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  2. Both are topnotch PJ, and a fine thought. Sadly not all gone, and too often nature abhors a vacuum, so a new caliphate may may soon arise. And of course, the Kurdish contribution is huge.
  3. I've taken a few pictures with my Q2 and have processed them in Capture One 12 perfectly satisfactorily. Of course, there's currently no official support for the camera by Phase One (although I suspect it will arrive with a software update reasonably soon) but Capture One 12 currently seems to work pretty well with Q2 images. What is really useful, and what I picked up from other posts on the forum, is to use the Adobe DNG converter to "convert" the in-camera files (DNG to DNG!) when downloading them, and before importing them into Capture One. By doing that you can reduce the file size by approximately one-third losslessly (i.e., with no reduction in quality). Given the size of the Q2 RAW files that is quite useful. (Sorry that it's slightly off topic.) Stephen
  4. eine alte Schweinemastanlage
  5. Stefan, Frede, Edgard & Louis - Thank you. Shlomo - 😀Thank you
  6. Is this the one you're referring to? I have the Oberwerth Freiburg and it's a perfect size for the Q, extra batteries, cards, and other items. Incredibly well made of beautiful materials.
  7. stuny


    Very nice.
  8. stuny


    Quite lovely. Perhaps just a slight crop from the left to make it stronger still.
  9. # 9 sieht aus wie in Dubai, im Hintergrund das Burj el Arab. Aber ich glaube das Gebäude ist etwas freistehender.
  10. Ich hab die Bühne des V35 ausgerichtet.....geht,
  11. My wife capturing a new background picture for her mobile phone: Same setup as above
  12. My experiments show: - LR recognizes the crop and applies it as the default operation during import. The user can change the crop at will as the original image is available. - ACR (Photoshop) applies the crop at import, Photoshop sees only the cropped file. The user cannot access the full-size original image. - Apple Photos does not recognize the crop instructions, imports full-size image without any cropping lines/operations. I assume C1 and others do not recognize the crop either.
  13. I slowly run out of winter pictures, but as there are no new rolls in the queue, you have to stand some more contributions from me Ricoh GR1 - Cinestill 50D (with the obvious schmootz)
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