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  1. I really only wanted flexibility in focal lengths for those days when 'anything could happen.. You don't seem to consider this lens to be a 'chuck it on and leave it' kind of a lens which is really what i wanted it for. Those holiday days when you really only want to take one body and one lens out for the day. Thanks for your advice. It really is helpful.
  2. This is going to be a bit of a newbie question as I am sure that folks on this forum probably hate the idea of mating a zoom to a rangefinder. I use a number of primes with my M and love them all but for the sake of occasional convenience and longer focal lengths I am considering an M-R adapter with possibly a Vario Elmar 70-210 or preferably the 80-200 (assuming I can find either). Does anyone have any experience of either of these two lenses on an M and are they any good? Is one better than the other because I notice that the 80-200 f/4 is a heck of a lot more money - if you can fin
  3. Absolutely love this picture. Strong composition, sharp with bags of contrast. If I had any criticism at all it would be the guy on the extreme left of frame who is looking out of shot and perhaps leading the eye out of the picture.
  4. I have a Zeiss Planar T* 2/50 which I absolutely love. Probably more than my two Leica Lenses. It is razor sharp and really resolves colour in a nice smooth way. Aperture ring has 1/3 stop increments and focus ring is smooth. Also it is really small, quite light (and it's silver) and a fraction of the price of the Leica equivalent for not a fraction of the performance. What more could you want.
  5. I bought a deck of cards cause patience seems to be the only game at the moment
  6. I bought an X Pro 1 and the 18-55 zoom. I didn't really want another camera but I have quite an extensive trip coming up soon and I couldn't guarantee the M would turn up in time. Having said that, the Fuji is something else and the Fujinon glass is exceptional. I am starting to wonder if the very poor customer experience and the huge costs demand by Leica are really worth it. I ordered my M in September and have heard nothing since. I walked straight into Camera World and picked up the X Pro 1, the lens and an M series adapter straight away and for a lot less money than my 35mm S
  7. I can't believe that Leica are introducing yet another camera that no one will ever be able to get hold of. I think Im going to go out and order an M 241 - If I order now I should only have to wait a year or two following its official announcement.
  8. Haven't even got an M yet......sore subject
  9. Sorry it's taken a while to come back on this but I have been concentrating on the 'M Deliveries' (or lack of -) thread. I guess the simple answer is - I don't know until I start researching the problem. I guess from your response that it is not possible to take a compressed DNG and get a hash value then open it in a decent editor and save it out in in it's decompressed state as an uncompressed DNG? To be honest I have never tried as I only work with RAW uncompressed files. In 'Aperture' I have an M9P - 18MB file shot as a compressed DNG. If I export out the original from Aperture i
  10. The only true way to test the theory is to do an MD5 hash comparison between a full size DNG and a compressed DNG which has been 'uncompressed'. If the hash values match and the file sizes in bytes are identical then there is 0 compression. Speaking as a computer forensic practitioner I would have to say that I doubt the two values would match, after all, some amount of computation (shifting around and transposition of bytes) has taken place within the algorithm. The real question is does it matter. If there is a difference it will be small and probably irrelevant. Certainly not not
  11. No one seems to have taken into consideration how difficult a decision this was for him. He states several times that, in an ideal world, he would LOVE to keep both. I think he puts himself out to get these cameras (which, as he states, he pays for himself) and bring us real world reviews. Whether you like his reviews or not, there are not many people doing this (not Leica gear anyway). Not everyone has pockets deep enough to continually buy Leica's and keep them all. I have to sell my M9P to get an M - It doesn't mean the M9P is a bad camera; far from it. I wish him luck and hope
  12. I haven't got a dog - but I do take your point. I mainly use my camera for travel photography and usually off load the pictures to my Mac each evening. I know there is sense in smaller cards but with ever increasing file sizes I am starting to find that 128GB is the new 64GB !
  13. I know in the early days of the M9 there were problems with support for some memory cards. I am still waiting for my M to arrive but was just wondering if I could use fast, large capacity cards such as the San Disk SDXC UHS-I (128GB). In fact any recommendations would be welcome. Many thanks for any advice. Lee
  14. With the (hopefully) imminent arrival of the M 240 I would have expected to see an increase of M9's and M9-P's hitting the 'used equipment' market. This does not really seem to have happened. Is this because people are not trading up or are they keeping their original gear and adding to it. I realise not everyone will trade their M9's etc. to the M but I thought there would be more movement than there is. I personally think that getting the right price will be tough. I still have my M9-P which I will trade in for my M (when it eventually arrives). Dealer will not give me a price ye
  15. I understand the backward compatibility issue and this might cause a problem once we get past 90mm. But what about a zoom which incorporated a slight 'click stop' as it passed a frame line compatible focal length? This would service both the rangefinder only cameras (up to 90mm and possibly a bit beyond) and the newer LV/EVF cameras. I guess the only problem might be is that the current frame lines would have to be manually changed to cater for the new zoom position. I have never used a WATE but I guess the viewfinder has to be manually switched for each different focal length?
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