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  2. The sands of time can be shiny, occasionally M10M, 1/50mm Leitz Noctilux Canada, v2 (1982)
  3. If you want the fastest lens, then the 50 Summilux can't be beat. Not much difference between the 35 and 50 focal lengths, a 75 would be better spaced. For a secondary 50mm lens consider the Zeiss ZM Planar which many consider as good as the Summicron for a fraction of the price.
  4. Lion without mane. In front of the Museum Island, Berlin. M10 + Nokton 50/1.1
  5. Angry lion. MP, 35mm Summaron f2.8, Acros 100.
  6. It looks beautiful, and being a longtime user of Photo Equip's ML grip for M bodies and LM grip for Barnack bodies, looks like I could be persuaded to get one...just have to scrape up the funds.
  7. Aber, aber... die Welt ist bunt. Unsere Unterschiedlichkeit macht uns doch aus .... sonst hättest Du keinen Lieblingsfotografen und keinen Bösewicht. Trotzdem gibts übergenug Ja-Sager.
  8. Interesting offer by Leica: The Leica Classic Store offers buying and selling of vintage products and used equipment, including services for these products. The first Leica Classic Store is located at the company's headquarters in the Leitz-Park Wetzlar, with more to follow worldwide. Leica Classic Store: Vintage products, expertly serviced Wetzlar, 2nd December 2020. Leica has launched an exciting new enterprise: the Leica Classic Store enables customers to buy and sell vintage and second-hand Leica products, all while benefitting from the on-site services provided by Leica Customer Care. Leica already proved its dedication to the vintage market when the company took over the auction trade in Vienna. The Classic Store now represents a further step in this direction. Leica photographers in search of cameras and lenses from any era now have access to a safe and regulated trading platform. At the same time, the Classic Store illustrates the remarkable longevity of Leica products – once again confirming that they are an excellent, value-retaining investment. The product range spans from vintage items from the era of analogue photography (which currently enjoys a renaissance, especially among the younger generation), to modern digital system cameras. The ability to choose from vetted second-hand products also makes it easier for those who are new to the fascinating world of Leica photography. The first Leica Classic Store has been open since early October at the Leica Camera headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany (Am Leitz-Park 5, 35578 Wetzlar). One of its distinguishing features is the glass-fronted Customer Care workshop, which has been integrated into the store premises. Experts are on site to examine and service the products offered in-store, or brought in by prospective sellers. In the case of digital cameras, for example, they might carry out a sensor cleaning in the customer’s presence. Certificates provide a record of all services and repairs. For the customer, this competent service and direct affiliation with the manufacturer represents a great advantage. Contact via email classicstore.wetzlar@leica-camera.com or phone on +49 6441 20 80-605. The first Leica Classic Store in Wetzlar is intended to be followed by many more worldwide – in the form of stand-alone shops, or dedicated spaces within existing Leica Stores.
  9. Another dusty old neg from the seventies. M4, Tri-X.
  10. No, but you're close. That was Joe Btfsplk. 🤭
  11. Glad confident morning, Sunday leisure at Burrator, Dartmoor. Leica R8, Summicron R 35mm, Ilford HP5+ in PMK Pyro
  12. I've been doing this for years now, as I closed down the printing part of my darkroom and very few companies still use methodology other than digitizing film for prints. Does it "ruin" it....IMHO, no, but it is different. Furthermore, I've had an opportunity to now digitize hundreds of film shots from years back of family, where the prints from these negatives have faded. As KO.FE. notes, color and transparencies present different challenges than B&W in digitizing. Some color negatives I have from the 1960s and 1970s where the dyes have faded, seem almost impossible to digitize the colors accurately.
  13. Interessantes Angebot von Leica: Der Leica Classic Store bietet gezielt An- und Verkauf von Vintage-Produkten und gebrauchtem Equipment, inklusive Dienstleistungen rund um diese Produkte. Der erste Leica Classic Store befindet sich am Firmensitz im Leitz-Park Wetzlar, weitere sollen weltweit folgen. Leica Classic Store: Vintage-Produkte mit besonderem Service Wetzlar, 02. Dezember 2020. Die Leica Camera AG bietet mit dem Leica Classic Store ab sofort einen besonderen Service an: den An- und Verkauf von Vintage-Produkten und Second-Hand-Ware in Verbindung mit Dienstleistungen rund um diese Produkte durch den Leica Customer Care. Schon mit der Übernahme des Auktionshandels in Wien hat sich das Unternehmen zum Vintage-Markt bekannt. Der Classic Store ist nun ein weiterer Schritt in diese Richtung – Leica Besitzer, die sich für Kameras und Objektive jeden Alters interessieren, erhalten eine sichere Plattform für den Handel. Gleichzeitig macht der Classic Store erlebbar, wie langlebig und nachhaltig Leica Produkte sind und dass sie eine hervorragende Wertanlage darstellen. Das Spektrum reicht von Produkten aus der analogen Ära der Fotografie bis hin zu modernen digitalen Systemkameras. Das Second-Hand-Angebot erleichtert zudem den Einstieg in die faszinierende Welt der Leica Fotografie. Der erste Leica Classic Store hat bereits Anfang Oktober im Leitz-Park Wetzlar, dem Firmensitz der Leica Camera AG, eröffnet. Ihn zeichnet insbesondere die Integration der „gläsernen“ Customer Care Werkstatt aus. Die erfahrenen Experten prüfen und warten vor Ort die Angebote aus dem Store und von Kunden angebotene Produkte. Bei Digitalkameras kann etwa live eine Sensorreinigung durchgeführt werden. Zertifikate belegen alle Reparaturen und Leistungen. Der kompetente Service und der direkte Draht zum Hersteller stellen große Pluspunkte für die Kunden dar. Der Classic Store ist Dienstag bis Freitag von 10 bis 18 Uhr und Samstag von 10 bis 16 Uhr geöffnet. Erreichbar ist er per Mail an classicstore.wetzlar@leica-camera.com oder telefonisch unter +49 6441 20 80-605. Dem ersten Leica Classic Store sollen weitere weltweit folgen – als eigenständige Shops oder als abgetrennte Leica Classic Bereiche in bestehenden Leica Stores.
  14. I think the reference is to problems that only occur in people's minds. I have MP3, M7, M4, M10 and have never even thought about it.
  15. It looks like a whole new world;) Elmarit-M 1:2,8/24 ASPH.
  16. I know this subject surfaces on a regular basis on these forums and to be honest mostly I find it annoying as it seems like some Leica owners are in a competition with each other to find the most expensive de-luxe solution for a bag to carry their "babies" around in, tuck under an expensive restaurant table, or travel in sight on the seats of their new BMW or whatever car whilst at the same time provide a neon-lit invitation to would be bag snatchers that shouts that there's "something worth nicking inside".......But every now and again I too re-join the never-ending "DoDo bird quest" for the perfect bag, which most of us know only too well doesn't exist. However a few years back someone on these forums turned me onto Crumpler camera bags, even mentioning at that time that there was a decent sale on so on a whim I bought a Proper Roadie 4500, it was cheap enough to join the rest of my bag "mistakes" and never see the light of day after a couple of outings and with the sale on that made it even more attractive, I think I paid about 50 Euros for it, new. Well as it turned out it quickly became my favourite bag, even displacing my long time first runners, Domke bags. The Crumpler easily carried a couple of M bodies with 2-3 lenses, plus a Kindle and travel stuff like passport and so on with no annoying velcro too, a real plus for me. It's been everywhere, even on my hastily aborted working trip to NYC Last March which was abandoned after only three days for what are now obvious reasons. I really appreciate this bag's usefulness, design and build........So much so that this past week when I noticed that Crumpler had another sale on I went and bought a larger one, a Triple A Sling 8000 for the grand sum of 77 Euros, how could you go wrong with such a deal? I fully appreciate that for some skimping on a cost of a bag to hold these expensive camera is something that runs against their grain, after all what's 500 € for a bag when you've shelled out well north of €10,000 on it's contents? I also get the allure of the craftsmanship in making some bags such as Fogg's wonderful creations, ( I know them both, they live close to me here in SW France ), is entirely justifiable, and if you've the bunce to spare then why not? But for those that are somewhat impoverished after doling out for an M and a lens or two, look at the Crumplers. They are really good, have worked very well for me and they are astonishing value for €€€'s paid...............And no, in case someone asks, I have no connection with Crumpler.
  17. Should I disclose this? Stewart and Andreas were almost there. It's not important enough to take this long.
  18. On Yeldersley Lane, Ednaston, Derbyshire Dales. M240, Summaron 2.8/35.
  19. Hmm... I wonder what you mean by "real problems"
  20. The Sokollu Mosque. The city, Istanbul. Shame I can't give you the architect, perhaps someone can fill us in.
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