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  2. You might be right! I safed my profile on the same sd card. And my M11 did not start (except of the rangefinder and the orange light on the back) as long as the card was not removed. The display was black and non of the buttons or the shutter did react when pushing them.
  3. "Roots" SL2-S | Sigma 90 f/2.8 DG DN C| 1/100 Sec | f5.6 | ISO 800
  4. Four pages, no one mentioned if FN button problem was fully fixed or not?
  5. Figured this one out the hard way.. but that's the solution!
  6. Only if the poll were representative, which it is not (many absented from vote, small poll sample, irrelevant poll).
  7. Congratulations! I suspect these "return journeys" are often the most valued. I ummed and ahhed for over a year contemplating buying a Q2 to add to my CL. In the end I accepted that it was never going to be a rational decision. The proof comes when I ask my unofficially Official Picture Editor (aka She Who Must Be Obeyed) what she thinks of the shots I've taken recently. They mostly meet with approval particularly when I explain how little post processing work has been done. It's true you have to be in the right place at the right time, but what the Q2 does when you're there is absolutely amazing. Enjoy the return!
  8. Tried out the M11 at the Leica store in Stuttgart. Pleasantly surprised how sharp the pictures were when shot at 60mb and how easy it was to shoot handheld. They had put an apo 50mm on it. Thought of keeping my M10 for another few years, but now I am not so sure anymore.
  9. Poet, dramatist, novelist, short story writer and thinker Heinrich von Kleist M10 + Summarit f=5cm 1:1,5
  10. Ich komme da bestimmt gerne mal auf Deine Hilfe zurück - ich muss da eine innere Sperre überwinden. Warum die so komische Namen verwenden? Keine Idee - ich hätte die Namen von Ex-Freundinnen gewählt, an die ich mich noch gerne erinnere. Aber wer war schon mal mit einer VIOOH zusammen....
  11. Heron Architecture. M240P Nikkor 135/2.8 on adaptor.
  12. Ich habe mich nach sehr langem Warten getraut, die Kamera auszumachen. Aber erst nach mehrere Versuchen (an, aus ... Akku entfernt ...) hat sie dann wieder normal funktioniert, nachdem ich die Speicherkarte rausgenommen habe. Vielleicht war es auch ein zeitlicher Zufall. Sehr seltsam.
  13. Horrible combination. I truly hope she will get better? Was she vaccinated?
  14. So 40% lovers and 60% haters. Hard to be proud about that.
  15. Das Update der Firmware war ohne Probleme. Am Schluss kam die Aufforderung den Hauptschalter zu betätigen und gut wars. Von alleine habe ich keinen Neustart beobachtet.
  16. That is 'the' Trev from TP and Guildford isn't it. Congratulations, had me Q2 just over a week now and loving it. 👍
  17. I would invest in three Apo Summicrons: 28&50&90 ... and at the same time sell the Varios. - So did I and I never looked back. 😉
  18. I should mention the only real downside of the Summarit is the .8 meter minimum focus. Not sure why they couldn't get this to .7 like a normal modern M mount lens. I almost wonder if they intentionally handicapped the lens. Another minor critique about the lens would be that the aperture ring could be a little bit stiffer. Otherwise the construction feels on par with my Summilux Asph.
  19. Nice to know the colors are improved on the M11. Can you further clarify the “on another level” meaning?
  20. I voted "will have to see" on the poll. An EVF camera (M-mount or otherwise) would never be my primary photographic tool - that will always remain the classic M RF/VF for lenses 21-135mm. But as a 3rd or 4th body for special needs, I might add one. I have quite high standards for what I would accept in an EVF, which I stated previously in the "M11 - next camera?" thread. Has to effectively replicate/simulate a classic 35mm SLR ground-glass screen: simulated "split-image" focus confirmation via computer graphics overlay**; total lag not substantially slower than 50-60 milliseconds, 4K resolution (12 million dots ±). After all, a classic SLR (as well as the M) gets its viewing light directly from the subject (not re-created with an LCD), via glass and mirrors, at 300000 km/s. However, the mirror mechanism slows things down, so I'll accept "slower than a rangefinder body - but not slower than a Nikon F" viewing/shutter lag. I'm sure that will be possible in the not-too-distant future. The basic tech for the parts already exists - the bottleneck will be image processing speed. To gather the image from the sensor, apply the computed graphics, and then ship X-many Mbytes to the EVF screen 1/20th sec. later, at 60-120 times a second. Fujifilm already attempts the split-image simulation - not very well, but at least they made the effort. If computers are going to able to simulate a whole "metaverse" - this should be a piece of cake. ...................... **This would be an option, along with Crayola™-scribbled "focus peaking" or spot magnification of one's choice. Even a simple focus-confirmation light (since the split-image simulation requires phase-detect pixels on the sensor anyway).
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    danke…. Von dieser Art „Verbindung“ hatte ich noch nie gehört… ist mir nicht erinnerlich. Mir fällt da aber die „Notzeit“ nach Welkrieg 2 und sogar noch die heutige Verwendung von Autoreifen in der „3. Welt“ für die Herstellung von Schuhsolen, Sandalen .
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