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  1. My Tele Elmarit M 90 shows these marks when inspecting under a certain angle. It looks like dried water behind the front-element of the lens. It does not show in photos but still it concerns me. Is this serviceable? Have you ever seen something like this?
  2. Hello, my grandfather recently gave my his beloved Leica R3 with two lenses. But this beauty got two problems. First the advance leaver won't work from time to time. It seem that he doesn't get grip to the advance mechanism sometimes. Advancing usually works just fine but what the leaver is losing grip I have to move him approximately a hundert times till I'm able to cock the camera again. The second issue is the electrics, If no batteries are insert the B and the X mode ( 1/90 ) are just working fine. But as soon as I insert a pair of LR44, SR 44 or AG3 the shutter opens and stay
  3. I usually only shoot Photos with my M240 but yesterday I needed to shoot a few minutes of video with my M240 on a tripod and a 35mm lens but the camera stopt filming evry single time after only a few seconds... Made several attempts and checked all possible settings but found no solution. Can someone tell me what I might be doing wrong? Help is really appreciated! Thanx in advance, Marten Root
  4. Hello fellow Leica Q owners I seem to be unable to use my Leica Q in AF mode. The MF sign is constant in the top right corner of the EVF/LCD and no matter what I choose in the Menu I am unable to activate AF. I am stuck and frustrated. User error or technical glitch? Any ideas welcome cheers William
  5. During my last couple of trips in colder temperatures I've noticed that once temperatures get slightly cold the light meter of my M6 gets fairly unreliable. Meaning that the little arrows either don't show up at all, are barely visible or simply give me wrong meterings. I'm assuming it has something to do with the cold draining the batteries. But the temperatures I was in weren't exactly "freezing" - mostly between 0 and 15 Celcius (32 and 59 Fahrenheit) - so I'm not sure. Is this a common issue? Is there a simple fix? Maybe a battery thats more resistant to cold temperatures? Any
  6. I love my Leica SL with 24-90 AF lens and especially all my "old" R glass! The only problem I have is that one of the 4 menu control/function buttons does not work as smoothly as the other 3. Does any of you Leica SL users have the same/similar experience?
  7. What newer cards are reliable ? I lost 1/2 a shoot for the 3rd time this year. I am getting a bit paranoid because Lexar image rescue5 could not recover any of the files even after several attempts. While shooting I always randomly check on the LCD but then there is nothing on the card - how is that even possible ?
  8. Today I bought a used Summicron 28 ASPH and immediately noticed that the red dot on the lens - the one used to align when mounting - is of a different color than the Summicron 50 that I have. It is more of an orange color on the 28, and red on the 50. My speculation is that the red color has changed (bleached out) due to exposure to the environment. This sounds quite stupid but it's Leica so anything is possible. Anyone has similar issues? Any advices will be helpful!
  9. Moin zusammen, ich habe seit ca. 4 Wochen das Problem, dass meine M2 manchmal den Film beim Spannen nicht richtig transportiert. Die Bilder überlappen sich dann. Man merkt es beim Spannen, der Spannhebel springt dann. Der Fehler tritt meistens auf wenn der Zähler bereits bei 20 -25 Bildern steht. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass der Film zwischendurch die Spannung verliert oder über die Zähne rutscht. Ist jemanden so etwas schon mal passiert oder kennt sogar jemand die Lösung? Im Moment elf ich mir in dem ich ein Bild mit Objektivdeckel mache wenn ich merke dass der
  10. Hello, actually on a trip in London , m’y m10 rangefinder suddenly stop coupling with my lenses. in fact, the little wheel wich get contact with the lens stays blocked on the infini. If I put it in thé right direction I can feel itsabnormaly hard to move. what happened ? CAN Ifix it by myself -? Is there a place in London where it could be fixed ? thank you for your help
  11. Hello everyone: I'm a Leica photography enthusiast from Spain, English is not my mother language, but I'll do my best. I think it's my first post here since I registered years ago, and I confess that it is not for a pleasant subject. I own a fantastic Leica M9 but for work reasons I have not used it for a couple of years. The point is that today I have charged it and used it for the first time in a long period. And I find that the photos have a very strange moire. Is it a sensor problem? It was taken with the 50mm summilux, I have also attached exif data. What you see is a zoom of 10
  12. I post this to see if anyone else have/had the same sensor issues with their M240 (M-P). I was playing around in Lightroom in November 2017, mainly testing different extreme values with the haze control, and other stuff to experiment with my photography. To my astonishment I saw a vertical line running exactly in the middle of the uncropped image. I then tested a photo from April 2015 that was taken with another M240 M-P body I had at that time. And the same vertical line appeared. I then randomly tested several other photos, and the same line appears, in virtually all photos, from both M-
  13. Hello, I am searching for help: What could cause extreme stiffness in rewind lever? There is too much tension and causing ripped sprockets, therefore not allowing for full frame advancement of film. I can move advance lever maybe half-way then it rips and does not move film forward the entire frame. This happened suddenly, and again on a test roll i just tried. But not on every frame. Also, worth noting- the rewind lever does not move smoothly in any direction now, even to rewind. Any suggestions gratefully welcomed! thanks
  14. I just bought an M8 camera in good condition with about 4750 shoots. Yesterday however something very strange happens. I had an 8GB 30 MB/sec San Disk card into the camera with various photos from last days. Yesterday I took some photos in 2 different places and I was able to see all photos in the LCD of the camera. When I put the card on my Mac Book Pro and C1 to retrieve the photos , to my surprise some of them was not there !! In fact I could see all photos of the previous days , I could see the last shoots of yesterday , but I lost all photos I took early yesterday !! Wh
  15. Hello all A few months back I finally fulfilled my dream and got myself the M 240. The digital Leica M body I always have wanted. So far it's been stunning experience and I love shooting with it. M 240 and SEM 21 are particularly a special combo together. What the M has brought me for the first time I truly enjoy shooting street photography. However, I have always enjoyed landscape shooting the most. I was aware of the drawbacks of M 240 when I purchased it. If you don't know what I am talking about I mean the following problems: - One minute maximum exposure = It's a disgrace to
  16. After 3 months working with my nice D-Lux6 i have a Problem: After 1/2 Minuts on the screen the warning shut off / on the Camera, or another Warning. Error O.i.S. Image stabilizator I Set O.I.S. off in all Menues but the block and the Warning after approximativ 1minuts again How to set factory default? Within the first minuts the camera working fine, way the message?
  17. Seit dem letzten Wochenende zeigt meine V-Lux 4 ein sehr seltsames Verhalten. Vorab: Der Akku ist voll, die Speicherkarte neu formatiert, sicherheitshalber habe ich die Kamera auf die Werkseinstellungen zurückgesetzt. Der Fehler tritt dennoch weiterhin auf. Folgendes Verhalten zeigt sie: Nach dem Einschalten dauert es ein paar Sekunden, dann fährt das Objektiv voll aus auf Maximal-Tele, ohne dass ich etwas getan hätte. Es bleibt einige Sekunden ausgefahren, dann fährt es wieder komplett zurück auf Weitwinkel. Sobald es ganz eingefahren ist, reagiert keine Taste mehr, außer dem Auslöse
  18. Sometimes a photo gets a wrong capture time has anyone noticed this before? I have seen this 3 times already but cannot detect a pattern, the capture time is just a few hours wrong. (I have the latest firmware installed). Any help would be appreciated. If more people notice this we might get Leica's attention to fix this.
  19. Hi Ich habe kürzlich eine optisch neuwertige R8 ergattert. Die Freude verging mir jedoch schnell, als ich ein Problem bei der Blendenübertragung vom Objektiv zur Kamera feststellte. Egal welche Blende ich am Objektiv einstelle, die Kamera erkennt immer nur f22, was sich natürlich nicht gerade positiv auf eine korrekte Belichtung ausübt. Habe mehrere R-Linsen (alle 3-cam) ausprobiert, das Problem liegt meines Erachtens eindeutig am Gehäuse. Meine Vermutung ist, dass der Blendenübertragungs-Hebel am Bajonett nicht automatisch zurück-federt. Möglicherweise eine Verklemmung. Der Hebe
  20. My M9's setting dial has started acting weird. For exposure compensation it doesn't go in sequence but keeps jumping back and forth. Same happens while zooming in play mode. It is very annoying on otherwise functioning camera. Before I send it for repair under warranty, I wanted to find out whether anybody else has the issue and whether there is a quick fix (hate to be without M9 for weeks ). I checked for the obvious dust around setting dial, rotating it back and forth many times in case there is something stuck inside, firmware upgrade... Nothing solved it. This is my first post here. I
  21. Hello dear reader, This is my first post @L-Camera, and I was wondering if someone could give me some advice and help me out. I bought the D-Lux 4 a couple of years ago, so now I'm out of range of the warranty.. :-( I started to have a problem with the display, like the display would loose connection and it goes black. This started to be more and more frequent, and now my display is almost the whole time black...so I don't really see what I shoot.. :-0 I wanted to ask your advice here, especially if someone else had the same problem, before I send it in to repair.. I like to than
  22. Hello everyone, I have a ASA light blinking for 16 seconds or so each time i press the release button. I assumed that the asa is not correctly set...but it is.... I am not sure what to do. Did you ever have this problem? Thank you very much in advance for your help. greetings. m.
  23. I recently got my Leica M6 serviced by Youxin Ye, and after receiving i decided to take it out for a test run with my Summicron 50mm F2 Dual Range. I was all set to go until i noticed a problem...the lens does not focus all the way to infinity. It stops a lil bit after 10 meters.. I took a pic of it so everyone can see Anyone know what the issue may be? I use this lens on my M3 alot and have no issues focusing to infinity at all
  24. Hi For a week already I am not able to charge the battery past 50%. The charger indicates that charging was completed ( = both lights are on) while the camera shows 50%. Has anyone had this problem or has any suggestions? -Dan
  25. Hi all, I just bought a Leica M6 on eBay and put my first roll of film through it. Now, I don't know if it's me or the camera, but for some reason the negatives came out with large gaps between frames or with exposures on top of each other. Is something wrong with this camera? I'd never loaded a film Leica before but followed the instructions exacty, even tried different methods on Youtube. Anyone with any experience? Should I send it back? Thanks for your time guys and gals.
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