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  1. Dear friends, I'm looking for a small fill-in flash for the M10 R, which also allows indirect flashing. Occasionally I need a fill-in flash at a distance of approx. 1m to 7m for portraits / full-body shots in backlight or poorly lit interiors. If possible automatic / TTL. It doesn't have to be a Leica flash. It should be as small as possible. On my Sony I have the HVL-F20M, which was perfect. Could this also be used on the M10 R? I ask for your advice! Thank you, greetings Klaus
  2. I have asked the ChatGPT AI bot to describe Leica M lenses with precision. Here is what it wrote. Lots of solid facts, some complete nonsense. "Leica M lenses are widely considered some of the best and most sought-after lenses in the photography world. These lenses are designed and crafted by Leica, a German company with a long history of producing high-quality optics. In this essay, we will explore the key features and benefits of Leica M lenses and why they are so highly valued by photographers. One of the most notable features of Leica M lenses is their exceptional image quality. These lenses are made with the highest-quality materials and are constructed with precise tolerances, which results in sharp, clear images with minimal distortion. The lenses are also designed to produce beautiful bokeh, which gives photos a dreamy, out- of-focus background that can add depth and dimension to your shots. This is especially important for portrait and street photographers who want to isolate their subject from the background. Another great feature of Leica M lenses is their compact and lightweight design. These lenses are perfect for photographers who want to travel light and don't want to lug around heavy equipment. They also make it easy to quickly compose and shoot a photo, which can be particularly useful for street photographers or other types of photographers who need to move fast. The compact design of the lenses also makes them easy to handle and provides a better grip while holding the camera. Leica M lenses are also known for their durability. These lenses are built to last and are designed to withstand the demands of professional use. They are also weather sealed, making them ideal for photographers who shoot in inclement weather conditions. This allows photographers to shoot in any weather condition without worrying about damaging their equipment. Another important aspect of Leica M lenses is their versatility. These lenses can be used in a variety of photography styles and genres, from street photography to landscape, portrait, and event photography. They are also compatible with a wide range of cameras, including digital and film cameras. This allows photographers to use the same lens with different cameras, making it a great investment. In conclusion, Leica M lenses are some of the best lenses on the market, due to their exceptional image quality, compact and lightweight design, durability, and versatility. They are perfect for photographers of all levels who want to take their photography to the next level. Whether you're a professional photographer or just starting out, a Leica M lens is a great investment that will help you take your photography to the next level."
  3. ライカが2023年1月20日の価格改定をアナウンス ライカが、MマウントとLマウントカメラと交換レンズ、コンパクトカメラ、双眼鏡の価格改定(値上げ)を発表しています。 ・ライカ製品価格改定のご案内 ライカカメラジャパン株式会社は、製品の価格を2023年1月20日(金)より改定いたします。 ※一部改定対象ではない商品もございます。 2023年1月20日(金)以降にライカオンラインストアでご注文いただいた製品につきましては、新価格でのお届けとなります。 >>>> Leica has announced price revisions (price increases) for M-mount and L-mount cameras, interchangeable lenses, compact cameras, and binoculars. ・ Information on Leica product price revision Leica Camera Japan Co., Ltd. will revise product prices from January 20, 2023 (Friday). *Some products are not subject to revision. Products ordered from the Leica Online Store after Friday, January 20, 2023 will be delivered at the new price.Other camera manufacturers have announced price increases for their products one after another, and Leica seems to be no exception, raising prices for many of its products. The range of price increases varies depending on the product, with M-mount bodies increasing by about 3-5%, and L-mount bodies and lenses increasing by about 2-3%. It seems that there are some. ライカ製品価格改定表2023.pdf
  4. We've all heard of that college student who bought an M2 for 5$ in a thift shop. I've never got such a deal but I've managed to get Leica equipment for low prices in the past. Such as a very clean M2 that I got in an eBay auction for 600$CAD. The shutter speed had to be adjusted, and the vulcanite had to be replaced. Other than that, it is in excellent condition. I later got an M262, which I also bought on eBay, for about 3500$CAD. The sensor was filled with dust and oil spots, and the focusing mechanism had to be lubricated two days after I recieved it. (Those problems where not specified by the seller) It looked like new back then, but after about six months of use, I've got some paint removed on the corners and a cut in the faux leather. It has been faithfull ever since. Then, yesterday, I looked for a replacement for my 35mm ZM 2.8 on the internet and ended up looking for pre-ASPH summicrons. I then stumbled uppon a 35mm Summicron on keh.com for 1080$USD. No picture of the actual lens was shown and generic pictures of a Type 4 where shown instead. It was listed as "UG" (ugly). Giving this extremely low price and the 180 day warranty offered by keh, I jumped on it. (I'll keep you guys updated on this purchase.) What are the good deals you guys managed to get on Leica equipment?
  5. Hi everybody, I’m a computer science engineer who has been working, as a hobby, the last three years in a new, more precise, way of recreating film look with digital cameras. I’m posting here for feedback, in case anybody of you would like to test the application (with the M9) and show the results and your opinions. I usually shoot film photography but also I like the comfort of digital. The problem is that I’ve never been happy with existing film emulations. Mainly because of that, because they are emulations instead of simulations. METHOD USED For doing so, instead of doing a generic conversion for every camera, I’ve done a specialised conversion for the Leica M9 based on simulating the chemical process and spectrum response, instead of applying curves and other stuff. In the end, I thought, if analog and digital are just two instruments which capture light, I thought, maybe is there any mathematical conversion to make the digital to look like film? I mean, if I take the same photo with analog and digital, under exact same conditions (light / aperture / exposition /…) could I make them look exactly the same? It’s based on chemical simulation and the Leica M9’s response to spectrum. Then LUTs and finally some extra calibration. I think that it could be improved because I’ve used home made or open source tools for calibrating and so on, which are far from perfect. EXAMPLES (Analog vs Converted Digital) Following are some examples of Superia 200 and TriX 400. Click in each photo to see high resolution. DNGs shoots taken with Leica M9 (left), and FILM shoots taken with Minolta CLE (right) at same conditions (aperture / exposition / ISO). All shoots taken with Zeiss Biogon T* ZM 35mm f/2. The examples show several photos, which are the following: +------------------------+------------------------+ | original DNG | | +------------------------+------------------------+ | converted DNG | scanned FILM | +------------------------+------------------------+ | developed DNG | developed FILM | +------------------------+------------------------+ For the generated simulated negative TIFF file and the scanned TIFF file I’ve applied exactly the same develop parameters. TriX 400 - 1 TriX 400 - 2 TriX 400 - 3 Superia 200 - 1 Superia 200 - 2 Superia 200 - 3 Superia 200 - 4 Superia 200 - 5 Superia 200 - 6 CONCLUSIONS Tonal range - Biggest difference between digital and film Dynamic range - Digital is faaar more detailed in the blacks, film never gets burnt, meanwhile digital gets burn quite fast. Film has more microcontrast, it's more sharpen Digital is a little bit more contrast after developing, I imagine it’s because it reach white level faster, then, when doing autolevels with the developing program, as a result, it’s a more contrast image. DOWNLOAD I'm having a console application ready, if interest is shown it will be ready quite soon! CAVEHEATS / LIMITATIONS The program only accept DNG, because I need all the light captured by the camera, instead of a JPG already converted and really dependent on camera self made adjustments. The program only accepts photos taken at the ISO of the certain film that is gonna be used. For example, for TriX400 it will accept only Leica M9 DNGs at 400 ISO. I’ve also done tests with ISO 200 and 800, and the results were quite satisfactory but, for complexity reasons, I prefer to let it be native film ISO for the moment. Highlights are not always correct, and sometimes they look weird, mainly in color film. This is due to bayer sensor pattern and its different intensity response (for Red, Green and Blue channels). FUTURE (& PAST) WORK Leica M10-D Leica M8.2 THANKS Super thanks to the creator of LibRaw, a wonderful C++ library for working with RAW files. Any questions I’m open to answer 🙂 Best regards everybody. Tomás AKA “Camalogica”
  6. Yodobashi Camera's top ten best-selling interchangeable lens digital cameras for the first half of November 2022 have been posted on CAPA CAMERA WEB. CAPA CAMERA WEBに、ヨドバシカメラの2022年11月上期のレンズ交換式デジタルカメラの売れ筋ベストテンが掲載されています。 >>Data collection period: November 1st to November 15th, 2022 データ集計期間 : 2022年11月1日~11月15日 第1位 ニコン Z 9 ボディ 第2位 ソニー α7 IV ボディ 第3位 キヤノン EOS R6 ボディ 第4位 キヤノン EOS R5 ボディ 第5位  ソニー α6400 ダブルズームレンズキット 第6位 ソニー α7S III ボディ 第7位 キヤノン EOS R7 ボディ 第8位 ソニー FX30 ボディ 第9位 ソニー α7 IV ズームレンズキット 第10位 ライカ M11 ボディ ライカのレンジファインダー機「ライカ M11」がトップ10入りを果たした。ライカブティックがあるヨドバシカメラならではの結果といえよう。 >>Leica's rangefinder "Leica M11" entered the top 10. It can be said that this result is unique to Yodobashi Camera, which has a Leica boutique. あと、ライカM11のランクインは驚きですね。 >>Also, the ranking of the Leica M11 is surprising.
  7. Hey dear Leica community, I recently got two offers for two Leica cameras. The first one is a Leicaflex (The original one, no TTL) with a Summicron 50mm f/2 (V1) and the second offer was a Leica R4 with a 35-70 f/3.5. I even got an offer for a Leica R3 (Made in Germany!) for around the same price. All cameras (inculding the lens) are somewhere from 250€ - 300€ (245$-290$) Which one should I buy, I am very new to the Leica world, since I mainly used Nikon yet. Or should i sell my whole Nikon System to get a Leica M camera? Greetings from Germany
  8. Hi guys! A few months ago I booked the "Leica Weekend at Leitz-Park" and last weekend I spent there for 2 days (from Friday to Saturday), dropped off my M6 Classic at the Leica Customer Care to fix the peeling off leatherette and asked the Leica staff member there about the M6 Classic repairability and MP black chrome. I wrote my experience on reddit in a 2-parter post attached with photos: Part 1: 2 days at Leitz-Park (more in the comments section) Part 2: Continuation: 2 days at Leitz-Park + M6 Classic & MP black chrome info from Leica staff (more in the comments) Here the excerpt for the relevant part in the part 2 write-up:
  9. Hello everyone, I just spotted some white particles on the far edge/periphery of one of the lens element of my summarit 75 2.5 . I bought this lens used two months ago and at the time I could not see anything. I cannot say 100% but I suspect those particles were not present. They are hard to perceived. I only spotted them while taking pictures of my first born this morning when I was about to fit the cap onto the lens and had a look at inside. The sun was very bright and I could perfectly see them, them were almost shining like crystals ?? Pictures are not affected at all and I am only worried for the case of a fungus. I do not care about dust, but this is the first time I see something like this, hence me asking for your help/advises. Because they are on the far periphery of the lens element they are hard to picture. For the pictures below I had to flash the front element with a led light and it creates some ghosts/artefacts. For instance you can see that this "line" of particles appears twice, mirroring itself onto the next lens element. They only appear on one side of the lens and I also pictured the other "clean" side as a reference. Pictures are not great but this is what I have for now. I Thank you for input and wish you a pleasant week, Best, Fabien
  10. I use a M2 for practising film photography. But then I have the film scanned for further processing on the pc. I wonder: is this film photography or is this digital photography?
  11. Hi, What do you think, will there be a Leica M11-D without the display? I would love to see Leica producing cameras that even more reproduce the feeling of analog photography with the advantages of the digital world. My perfect digital Leica would be an M11 without the display and a top handle that NEEDS to be pulled to shoot the next picture, like on film cameras. That would bring so much analog feeling to it... Also there could be technology like internal film grain, halation or even different films stocks that are embedded into the raw, like Arri did with the new Alexa s35 texture controls. Just some thoughts, does anyone from Leica listen? 🙂
  12. Servus Leute Ich bin die Sarah, knapp 37, und grüße euch aus dem schönen Fichtelgebirge! Ja, ich bin eine Der Verrückten die jetzt, 08/2022, noch eine M9 gekauft haben. 🤪 Und ja, Sensor in 2016 gewechselt, Wartung in 2021, top Zustand - soviel Verständnis hatte ich dann schon. Ich bin Neu im Leica M System, nach 20 Jahren Fotografie und weit über 100 Kameras habe auch ich meinen Einstieg dazu gefunden. Bis jetzt ist es für mich auf gut neudeutsch "mindblowing". Klar, es gibt ein paar neuere Modelle, aber ich wollte bewusst mit dem alten CCD Modell und einer "preisbewussten" Kamera, dafür mit guter Opti, starten. Wer weiss schon was die Zukunft bringt. Diesbezüglich wich mein grosses MFT Panasonic/PanaLeica System, dafür ziert nun ein Summilux 50 1.4 pre asph in der E46 Variante meine M9. Für Tipps im Umgang mit der M und Austausch mit Gleichgesinnten wäre ich dankbar. Bis bald, man liest sich.
  13. Hi everyone, I use Leica M6 with 50mm Summicron. I need a 28mm lens and I’m hesitating among Elmarit M 28mm and Zeiss ZM 28mm Biogon.I have seen many reviews and my inclinations are to Elmarit.I really like the newest small version, but is too expensive. I have read that there is some problem with 3rd version, is this true? Is the difference between 3rd and 4th version so big? what are tour recommendations? Please, my question is only about these two brands, no Voigtlander, 7Artissian etc
  14. Hello fellow Leica enthusiasts, Caver and R6 user from Canada here. Below is my caving/spelunking camera of choice. Cleans off fine every time and has survived numerous falls, splashes, bumps, etc. without visible damage. More dent resistant than some of the other brass cameras I’ve seen out there. The prism housing is very rigid and well sealed. Everything else not so much but not much has gotten into the base plate of the camera and there is enough room to accommodate a custom seal. The flash is a Metz 54mz4. For my first few trips I mainly just bounced off of different surfaces at various angles and EV compensations on TTL mode. This worked well for a good number of photos and situations. It also kept my camera compact when I’m bouldering or traversing through tight tunnels. However there are some inherent problems with that so nowadays I use a soft box and another wireless flash concurrently which works way better. As for lenses I only have the 50mm Summicron-r V2 and the 28mm Elmarit-r V1 which I use when I'm in the cave itself. Definitely a pain in the ass to swap lenses and it's the main reason why I want to get the Leica r 35-70 f4 when I have the money or if I find a good deal (I'm a broke student and labourer). Still many rolls left to develop and scan with that new set up though but link below if you want to take a look at some older photos. https://analoguefran.com/work/uvcc This quite snapshot of the camera was taken after a trip (some of the mud dried and fell off on the return trip): __________________________ https://www.instagram.com/analoguefran/
  15. Cleaning my archives & found the legendary FoMag Second Hand Guide (distributed by the popular German magazine Foto Magazin) from exactly 20 years ago (August 2002). Adding the facsimile of the relevant pages 😉 that will surely be of interest in comparison to 2022. All prices are in euros.
  16. I own a Leica R8 and several lenses (most are APO-). A year ago I bought a Leica DMR to go digital with my R8 equipment. The DMR was used but still with 3 months garantee. I send the DMR with the R8 to Leica that they put it professionally together and to test the R8 with DMR. I was able to work with this for 3 months,- then a message on the screen of the DMR appears when switched on "Error Code 2". I took a look in the user manual, no description of Error Code 2. I wrote an email to Leica and waited a long time, after 2 weeks I wrote another mail with some Leica people in cc. I got an answer that Leica will do its best to fit that problem until summer. Summer comes and go, autumn comes and go, winter comes - still no news to Error Code 2. A few days ago I got a mail by Leica: "Sorry but we must tell you that error code 2 means that there is a heavy error in the electronic of the DMR. This defect isn't repairable due to missing spare parts.". I couldn't believe what was to read there. I asked back if that means that my thousands of Euros for the DMR are to hell now? I got the answer that Leica will search for a solution until end of first quarter 2011. I'm a Leica customer since 25 years exactly don't to have such topics like now. Does anyone also have the "Error Code 2" topic with his DMR and how was the solution? Best Regards Hardy Bongartz - Hamburg - Germany
  17. this was on Instagram...hilarious.. The "Leica Look"....Industar M39 lens on a TL2..brilliant
  18. leica sl - canon fd 1.2 85mm aspherical
  19. Hi, I know that Lightroom is supporting the Q's crop mode in DNG, meaning it will automatically crop to 35mm or 50mm aspect with the ability to recover the 28mm frame. I know that Capture One unfortunately do not support the crop modes and will just display the full 28mm. I'd like to test the feature on other RAW converter before purchasing my Q. Would anyone be kind to send me a DNG file which has been taken in 35 or 50mm mode? Thanks a lot! Romain
  20. My son and I continued our tour of the steam railways of Britain this weekend with a visit to "Buzzrail" a preserved narrow gauge railway originally used for hauling sand from the quarries to the mainline. Apparently Leighton Buzzard sand is so good they even sell it to Saudi Arabia. The railway runs about three miles to the Stonehenge works. These visits are always a great opportunity to add to my collection of candid portraits, full of characters who are willing to chat about their hobby whilst I indulge mine. LBLR-2
  21. From Dpreview, based on Photokina 2018 (https://www.dpreview.com/interviews/5734204427/photokina-2018-interview-leica-sigma-and-panasonic-talk-l-mount-alliance).
  22. Unter dem Motto Leica meets Novoflex findet am Samstag, den 24. November 2018 von 10:00 bis 16:00 Uhr der traditionelle Info Tag bei Foto Walter in Tübingen statt. Falls Interesse besteht, treffen wir uns um 14:00 Uhr in der Leica-Boutique Tübingen (also bei Foto Walter), um uns sach- und fachkundig über die neuesten Leica-Produkte informieren zu lassen. Wenn der Wissensdurst rund um die Leica-Produkte im Fotoladen gestillt ist, kümmern wir uns um den richtigen Durst: Wir treffen uns zwei Häuser weiter im Wirtshaus "Bootshaus am Neckar" (das ist das ehemalige “Casino am Neckar”). Wann und wo? Samstag, 24. November 2018, 14:00 Uhr Foto Walter, Friedrichstraße 15, 72072 Tübingen (Foto Walter bei Google Maps.)
  23. Great news today on the Blog! I am honoured to announce that I have been invited to join the new “Certified by Leica” network of professional photographers since its very start in October 2018. Follow the link to read the article: https://vieribottazzini.com/2018/11/certified-by-leica.html Best regards, Vieri
  24. Greetings ! Wonder what is the usage between the "mp4", or "4K" video taking with a new D-Lux (typ 109)?
  25. Hi, how much does it cost a Leica Monochrome (sensor changed) today? thank you
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