitized by photographing with Sony A7R and Sigma 105/2.8 macro lens. Post processing with B&W and channel inversion plus slight contrast adjustment.
  15. One of my first photos taken with my Leica M6 and Kodak Tri-X 400 film using the Leica 50/2 Summicron-M lens. The film was developed with Kodak D76. The negatives were digitized by photographing with Sony A7R and Sigma 105/2.8 macro lens. Post processing with B&W and channel inversion plus slight contrast adjustment.
  16. Hello all, Just want to introduce myself - I am doing photography since 1985. As the headline states, I grew up in Germany but live for professional reasons not related to photography since 2005 permanently in the US. I just recently acquired my first Leica camera - the Leica M6 since I always wanted to have a fully mechanic reliable camera including a light meter. I want to do B&W film photography with this camera since I still develop my own film and use my darkroom to make silver gelatin prints both from digital files (using homemade digital negatives) and from film negatives. My s
  17. Read it > https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2016/01/07/only-love-can-break-your-heart/ M6ttl, 35'cron IV, Kodak tri-x
  18. Hey guys, Just bought my first leica yesterday, I managed to find a great used Leica Minilux in good condition. My question is to everyone that owns or has owned a Minilux is, How quiet actually are they, this is my first time working with one. I think i've ruined one roll of film already because I wasn't aware the shutter was opening. Any advice would be awesome. Just so i don't ruin more film un-intentionally. Cheers everyone Will
  19. Some photos I took in Joshua Tree NP while on a trip through the southwestern US with my trusty M6, 35 Summicron and a whole bunch of Kodak TriX. If I remeber correctly I think I also used an orange or yellow filter on these shots .... More here: http://www.philippwortmann.com/southwestbw or on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/derphilipppp/albums/72157651692347201
  20. A couple photographs of Point Reyes Lighthouse on Kodak Tri-X 400. Leica M6 & 35mm Summicron IV plus yellow filter
  21. So, my M3 arrived on Christmas Eve and now has a roll of HP5+ in it. Still working on the settings to cope with the light and lack of meter (using iPhone Light Meter App for now). Just means taking two shots all the time as I realise I've checked something but not made any changes! A real change from my previous SLR/DSLRs - things are now always in focus, except in the little square. I know practice is the best form of learning, and I'm doing a lot of that. But does anyone have any recommendations for books on rangefinder technique?
  22. Read it > https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2016/02/23/these-are-the-days-of-our-lives M6ttl, 35'cron IV, Scan from film kodak Tri-X 400
  23. Hey everyone! I have been noticing a small hair in the upper right hand corner of my developed film scans. Here is a link: http://imgur.com/a/SjQK8 Was wondering if anyone could give e some suggestions as to where this could be coming from? It seems to move around slightly, and I have used a rocket air blaster on the inside of the camera + lens with no results. Using a lecia m6 ttl with a 35mm summicron f2 asph Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.
  24. I took this in my home town of Southampton using the Leica M7 and Zeiss 50mm Sonnar f1.5. The film was Ilford Delta 400. I hope you like it. Gerry
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