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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Guys, Am fairly new to Leica (6 months in) and I would like to seek your advice on which 35mm lens to get. I currently use a M240 body with a 60mm F1.2 Konica Hexanon and a 50mm Summicron APO. I am looking to add a 35mm lens to compliment my existing collection (and will be looking at add a 28mm Elmarit when the new one releases end of the month). I am considering the follow: 35 Summilux Pre-ASPH 35 Summicron Pre-ASPH Version 1 35 Summicron Pre-ASPH Version 4 35 Summicron ASPH (2016 edition) After doing some extensive research, I feel like the 3 Pre-ASPH lens may be a better compliment as it is softer / has more of a leica glow (since my 50mm APO and the 28mm Elmarit are both bitingly sharp)? I was originally going to just get a 28 and 50 and NOT the 35 since it seems to be too close to the other 2 focal lengths, so I am now thinking maybe getting something with more of a unique characteristic). Just wondering what all your thoughts are and why you think so? Your kind assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you. Best Regards, J
  2. Guest

    Nature's Connections

    Leica T + 90mm summicron apo asph ISO 200, f2, 1/250 "Nature's Connections"
  3. juanM

    Leica 50mm APO


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    Selling my 50MM APO ... CPO purchased 7/13/18 from Leica Store Boston (I have box, case, caps & original receipt). The lens is in great shape! Price doesn't include shipping. I already own the 0.95 (and a collapsible 50) ... I'm just a pure enthusiast so there's no real need for the APO. Thanks!


  4. I am curious about different peoples opinion about how effective are Leica's slide-out hoods. I have seen conflicting posts for some time. As an example one person thinks the 75mm APO-Summicron is optically an excellent lens, except the lens hood is ineffective so the lens is a poor design. Another thinks the lens hood on the same lens is just fine. I know I am talking about a variety of lenses over several generations. But I have a variety of lenses from several generations. In some cases I have purchased additional hoods from third parties, such as from Mr. Overgaard, and some I have come to hate, like the plastic hood on the last version of the 50mm Noctilux f/1. One of the lenses I am most curious is the 50mm APO-Summicron, but I would like to ask about others as well...
  5. I found a Black-tailed Hare ("Jackrabbit") this morning in Yolo County California. Technical stuff: R8/DMR, 280mm f/4 APO-Telyt-R, shoulder stock & monopod. All comments welcome.
  6. I have added M240 + APO 50mm setup in my studio photography workflow (in parallel with Hasselblad H4D-50 which is my main camera) and all I can say is I’m amazed with the quality and resolution of this lens. Contrast, sharpness and clarity on the glass and dynamic range of M240 sensor is very impressive! I have shot this photo with M240 + APO 50mm + Broncolor Para 88 with grid (main light) + Broncolor Grafit A4 pack + Elinchrom Octa Light Bank (fill light). Post process with Photoshop and Lightroom. Thanks!
  7. The Davis (California) Wetlands is part wastewater treatment facility, part wildlife habitat... I chose to emphasize the wildlife habitat last week In order of appearance, Least Sandpiper, Western Sandpiper, and Long-billed Dowitcher x2. All photos: R8/DMR, 280mm f/4 APO, 2x APO-Extender-R, monopod & shoulder stock. All comments welcome.
  8. hallo allerseits, auf die gefahr hin, das sich alteingesessene leicaner und forumisten wieder über die unwissenheit und dreistigkeit der "neulinge" aufregen, stelle ich meine frage. was ist der unterschied zwischen normalen objektiven und jenen mit dem zusatz apo, außer das letztere wohl entschieden neuer und um etwa den faktor 5 (gefühlt) teurer sind? ich lasse mich auch gerne auf alte links verweisen - ich war nicht ganz in der lage mich auf einen schlag durch das ganze leicalatein dieses forums zu schlagen wer ist so nett und führt mich ein bissl ins leicanersein ein?
  9. The California Foundation for Birds of Prey held an Open House yesterday, where several non-releasable birds were on display. Among them was Cleopatra, a young female Golden Eagle who was found near death by a Sacramento-area rancher. Cleopatra had contracted West Nile virus (thus the name) and though she is now fully capable of flight, she would not survive in the wild because the virus led to neurological damage which prevents her from seeing clearly at close distances. The first several months of captivity were terrifying for Cleopatra. She paniced at any nearby movement and it was only due to the patience and persistence of her handler (a licenced falconer) that she learned to trust her captors. Unusual for a raptor, Cleopatra has bonded with her handler and even appears to enjoy his company. One of the foundation's goals for Cleopatra is to train the her to accept other handlers because she is expected to live 50 years or so, and will out-live her handler. The beaks of captive raptors don't get as much abrasion as in the wild so they must be trimmed occasionally, much like toenails are. Cleopatra's beak was trimmed to the correct length the day before the open house but there were not enough people handy to keep her still so that the beak could be shaped properly - thus the blunt, chopped off appearance. Technical stuff: R8/DMR, 280mm f/4 APO, shoulder stock & monopod. Leica-related notes: the open house was well-attended and at least two visitors recognized the camera. Two also noted the shoulder stock/monopod rig and its highly desirable combination of stability and mobility. All comments welcome.
  10. Hello fellow R users, I'm a facing a little dilemma and decided to count on your experiences to make a decision, if you don't mind. Basically, I am looking for a mid-range tele lens to use in small valleys especially. But I'm living in a big city and remain there most of times, though... So I came across two classifieds selling these lenses at quite a good price. Here's my current state of reflection: APO 280/4 Pros : legendary quality, APO will help for difficult lighting conditions I guess. A bit lighter than the VE. Slightly brighter than the VE (well, it's more of an anecdote at this point). Cons : fixed focal (280mm isn't that versatile in a city, huh?). VE 105-280 Pros : good reputation albeit less praised that the 280/4. More versatile. 500€ cheaper. Cons : heavy zoom, tripod required. Not APO. Price isn't that important (I prefer to wait a bit more if that helps), and I will use either lens on my tripod anyway. Also, I am especially careful on vignetting... and on this point, the VE seems to be better! (VE charts available here, and 280/4 charts here) That sounds surprising since fixed focals are usually more optimised... Finally, my longest lens at present is a Lux 80. I consider buying an Apo-Extender later; even though not on par with the 90AA or 180 Apo (), results should be acceptable. And the gap problem posed by the 280/4 would be eased. Still, I'm unsure about all this... Do you think the quality of the fixed 280/4 (vignetting wise, especially) is worth giving up the versatility of a zoom, for the city person that I am? Maybe the zoom feature of the VE is more psychological than practical after all, since I will have to use a complex setup with a tripod? Any hint will be appreciated!
  11. A tiny bit of fluff, more voice than flesh & bone: This bird was one of hundreds in the Yolo Bypass wildlife area between Sacramento and Davis. The song is the bird's territorial defense; a highly variable song, a neighboring wren will often repeat specific riffs of his neighbor's song. technical stuff: Leica R8/DMR, 280mm f/4 APO + 2x APO-Extender-R, shoulder stock & monopod. All comments welcome.
  12. The Oak Titmouse is a member of family Paridae which inludes Chickadees and Tits (I didn't name them, I'm just the messenger!). The Oak Titmouse is primarily a California resident, with a few populations in Baja California to the south and Oregon in the north. The Oak Titmouse, like all Paridae, are the definition of the word kinetic. As its name implies it's preferred habitat is oak woodlands, where they nest in a tree cavity; this morning I found a pair bringing breakfast to the kids: technical stuff: R8/DMR, 280mm f/4 APO + 2x APO-Extender-R. All comments welcome.
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