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  2. Sherzer Rolling Lift Bascule Bridges, Dublin
  3. I use a "dumb" adaptor for my Nikkor AIS lenses on my CL. Kipon brand. It works fine. The old 55/1.2 is particularly lovely on the CL. Lots of character.
  4. Do yourself a favor and look at the full-frame Sigma I-series (24/35/65). They are a nice size, have real aperture rings, and play very well with the CL. Plus, if you ever decide to "upgrade" to a SL2 or other L-mount full-frame camera, you'll have some lenses that will work on those, too.
  5. Hotel near the plaza in Santa Fe, NM Q2 converted to b&w
  6. Having not heard to the contrary, I assume it is my turn:
  7. One of our little guys home from his operation. Shot at f2. Things are slowly starting to return to normal here so I hope to use this lens for it's intended use (human portraits!) very soon.
  8. The sticky zoom lever is a common problem on the D lux 109 and the Leica C 112 ... contact cleaner sometimes works but the anomaly is liable to return. Sliding a thin but stiff slip of paper under the zoom lever (after applying some electrical contact cleaner to the paper) and 'push -pull' back and forth will sometimes clean any dust/grease (human sweat) from the mechanism ... but the problem will return. It's a known anomaly with Panasonic and Panasonic 'badge engineered' Leica compact cameras. Fora permanent repair please consider contacting Leica Camera Technician David Slater at Leica M
  9. Thanks for the update! Look forward to higher capacity batteries and new faster processing.
  10. Also interested in the Ultron Type II for the same reason... Regarding the vignetting, I think one can look at the type I pictures and judge. It should be the same. But I'm not sure... I held the Type II silver version in a store once, and while heavy (it should be brass I read somewhere), the silver chrome is not as beautiful as the older LTM brass chrome Voigtlander that I remember... And then... the focus turn was surprisingly stiff... I was quite shocked... Now contemplating if I should order one and try it that sample out... P.S. I would also gladly take Steven's silver Nokton
  11. Gosh. I sold (traded) a very much loved Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta IV to fund a Rolleiflex 2.8E back in 89. The Super Ikonta was given to me by my auntie when my uncle passed (early 80’s). He wanted me to have the camera as explained to me (by my auntie). That Ikonta was with me everywhere I travelled both as a professional and tourist. Still have all my negs and trannys. Some 32 years forward and at my LFCS a Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta III Tessar T* in excellent condition (case, hood) and snapped it up. Personally I would buy. The story behind the provenance of such a treasured
  12. Surprised to see Ffordes have FIVE used Digilux 2 cameras listed for sale ... and ONE Digilux 1
  13. Family gathering in Worcester... with more inside!
  14. Today
  15. It works very well. I never adjust mirrors och steering wheel positions while driving.
  16. That is indeed the one and I do deny it! I go down on the A303.... well I try to but the last few times it’s been closed most of the way. It once took me about 8 hours to drive from Dover to Devon due to road closures all over the place once past Basingstoke. I was zigzagging all over Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire and Mordor.
  17. Oh my favorites ... on my third pair .... I polish them regularly but after multiple trips into Mexico ... wear them while building houses for my favorite ministry ... great protection from the parasites and treacherous conditions on the work site .... they are just getting a bit of brassing. Also like to wear them when working in the flower beds around the house as they are snake-proof. Had to power wash them to get them this clean ....
  18. Did you accidentally change the exposure compensation instead of ISO or did the iSO get too high? How fresh are the batteries?
  19. Very enjoyable comparison which makes a lot of good points well-worth noting for the OP. Thanks for posting. Philip.
  20. Agreed. There is significant work done to pair lens and camera. The SL is probably one of the few that gets away with more variance in lens types. I use R, M, S and Nikon Ais on the SL but only S on the S.
  21. the M240 Thumbie from Steve Barnett works on the M10 camera, it cost 32 pounds. It is brass painted black. I had my M10-P thumbie for 2 years and took it off when I sold the camera. taking off the glue too a little bit of work, but left no trace. It was the best solution to have support and VF2.0 on the new camera I use the Kameracraft grip. it is more useful then the leica version
  22. Not unless the flange distance from mount to sensor on the GF cameras is longer than the Leica S. Since it is SLR and I think Fuji is mirrorless probably not??? sorry missed the replies. This is redundant.
  23. Ja, wenn man das nur wüßte! Gerade die flauen Töne machen das Foto spannend. Gib deine Absicht(en) nur nicht preis. Gefällt mir. Claus
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