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  2. Thought I would bump this up a little with a couple of images I took some time ago but but recently processed using colour channel swapping in GIMP (I don't have PS). Digilux 1, 720nm filter, and tripod
  3. • filmstrip • • Leica M 8.2 • MATE 50mm • ISO 640 • LR 5 • Gimp • Graph. Conv. • Eglisau • Switzerland • Oct. 2014. •
  4. Sehr schön! Schade, daß solche Kinos schon fast ausgestorben sind
  5. It has to do with habits changing over time. Even nowadays, if you would like to buy meat or sliced ham in for example Germany, you would usually tell the person at the counter that you want X grams of ham (100 g for example). In neighboring Austria, however, if you were to buy 100g of sliced ham, you would say "I want 10 deka of sliced ham", with "deka" being the abbreviation for dekagram, i.e. 10 grams. As above, it is technically the same, but habits vary over time and according to location. Cheers, Andy
  6. Thanks all. When I said “faster” I just meant faster than the Voigtlander 15mm f/5.6. Looks like the WATE May be the way to go. The new Voigtlander 21mm 1.4 also looks very promising
  7. Sorry, I forgot to address the lighting condition comment. As you can perhaps see from the full frame comparison (from which the left side comparison enlargement was taken), there was no change in the lighting conditions as they were taken about one minute apart. I believe that lens vignetting differences are what we are seeing.
  8. If your lens is like the left one, yes A36 cap this one needs A42 cap and E39 filter
  9. Pppffft. Whatever. Personal preference does not equate to superiority or "better." And you've changed the goalposts from S v. SL2 to digital v. film. Like I wrote in my prior post, the difference between the SL2 with 47MP and the S with 37MP comes down to subjective preferences. If you want to say that you like the S better, fine, but leave it at that.
  10. Odd that you didn't simply look into M240s that are creeping into the market. I recently bought a pristine M (typ 240) with the EVF, with the handgrip, a new thumbs up grip, a extended eyecup, braided Leica strap, Leica hotshoe microphone and new Billingham bag for $3,000 all in. Even at a $2,600 market value for a low use M240, this was the value of the year. Certainly a better buy than the M-E 240 I was also looking at. The M-E does have the 2gb buffer, But I have never had an issue with delay in shooting on 1gb in the m240. Caveat: Icurrently own several Leica kits including the SL, the (digital CL), an M 8.2 and a D-Lux 7. If you don't mind the weight, the SL with a M lens adapter, makes your Leica M-MOunt glass shine and with the new SL2 release, they are great buys as well. Of course, I love the M 8.2 for its renderings, but with so many bodies and the interchangeability of lenses, none of them is over used. If an M series is to be your only camera and you are looking at a new M-E 240, why not also look at a used M10 for about $4,500....in whatever you ultimately choose, it's great to be in "Leica Land" right now--so many choices, the Lumix/Sigma L-lens alliance's well as improved optics form 3rd -party Asian lens makers, looks like a bright future.
  11. It gives collectors something to talk about
  12. I don't remember when I used the thumb wheel last time with my M10-D, probably I did not miss it due a lack of functions, I also can live with the slow WiFi connectivity and the wake up time, though sometimes I might have missed a shot... What I dislike most is the GPS functionality, or better non-functionality of the Visoflex 020, it simply does not deliver. My first 020 got replaced by Leica, the new one is not better, my experience is 100% in accordance with Peter's statement above, the GPS function in connection with the M10-D is simply not existing. So, my use of the 020 is reduced to occasional wide angle lenses exceeding the built in frames or with further Leica R-lenses I keep via R-M adapter. Nevertheless, I consider the M10-D as a great camera, but, there is room for improvement!
  13. Updated the camera to 3.1. Now only the gridline feature of Capture Assistant function works. Why might this be, and is there a solution? Thanks
  14. Catalina 10.15.3 has been released for Mac OS, and preliminary tethered tests with LIS for SL2 using S007 seems very solid. I've been told that LIS for SL2 is appropriate for S007 tethered operation and so far that seems to be true. I should add that this is of course using a hot folder to LR Classic, which is how I work. I haven't tried the plugin.... Richard
  15. Bei mir ist das auch zu lange her, und danach nie wieder gebraucht. Die Mathematik, nicht das Legospielen. Uwe
  16. Ha! The M9M is camera enough for me, and my plan is to barricade myself solidly in the M9 CCD generation as long as my "new" M9P and M9M can take it. Film is still my main interest, however.
  17. As you may know, the file data when using manual lenses is not accurate beyond the identification of the lens. The were both at f8 and I did my best to have the same frame/focal length. In regards to what I achieved, I own both lenses and wanted to compare them for my personal use. In my view, for my use, I was impressed with the performance of the Lumix more than I expected. I am just sharing that, for what it may or may not, be of use to others.
  18. I've just acquired this lens which unfortunately came without the front cap. Could someone please confirm if the A36 cap is the correct version for this lens. Thanks in advance
  19. Converging Leica M9 + Summarit-M 35mm f/2.5 Gerd
  20. Today
  21. Shadow (Bologna) Leica M9 + Summarit-M 35mm f/2.5 Gerd
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