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  2. I can't say I've ever seen them before either! Very nice car indeed!!! Which all took me down the Isetta Rabbit-Hole where I came across the (proposed) Microlino! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microlino Looks very interesting if it ever does make it to the production-line! Philip.
  3. I had purchased from Richard Caplan many years ago, and in February 2020 I purchased a secondhand SL and new 35 APO SL from him. When I phoned in to double check the condition of the SL, the response was 'Pristine'. I knew it would be exactly that. Having used the SL for a few weeks I got drawn into the system big time! My current go to Leica dealers are Aperture, London Camera Exchange and Park Camera's. I recently spoke to the Leica Manchester Store, where I will be having my M7 serviced. It is sad to see the smaller dealers retiring / closing down.
  4. Wir klopfen uns auf die Brust: wir sind ein weltoffenes Forum, das auch andere Marken toleriert.......
  5. @Steven Congrats on being an early buyer. Built-in hood or not?
  6. Terrific yes I really like your photo!! Cheers , CHIPS
  7. Beautiful image! My regards to Barbara and you.
  8. Hi, I believe you can achieve refocus and shoot without touching the camera using fotos app.
  9. ...ich bin ein Leica-„Mädchen“. 😀
  10. 24 Lux 35 Lux non-FLE 50 APO Cron I also shoot with a pair of cameras (M10D/M Monochrom OR M7/M6TTL, though contemplating selling on the M6TTL millennium). Theres also a 90 Elmarit that I use occasionally. I would generally say that I'm a 24/35 shooter on the street and the 50 for portraits, but the 50 APO Cron has such lovely rendering I'm using it more. Would love the new 35 APO Cron........
  11. Ja ja, Geiz ist geil. Warum hast Du nicht gewartet, bis Männerpreise aufgerufen wurden? Uwe
  12. All; I have a Leica 60mm F/2.8 R Macro lens (the E60 Version) and just ordered the lens shade 12514 for it. There is a small knob or wheel with a VIII next to it. What is this for? Is it some sort of locking mechanism for Series VIII drop-in filters? (See photo inline) Thanks -Brad
  13. But that's normal though. The A7R4 doesnt have the same 9 million dots than the A1. The A1 has 4 million dots more than the SL2, almost double, and its still worse.
  14. I don't know how the M28 shots got to 3200 ISO (probably because I hadn't turned off Auto ISO), but that's not a high enough ISO to degrade resolution on an SL. The 24 mm shots are all set at ISO 100 or 200.
  15. The battery level issue was fixed with firmware updates. The only people who still report issues are using non-supported Canon lenses via Sigma's adapter. To be clear: Sigma explicitly doesn't support Canon lenses with their mount adapter. Given that, I'm not sure that reluctance is the right term. The issue occurred with lenses that they didn't have access-to while developing the SL2. They acknowledged the problem when it was reported, and they released firmware updates.
  16. A bit of practise and you're already more pragmatic.
  17. Let me help, it weighs a bit more than the Cron, but a bit less than the Lux..
  18. ...ich finde es zu günstig. Ist ja immerhin ein 35er! 😉 Die heutigen Leica-Käufer scheinen jeden beliebigen Preis zu akzeptieren, so dass ich als Unternehmen mal richtig zuschlagen würde. Ich trau‘ mich fast nicht zu erwähnen, dass ich 1995 mein 1:1,4/35 ASPH. für 3.300 DM neu gekauft habe...
  19. You could have just wrote 11870 and save me 5min. Thnx for the thought.
  20. Interesting. I shoot the M10D so I think this new feature just killed the lens for me!
  21. The L-mount system isn't extreme. The system as a whole offers a broad range of pricing, a huge choice of native mirrorless lenses, and distinctive cameras. The three other systems offer one basic camera type each, with more features as prices go up. Other than Sony, they offer fewer native lenses. Sony has many lenses on offer, but their older lenses aren't very appealing.
  22. Und wenn sie mal unten sind machen sie auch beim Schwimmen eine gute Figur.
  23. To be clear, I do not need 30cm etc. Il will just add a new lens to my older
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