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Found 29 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking at getting a Summitar and was wondering whether anybody can shed light on the two variants, namely the round aperture bladed version approx. pre 1950 and the later type with the hexagonal arranged aperture. Generally the latter version seems to be a little less expensive and less sought after if my observations are correct. Both lenses opened at f2 there is clearly no difference in aperture shape but any smaller setting then does the hexagonal opening perhaps provide a little less appealing bokah for instance? Or perhaps there may be other discernible differences? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm currently using Apple Aperture for my Leica M9 but as Apple no longer supports it, it's only a matter of time before I will have to convert (maybe to Capture One). In the meantime, should I buy an M10, will it's DNG files be readable by Aperture even if Apple no longer adds support for new cameras. Note I'm not positive Apple isn't doing this, but it would kind of be typical so I'm kind of assuming this is true. In other words, will buying an M10 mean an IMMEDIATE conversion to another program? Thanks.
  3. I have recently bought a used Summilux 50mm. The serial number starts 250..., so I think it's from around 1972. It's been working fine since May on M9, M6 and CL (with adapter). Using today on M-D and the focus and aperture rings are starting to stick when focus nears infinity. Put simply, if I'm at around f8, then move focus towards infinity, the rings 'catch' and turning the focus starts to turn the aperture at the same pace, moving it up (from, say, f8 to f11). Anyone else had this happen. If no easy fix then I have a 12 month warranty, but it would be a shame to lose it for a few weeks. thank you
  4. I am experiencing an unfortunate problem with my APO-Summicron 90mm. After a brief portrait session at the office, I left the lens at the camera, over a desk. I almost always use it wide open and occasionally at f/5.6, but this time I went for f/16. When I returned to put it back to the leather case I noticed that the aperture ring was totally loose. It’s now spinning 360 degrees and the aperture blades don’t move at all. I always felt that the ring was too soft for my taste. I’d prefer it to be stiffer. But I never felt that there was a problem. In fact, the lens is still in very good shape and it never gets any rough using. I live in Brazil and I was just planning to take it for a trip do Portugal in about 45 days. I keep my equipment under an insurance that covers for damage. But if this is something relatively easy/cheap/quick to repair, I would prefer not to call the insurance company. Did any of you guys experienced something like this? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Sorry for the newb question, I'm considering an SL to go with my 240 and have read lots online but I'm trying to clarify something about using my M lenses with the adapter: 1) Does the SL "know" what aperture an M lens is set at, and reflect that in the data displayed in the EVF? If not, do you set your aperture on the M lens and then manually change the settings to match that on the SL body or....? 2) Does the EXIF metadata in the file of a shot taken on the SL with an M lens via the adapter show the correct lens & F stop information? I tried figuring this out at B&H when I checked out the SL but the salesman was clueless - the camera was in A mode and although the 50 1.4 M Lux I had mounted was wide open, the SL was flickering between 1.4 and 1.7 depending on where I aimed it. I assumed that in manual mode it would reflect what was actually set on the lens itself but would really appreciate an answer on how it works from someone actually using an SL with M lenses. Thank you!
  6. Hallo zusammen, ist es normal, dass beim Elmarit-M 28mm (Version III mit 49mm Filter) der Blendenring so locker ist, dass man ihn 5mm vor- und zurückziehen kann, so dass er sich ohne Rastung drehen lässt? Wenn der Blendenring normal vorne anliegt, lassen sich die Blenden mit Einrasten wählen. Wenn man den Blendenring zur Kamera hin nach hinten zieht, dreht er frei zwischen kleinster und größter Blende durch. Hier im Video sieht man es besser: Ich bin nicht sicher, ob das so muß. Hintergrund: ich hatte das Objektiv nur kurz, es war dann ein paar Wochen wegen eines anderen Schadens in der Werkstatt und eigentlich sollte es jetzt in Ordnung sein. Oder hat da jemand vielleicht vergessen, den Blendenring richtig festzuziehen? Hat jemand das Elmarit-M 28mm III? Wie ist es bei euch? Vielen Dank für eure Meinung, Chris
  7. Enjoy the XV, and recently have become interested in in-camera double exposure techniques. So far as I can see from the manual this is not possible on the XV. Have I missed something? Do you create double exposures in processing? What software do you use? I only have Apple Aperture and the free download of Lightroom 3 (the only version my elderly Mac OSX 10.6 can cope with).
  8. I 'm using my dlux-6 with Apple Aperture and i 'm having an issue deleting my photos from the SD. After copying my photos to the program, Aperture asks me if i want to delete them and eject the disk. I confirm but nothing happens:confused:. The only way is to delete/format the SD from within the camera (annoying)... Today i noticed that i don't have permission rights on any SD i connect with the camera (read only) but from a card reader i have no problem . I tried various solutions but nothing yet. Anybody with Dlux6 and OSX can confirm this? Thanks
  9. Werte Gemeinde, als M-Neuling und RAW Fotograf würde mich mal Euer Vorgehen beim Post-Processing mit Aperture interessieren. Was macht ihr, wie korrigiert ihr? Bin neugierig und gespannt, ich stell hier bisher irgendwie recht planlos rum.... Danke.
  10. Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but how does the M determine the aperture used for a photo? The coding tells it maximum aperture of a lens but there is no linkage to tell the camera what aperture you set the lens to. My guess (or rather how I would design such a system) would be to have a secondary meter in the optical eyepiece which determines the EV of the scene and comparison of this to what the meter reading the reflection of the shutter will tell you how much you have stopped down. thanks,
  11. Hello, All! Have just consolidated 30 years of Rollei, Contax, Tachihara, Canon and Nikon gear into an M8.2, a Summicron 50, an Elmarit 28 and a Preorder on an M. My first trip with the 8.2 has given me confidence my 2 years of soul searching has resulted in the right decision, but also reminds me I have new learning curves to conquer. With the equipment choice made, I have the workflow issues to decide and can surely use some experieinced guidance. I'm an iMac user who has defaulted to iPhoto and Aperture in the past for convenience, but feel the time has come to make a considered choice for the long term organization and interpretation of my files. Any advice on how to begin properly with DNG files will be gratefully received. I've already enjoyed the Old Glass thread and sampled many others which have enlarged my knowledge of the new world Leica equipment is unfolding to me. Looking forward to our future exchanges!
  12. Caboose, German Railway Cassel [ATTACH]320812[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160, Aperture 3, 16.06.2012.
  13. Camel please [ATTACH]320811[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160, Aperture 3, 16. June 2012.
  14. reger Schiffsverkehr auf der Nagold [ATTACH]320967[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160. 1/500 sec., Aperture 3, 16.06.2012.
  15. Greetings Folks, I shall be doing an online seminar on my workflow on November 30th; hope you can join me :-) Online Workflow Seminar | Photo This & That Cheers, Edmond
  16. Hi Folks, As I shoot the majority of my work on my M9s and some on my X1, thought this might be of interest. I'm holding a free online seminar on my workflow using Nik Software plugins with Aperture and Photoshop: Nik Software Webinar | Photo This & That Hope to see you there! Regards, Edmond
  17. Hello... I have been looking for some guidelines/presets to get an good and speedy workflow for my M8 dng´s. My workflow is as follows: 1. having fun taking the pictures 2. import the pictures into Lightroom. Update dng and metadata.( This makes Aperture to read my lenses.....) 3 import into Aperture. 4 trying to get an speedy workflow.. with some automatic settings...to get things going... I am having trouble with number 4... I have been looking for a good preset for my files.. but cant find any. Please help.. or give examples how you do it.. Thanks Kenneth:)
  18. Just got set up with my new X1 and very excited. I am an existing Aperture user but also took advantage to download the free edition of Adobe Lightroom courtesy of the kind folks at Leica. Just wondering what people's views are in terms of which is the preferred software for working with the X1's RAW images? Should I stick with Aperture or switch to Lightroom?
  19. Hi everybody! First of all, if this is the wrong forum for a repair-type question, please forgive a newbie and point me in the right direction... So: I just got my first Leica this past weekend - a 1956 M3, DS converted to SS. Seems to work fine so far. Anyway, the seller included an extra lens for free because it's not fully functional... It's a screw-mount Elmar 9cm 1:4 (90mm f/4), non-collapsable. It seems to be in mostly decent shape except that the aperture ring doesn't adjust the aperture. It's stuck most of the way open, and the ring just rotates without changing the opening. I see two screw holes on the aperture ring, but no screws. I'm guessing there are supposed to be set screws that make the ring adjust the aperture. My question: Are the screws tough to find for this? If so, I'm hoping that's all it takes to fix the aperture. It would be nice to turn a freebie into a usable portrait lens. I don't think it would be worth the money to send it in for repair based on what these go for on eBay or KEH. Any thoughts?
  20. On your Mac, go to Software Update and download the latest patches. The App store is included in the 10.6.6 patch (am assuming in a 10.5.x patch too). Computer will restart. New icon on Dashboard and in the Apple menu for the App Store. Hoping interesting features start to appear for say Aperture.
  21. Hi Would anyone recommend what is the "sweet spot" aperture of the VARIO-SUMMICRON 5.1 - 19.2mm f/2 - 3.3 lens? Seems Dlux 4 sharpest aperture was f/4.5 but on Dlux5, I've tried f/4.5 - f/5.6 without noticing subtle differences. What have folks found? best
  22. I just installed Mac OSX update 10.6.5 and now I can open LX5 .RW2 files directly in Aperture and all other Mac apps that use the Apple system RAW decoder. I bet these same apps will now open D-Lux5 RAW files as well.
  23. Hi there, I bought a 50mm collapsible Summicron #116.... last week. The lens is in a very good condition. However, after shooting with it today I realized that the aperture ring is just a bit to stiff to turn nicely while looking throuhg the viewfinder. I did a quick search on the web for some repair instructions but couldn't find any. Does somebody know what to do to relube the aperture ring? By the way, do all of the 50mm Crons have such a long focus throw (I do only have the 35mm Ver. IV for comparison). One more thing I noticed is that the aperture index mark of the lens is not centered when looking from the top and the lens is mounted, uncollapsed and the front turned to shooting position. The aperture dot is slightly on the left... Is this the way it is designed? Thanks! Kind regards Gregor
  24. Serial on my web Site : Patrick Sitbon • Photographe
  25. Hi, Just got my first Leica (DL4) and I'm loving it! However, I can't seem to change settings on Aperture, S or M, no matter what I do. While it was so easy changing those settings on my Nikon DSLRs, the manual on DL4 says the down (Fn) and up arrows should let me change settings if I'm on A, S, or M modes. My Fn button is currently set to do a Preview, I tried disabling that as I figured it might have been the case. I mean what's the point of having these features available on my camera and I don't seem to have control of my settings which is really funny. I should have just bought a P&S with no manual settings you know Am I missing something here? I need your help pls. I'd like to shoot some long exposures and I can't change my S setting at all! Thanks all. Rowena
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