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Found 21 results

  1. The items discussed here has been (separately) seen on this forum, but a direct comparison has never been done. For quite obvious reason (the possibility of and easy mount of filters, especially PL) I would like to replace the original Q3 hood with a vented one. Excluding a priori both the original Leica as well the Overgaard for their insane price (I can't see a real justification for that madness), the remaining possibilities looks like to be two: JJC and Haoge. Both have already be seen here, anyway here are the links to get them from Amazon (black version): JJC: https://www.amazon.com/JJC-Cameras-Replaces-Center-Vignetting/dp/B0CL25Y5FB?sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9hdGY Haoge: https://www.amazon.com/Haoge-Metal-Typ116-Camera-LH-LQOB/dp/B0CD43VTGY They looks like very, very similar (apparently there are very slight differences in the specs), so I'm undecided between one of them. Maybe there are differences which are not obvious on Amazon, but instead important in reality (even some review say that they could cause vignetting... something quite strange to me) I would like to get opinions before choose one of them. (The ideal would be if someone had had the opportunity to compare both them directly, but this, frankly, seems quite unlikely to me) What do you think about these hoods? Many thanks in advance for any help! Den
  2. Regrettably RG Lewis, a Leica Premier dealership in London has closed its doors after more than 100 years of trading because its proprietor is retiring. I was in Croydon Photo Centre yesterday (formerly called High Street Radio and Photographic), which is a family business owned by 84 year old Reg Roach and has specialised in Leica and Roberts radio products for over 50 years. Reg's son Paul showed me a large amount of Leica accessories (hoods, filters, caps, Visoflexs, adaptors etc) that Len at RG Lewis had passed on to the shop when he shut the doors at RG Lewis. Croydon Photo Centre already offers a wide range of classic Leica goods but Paul told me that it will take some time to load all of the former RG Lewis accessories onto his website. He told me that if anyone is looking for Leica accessories then please contact the shop by email or telephone on the weblink above. Paul's very happy to talk to people over the phone or if you happen to be in the area on a day that the shop is open (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays) then call in for a chat and a rummage. (For full disclosure I have no connection to Croydon Photo Centre or its goods other than to have been a satisfied customer over the years who enjoys the 'days gone by' feel of the shop with shelves stacked high with all sorts of goods and hidden gems and drawers filled with more and staff who know their products well who are happy to spend time talking to you. I have only posted this message as a service to other forum members who may be or may have been looking for a particular for some time.) For those who know Reg he unfortunately fell and broke his hip recently so he's in hospital at the moment but is in constant contact with Paul by phone as I witnessed while Paul was looking for an IROOA for my Rigid Summicron, which he successfully found with Reg's telephonic guidance. Pete.
  3. Hi, Anyone recommending a metal rigid lens hood for 90mm f/2 APO ASPH? I like the snap-on hood for 90/4 macro, perhaps something similar? The hood is mainly for protection, but also to avoid stray light.
  4. I just got my black chrome 50mm Summilux ASPH (11688). As a number of people who have received their lens have pointed out in this thread http://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/242441-new-35-cron-and-50-lux-available-in-black-chrome/, the hood won't fit over numerous E43 filters people have tried. I tried with my Carl Zeiss E43 UVa filter, which attaches to the lens just fine, and in this case the hood also won't fit. I thought I would illustrate the problem for two reasons: 1. As a warning, should this affect any purchase decisions. It would seem a normal E43 filter and the supplied hood cannot be used at the same time. But also... 2. to solicit advice from people less mechanically-challenged than me! Perhaps I'm just not doing this right, and there is actually a solution. Please help! Okay, here are the pictures to illustrate this problem - Note the female groove at the top of the lens barrel. The hood has squeeze tabs to pull these grips flush with the lens. The hood has a male groove that stops the hood being lowered any further than this groove. Releasing the tabs moves the grips back out and they clamp onto the female groove on the lens. Attaching this filter (and I presume many others) does not cause a problem with the overall circumference to clear. This one is perfectly flush with the lens barrel. Here is the hood affixed without the filter. Note the height. Here is the hood affixed with the filter. The extra height created by the filter prevents the grips from reaching the female groove on the lens barrel. It has no grip at all really and would come off at the slightest bump. The issue then is one of height. I'm not sure if any filter will be thin enough to avoid this problem. Thoughts...? What am I missing here?
  5. Vielleicht weiss jemand, ob es Replikate zu den meiner Ansicht nach ueberteuerten Leica Sonnenschutzblenden 12524 oder 12526 gibt. Ich suche die entsprechend Rechteckigen passend zum Leica 35/2 Objektiv, falls moeglich mit Deckel. Online finde ich - wenn ueberhaupt - nur Replikate der runden 12504 Sonnenschutzblende, an der ich nicht interessiert bin. Es ist erstaunlich, dass es diese nicht bei chinesischen Herstellern zu finden gibt, wo ich z. B. schon guenstig und bestens passende 39mm Objektivabdeckungen bekommen habe (sind sogar besser passend als die Leica Originale). Falls nun jemand meckern sollte, dass das eben zu teuren Objektiven dazugehoert, kann ich nur erwidern, dass ich gerne bereit bin fuer gute Optik zu zahlen, aber nicht den regulaeren Preis (oder auch Gebraucht-Mondpreise) fuer Plastikkrams wie eben diese Sonnschutzblenden.
  6. Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster. I just recently picked up a lot of Leicas from a nice lady in the mid west, and was extremely happy to find an early 12522 hood for the first version 35mm summilux steel rim. The inscription on it is 12522 H 1:1.4/35. I've only seen the variations inscribed OLLUX and 12522 part numbers, but never one with an H at the end. It looks like the OLLUX and regular 12522s with the oval sides and flat top and bottom. The hood part is a slightly lighter gray color than the black mounting rim. Any one have any info on this? I can;t seem to find any anywhere. Thanks so much!
  7. Just in case somebody needs rare-sized hoods or filters, e.g., for the Summarit 50mm f/1.5, and doesn't mind a third-party item, check out HeavyStar (HeavyStar Photo Gears Home Page). They make a vented metal hood for the Summarit 50mm f/1.5 that would actually stack onto an E43 filter, and supply an E41 to E43 step up ring with it. So I can use 43mm filters between the step up ring and the hood. I've also purchased a 39-43mm step up ring for a Summicron 50mm f/2 Dual Range, so I'll be able to use the same filters and hood with it as with the Summarit. The hood itself comes with a cap, and caps for 43mm lenses are also sold. The prices are reasonable. The hood (incl. step up ring and cap) for the Summarit costs USD 24.88); the step up ring for the Summicron, USD 6.95. The hood and step up rings seem to be aluminum painted flat black. Regards, Richard
  8. Hi All, Just got myself a Digilux 2. Went to test today...overall, pretty impressed! Question: 1. Is there a site or vendor where I can purchase a soft release button for the Digilux 2? I know other Leica models have the screw in...Can I do the same for the Digi2? 2. Also, where can I purchase a hood or square hood for the Digi2? Mahalo! SecretChord
  9. Hello everyone, this is my first posting here and hope its placed correctly. I just recently purchased a Leica SUMMILUX-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH lens and the first thing that I became aware of is the potential damage to the built in lens hood... my 35mm lux has rub marks on the hood and knowing a ding or two is inevitable, makes sense to keep a hood on...but I know that it can be replaced easily.. for any of you tenured users out there...any advice? anyone out there obsessive and rather opt to use a screw on hood instead? I really like to take care of my lenses and well, not every day that I spend this much cash on a single lens. thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, I have purchased Summicron M 50mm ASPH brand new. It is with built-in hood.I bought also UV clear filter just for protection of the lens. Unfortunately on some of my latest shots I can see some flares. Any suggestions how to avoid it? I insist on the UV filter, do I have to buy hood for 35mm? I’m surprised that Leica didn’t invent the lens smart enough to work with the filter correctly, meaning w/out need of additional hood.
  11. Hello. I have the Elmarit 28mm f2.8 asph. But it is a 11606. I am embarrassed to say that I am a geek and prefer the 11677 hood. Some Leica users say that the 11606 is more compact and better, or that the 11677 has better image quality, but I don't know. I'm a nerd who chooses cameras based on looks, so the 11677 hood looks shiny to me, because the 11606 hood is plastic! Will there be a new metal hood for the 11606? If not, I'll have to get the 11677 after I give up the 11606. I know it seems a bit silly but LOL I'll wait for your reply.
  12. Hi everyone. Just bought an X Vario and I normally use a lens hood. I can't find any of the original or JJC replacement 18774 available anywhere. Does anyone have any experience of other hoods at all? I was wondering if the LX100/D-Lux hood would work without vignetting for example. Any suggestions?
  13. Hi all, Any recommendations for a 3rd party hood for a new 35/1.4ZM pls - great lenses but overpriced hood in my view... Thanks
  14. I have an aged lens that has a loose integrated sliding hood, since it's fitted outside of the lens group/barrel, it might not need an expert to do it. Does anyone know how a DIY trick?
  15. I am curious about different peoples opinion about how effective are Leica's slide-out hoods. I have seen conflicting posts for some time. As an example one person thinks the 75mm APO-Summicron is optically an excellent lens, except the lens hood is ineffective so the lens is a poor design. Another thinks the lens hood on the same lens is just fine. I know I am talking about a variety of lenses over several generations. But I have a variety of lenses from several generations. In some cases I have purchased additional hoods from third parties, such as from Mr. Overgaard, and some I have come to hate, like the plastic hood on the last version of the 50mm Noctilux f/1. One of the lenses I am most curious is the 50mm APO-Summicron, but I would like to ask about others as well...
  16. I'd like to get a hood for my 50mm Summicron f/2 Type 2 - Rigid. The obvious option seems to be the 12585 metal vented hood. A few questions with this one: Does the hood, which clips around the outside of the front (I think), interfere with filter use? Is the hood a bit on the large side for what is a pleasantly small lens? Is it possible to buy it with the cap that covers the reversed hood? Is it possible to buy that cap anywhere? And that leads me to the alternative, the 12549/12550 Chrome/Black Elmar 50/2.8 39mm screw in hood. This one /looks/ better to me but: Is it effective enough as a hood for the Summicron Rigid? Does it cause vignetting with a 39mm filter also in place? What size is the front opening to allow a cap to also be used? Or better yet - does the A42 slip on cap I already have fit right over it? Thanks.
  17. Does anyone know if it is possible to patch holes worn in the part of the Summicron-C rubber hood where the rubber folds open? Some kind of glue? Tape? Thanks.
  18. Could anyone give me a hint where to find a hood for the Hektor 135/4.5? I don't know what the original one looks like, but I'm sure I could settle with a working non-original one...
  19. Hello everyone, I just acquired my first Leica three days ago, a beautiful chrome MP. Overall I'm extremely satisfied with the handling and quality of the camera, nothing short of spectacular! The lens I bought with the camera is the 50mm Summarit and the lens hood, which was sold as an extra. I was rather disappointed to find out that there doesn't seem to be any way to attach the hood "properly" to the lens front part, meaning that the hood will not stay in place and just fits too loose. I'm rather surprised that a Leica lens would show this sort of bad manufacturing, the (included!) plastic hood of my cheapo 50mm Nikkor lens fits just fine after all. Does anyone have any solution for the moving lens hood problem? Is this normal or should I get in touch with Leica for repair or a possible replacement? Best regards, Skovbo
  20. 1. Which ND filter(s) I could use on 35mm Summilux when screw-mount hood is attached, is there any limitations with this or could I use every 46mm filters out there (Hoya, B+H, Heliopan etc.) ? 2. Is there noticeable difference between these filter brands? Official Leica technical data says only this... Filter mount/Lens hood: Internal thread for screw-on filters size E46, non-rotating / Snap-on type (supplied)
  21. Hi, I'm using a Summicron-M 35mm f2.0 (Serialnumber 2461xxx made in Canada; v2?) on my M8. Unfortunately this lense does not have a screw thread for the use of filters. Am I guessing right, that the only possiblilty to use filters is in using a hood, which has the possibility to take these? Does the original Leitz/Leica hood 12504 offer this possibility? Is this true only for Series VII or as well for E39 (39mm) filters? Is there an alternative hood (preferentially made out of metal) which can hold 39mm filters? Thanks, Dennis
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