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  2. One question: I read around that some substitute sensors had the same corrosion problem! It's possible to understand if the new sensor is "definitive" and free from the problem? depends on the replacement year? Thank you for your help
  3. Anyone in UK received their printed copy yet?
  4. I suspect you could start an argument on your own in a locked room. I have no objection to a cable release....except when I can't use one....because the SL and CL don't take them. If I still had an M I might use the one I have in a drawer - though I'd rather use a 2sec delay timer for the rare occasions I need to.
  5. This is typically why we should not buy M7 at a higher price than M6 TTL. It will never last a lifetime. Just buy any other film M. M7 should be treated as the first representative of fully electronic shutter and metering Ms : M7, M8, M9, M & M10. M5, M6 & MP are certainly excellent compromises between fully mechanical shutter and electronic metering. Otherwise M2, M3, M4 and M-A will be able to last a lifetime or two. If skilled technicians and films are still available then.
  6. Nur mag ich mit einer Ente nicht jeden Tag fahren
  7. Gut, dann raten wir mal: Hafenstadt mit Bezug zur Druckereikunst
  8. Grey headed flying fox, a native Australian megabat! SL2 + Sigma100-400mm
  9. The shutter on my M4 looks much like that, and its never given me any trouble.
  10. I wasn't telling you what to do, in fact I didn't say 'you' at all. But it seems reasonable that if you can object to a cable release because somebody may forget to buy one I should be able to point out that once bought it works 100% better than wishing.
  11. https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/clean-condition-polish-leather/
  12. I normally use the 28 in conjunction with a short tele (50 or 75), the 35 is the perfect 1 camera, 1 lens. However that is on any day, but not for a prolonged amount of time. if I was going on a long trip, I am not sure I could live without something a little wider - I love wide angles - so if size/weight is not an issue, I would be tempted by the 28 which is more flexible on the wide end, but still can be used/cropped for a good environmental portrait if needed
  13. Devon is wonderful, now I can get out and see it! Much much more pleasant than the Slough area, although that bit further from Prescott, not that has been an issue this year (sadly).
  14. I had an olympus camera and the menu and all the "features" were a nightmare,the camera sometimes seemed to be doing something i didn't want it to do! Less is more for me at least,that's why i enjoy using the M series [ m262].
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  16. Thank you Andreas. With 20 years in the bag (make and model and size still under debate) and travels around the world you have nurtured a unique community. Cheers from Melbourne in lock down where every day has recently been a one hour challenge.
  17. I probably know Tony by sight, rather than name. Unfortunately, large bills for motoring crop up occasionally! Good luck with the house sale. Hope you are enjoying Devon?
  18. You would have my full, absolute and total agreement.......... if I took the same sort of photos as you, of the same subject, in the same style, under the same constraints....... But I don't.
  19. Near Furnace Creek, Death Valley, California. I suspect it's used to people tossing it food.
  20. CL/280mm f/4 APO-Telyt-R . . .
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    • Leica M10-R: Neues Flaggschiff mit 41 MP Auflösung
      Die Leica Camera AG stellt die Leica M10-R mit neuem 41 Megapixel Sensor vor.
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    • Leica M10-R: New M-Flagship with 41 MP Sensor
      Leica Camera AG presents the Leica M10-R with a new 41 megapixel sensor.
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    • Leica FOTOS 2.1 verfügbar
      Leica Camera hat eine neue Leica FOTOS App Version mit 2.1 für mobile Geräte unter iOS und Android online gestellt.

      Download: iOS App Store (Leica FOTOS) | iOS App Store (Leica FOTOS for iPad) | Google Play Store

      Mit der v. 2.1 bietet die App ein Geotagging im Hintergrund via Bluetooth - diese Funktion befindet sich aber noch in der Beta-Phase. Zudem können nun kleinere Vorschaubilder innerhalb von kurzer Zeit auf das Smartphone geladen werden und die Belichtungseinstellungen der Kamera werden nun bei App-Start übernommen.

      Neue Funktionen in Leica FOTOS 2.1:

      - Geotagging für Bluetooth Kameras (Beta)
      - Schneller Download von kleinen Vorschauen
      - Konsistente Einstellungen der Fernsteuerung 

      Weitere Verbesserungen:
      - Verbessertes Laden von Bildern im Hintergrund
      - Bildschirm immer an bei Videos-Aufnahmen
      - Fortschrittsanzeigen beim Herunterladen
      - Mehr Einstellungen: Leica M10, M10-P, M10-M
      - Synchronisation von Datum & Zeit für Leica M10 

      Leica FOTOS unterstützt:

      - Leica S (Type 007) 
      - Leica SL/SL2 
      - Leica M10, Leica M10-P, Leica M10-D
      - Leica Q/Q2 
      - Leica TL/TL2 
      - Leica CL
      - Leica C-Lux
      - Leica D-Lux
      - Leica V-Lux
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    • Leica FOTOS 2.1 available
      Leica Camera has launched a new Leica FOTOS app version 2.1 for mobile iOS and Android devices.

      Download: iOS App Store (Leica FOTOS) | iOS App Store (Leica FOTOS for iPad) | Google Play Store

      With v. 2.1 the app offers geotagging in the background via Bluetooth - but this function is still in the beta phase. In addition, smaller preview images can now be loaded onto the smartphone within a short time and the exposure settings of the camera will now be transferred when the app is started.

      New features in Leica FOTOS 2.1:

      - Geotagging for Bluetooth cameras (Beta)
      - Fast download of small previews for sharing
      - Remote settings are kept when connecting

      More improvements in Leica FOTOS 2.1:

      Improved loading of photos in the background
      - Always-on screen while remote recording videos
      - Download progress shows downloaded photos
      - Extended settings for Leica M10, M10-P, M10-M
      - Date & time sync for all up-to-date Leica M10

      Leica FOTOS supports:

      - Leica S (Type 007) 
      - Leica SL/SL2 
      - Leica M10, Leica M10-P, Leica M10-D
      - Leica Q/Q2 
      - Leica TL/TL2 
      - Leica CL
      - Leica C-Lux
      - Leica D-Lux
      - Leica V-Lux
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    • Leica S3 wird ab heute ausgeliefert!
      Die Leica S3, die auf der photokina 2018 angekündigt wurde, kommt sofort (6. März) in den Handel. Hier die wichtigsten Daten zur Leica S3 auf einen Blick!
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