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  2. stephan_w

    DIY calibration of the VF?

    I fear a long repairtime for an intervention that may take several minutes only. In former times it was necessary to have a complicated tool, but nowadays with the EVF it should be possible to do it yourself. And I was talking about my Monochrom 246
  3. kladdi

    CL kaufen?

    Bei meinem Monitor (76 cm Diagonale, 2560 x 1600 Pixel) kann ich das Rauschen schon recht gut beurteilen und auch sehen. Ausgedruckt werden meine Bilder in den seltensten Fällen. Gruß, Kladdi
  4. stephan_w

    DIY calibration of the VF?

    MERCI 😉
  5. Per P.

    Handheld or monopod for the SL 90-280?

    I've never really bonded with bean bags as a concept. But I probably should.
  6. caissa

    Fuji GFX vs SL

    The GFX has very limited zoom choice ... That makes the big difference for me with the SL: Perfect zoom choice and additionally fantastic primes if I want to. And more resolution is only a matter of time ... ✌️
  7. Per P.

    Which bag for the SL

    Well I should have predicted this would happen... I had a clear plan: My longest lens would be the R 80-200 plus adapter. No way would I buy the SL 90-280 - ever! So I took out the measuring tape and concluded a Billingham F1.4 would be big enough. And if the load got too heavy I would use a Peak everyday backpack instead. A solid plan so I bought the F1.4, which is just lovely, in Fibrenyte, and does exactly what I was looking for. But then, disaster struck, I could not resist the SL 90-280 after all. From a lens perspective I could not be happier, but what about my bag strategy? I am debating two options: The sensible is to stick with what I have and, by definition, use the Peak whenever the 90-280 comes along. Or replace the next to brand new F1.4 - for no fault of its own - with a Hadley Large. Other Billingham models seem either too large or too small. Other brands will not be considered. The downside of the Hadley Large is that it seems too large when the tele zoom does not come along. It is because of scenarios like this that most of us end up with so many bags 😳 I am interested in your real life experience with the SL 90-280 in a Hadley Large. Too big, too heavy, or just right? Oh, and do PM me if you are considering a F1.4 for Christmas... 😉
  8. caissa

    Handheld or monopod for the SL 90-280?

    I use it only handheld. This is for me the big advantage of OIS. I leave all tripods or monopods at home, only a beanbag is still in the trunk. 👍
  9. carbon_dragon

    Landscape lens

    As people have shown you, any lens can be a landscape lens, to some extent what you want dictates what to use. Or sometimes what you have dictates what you look for in the scene. However, I gravitate personally to 50mm and 35mm. I have a wider lens but almost never use it, but that's me. Having decided that (somewhat arbitrarily based on personal taste) my bank balance dictated which Leica lens to buy. The best I could afford at the time was the 35/2 ASPH and the 50/2 (pre ASPH). Both great lenses and somewhat bargain priced at the time (though they seem to have gone up). I'm always tempted by 28mm and 24mm but I'm held back by the knowledge that I almost never feel I need or want a really wide angle. I am more tempted by the Leica 90s, maybe even the 90/2 APO, though it's both pricey and heavy. Anyway, that's what I think. Good luck with your decision.
  10. mnutzer

    Barnack's Monthly for December 2018 is Glass.

    • "Only self-emptied beer glasses are a pleasing sight." • II/II •
  11. PeterGA

    Fuji GFX vs SL

    In a perfect world one could use an SL/M and get all the data required to deliver the IQ for any print one cared to make- as you say that world would be described by a print size 'limit' around 40 inches at the long end - assuming that very little if any cropping was involved - of course that assumes no technical camera requirements for movement .... However, as soon as one wishes (as I do) to shoot a lot of panoramic aspect ( XPan |Technorama | Widelux ) - 24 megapixels becomes 12 megapixels or less in quick time and the quality of print ( depending on subject matter of course) declines significantly. Similarly, 100 megapixels becomes 50 megapixels or less in those aspect ratios. 50 megapixels might sound a lot but when some prints are measured in meters in both dimensions - my experience suggests that less upressing the better. I don't think the traditional differences seen between 35mm and MF as far as dynamic range/ tonality and 'draw' go is as obvious as once was - still there depending on the glass one uses - but less obvious until (again) print sizes get large as opposed to 'normal'. To put things in a cost perspective - the Fuji 100MP SLR style camera will be no larger than an SL and battery grip with lenses of similar if not smaller dimensions/weight than those made for the SL - with camera costing about the same as an SL lens or a Rodenstock 23mm as another example. My panorama kit is now reduced to a camera and a 23mm Fuji - the only thing I miss are the movements my Sinar Artec used to provide - Alpa will soon enough be making a Fuji adaptor as they have already done for the XID and I can dust of the Rodenstocks and Schneiders that have been sitting idle for a few years. The question of what is required to manage the workflow of larger files is a serious consideration - but easily solved for these days.
  12. mnutzer

    Barnack's Monthly for December 2018 is Glass.

    • "Only self-emptied beer glasses are a pleasing sight." • I/II • • Leica M 8.2 • 'cron 40 • Apt. 3 • Gimp • Monstein • Switzerland • Sept. 2009. •
  13. I found this article confusing, and I am not sure if the author is also a bit confused.😄
  14. TG14

    Landscape lens

    There is an ultra wide angle thread in the m lenses section. Maybe look there and see if you like those ultra wide angle landscapes. Alternatively how about starting a landscape photos thread?
  15. farnz

    M10 Dual Battery Charger

    No, because it needs to communicate with the battery's chip to understand the fill level so as not to overcharge it when Li-Ion batteries can become dangerous. I would be very surprised if the Nitecore charger doesn't communicate with the M10 battery because Nitecore chargers provide a lot of data on a small LCD screen and that data is reliant on talking to the battery. Pete.
  16. hoppyman

    Studio fashion with the S System

    Madison creating some shapes for me. It's all movement and energy. S (Typ 007) 70CS small deep Octa
  17. edwardkaraa

    I like film...(open thread)

    M7 ZM 35/1.4 Superia 1600 by edward karaa, on Flickr
  18. frithjof.b

    CL kaufen?

    Die Frage ist eher, was ist das Ausgabemedium, d.h wie groß sind die Ausdrucke. Rauschen wird oft überbewertet, bei 10x15 Postkarten irrelevant, kritischer ist der Dynamikverlust. Wir reden hier über Rauschen eines 24MP Sensors, d.h jeder Pixel wird bei einem 40x60cm Bild 0.1mm groß ausgedruckt ! Wie oft drucken wir 40x60cm aus, und wie oft beugen wir uns bei einem solchen Bild mit einer Lupe darüber? Manche Diskussion in Internetforen ist schon speziell und entwicklet ihre eigene Dynamik.
  19. The M10 is the best rangefinder I have used and I love the camera. But, despite being “OVF for life” the real time exposure of the EVF is much more useful for most of my photography. I’ve now sold the M10 and use the MA (very often) for my fun photography. I will buy an M10M immediately upon release. The L mount alliance answers all the questions about the SL future... the ecosystem is now way past minimum viable proposition and the glass is to die for. The more I’ve used all systems the less I enjoy the smaller CL sensor though... if I had my time again I’d skip that and keep the M10 as my small digital body.
  20. Laurentß

    Yellow Vests, violent riots in France

    Hi Michael, Thank you for the introduction. I'm not a pro photographer. Reasoning behind b&w is actually to take a step back from the documenting part. If I had to edit these photos like I saw the scene, it would be totally blown out overexposed. It was my first time inside a cloud of tear gas and various nasty fumes. I don't know if dodge & burn, contrast, etc. are really cheating. You are right to point out nothing should change the integrity of the scene. Between pleasing the eyes and staying true, here lies the challenge.
  21. sinjun

    MS Optics Sonnetar 73mm 1.5

    Thanks for this information. Mine is on coma setting 3, and backfocusses about 2-3 cm at 1 m, front focussing with subject beyond about 5 m. I found changing coma setting to 5 largely fixed the back focus at 1 m but made front focus worse at longer distances. So these experiences seem not too different from yours. Because I find I take quite a lot of photos in the 5 m plus range with a foreground subject, I would rather leave at the coma 3 setting. I compensate by leaning back slightly before depressing the shutter release at close distances and by turning the focus barrel a tiny bit towards infinity at the longer distances. This might seem complicated but I don't mind too much. As well as the M9 I have a Kolari mod Sony A7s which it works very nicely on.
  22. dkCambridgeshire

    Leitz EPIS 1000mm f3.5 lens 20x24 inch LF camera

    Hello Susie, ^^^ Await Tony's advice as to if could be your former 8x20 Korona. And good to know that wet plate photography is a thriving science enjoyed by a growing number of enthusiasts. I recall someone has made a wet plate Leica using a modified Leica film camera. dunk
  23. I think that you are missing that there are two different kinds of image stabilization: One in the body (which the SL does not have) which is mostly mechanical -moving sensor or digital, and in the lens, which is optical, a moving lens element. The 24-90 and 90-280 Offer this.
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  25. jaapv

    AF not locking properly

    I'm sure you are having first-day woes with the settings and getting used to the camera. I'm sure other Q users will set you on the right track.
  26. MarkP

    75mm APO

  27. kretsche

    CL kaufen?

    Meiner hatte gerade Körner; nämlich auf der M10 und die kommt morgen aus Wetzlar zurück. Aber das war nicht der Grund der Heimreise. Das ISO Rad hatte keinerlei Funktion bei der M10 (war einer der gaaaanz frühen Modelle) Neben einem sportlichen-schnellen Austausch des ISO Rades wurde auch der Sensor gereinigt. Ich freue mich auf die "Reinliche" morgen und werde noch kurz berichten...
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