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  1. In Cambridge. Bon appetit! M9, Elmarit-M ASPH 28mm.
  2. Mancher hat keine, mancher ist happy wie es ist, andere sind unzufrieden mit der Gehäusefarbe. Einfach mal die Spraydose rüber halten:rolleyes: Bin heute drauf gestoßen, vielleicht ist es Euch bekannt - wenn nicht viel Spas dabei:D
  3. taken in Pulau Ubin, an Island off Singapore during sunset. Leica M9, 21mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH, Hi-Tech 1.2 ND, 0.6 GND Soft Filters 21mm, f/11, 60sec, ISO 160
  4. At the Fontevraud Abbaye near Saumur, France. M9, Elmarit-M ASPH 28mm.
  5. hi, ever since i took a 2 minutes long exposure shot with my m9.. now all the images taken are in purplish tinted color.. may i know what is the problem and solution? thank you very much in advance.
  6. Just wanted to share this personal project i did a few months back you can read about the project on my webpage. At first I wanted to shoot this on my Sinar P2 but after geting the first batch with negatives back from the lab. I decided to shoot the project with the m9 + summilux 50 asph & summilux 35 asph fle. Nature & Human — John Kim Andreassen
  7. managed to capture a quiet corridor in Palace of Versailles. Leica M9, 35mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH FLE 35mm, 1/60s, f/8, ISO160
  8. Taken in La Defense Grande Arche, Paris Leica M9, 21mm Summilux f/1.4 ASPH 21mm, f/8, 1/125s, ISO 160
  9. Hello, Everyone, and thank you for reading my post. I was wondering if the Leica Summarit 50mm 1.5 L39, could be used on the Leica M9, or will it need to be adapted? If so, how do I go about find this adapter, and which size would it be? Thank you! -Americo
  10. Hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem mit der M9 in Zusammenspiel mit dem Studioblitz Calument Genesis 200. Wenn ich die M9 via Blitzadapter über den Mittenkontakt mit dem Blitz verbinde dann löst dieser zwar beim ersten Mal korrekt aus, danach allerdings nicht wieder. Sprich Kabel raus und wieder rein und es geht wieder einmal usw. Mit einer anderen Kamera (Fuji X100S) funktioniert es mit dem gleichen Setup einwandfrei also Adapter/Kabel/Blitz scheinen zunächst einmal in Ordnung zu sein. Hoffe ihr könnt mir damit weiterhelfen, dachte es würde eventuell mit einem Funkauslöser funktionieren wollte mir bevor ich einen bestelle hier nochmal nachfragen. Danke und Grüße Marco
  11. or does my sensor have a problem... M9, Elmarit-M 90mm.
  12. I have got great help here before, both when buying my 21mm and 90mm and now I am here again. And I have one 50mm Cron additional to that. Now I am thinking of a 35mm as well. Which one should I get? Or would you have put priority on another lens than the 35mm? I want to get a Leica lens and I have been looking on the new ones out there in the shops but maybe this time it would have been nice with a really old one. I am shooting with a M9.
  13. Warming up for the main event. At the Sheringham Potty Festival. M9, ZM Planar 50mm f2.
  14. On the shore at Sheringham in Norfolk. M9, ZM Planar 50mm f2.
  15. Can somebody tell me if I can use Triggertrap Mobile with my Leica M9? If yes, what cable do I need, and if no, why not?
  16. This week has been an inspiring (but tiring) week. I attended a course entitled 'Spirit of Place' at the Marlborough College Summer School. The main thrust of the course was to capture the atmosphere and history of the Marlborough Downs, its landscape, heritage and buildings. The weather was not terribly kind to us but it did at least offer some interesting cloudscapes. On Wed afternoon I trudged up to the top of Knap Hill, overlooking the Vale of Pewsey. Sans tripod, I wondered at the possibility of capturing a blur-free image due to the strong, gusting wind. Anyway, here is one result, looking east along Tan Hill Way. M9, Summaron 35mm f2.8.
  17. At Sheringham's morris dancing festival last weekend. M9, ZM Planar 50mm.
  18. Beech Copse on the Ridgeway from Hackpen Hill. M9, 75mm Summarit, SEfexPro2.
  19. I rarely clean my M9 CCD, nothing more than using a rocket blower if needed. Recently I have discovered a quite obvious scratch on my photos at F16. So I checked my CCD pixel by pixel and saw a quite big scratch. I thought it was just a hair stuck on CCD so I brought my M9 to a local Leica dealer. They told me that it's a scratch on CCD coating. I had no idea how this happen and they had no clue either. I contacted Leica Germany and told them the issue, the response was they're short in CCD, and they're moving the manufacture to a new place, which means the process of sending my M9 from Taiwan to Germany and get it fixed, then returning to me will take more than 2 months...2 months...jees.... has anyone here had the same problem? I didn't even touch my CCD and it got scratched...out of no where...and it'll take more than 2 months to get it fixed.
  20. A lovely early August day at the National Trust's Anglesey Abbey. M9, Elmarit-M 28mm ASPH. (Chocolate-box lid, anyone?)
  21. Keith (M)

    Fire Dogs

    Fire Dogs (or andirons) in the National Trust's Anglesey Abbey, which oddly enough is not on the Isle of Anglesey but landlocked in Cambridgeshire. M9, Elmarit-M 28mm ASPH, SEfexPro2.
  22. Hi, I just received a lovely M9-P bought from a friendly forum member. The camera does not detect my coded 35 cron Asph. lens. It does however detect my hand coded lenses and a Summarit 35 I tried out in a local camera shop. I am trying to figure out whether the problem is with the body or the lens. My outgoing M8 has been detecting this lens just fine. However, when comparing the pits of the Summarit in the shop and my Summicron, they looked quite a bit different. My pits seem a little smaller. Also the whites are a little worn. Any advice? Thanks Dirk
  23. Hi there, I finally did it and ordered a used M9 with a 50mm F2 Summicron. It should all be there in a few days... :-) Now I'm wondering about the memory-card issues. I've done some research but the threads and blogs etc. about this topic seem endless. So I hope you can help me here with a final conclusion regarding this. Which firmware + memory-card (16 GB) combination is known to work best. For me reliability is most important, speed second place since I usually don't "burst" (but of course it wouldn't hurt). Thank you! Marco
  24. Saint-Petersburg city at night
  25. A less than ideal for a trip up the Shard. M9, Elmarit-M 90mm, SEfexPro2.
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