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Found 53 results

  1. Hi all, I'm a new Leica owner. Got an R6 off a local photographer who let me use it for a few weeks before purchase. Worked fine; price was right, so I paid him for it. I have put through maybe 5-6 rolls through it successfully over the course of my testing period and then shortly after purchase. Tried loading a fresh roll of film the other day. Put the leader in the spool, pressed the shutter button, but the mirror is not moving after I press on the button. The shutter button seems to press down fine, however. Since the mirror is not moving after I hit the shutter, I am not able to wind forward the film. I have tried: moving all parts individually: the mirror, film spool, winder, shutter, film release/double exposure button all move the way that they should. There are no snags or tension. The mirror in particular moves up and down smoothly and doesn't seem out of alignment. The winder and spool do not seem to be loose or have tension; they feel like they move fine. firing the camera with the back open/closed on different shutter speeds tried pressing shutter button/winding the lever at the same time, tried pressing the rewind button and winding the lever at the same time. Since the moving parts seem to be ok, it leads me to think maybe something needs an oiling? Or maybe a spring rusted or got stretched? Or something got unattached? I want to open the camera up and try and see what's going on when I fire the shutter. However I wanted to come here for some advice guidance first. There just doesn't seem to be much in the way of R6 troubleshooting online. One thing to add: I notice while switching between shutter speeds I do hear a mechanical buzz. Doesn't seem to be on every change of the shutter however. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I'm also new to the Leica M system. I just bought my new m10 one month ago with a Elmarit 28mm ASPH (so far). After some shooting I noticed a relatively big spot in the upper right part of the sensor. I don't know how this could have happened because I never changed lens till I opened the camera and attached the Elmarit the first time. It's very annoying to pay so much money for a camera and then having a spot on the sensor. Do you have advice what to do now? Should I send it to Wetzlar or can I fix it on my own? I did a sensor cleaning on my DSLR once, but I'm a bit afraid of doing so on this expensive, new camera. I don't want to make it worse... Cheers, Sebastian
  3. Hello everyone, I just got my estimate back from Leica and wanted your advice. I sent M7 in for repair becuse the film started to bind up, this is the most expensive part of the repair at $400.00. I see alot of Misc items on the estimate Leather Covering-$50 Battery cover for M7-$20 Rewind crank -$75 When I sent it in there was nothing wrong with these items and left with battery cover. My question is this common for Leica to come back with these misc repairs? and are those nessary? I know owning this camera $800 for repair seems kinda high. Thanks Mark
  4. I bought a Leica Monochrom (M1) after many years using a beloved M8. As many, I was hypnotized by the huge potential of the Monochrom: the sensor, the high ISO, the details.. because of the price, I didn't buy it when it came out but as soon as the M246 hit the shelf it was the moment the price was a bit more convenient. I loved the camera. After few months of regular use it developed a fault, every once in a while the camera would 'jam' whilst taking pictures so I brought it to Leica Mayfair for inspection and it went away for repairs in Germany. I was gutted, such an expensive purchase and it already showed faults? Anyway, Leica repaired with their own time (which we all know!) but at least it was a free repair. When the camera returned the 'silent shutter' didn't really worked anymore...it suffered a bit of lag but I didn't really care. Flashforward a year after I notice some black spots on my pictures. Jump on the Tube, Leica Mayfair....again, shipped to Germany. One month goes by, the camera return with a new sensor: yes the sensor had corrosion that many of us experienced. Ok, about two years with the camera and quite a lot of hassle to deal with...I'm scratching a bit my heads here, I bought something to enjoy and yes I do enjoy when it works...but I haven't experienced anything so faulty from any other brand? Flashforward to last month, I went to Japan for some work and I decided to bring the Monochrom with me for such a great opportuniy. Enjoyed the trip, loved Japan, had a fantastic time with my Monochrom. Soon after I came back I went out for my usual stroll and I noticed the rangefinder on my Monochrom wasn't aligned anymore...vertically off, to be more precise. Off to Mayfair - again, off to Germany. I thought it was a rangefinder alignment problem but instead Leica told me there is a sensor alignment problem too. And it comes with a bill of £500. From Germany, they is stating the camera is been dropped and because of the shock the sensor (and rangefinder) is a bit off now. I haven't dropped the camera, the body is in great conditions free from scratches, dents or heavy marks. I mentioned I had the camera in my backpack the whole time but they are firm the camera is been dropped. They also mentioned this could happen even by just having the camera in a backpack. Now, I'm aware a lot of people buy the camera to keep it in a shelf, to maintain the less usage and to have it into as many sort of protection as possible....but I actually brought it to use it and bring it with me, always doing my best to look after it but never forgetting the purpose of the camera, which is to be used. I'm really disappointed at this point with this whole thing... I never complained about all this hassle I had to go through those years with malfuctions and all sort of problems that the company 'included' with the camera (is not my personal case, I read tons of post about corrosions and all sort of problems), now I even have to deal with (bad) assumptions and being charged quite unreasonable prices for situations I didn't even create? I actually went to Japan to film some stuff, Im a filmmaker and I do carry a lot of equipment. How come none of my video cameras, not even my Ricoh GR suffered of anything? I'm seeking advice, as I'm really really fed up with this whole thing. Yeah the camera is great when it works.... but I can't keep up with these sort of things: let's face it, probably one of the most expensive brand for photography, they carry themself as this synonymous of craftmanship and precision....but they still manage to mess up a whole series of Monochrom? Camera is on hold in Germany now. Not sure if I'm wishing to carry on the repairs...seriously thinking about just moving away from Leica as I got the feeling their main target is people's pockets.
  5. Hi Guys, I've been using my M6 TTL without an issue for sometime and then I left it dormant for around a year when I left the country... Now the meter wont work , the M6 would work fine and still take pictures if exposed correctly with an external light meter, but the mechanism now would not turn on. I'm based in NYC and have sent it to the Leica repair and they sent it back saying that they can't fix it because they "no longer have the parts", I contact Sherry Krauter and she said that she gets her parts from Leica, so if they don't have it, she won't either. So really now I'm just asking for help! Thanks! H
  6. First sample is at 1/125 ss. Notice the white stripe near the right edge. It looks pretty much the same at 1/250 and 1/500, however, at 1/60 it's gone. I haven't seen the results at 1/60, but that's what I've been told. Last sample is at 1/1000 and things are much worse there. I am going to make more tests, but what do you think it can be? Shutter? A body was stored without lens attached to it and without front cap covering the mount, so shutter was basically uncovered. However, I couldn't find any obvious signs of damage on shutter. And if it's a shutter problem, repair would probably cost more then a camera itself, right?
  7. Hi guys. My beloved Voigt 40mm 1.2 Nokton has taken a tumble. Luckily the glass seems fine but the rear flange is dented and won't mount securely. I'd rather not send it back in for an expensive official repair if I can fix this myself, so does anyone know if one of the 3rd party Leica parts will work as an accurate replacement? Thanks!!! Ed.
  8. Hello there, I have decided to start a topic on jammed shutter issue of Leica film cameras. I experienced this issue while taking photos at the Shard. My camera had been loaded with Adox CMS 20 II, the microfilm had the highest resolving power. The first fifteen frames were beautiful to enjoy the view. Yet after 16th frame, the camera was jammed. Since I tried to force its advance lever, it was totally broken. One wondering what was happened may look at the result here. I sent my camera to Wetzlar via Leica Store Mayfair. After eight weeks, it came back to London in a repaired condition under warranty. Recently, I have heard similar experiences to mine. Some of them is not related to choose Adox's films, since they have occurred while using Ilford's HP5+, and so on. In order to build a guide for one who could experience the same, may you share your experiences on jammed shutter, or advance lever stuck?
  9. Has anyone else sent a lens into the black hole of Leica USA repair? I sent in my 50mm Summilux ASPH so long ago, I barely remember I own one. The annoying thing is that I've left 2 messages so far with the promise on both that I'd be called back within 24 hours. No response. For whoever is curious, it was sent to tighten the horribly loose aperture ring, under warranty. Any tips? Similar experiences? It's been months and I just want my lens back.
  10. Some of my R bodies have the internal black coating flaking off. Is there a way to fix that? Could I use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the loose coating, and then paint the inside with a black antireflective paint?
  11. Can anyone shed light on whether Leica is/has restricted the availability of spare parts to repairers outside their official repairers in Australia? Several weeks ago my M3 suffered a detached shutter curtain and I contacted several repairers worldwide and all informed me that they could do the work so obviously they had access to the correct parts. On contacting a well renowned repairer here in Oz he informed me that some time ago he attempted to seek some parts for a job and was told by Leica Australia that the policy now was no internal parts were being supplied. I contacted the Leica repairers (Camera Clinic, Melbourne) and they said they also could not come by the part, and furthermore, Leica Germany was no longer repairing film bodies. Finally I emailed Leica Australia and within several days they replied that the part was available, gave me the cost (very reasonable) and said it would be approx. 4 weeks for delivery?! I am now awaiting the parts to arrive but it bothers me that there seems to be either some accidental or intentional misinformation being put out to the detriment of owners and users like myself. Thank you for any information you may have on this matter.
  12. Hello- I just got my M4-2 back from a repair service for this light leak/shutter issue - a band across the top. I got my first roll back, and 95% of the frames didn't have it - but the last few frames did. None of the frames with my 35mm Summicron had it, only the last few with a 50mm Canon 1.4 LTM with an adapter. Is there any chance this is a lens/adapter issue, or is the shutter still the culprit? Band happend when shot into the direct sun at 1000th, sun behind be at 100th; and also in muted indoor light around 250th. Cheers
  13. I am very pleased to say that my M9 returned home today after being with Leica since September for the removal of an SD card label (Fuji 16gb card) jammed in the shutter, and for a sensor clean and service. It came as a surprise as they had bot notified me it was on its way, but they appear to have done a great job, and sent it back in its own box by UPS. Now to tackle Fuji about the SD card, who seemed to be pretty disinterested when I spoke to them on phone. Gerry
  14. I have an XPAN II with the 45mm lens; when it needs to be repaired or have a CLA, where would I send it? As far as I know, Hasselblad doesn't work on the XPAN these days. Can anyone point me in the right direction? There was a post a while back about this so I spent a lot of time this evening using the search function for XPAN repair but came up empty handed. Thanks in advance for your help, gents and ladies.
  15. Does Leica service match their brand and their great products? I invite you to an open discussion about this based on my own experience (a little long text maybe). As many others, I contacted Leica due to some suspicious looking rows of dots on my pictures taken at low apertures. Leica Customer care looked at the samples I sent them and told me that I had to send my camera (M9P) to them to have it checked. Here is my first experience with Leica Customer Care described step wise. It is the service experience that I would like to discuss and not the specific technical problem: > I spent 150 Euro on shipping and insurance to have the camera sent to Leica. I had to make them confirm that they had received the camera. They didn’t do that automatically. > After a short while I got a message from Leica that the sensor was not defective but they would clean the sensor and adjust the rangefinder etc. I was happy with that, and said thank you. > After some weeks of waiting I contacted Leica to hear when they would send the camera back to me. I was told by a technician that I hadn’t communicated with before that there was a lead time of an additional 2 ½ months to have the camera cleaned. At that time they had already had the camera for more than a month. > I contacted Leica and told them to send the camera back to me un-cleaned since I had to use it for a field trip. I was the contacted by the first person that I had communicated with and he told me that they could have it cleaned and send back within a week. I was happy with that, and said thank you. > I got my camera back within the week as promised. However, as I went to check it I was really disappointed. The sensor was very dirty and hair-like strands that were not there before showed very clearly on the pictures even at F4. In fact the sensor was much worse than before and the dots that were the reason for sending the camera to Leica were indeed still visible. Along with the camera Leica had sent a certificate stating that the sensor had been cleaned and the camera cap was “sealed off” with the orange sticker. I personally do not believe that the sensor had been cleaned. > I contacted Leica again and told them in a friendly way that I did not see the problem solved. They returned to me and apologized and suggested that they had my camera back again. I told Leica that I was a bit reluctant to just send the camera back without knowing what would be done to it, and how long time it would take. They told me to send some DNGs that showed the problem, and they would find a swift solution – which I did. > After a couple of days I got a mail by accident from Leica. It was internal communication between my contact and a technician. In the mail I was characterized as being very “unzufrieden” which I actually don’t think was quite right. I had only pointed out the problems as described in an objective way. Internal mails ending up at the customer should really not happen. This is a big mistake in my eyes. > After some additional waiting time I contacted Leica to hear their conclusions, and after some more time I got the message that they needed to have the camera back to overhaul the sensor and evaluate if it needed to be changed. That was actually what they should have done when they got the camera in the first place, and they had already stated that the sensor was OK and cleaned anyway. > I contacted Leica and told them that I could not send in the camera right now because I needed it for a field trip, so I would dry clean the sensor myself to remove the dust, and then send in the camera at a later stage for the other problems. I asked if they could provide me with a device and a method for blowing the dust off. > After some more time I got a mail from a Danish agent that had not been in contact before. They told me that they heard I had problems with dust on the sensor and suggested that I contacted a certain Dealer in Denmark who they know is a Nikon/Canon expert??! > I will now search this forum and find a method to dry clean my sensor myself, and subsequently decide further actions…I need to go shooting rather than writing. I have 15 years of experience with technical service, and to me this is a very inconsistent performance by Leica – both in terms of communication and actions. So, my question: is there any learning for Leica here – and could we give them some constructive feedback and ideas for improvement? What is your experience?
  16. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good place to service my leica in malboune. preferably in the CBD area
  17. So, in May, 2017 I sent my ME to Leica NJ for repair of the corroded sensor. You'll recall, this was well before Leica announced the August 15 deadline for free repairs. After the announcement, I sent my M9M to Wetzlar through Leica Store Miami. At this point, I was willing to place money that the M9M would arrive from Wetzlar before the ME arrived from NJ. Although I was very bummed about not having either of my Leicas I was mostly OK because I still had my trusty M8. I've used the M8 since then without issue until last week. Several of us caravanned down to Key West on a relief mission after Hurricane Irma. I took my M8 along with me for once-in-a-lifetime shots. Well, you can probably guess what happened. I suffered a catastrophic shutter failure at the worst possible time. No photos of the trip. None. Nada. Zero. Zilch. . . . sigh. This also presented another issue. Now I was left without any travel camera. So, yesterday I bought the Canon 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens for my 6D. Today, I mounted the lens, took some test shots and deemed it acceptable. So, I removed the vertical battery grip and the handstrap that I use along with it. This last part is a major issue as it is cumbersome to attach and to detach. Well, you can guess what happened now. Fifteen minutes later (yes, 15!) UPS arrives with my ME. Yup. All I had to do to get the fates to deliver the ME was buy the Canon 40mm! Anyway, I've tested the camera and there does not appear to be any evidence of corrosion. Still, the receipt is very cryptic. How can I be sure that the sensor has actually been properly upgraded? It does bear firmware number 1.210. Does this indicate the proper upgrade? Thanks in advance. RV
  18. I have had to send my M9 back to Leica Germany for repair as it simply stopped working with a ‘shutter error’ problem. The problem was a label from an SD card stuck between sensor and shutter! I knew I had a card which had somehow lost its label, but had no idea where or how. To repair the problem, carry out a full service and replace the sensor as a ‘good will gesture’ totals a surprising and (in my opinion very low) 178.50€ ($213) which I think is superb service. The cost includes postage both ways. Now the bad news, the repair could take ‘several weeks’. Thank goodness I am not shooting much at the moment, and I have my M7 to use. I am sort of aa happy bunny because of the price, but miss my M9. Gerry
  19. I just sent my 75mm Summarit lens to Youxin Ye for repair of a loose element. Literally, within a week he made the repair and shipped the lens back to me. Cost was very reasonable. Given the problem and wait times I have read about other services, I highly recommend Youxin. Cameras take longer than lenses, and I can't say that everyone will experience such rapid service. But I do recommend that you contact him if you need some work done. Youxin Ye 16 Fairview Road Canton, MA 02021 (781) 830-9141 www.yyecamera.com wye7@yahoo.com
  20. Hello, Exactly a week ago, I sent my Leica Q in for repair. I've called a few times looking for updates without any success. I've left a voicemail for customer care to call back without any response. Today, I called again and the lady who I spoke to told me that repairs usually take 4-6 weeks and that my camera is in "repair status". She couldn't give me any other details about what have done if anything. Is there anyone here familiar with Leica's customer care? Should I keep calling every week to check on status? Hope and pray that my camera will magically show up on my front door one day? I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you!
  21. Hello everyone! I have aquired an M3, which so far looks allright to me, some bigger dents, shutter sounds like a charm, viever is bright and clear, but there is one issue that maybe you can help me. The strange thing is about the advance lever, I recognized when using it. Having forgotten if I advanced it allready after taking a picture or not I advanced it and it moved but it was allready strained. The lever seems to not get into the fix position after straining and still moves on in a loose way. I have a short video I just made with my phone right here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f6emlz6nmzpe43j/IMG_0215.MOV?dl=0 Does anybody know where this could come from? And if this is something serious to care about? I d love to fix it but don t have the budget if this would be expersive. I never saw something like this on a film m. Thanks a lot in advance, best regards Christian
  22. Hi everyone, I'm a photographer and also someone interested in film fotography and repair, I'm from Portugal and I'm new here and kind of really need some whelp here. So, I receive this lens to repair, and the diagnost was simple, someone have been messing up with the lens and as left a lot of screws just hanging inside the lens! I start to unscrew the outer srews on the mount, and al fine, until a realize the whole lens was just there juggling inside. My problem now is to try and take out the front element, how do I do that? There is no screws or holes on the front element. Any Idea? Thank you in advance
  23. Hello, I'm new to this forum and I'm seeking some experienced advice. I recently purchased a Leitz Summaron 35 f3.5 with goggles from eBay at a very reasonable price - for a reason - the rear element has considerable haze/fog that is noticeable on every image. I've been reading on the web that it is possible to clean the glass and even to DIY it: Removing Haze from Leitz 35mm F/3.5 Summaron Lens - DJCPHOTO.COM Now, I've tried going ahead with the instructions provided by the link above but I'm finding it impossible to remove the rear lens retaining ring. In addition, I have unscrewed the focusing helicoid and I think I have not been able to put it back together correctly. Apart from sending my lens to more competent hands, does anyone have other advice or guidelines for cleaning the lenses (and putting the focusing helicoid back correctly...) myself? Thanks for your time
  24. My Leica developed a misalignment during my trip to Chicago last week. It was prominent at infinity. Shm it sucked so I emailed Leica repair got a out of the office message Then on Monday Bill Weier emailed me back and told me to bring it in they can fix it in an hour or so if I brought it in early in the morning while I waited. Cool my Leica also had some play in the screen and it's been like that since the last fix but I didn't mention it. Went there in the morning and the place seemed busy. Bill came right out and was a great guy. I had brought my Zeiss lens with me so he took the set to the back. A few minutes later he said,"Hey your rangefinder is out of alignment but so is your lens. It's back focusing. We can fix the rangefinder but not the lens" Oh NO! But hey I had a warranty with Zeiss so off that goes tomorrow. Then Bill says," Hey did you know about this?" as he pushes on the screen with his finger. I shake my head yes. He says," Hey when its this bad that means the seals failed completely and they need to fix it because dust is going into the camera." Well last time it came back cleaned with no dust behind the lcd but then developed the play. So I say ok well let's get that fixed you convinced me. He said it should take 3 weeks. Long story short... my camera is gone long gone lol. I drove all the way there because last time shipping something expensive ups lost it and that was a fiasco. Sorry for boring you guys. Oh ps. There weren't any free magazines......
  25. Hello Unfortunately I have a problem with my Leica M4 and I would like to know where I can have it checked in Berlin. Thanks and Greetings Manuel
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