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  1. So I recently got (for lack of a better word) scammed into buying a Summaron 35 2.8 with a cracked goggle (let's not get into it). The lens functions okay, but I'm wondering what my chances are of replacing the glass on the front of the goggle and what this might cost. The lens is over 60 years old, so I'm not very hopeful but wanted to check anyway. Thanks in advance for any responses.
  2. My Tele Elmarit M 90 shows these marks when inspecting under a certain angle. It looks like dried water behind the front-element of the lens. It does not show in photos but still it concerns me. Is this serviceable? Have you ever seen something like this?
  3. Hello everyone. I just purchased my first Leica yesterday. The body is a IIIg from 1957 and the lens is a 50mm Summicron f/2 from 1956. I paid $300 for the lens. However, upon looking at the lens (front and rear glass elements) with a flashlight in the dark, I noticed there was a little haze coming from inside the glass. I'd like to get this lens cleaned. Anyone have a ballpark figure on how much a cleaning like this will cost?
  4. The glued on magnet from my M240 baseplate fell off and has been lost. The camera is nonworking due to this. I've emailed the local Leica repair center (Singapore), yet I am currently in Thailand and traveling in SE Asia. Their answer (no parts here, will need to be sent back to Solms), which I want to try an avoid. Ive also considered another RSS baseplate (will have to ship international, etc). I propose this question with hope there could be a simpler DIY solution. Does anyone know of an alternative solution, or have details about the small magnet (glued-bad design?) Leica/RSS uses. I'm currently hunting a similar sized magent to use.. Would another (presumely) neodymium magnet work if I were to find one? A random issue, but seeing it is an inconvenience to take to service center now. Does anyone have a suggestion of an immediate fix? Thanks in advance.
  5. Just wanted to thank the great folks at Leica Service in Allendale, NJ! I sent my M 90mmAA lens in for 6 bit update, focus adjust, focus helical fix, and to fix an unusual flare problem. I also sent my broken 50mm lux to be repaired under Passport warranty. In talking with Carmen Vargas I knew this would take at least 4 weeks, which, under the circumstances, I was happy with. Later though when calling Carmen for an update, she told me they were having a problem recreating the flare in my 90mmAA (which is not known to have flare problems). She connected me with Head of Service Bill Weier and I later sent him my photo files with flare examples which he shared with Leica Germany. Bill also rush fixed my 50lux over a weekend because I was about to leave for the LOOK3 photo festival and wanted to have my 50 for the event. At LOOK3 I discovered Leica Product Specialist Justin Stailey was there and discussed my 90 flare problem with him. Justin emailed Bill on the spot. In the meantime, Bill was going thru my 90 while in communication with Leica factory specialist trying to find anything that might cause flare. Between Bill, Justin, and Leica Germany, they came up with a fix that Bill performed himself. Carmen called me and gave me 2nd day tracking info showing I would get the lens on Monday August 14. Because I live in SE USA, my package happened to be on the tragic UPS plane crash in Birmingham, AL in which both pilots were killed. Almost in disbelief, I called Carmen with the news. I had no idea what would happen next but Carmen took the info to her management. With UPS' priority rightfully on their pilots and the possible cause of the accident, I figured my package was way down at the bottom of the list and expected several months to go by before I heard anything about an insurance claim. I was also sorry for Bill who worked so hard on my lens. A week later Carmen informed me that my new replacement lens had shipped! I know the insurance claim hadn't had time to be resolved but the Leica folks in Allendale had stepped up to make sure I wasn't without my 90mmAA any longer. To say I was happily surprised is an extreme understatement! So my THANKS! goes out to Carmen Vargas, Bill Weier, Justin Stailey, and all the other great folks at Leica Service in New Jersey !!!!
  6. Dear experienced Leica users, having purchased a very well shaped Leica R4 with Summicron 90mm f2 I shot 3 rolls of negative films (color, b/w) and had to learn that the camera has a clear tendency to underexpose by approx 1 - 1,5 exposure values no matter what program setting has been chosen. Does anybody share this and could comment on this experience? Would you consider to have it serviced by a licensed Leica dealer? Thanks for some advice, Peter
  7. I have recently bought an M4 secondhand (of course! :-) ) and as usual the low shutterspeeds 1/4, 1/2 and 1 sec are iregular. The camera otherwise is in mynt condition and with the upper L service-seal. My first thought was to send it to Leica's service in Germany for cleaning and lubrication, so i emailed them with a question of a price estimation but they did not bother even to reply. Does anybody have any price idea, please? My second question is about your advice as to wether to repair the low shutterspeeds at the cost of the L seal. As it concerns the low shutterspeeds only thus the low light photography, i can live with the particular camera-condition. I own lots of digital Nikon equipment that are great for low light photography. On the other half, it feels %#% to have such a great camera but not working perfectly at all shutterspeeds. Any thoughts please???
  8. Hallo, Der Titel sagt es fast schon. Mein gebraucht gekauftes CV Nokton 50mm 1.5 hat das bekannte Problem entwickelt: zuerst leichtes Spiel des Blendenringes, und nun Klappergeräusch im Inneren (lose Schraube), und der Fokusring bleibt auf halbem wege stecken. Kann mir jemand einen guten Reperaturservice in Deutschland empfehlen? Danke vielmals
  9. After reading several threads about problems with the new M9, I thought to ask. Do you have flawless copy of M9, which didn't go through Solms service with a long wait?
  10. Hallo, bin gerade durch Zufall auf folgender Seite der Leica Homepage gelandet: https://de.leica-camera.com/Service-Support/Serviceleistungen/Service-Certificate Hat hier jemand schon Erfahrung mit diesem Service? 200,-€ für ein weiteres Jahr Garantie bei Bestehen aller Tests hört sich gut an.
  11. is this manual actually from 1959 ? https://photographysgoldenageii.wordpress.com/2019/02/08/leica-m3-service-manual/
  12. I am planning a visit to Leica Park, Wetzlar in the near future. I've heard it said that you can get a service on your Leica camera whilst there. I'm not sure how true this is so wondered whether anyone had any details. And do you think it would stretch to carrying out lens alignment? I have an M10-P and a Summilux 50mm which I'd like to get aligned (in a short period of time) and wondered whether it was something I could ask them to do, or is that stretching their assistance/generosity a bit far? If it's not something you think they could/would carry out does anyone have any recommendations of good authorised Leica lens alignment outfits in the UK? Thanks in advance for any assistance. Jim
  13. So at a new year party, a drop of apple juice dripped onto the turning knob. It is now sticky and hard to turn. Can you suggest a place where I can send my M8 for cleaning or repair? I am lucky that this camera is still 100% functional. I bought this camera used, is there a 3rd party place where I can send it in for calibration/cleaning? Thanks.
  14. Good morning all, This is not to complain, nor to suggest Leica is creating inferior products. Just a log of my experience and to welcome any suggestions. I purchased my M9 about 1 year ago and when working, it's great. About 6 months into owning the camera it goes in for service the first time. The reason being the large dial on back was producing erratic results. They replaced it and cleaned the camera. They made no mention of a scratched sensor on the report or to me. The camera came back with a dirty sensor and one of the viewfinder's LED lights no longer working. I decided to live with the faults until I needed to send the camera in again. The second time I sent it in was about 1 month ago. The reason, while in India one of the camera strap mounts came off. No warning, just came off. The piece holding it in with two screws simply came off and the camera drops to the ground, lightly damaging an older 35mm summicron. So I sent in the camera and lens for service. After 2-3 weeks I had to call Leica to find what was going on. They inform me the scratch in the sensor had been there since the first service and is not covered under warranty. 900+ euros to fix. Though the lens was damaged due to the fault from the camera body, Leica will not check it out (for free) as it has been serviced before and apparently by someone else (before I owned the lens). If I want them to check it out it'll cost around 400 euros minimum. They will fix the strap mount though. The camera should be ready in another 3 weeks. This makes for roughly 2 1/2 months of 12 months I've not had camera due to servicing. So while I do love using the camera, I admit I'm regretting the purchase a bit now. European (Swedish) Law says I cannot get a replacement unless the camera is sent in for service 3x with the same problem. Thoughts are welcome!
  15. Folks, after some research online, I have seen some reputable places where people tend to send in their Leica stuff for inspection and repair: Leica NJ Don at DAG Youxin Steve's Camera etc (any other?) I understand that Leica NJ is the only official and authorized repair shop. But when considering the cost and reliability, and for some small issues of an M8, where would you rather to send your camera in for service (out of warranty)? Currently my M8 has some shutter speed LED problem (refer to http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/leica-m8-forum/184233-why-m8-shutter-speed-display-sooo.html). And I have been hesitating where to send it for service. Unless it's safe, I won't go to any place other than Leica NJ. But if possible, going to other reputable camera service place can possibly save a bit. Any suggestion is appreciated.
  16. Guys I've just ordered an M9-P and a 35 Lux ASPH. I have been using my 5D MKII with a 17-40, 24-70 and 70-200 f/2.8 for a long time. I have taken great photos.. and I have taken some amazing videos. What is the warranty on lenses and body? Is the Leica warranty different in each country? I'm buying it in Asia. Its international warranty right? What are the yearly services to be done to keep my Leica in optimum condition? How much would it cost? Is it really difficult for people (SLR users) to get used to knowing the focus distance, or focusing through the RF viewfinder? I've always been good at guessing distance, I even did a 3 hr shoot in a Club (in the dark) and constantly manually adjusting the distance I was shooting. Would this be an advantage on my Leica journey? Would I be able to be enjoy my Leica completely? Or would I be missing my 5D soon and wishing I hadn't spent all my money on Leica and go back to my Canon (I don't do auto focus much and worked mostly in manual) I know the pros of Leica's size & weight against a DSLR. Please tell me other objective things to make me happy on the move. Without an extra handgrip or other accessories, is it possible to hold the M9 for long hours while walking through a city just by wrapping the strap around your right hand and thus loosely gripping the M9-P body? Can 'dropping' the camera on the table (like when you misjudge the height of the surface) by 2 inches damage the camera. Is the 35 Lux and M9P strong to take a soft beating? Or are they all fragile? Does mis-calibration on the M9 happen due to extreme use and how do you notice it? A lot of questions, but I feel like if I ask them in one rapid-fire round, I'd save you the hassle of writing in a million times. Cheers J : )
  17. hallo leute, hab ne m6 classic erworben und das gute stück sofort zum cs nach solms abgegeben. warum? der sucher war verstellt und die verschlusszeiten liefen nicht korrekt. das heisst, bei zeiten ab 1/30 sekunde nach unten rasselte der verschluss nen stück weit nach. heute kam das gute stück aus solms zurück. neue beledert, sucher eingestellt, belichtungsmesser (hoffentlich) eingestellt. nur am verschlussgeräusch hat sich nix geändert. hab diesbezüglich die forumsuche bemüht, allerdings nichts gefunden was meine momentane verzweiflung lindern würde. ist es normal das bei längeren belichtungszeiten ab 1/30 der verschluss ein stück weit nachläuft? im kostenvoranschlag wurde eine reparatur der verschlussbremse veranschlagt? da ich leica-neuling bin fehlt mir das vergleichsgeräusch einer intakten m. habt ihr nen tip für mich? danke vielmals. grüsse
  18. Wow, am I impressed! I recently purchased a new M8 from a dealer who just never sold it. It also came with a warranty so I filled out the registration card and mailed it in. Well when you purchase the M8, Leica gives to 2 IR/Cut filters for free. Who would not want free Leica filters. I found the info online and filled out the registration necessary to get the filters, only to receive an email from Leica in Germany saying wait a minute you need to send us the registration for the camera first. I explained that I had already mailed in the registration and hoped they would send the filters. Nothing happened for 2 weeks. Here is where it gets interesting and I understand Leica needs to check it out first, I would too. I emailed Birgitta Mielke with Leica Camera AG Customer Care -Software Support in Solms, German on Wednesday just asking him if they had located my registration information and the filters arrived overnight via FedEx from Germany on Friday. Now that is great customer service. Leica does customer service they way it should be done and their staff needs to be commended for it. I remain grateful to be treated so well! Thank you Leica! Jim Headley Managing Editor of the Dakota County Star South Sioux City, Nebraska USA
  19. Hi, bei meiner R8 klappt der Spiegel nicht mehr weg, wenn es kälter ist. Kennt ihr jemand im Rhein-Main Gebiet (+/- 100km, ich will die nicht schicken), der das einstellen kann? Benutze sie trotz ihres unangenehmen Gewichts sehr sehr gerne ;-) Grüße Rolf
  20. I am restoring a Focomat 1c (complete with Ilford Multigrade HLZ system) and all seems fine except it is missing one small but important part. I attach a photo of the part on another 1c as well as the bare spindle/screw on mine. I don’t know what it is called but I’m guessing it is a roller bearing and is roughly 10mm in diameter. It supports the curved autofocus cam and without it I need to manually focus all the time. Now I am aware that Leica stopped support for enlargers some time ago but I wonder if anyone could help: is this a standard component I could source from a roller bearing supplier or would I need to have it fabricated? Second query is does anyone know of a good lens repair place that could clean the haze from a couple of Focotars I have. Leica no longer provide this service. I'm in the UK. Thanks
  21. From the album: London 2016

    © www.andrea-schneider.eu

  22. I have recently got my 75mm Summilux back from service because of back focusing. It is a bit better, but still far from perfect. At a distance of one meter, the focus is very good. But at three meters the focus is about 10 cm behind. And the back focusing increases even more at longer distances. Is this a well known problem for this lens? Shouldn't it be possible to get a better result, or is a visoflex the only safe alternative for accurate focus? I will mainly use this lens wide open. Would it be easier to calibrate it for f/1.4 only, instad of all apertures? Do I have to pay for another service if I am not satisfied?
  23. Last week I bought a Leica M3 Nª 1036104 with a Summilux 1:1,4/50 Nª 1758536, both in near mint condition. The camera seems to be unused for a long time, so the shutter in low speeds doesn`t work well and needs a service. The rangefinder image (the yellow rectangle) isn`t clear and needs a service too. I fell in love with the camera because its excellent condition with no scratches and the painted interior parts almost like new. The question is: the reparation work would be expensive? Many thanks for the advise. Hector.
  24. I wanted to related a good experience I've had with Leica service. My M(240) developed a problem: a vertical line of fully-exposed pixels that started to appear occasionally, then grew more common until, a bit before Christmas, it reached the point where it was in pretty much every image. When these first started to appear I emailed repairs@leicacamerausa - back in about September. No reply. Sent several follow-up messages, no reply. This seemed consistent with postings I've seen here and elsewhere about that email address being a black hole. Once the problem became serious, I decided to try again. Also I had a hypothesis: given that it's not generally good business practice to ignore customers' email, maybe my messages weren't getting through. My usual email uses a somewhat unusual email configuration, and maybe the odd routing was setting off an over-cautious spam filter. So, I sent another message direct from a simple and widely-used web-based email service (icloud.com). I received a reply the next day. This doesn't confirm my theory about the spam filter, of course. Maybe they have just had a change of staff or a change of priorities. In any case, I had a conversation with a very helpful person at NJ Leica, which ended up with them starting a repair file for me. They emailed me paperwork to print which allowed me to drop in to a local UPS Store and ship the camera to them, no shipping charge for me. About 6 weeks later (with Christmas in there, so probably 4-5 actual work weeks) I received a written estimate in the snail mail, and had to reply in writing authorizing the repair. Did so (by snail mail but also by fax, in case that would allow them to start sooner). About 4 weeks after that, the camera arrived back home. Again, UPS shipping at their expense, and with the proper paperwork so that I didn't have to pay customs fees on having it re-enter Canada. $250 to repair (remap and recalibrate) the faulty sensor, plus a general inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and sensor cleaning all included, and $0 shipping. I'm really pleased with this service, and my M is like-new again. Yay. - Richard
  25. Hi, my rather new MP is suffering from the "underexposed frame syndrome" (and also a lot of software failures). My reasearch here indicates that at least the shutter has to be replaced. My research also indicated that Leica service is rather slow. What can I do to speed things up? Any advise? I have to time this carefully, as I have no replacement camera. There exisits or existed an express service, but asking google I can not find any current information. Has this service be discontinued? Any other hints that worked for you for speeding up things? Thank you, Bernd
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