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Found 138 results

  1. Dear all I am quite the average photog. Try this, try that, nice Camera, lovely rendering, tele-lenses, wideangles, sunstars with f11, wide open shots, one or the other pretty decent shot. But it all boils down to this: For personal work and for the everyday joy of taking some snaps, I always come back to enjoying my 50mm lens. Sometimes I try to convince myself that using the standard focal lenth is supposed to be "boring", uninteresting field of view and all, so I try out different lenses, different shooting styles... All valid, of course, but I personally love the 50mm lens: - A bit of compression, but not very much so. Perfect for environmental scenes without having too much information in the frame. - Foreground (or background respectively) is not too sharp and overly distracting but still recognizable, especiallly using faster apertures like f2 or f2.8, so it still helps getting a message across. - Street photography with hyperfocal setting and gigantic DOF can produce wonderful results (depends on the ability of the photographer's eye anyhow!) but it's not for me. Can I invite you to share some shots that show a normal lens producing some interesting shots and why? Attached files show pictures taken during a 60 minute stroll at a horse fair with Sony A7ii and old Leica Summicron 50mm f2. English is not my mother tongue; please excuse any errors on my part. Cheers J
  2. I shot with Canon 5Ds until about 3 years ago when I went for a dalliance with Fuji then let my heart take over and invested heavily in the Leica M series. My first lens was the Summicron 50mm an ex demo but mint condition from Classic Cameras in London. Before this my goto focal length was between 80mm and 200mm with a canon 85mm 1.8 my favourite (there is a faster 85mm but the difference in IQ is not worth the extra money). My second lens was the Leica 90mm Summicron APO - obviously going to be my favourite lens...... errr no I have used it a couple of times on Weddings but seem to go back to 50mm or the 28mm of the Q. I have started to collect 50mm lenses and I have: 50mm Summicron f2 50mm Summilux f1.4 50mm Elmar f3.5 Collapsible 50mm 7Artisans f1.1 <-----------------dirt cheap but quite a character I'm at the point where perhaps I need to trim the number of 50mm's I have. I have an M10, Monochrom (CCD version) and M3 and can't use all three at the same time (I've tried). I like the Summilux and will keep that and then collapsible Elmar on the M3 or Monochrom renders character images. I have a couple of options for my main 50mm which is the 50mm Summicron APO or the 50 Noctilux. So I think the Summicron f2 will need to go and probably the 7Artisans. I could take the 90mm out of the mix as I have an S-E with a 120mm lens and its not a lens I've used much. Has anyone used both the Summicron APO and Noctilux? As I like shooting in low light does the Noctilux have the edge or for my portrait work would the summicron APO be better. I'm driving myself to distraction over this. I have found that Leica owners are constructive and less likely to threaten violence if someone has an opposite opinion. Paul
  3. Hi folks, I believe this may be my first post here, though it's been an informative resource as a consumer of forum posts! I appreciate your insights as I think through a very important question. I turn 50 in October and I'd love to mark the occasion by purchasing a 50mm lens for my Leica SL. Outside work and family, my deepest passion is photography and I want to feed that love. I currently have the 24-90 and it's been an amazingly fantastic landscape camera! Even with its weight I absolutely love taking it out into the woods and trails and seeing what I see. But I've been longing for a dedicated 50mm lens for years now; it's a focal length that I love to shoot with and I'm feeling anxious to get back to it more often. I also have the Q, which I often travel with and use for family snapshots and other documentary purposes. I've long dreamed of a 50mm Q, but I'm not convinced we'll ever see one. Long ago I had a Zeiss Ikon and paired it with the Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 lens for dreamy captures. But both died along the way. I've rented digital M's a couple of times, but, as much as I love using them in some ways, my older eyes (with glasses) struggle with the rangefinder VF. I recently rented the M10 with a 50mm Summicron and came to the same conclusion again. I later rented a CL with the 35mm TL. The CL was great, but did not interest me enough to buy one. However, the 35mm TL was amazing and I also tried it on the SL, where it worked wonderfully. That was a much smaller, lighter kit than the 24-90, but of course the files are smaller. Now to my question for which I would greatly appreciate your own thoughts and experiences: as stated, for my 50th I plan to purchase a Leica 50mm lens to pair with the SL. Naturally, there's the Summilux-SL, but there's also M-mount 50mm lenses (for which I'd probably go with a Summicron). It's between those that I'm deciding. FWIW manually focusing on the SL is not an issue. We all know the technical and characteristic differences between the lenses - what I'm really looking for is your own usage experiences and preferences. What your mind told you and what your heart told you. Any other related inputs also appreciated. That won't be my deciding factor, but your stories are highly valuable. I may also rent them before buying; I have not decided on that yet (given the rental costs). TIA!
  4. rpoppes


    It was time for a selfie with the CL and some off camera flashes.đŸ€Ł Nobody home to help out, remote app not working with CL, Godox trigger and VoigtlĂ€nder lens. Back to self timer and guessing position in front of lens.

    © Rudi Poppes

  5. Keith (M)

    Number 12

    Spanish seaside Casa. Leica MP, 50mm Summit-M ASPH, HP5Plus, Rodinal.
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
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    Angeboten wird mein genanntes Objektiv in gebrauchtem, technisch und optisch, bestem Zustand. Einzige Spuren der Nutzung sind an der verschiebbaren Sonnenblende zu sehen. Das Objektiv wurde 2011 bei Leica codiert, gereinigt und justiert. Im Jahr 2015 war das Objektiv zur ÜberprĂŒfung bei Leica. Lieferumfang: - Leica Summicron-m 50mm f2 silber codiert - RĂŒckdeckel und Frontdeckel (2x) - Originalverpackung - Originaldokumente - Wartungsdokumente - Original Leica UV/IR-Filter silber Kostenloser Versand in der BRD (ohne Inseln) mit DHL ausreichend versichert. Bezahlung per Überweisung Der Verkauf erfolgt unter Ausschluss der GewĂ€hrleistung. Bei Interesse an dem Objektiv sende ich nach Angabe der Mailadresse den Zugang zum Bilderserver mit großen Bildern zu.

    1,499.00 EUR

  7. Keith (M)

    Wet Road

    First wet morning for quite a while... M240, 50mm Summilux ASPH.
  8. gyoung

    Summilux-M 50mm

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
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    Summilux-M 50mm, excellent condition, includes Leica E46 UVa filter, back and front caps, box, pouch and instructions. Also included is a 3rd party E46 vented lens hood. Price is in UK pounds.

    1,495.00 EUR

  9. One of not hiding you own a great Summilux-R 50mm lens is to share your photos here. Here are a few of mine...
  10. Hi all, I recently hit on a Summicron 50mm and bought it. Now I need a ND filter, preferably a variable one, as I'll be shooting open. Could you recommend me one ? I live in Europe and would appreciate if you can also tell me where I can buy it. Sometimes it's hard to find a certain model. Thanks and wish you all a good weekend. N.
  11. From Thorsten Overgaard comes a newly revised and comprehensive article on the 50mm Noctilux lens family, along with some interesting photographs that illustrate the capabilities of the three versions of the 50mm Noctulixes.
  12. Hi, my 50mm Summicron (Latest non-APO) was recently repaired. Problem is, I just found out that the Range Finder patch does not aline when aiming at objects at infinity. However, the image is in focus. I use an M240 and indeed the image is in focus. Is this normal? considering that the lens was recently adjusted by leica based on the repair sheet.
  13. I have bought a Leica m240 and now I have problems to get a sharp image with my Summicron 2/50 E3571xxx wide open. I have difficulties getting for example sharp eyes. The sharp point is always shifted. Should I get an Viewfinder Magnifier M 1.4x? Or M 1.25x? Or do I have to get a 6 bit coding? I hope I get an answer. Best wishes, Felix
  14. jbradstreet

    Venice Steel

    From the album: M10 First Impressions

  15. jbradstreet

    Deer Hunter

    From the album: M10 First Impressions

  16. jbradstreet


    From the album: M10 First Impressions

  17. Hi All, I'm a bit new here or rather I've lurked here for a very long time without posting. I've tried searching a bit, but I can't seem to find anything on the specific question I have or perhaps I'm searching poorly I currently have a chrome 50mm Summilux pre-asph that I am using on a M3 and M7, but as it's well documented this lens has a bit of a classic look to its rendering and at times lacks the micro contrast and corner sharpness of modern designs and do love the look of the lens. The classic rendering is a big part of why I haven't upgraded to an ASPH version. I do a lot of portraiture and this look is very forgiving in that scenario. I've used this lens for about 3 years now so I feel pretty comfortable with its look overall. That being said, there are quite a few occasions where I would like a bit more of a modern rendering. I think I like the modern rending for a lot of the non portrait everyday type uses. So I am wondering if there are any users here who currently field a pre asph summilux and an additional 50mm lens as a complement in other situations. I am seriously considering the 50mm summarit 2.4 as my second lens. I have heard that it has a way of rendering that is a bit classic and modern at the same time and has a smaller footprint. Does anyone an opinion on using the older lux and summarit as a sibling lens? For reference I have also used the 50mm DR summicron(Loved the handling and sharpness, but it was similarly classic to my summilux) and the 50mm Zeiss Planar f/2(liked the lens, but didn't care for the handling) Thanks so much!
  18. Hallo, tja, manchmal kommt es anders als man denkt. Nach Recherche, Bilder schauen etc. pp - ihr kennt das alle - bin ich heute nach der Arbeit losgezogen um entweder ein neues oder gebrauchtes 50er Summicron zu kaufen. Also verschiedene gebrauchte ausprobiert. Hmm, die einen wackeln, die anderen sind nicht 100% scharf. Bis auf ein silbernes gebrauchtes fĂŒr rund 1800 Euro, alles nix wirklich tolles. Dann kann ich auch gleich ein Neues nehmen. Naja, dann aber immer noch ein wenig rumgeschaut und ein sehr schönes, hervorgend gehaltenes 2.8er 90er Elmarit gesehen - zefix, Fokus leicht und perfekt, bei Offenblende sehr, sehr scharf und prinzipiell ja nicht viel grĂ¶ĂŸer als mein 1.4 35 Zeiss (ein Traumoptik ĂŒbrigens). Preis war auch sehr gut, also mitgenommen. Aber eigentlich wollte ich doch ein Summicron - da der Sauter die Leicapreisanpassung noch nicht gemacht hat, ab zum Sauter - das Leben ist nunmal manchmal teuer ... beim Sauter, dann aber doch noch das Zeiss Planar angesehen. Hmm, auch sehr schnuckig. Klein, leicht, sehr gut verarbeitet und statt 2040, halt nur etwas ĂŒber 700 Euro. Also hin und her verglichen, Laptop aus dem Auto geholt und ... ich konnte keinen wirklichen Unterschied bei der Optik feststellen - und ich wollte wirklich einen sehen. Ach ne, eigentlich sollte doch das 50er ein Leica werden ... am Ende hat dann doch die Vernunft gesiegt und ich habe mich fĂŒr das Planar entschieden. Sollte es mich irgendwann mal jucken, kann ich immer noch wechseln. Am Ende habe ich noch einen schönen Paketpreis bekommen und die Zeiss-Geli fĂŒr das 50er und 35er auch noch dazugenommen. Und so kommts manchmal anders als man meint ... Das das Planar sehr gut ist, wusste ich schon, wirklich ĂŒberrascht hat mich aber das alte 90mm 2.8er Elmarit (mit Ausziehblende) - das Ding ist eine Hammeroptik und extrem easy zu fokusieren. Wer nicht zwingend das Summicron braucht, kann hier bedenkenlos zuschlagen. FĂŒr LeicaverhĂ€ltnisse ein echtes SchnĂ€ppchen. Anbei natĂŒrlich noch ein paar Bildchen die auf dem Heimweg und Zuhause mit den beiden Optiken entstanden sind, nichts weltbewegendes, aber halt die ersten ... Gruß Daniel
  19. Hello guys, my name is Mat, I'm from Argentina. About a year ago I started shooting street photography with a Fuji X100T and for the last few weeks I've been really wanting to try and buy an M3, so I did it. I bought one, in a trusty camera shop here in Buenos Aires, and it seemed to work well, film advance, all shutter speeds and rangefinder worked well so I had no doubt about it and went for it. After about 3 hours of leaving the store, I sat on a bench to load some film and try it, when I removed the bottom plate a big chunk of the vulcanite broke down and fell, didn't even mind about that because it's replaceable, so I started shooting, finished a roll and left it to be developed and scanned. When I got back home later that day, I was fiddling with it and put the shutter speed dial in 1 sec, fired the shutter and heard it open but never close back, instantly I called the guys at the shop and told them this two problems, they told me to bring the camera to them the next day and that they'd take care of the service charges. Today I left the camera on the shop and went to the lab for the scans and the negatives, when I got home I saw this: And this: Some photos had this "vignette"-like thing that looked like the photos were Extremely underexposed on one side/"correctly" exposed in the middle/overexposed on the other side, for example: AND, the few photos that looked "fine" had this weird black line on one side like this: This one has all of the problems at once: And there's this one that looks fine without any problems besides the shitty quality of the scan: I do not really know if the problem is part of this shutter curtains issue, or if it's the lens, by the way I'm using an Elmar 50mm 2.8, maybe I didn't extend it all the way it should be extended or it might be another problem, but please note that this is my first experience with an M camera and I still don't have the skills that the M call for. Thanks beforehand for any advice, they will be much appreciated! Sorry for the long post and for my bad english! Cheers. Mat.
  20. epand56

    Choosing The Right Ones

    At the saturday market in the town of Pinerolo. M + Lux 50/1.4 Asph. (in-camera B&W) All the best, Enrico.
  21. I'd like to get a hood for my 50mm Summicron f/2 Type 2 - Rigid. The obvious option seems to be the 12585 metal vented hood. A few questions with this one: Does the hood, which clips around the outside of the front (I think), interfere with filter use? Is the hood a bit on the large side for what is a pleasantly small lens? Is it possible to buy it with the cap that covers the reversed hood? Is it possible to buy that cap anywhere? And that leads me to the alternative, the 12549/12550 Chrome/Black Elmar 50/2.8 39mm screw in hood. This one /looks/ better to me but: Is it effective enough as a hood for the Summicron Rigid? Does it cause vignetting with a 39mm filter also in place? What size is the front opening to allow a cap to also be used? Or better yet - does the A42 slip on cap I already have fit right over it? Thanks.
  22. TerenceYam

    Fuji Mountain x Red Leaves

    Dear friends, I just came back from the lake area near Fuji Mountain in Tokyo. It was a great trip, although the weather was kind of bad.... it is simply too foggy to take a perfect shot of the Fuji Mountain. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and tried to call for a taxi to the shooting location I have in mind. However.....no taxi....at all! As stubborn as I am, I decided to walk for 1.5 hours to the location for the sunrise shot. As I was walking towards to the destination, I have a bad feeling since I can see NOTHING over the lake. The Fuji mountain disappeared. After I arrived, I sat there waiting for the sun to rise. However, there came the sun, and I took my first shot.... here it is... "Ladies and gentlemen, Fuji Mountain Sun Rise!" DSC06961_s by Terence Yam, on Flickr I was disappointed but at the same time.... my stubbornness overpowered my brain again. I decided to sit there and wait for the perfect moment. It was so cold, and luckily I brought with me a bottle of hot coffee.... People started to come in, including some folks who decided to do canoeing on a foggy day. With nothing to do, I took some pictures of them. DSC06983_s by Terence Yam, on Flickr DSC07008_s by Terence Yam, on Flickr I have waited for more than three hours..... finally, my persistence paid back... the fog started to go away, and I was able to see the coast on my right-hand side. DSC07026_s by Terence Yam, on Flickr Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to share with you this picture that I took under a big tree full of red leaves after three hours of wait! Hope you will enjoy it. Best regards, Terence from Hong Kong DSC07158_s by Terence Yam, on Flickr DSC07103_s by Terence Yam, on Flickr DSC07060_s by Terence Yam, on Flickr DSC07201_s by Terence Yam, on Flickr DSC06858_s by Terence Yam, on Flickr
  23. shinokubo

    Ein staubiges Summilux-R 50mm

    Hallo Leute, ich habe vor kurzem ein Leica Summilux-R 50mm Objektiv erstanden und bin mir im Moment nicht so sicher wie ich damit umgehen soll. Es hat leider relativ starke Staub-EinschlĂŒsse und beim durchleuchten sind mir weitere Flecken aufgefallen. Jetzt bin ich mir aber nicht sicher ob das ein Pilz ist oder nicht. Hat da schon jemand Erfahrungen mit gemacht? LĂ€sst sich so etwas beheben? Ich habe mal 2 Bilder angehĂ€ngt: Mein Plan ist es das Objektiv servicen zu lassen um es dann zu verwenden. Bis dahin bin fĂŒr jede EinschĂ€tzung dankbar. Besten Gruß, Ben