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  2. M8,2 B+W jpeg, near the Peabody Estates, London
  3. Yes, but such crop surely has lots resolution. It can't be printed good, can it?
  4. Nice one! Which one is it?
  5. AF-S is so fast I almost never need anything else.... and I shot action photography with R7, R8, M4, M7, M9... But yeah the blurring of EVF in AF-C or when iAF decides to use "C-ontinuous" insted of "S-ingle" is a bit disconcerting at first, but when you truly need it for fast moving action, you will notice it much less. Especially with such a wide angle you should be covered by AF-S for 95% of the time.
  6. im AFc Modus versagt der Autofokus, der Ausschuss an unscharfen Bildern ist zu hoch. Die Motivverfolgung ist unzuverlässig und ungenau. Gesichtserkennung könnte viel besser sein z.b Panasonic bekommt es bei der LUMIX Reihe hin. Bei schlechten Lichtverhältnissen pumpt der Autofokus hin und her. Ich habe mit der SL2 viele Hochzeiten fotografiert und war jedesmal unzufrieden mit der Autofokus Leistung, da ich einige Momente mit der Kamera verpasst habe. Aus dem Grund habe ich jetzt immer eine Sony dabei ( und der Fokus sitzt genau da wo er sein soll und ist schnell).
  7. Ich meine das 10 mm/1:5,6 Hyper Wide Heliar asphärisch
  8. Just purchased an SL and will be initially using my ZF.2 Zeiss lenses on it, but was wondering any suggestions/wisdom for other lens options. (28mm Distagon, 50mm Makro-Planar 2.0, 85mm 1.4 Planar and 135/2 Sonnar) I don't own any Leica glass aside from the zoom on my X Vario, but would be interested in suggestions. I intend to use the camera for: Landscape, Macro, Still Life and some portrait work. Thoughts welcome. MIke
  9. Maybe i should have said "we lose as much as we gain" ? Its too big a subject for a camera forum but if we just take say mobile phones and facebook its easy to see that progress is not all sunny and nice is it?
  10. Nope. Lens is fine. It's normal in iAF and AFC. It's the DFD system moving back and forth constantly to work out which way to move for focus, which is how contrast detect focus works. Shows up more on some lenses than others but it's always there. Doesn't happen in AFS. Even though the *flutter* is there, the actual images are usually in focus, so it's more of an annoyance than a performance issue. Gordon
  11. Genau das Problem habe ich auch. Zum Beispiel auch bei schlechten Lichtverhältnissen versagt der Autofokus.
  12. I still do. His Summilux 28, however, is an absolute masterpiece to me. It is the most pleasing lens I’ve ever owned, I think. It’s an example of when gear improves one’s photography, in my case. It has made me a better photographer.
  13. These are called sky turds. And yes, the retailer should have taken 60 seconds to clean the sensor IMHO. It is not at all difficult or risky.
  14. I read your review of the 35mm apo and noticed you were very determined to point out that the lens is not coldly clinical and i believe you. I have a £1,700 zeiss distagon which is not at all clinical in the look of the images but my £300 used voigtlander 40mm f1.4 produces much nicer images in my view,it also outshines the 35mm and 50mm summarit lenses i used to own. Its about discovering what we like as individual would be artists and i have learnt over a long period of time that i prefer lenses whose origins come from the 1950-80 period. I bought the 28mm f5.6 summaron remak
  15. so... is it working this way?? even with original Leica lens? I thought I have a bad copy of the sigma lens.
  16. What JD said. Keep them both because they are two distinctly different cameras and systems, each with its own unique capabilities and strengths. Keep them both because they both let you use Leica lenses. Keep them both because if you sell off either one, you will sooner or later be kicking yourself over it (been there, done that, learned my lesson. I think). And most of all, keep them both because they are paid for (unlike their replacements that you will inevitably end up buying at higher prices down the road if you sell off either of these).
  17. Today
  18. Both the Novoflex and Kilfitt reflex houses can be used with lenses of various focal lenght. Zeiss Ikon had two different reflex houses at the same time, the Fletoskop and the Panflex. They both appear in a catalogue 'Contaxphotographie' of 1939. I don't know what the difference is between these two and it seems unnecessary to have two reflex houses for rangefinder camera's. Lex
  19. Louis Armstrong on Granada gatepost. M9 + 28 Summicron. William
  20. You are absolutely right. On the occasion of a revision of my 1992 M6, the 0.72 MP viewfinder was installed. The stray light problem was significantly reduced.
  21. April Clouds #2 HB 205; Distagon 2,8/50 FE; Dark Yellow, long expired TMAX 100; Atomal 49
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