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Found 155 results

  1. Dear all I am quite the average photog. Try this, try that, nice Camera, lovely rendering, tele-lenses, wideangles, sunstars with f11, wide open shots, one or the other pretty decent shot. But it all boils down to this: For personal work and for the everyday joy of taking some snaps, I always come back to enjoying my 50mm lens. Sometimes I try to convince myself that using the standard focal lenth is supposed to be "boring", uninteresting field of view and all, so I try out different lenses, different shooting styles... All valid, of course, but I personally love the 50mm lens: - A bit of compression, but not very much so. Perfect for environmental scenes without having too much information in the frame. - Foreground (or background respectively) is not too sharp and overly distracting but still recognizable, especiallly using faster apertures like f2 or f2.8, so it still helps getting a message across. - Street photography with hyperfocal setting and gigantic DOF can produce wonderful results (depends on the ability of the photographer's eye anyhow!) but it's not for me. Can I invite you to share some shots that show a normal lens producing some interesting shots and why? Attached files show pictures taken during a 60 minute stroll at a horse fair with Sony A7ii and old Leica Summicron 50mm f2. English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part. Cheers J
  2. Even if most of you are checking Leicarumors.com from time to time, here's is another interesting Leica heritage lens edition: Source: https://leicarumors.com/2020/09/14/this-is-the-new-leica-noctilux-m-50mm-f-1-2-asph-heritage-limited-edition-lens.aspx/#more-68155
  3. Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know I published a review of the TTArtisan 50mm 0.95 lens and I think the findings might be interesting for you. I hope you enjoy the reading! Flavio
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    RESERVIERT Verkaufe aus Sammlung ein neuwertiges Summilux-M 1,4/50 ASPH, silbern verchromt, 6 bit (11 892) ohne sichtbare Gebrauchsspuren. Originalverpackung mit Köcher, Front-u.Rückdeckel und der Anleitung. Dies ist ein Privatverkauf. I only send within EU www.HolgerDaberkow.de

    2,600.00 EUR

  5. wanted to share a shot taken @0.95 this weekend with TTartisan 50mm 0.95 and my M9-P
  6. Hi, I want to to know how good are the 50mm crop of the Q2 because I like that kind of prospective... A CL with the TL 35 Summilux 1.4 lens (so 50mm equivalent as is an APSC) is equal or better? Thanks to all who can help me
  7. Hallo zusammen! Anlässlich einer Diskussion über Sucherlupen sind wir wieder mal ins Schwärmen über Eigenschaften von unterschiedlichen Objektiven mit gleicher Brennweite geraten. Mir ist aufgefallen, dass dies häufiger passiert. Deswegen versuche ich mit diesem Thema, die Diskussion etwas zu bündeln oder zu "fokussieren" und bitte Euch um Eure Erfahrungen mit den Objektiven der 50mm Brennweite. Wenn dieses Thema Anklang findet, lässt sich eine weitere Diskussion über andere Brennweiten anschließen. Ich fange mal an. Wenn ich mit der Brennweite 50mm unterwegs bin, ist fast ausschließlich mein Lieblingsobjektiv, das Summilux ASPH. montiert (in silbern, passend zur Kamera). Mit 50mm fotografiere ich gerne Personen und dann schätze ich das Bokeh des Summilux´ sehr. An meiner M3 nehme ich wegen der Kompaktheit auch gerne das Elmar-M 2,8, aber meistens fotografiere ich digital. Viele meiner Lieblingsaufnahmen (Portraits der Familie) sind allerdings mit einem alten Noctilux 1,0/50mm entstanden. Wegen der Größe nehme ich es aber viel zu selten mit.
  8. If anyone has experience of using the above lenses and can offer some comparison opinions of using both at full aperture, I'd be interested in your thoughts. TIA.
  9. Apologize to post this late, I was member since 2012 and till recently found my password and login 😅 I wanted to share one of my photograph that won 2nd place the National geographic Travel of he Year 2017 in people category. I shot using Leica ME with 50mm Lux, at Rijks Museum in Amsterdam way back in 2015. I shot twice and the first one obviousely out of focus due to the manual setting, etc.. but the second shot was perfect. I love the visitors expression and lighting that really help this image stand out. I named this shot "Interesting Moment" 😃 Love my ME and the 50mm Lux combination, I never change lens since.
  10. Kudos to Leica NJ on APO 50mm Lens Service The quality control at the factory in Germany on my last three Leica items purchased new was lacking. First a 50mm 1.4 ASPH lens was exchanged in NJ, then an M(240) body had the sensor changed in NJ, and finally an APO 50mm lens with a loose optical cell was properly repaired in NJ in June. I write here to compliment the NJ service department especially with respect to this latest problem in case others might be concerned about their doing similar minor work on this particular lens. Leica emailed me (in Canada) a prepaid overnight shipping label, promptly saw to the repairs, and returned the lens in perfect condition, again with speedy shipping. They included a new signed inspection card and noted that their work comprised the following: =============================== Secure / Align Optic Cell Repair and adjust focus Test shots with Digital M to confirm focus accuracy Clean, lubricate, adjust all functions Optic cell: Focus, MTF ================================ This is the first time I have noticed a reference to their MTF testing of a lens to confirm meeting factory standards. (Had I known this in advance, I would have requested that printout!) My thanks to RL who handled the logistics and BW who oversaw the whole operation. Harry
  11. Hello, I noticed my 50mm Summicron is starting to lightly haze. I don't know if it is because the weather in New York is now amazingly hot, and sticky, and the lens is nearly 45 years old and has never been serviced because it was essentially new in box when I got it. I guess my main question is honestly where is the place to get this cleaned as best as possible? I would like to put an end to this ASAP. I know about Sherry and Don, but would sending it to Leica NJ cost about the same amount or a little more? Thank you in advance, Greg
  12. Robert M Poole


    Hello, Some of you may have seen my odysee recently trying to choose a Leica... well, I have finally joined the club with an M9 Summarit 50mm 2.5. Ive got to say I've only shot a dozen frames and after working out the bugs I'm smitten. I've got my family staying with me at the moment so here are a couple of test shots. Processed in Lightroom. [/url]Pop by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Pop by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Mum by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Dad by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  13. Hi Guys, Am fairly new to Leica (6 months in) and I would like to seek your advice on which 35mm lens to get. I currently use a M240 body with a 60mm F1.2 Konica Hexanon and a 50mm Summicron APO. I am looking to add a 35mm lens to compliment my existing collection (and will be looking at add a 28mm Elmarit when the new one releases end of the month). I am considering the follow: 35 Summilux Pre-ASPH 35 Summicron Pre-ASPH Version 1 35 Summicron Pre-ASPH Version 4 35 Summicron ASPH (2016 edition) After doing some extensive research, I feel like the 3 Pre-ASPH lens may be a better compliment as it is softer / has more of a leica glow (since my 50mm APO and the 28mm Elmarit are both bitingly sharp)? I was originally going to just get a 28 and 50 and NOT the 35 since it seems to be too close to the other 2 focal lengths, so I am now thinking maybe getting something with more of a unique characteristic). Just wondering what all your thoughts are and why you think so? Your kind assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you. Best Regards, J
  14. 100 t-max, M3, 50mm Zeiss People who have travelled to, or seen images of Shinto shrines in Japan will know about Ema...small wooden plaques on which you can write a wish to the kami/gods. It's common during the New Year's holiday to write your wish for the year. The first picture below is context for those who have not seen Ema. I've seen thousands of these, and wishes range from the cure for a loved-one's cancer, to a plea that Liverpool will win the Premier League. The other day, I randomly selected and turned over one Ema. As I slowly read, (shooting film seems to slow down everything I do), I thought it a bit ironic. "If his tests include English spelling, he will surely need to study more." Says I, the parent of a 6 yr old. .....but then I got to the last sentence.
  15. I'd like to get 35mm lens, likely the Summicron asph or Summilux FLE for my M240 to fill in a gap in my current lineup. The lenses I currently have are a 50mm Summilux (II) from 1962, 90mm Summarit and 21mm SEM. The lens would be general purpose: travel, landscape, street. Sometimes I need something a bit wider than 50 but not as wide as 21. I feel that 50mm will probably remain my most used lens so even though the 35 Lux is a fantastic lens and I like the look of the images from it, I'm wondering if the Summicron would be the better choice. I've tested these lenses in the past but haven't really shot with a 35mm to know how much I'm going to use it. The Lux would be an expensive choice to sit unused in my camera bag. I've read a lot of good reviews on both the 35mm Cron and Lux. This raises another idea, overall I'm happy with my 50mm Summilux. My father bought it with an M3 in 1962. But if I'm primarily a 50mm photographer should I consider investing in a new 50mm Summilux asph? I prefer the color in the modern 50mm and it's probably sharper, especially at f1.4. My Mandler 50mm Lux has what I would describe as a greenish cast compared to a red/pink cast in the modern 50mm asph. I'd love to hear some other users opinions on this. I'll be going to Berlin soon and hope to do some shopping there! Mike
  16. Hello Leica M shooters! I am an architect and photographer. My current kit of Leica lenses are: Super Elmar 21mm: mostly used for architectural shots! Summilux 50mm ASPH: my standard lens Macro-Elmar 90mm: My short tele I would like to add one lens between my current: 21mm and 50mm lenses. I feel a significant distance between 21 and 50... I am looking a better complement for my Summilux 50mm. I love the 21mm for architectural shots as I say, but is not faster enough, for shooting internal spaces, when there is not possibility of using tripod, like museums, temples, galleries, for example. I like the 1,4/50 a lot! I call it: "my magic lens" because of the representation and bokeh. The 90 mm is my last addition! I am very happy with it. I use for shooting selective frames on landscapes and cities. I had an 35mm Summicron but I sold it, for my, 35mm was very close of the 50mm, because of this I am thinking in a 28mm lens… as a "ALL PURPOSE" complement of the 50! The use of 21 and 90mm lens, is for special-purpose. I would like to read your advices and recommendations! According with my explanation: What is better option: Summilux 28mm or Summicron 28mm lens? Thank you! Ricardo
  17. Inspired eye by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Well, today was a proud day. The first time my photos have been published! Over the summer I took some pictures of the St Gerassimos day parade in Kephalonia, Greece and they have been picked up for publishing on the Inspired Eye street photography blog and magazine. If you haven't read the magazine it is online only and a fantastic read (you can pick up a free copy on their site). The pictures were all taken with my Leica m9 and 50mm Summarit which I picked up before summer and this was my first proper outing with it. Needless to say I was very impressed!
  18. Lomochrome purple film, R3, 50mm Summicron.
  19. So ein wunderbares Bild schon etwas aelter, auch Sensorkorrosion war bei dem Bild schon aktiv, aber bei der Blende kein Problem! Ich hoffe es gefaellt
  20. Robert M Poole


    A couple of skulls acting as a warning on a fence in Greece this summer. I am interested in how the economic collapse has impacted on the people and landscape of Greece and this is part of a series I took for a personal project, "Greece in Decay". Thank you for looking. Robert Skull by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Skull and Fence by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  21. Here are a few as part of my Greece in Decay series showing the a side of the tourist resorts not in the holiday brochures. Lots of Greece were encouraged during the boom years to invest in hotels, bars etc after the bust many of these have closed. Doors by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Everywhere in chains by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Shuttered by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Shattered by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr For Sale by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr My other car is a by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  22. I spotted this lady in a small village in Kephalonia, Greece. Wearing a face mask is common in Japan to stop the spread of germs but I've never seen this in Greece. Mask by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr M9 50mm Summarit.
  23. Robert M Poole


    On my recent trip to Greece I got to meet this colourful character who had brought his catch to the docks to sell. The scraps from the boat are thrown overboard where they are devoured by a colony of sea turtles. I mostly work in black and white but I loved the rich, bright colours of the boat and overalls Fish-2 by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Fish-3 by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Fish by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
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