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  1. Hi, does somebody own a Leica Summicron-M 1:2/28 Edition "Safari" or has seen real life pictures? I’d love to see additional pictures of the lens except the one official photography that’s spread all over the web.
  2. Here is an interesting discussion on the 28mm vis-à-vis 35mm lens for documentary photography: Focal Length Feud: 28mm vs 35mm for Telling a story – by David Babaian and Simon King https://emulsive.org/articles/focal-length-feud-28-35 I have used both and at the end of the day it seems to me that either will work well, if you are willing to fine tune your shooting technique for each lens. Thoughts?
  3. Sharing my short blog about taking Leica ME and Elmarit 28mm across Arctic circle in the middle of winter. Hope you all enjoy it https://juliusyls.com/blog/2020/12/15/across-arctic-circle-with-28mm-elmarit
  4. First of all, hey y’all. This is my first post on the Leica forums. I’ve been a photography hobbyist for a while now and have been browsing the last few months for what I think would be my perfect camera set-up to start saving up for. After quite a few weeks learning the ins and outs of pretty much every camera body under the sun, I think I’ve finally settled on the M3. I love the all-mechanical body, the brass casing, and the quiet shutter—so far I only have one concern. My focal length of choice is 28mm, and occasionally 35mm. Does anyone have much experience using 28mm glass with an M3 body? I am not opposed to using an external viewfinder, but I’m worried that it would sort of interrupt the pure, smooth, and ‘invisible’ sort of experience I’m hoping for with a Leica. I know Joel Mererowitz used wider focal lengths back in the 60s and 70s, does anybody know if he was using an external viewfinder or if he just knew his machine well enough to estimate?
  5. Hi All, I recently just purchsed the Leica M10 (upgraded from the M240), and would like to seek your advice on which of the 2 lenses above I should get. I have attached the following list of bodies and lenses that I currently have. M10 M6 Konica Hexanon 60mm F1.2 Leica 50mm F2 Summicron APO Leica 35mm F2 Summicron Version 2 (8 elements) I shoot with my digial M 95% of the time (well I did only just recently purchased the M6) with my 50APO. I plan on using the 8 Elements more on the M6 for Black and White photography. So now that I am looking to add a wide angle lens, which of the 2 would you recommend? I know many people say that it's best to pair a 28mm with a 50mm, and a 24mm with a 35mm; and that 28 would work better if I wish to shoot some street + landscape, whereas the 24mm will be better for pure landscape. But do both lenses render really differently? Is it that much more convenient knowing that u do not need an EVF for the Elmarit? Could the Elmar be used for some street photography as well? And since the 28mm is much newer, does it have something the other doesn't? I would really appreciate if those of you who own / have used both lens could let me know your thoughts on both lenses performance wise, and which would you pick if you were me. Thanks a bunch! Cheers, Jeffrey
  6. I already have a 21 CV, 35 Cron ASPH, 50 Cron, 85 Zeiss, 135 Elmar. However I use the 35mm almost all the time. I like the versatility of a 35mm and I hate changing lenses while on the field. Lately, I enjoyed shooting landscape, and I'm thinking of getting a wider lens than 35mm. Main question: Is it practical to have a 28mm despite already having a 35mm? Subquestion: Given my lens line up, I'm considering the 28mm Elmarit ASPH 2.8 or should I get the CV 15mm heliar III?
  7. Um zu schauen, ob ich statt 35mm meiner Leica X2 auch mit 28mm der Leica Q auskomme, spiele ich aktuell mit einer Nikon A. Ist also eher ein "preiswerter Test". ;-) Wen es interessiert: http://linsen-suppe.de/blog Vielleicht mal als Tipp, falls jemand vor dem Kauf einer Leica Q bezüglich der Brennweite unsicher ist. ;-) Ich wünsche ein schönes Wochenende und tolle Fotos!
  8. Some time ago I started a blog (www.mbphotox.wordpress.com) about adapted 50mm lenses on my Canon DSLR. A Leica 50 was on my wishlist for half a year and when I finally went out to buy one, I came home with an Elmarit-R 135mm f/2.8 because the Cron had been picked up by another guy right before I arrived at the store. A few months later, I found a great offer online and bought an Elmarit-R 28mm and finally also the Summicron-R 50mm I had been looking for. Having three lenses, I figured "why not get back into shooting film?", and so I started looking for a suitable Leica R body. The SL2 was not an option since all my lenses are R-only, and the R6 was simply too damn expensive. R3 to R5 it was.. I stumbled upon this expensive offer that had been online for weeks, by a guy who wanted to sell his pristine Summicron-R 90mm together with a near-mint Leica R5... I ended up talking him down by 20% and bought the package Loaded a roll of Superia 200 last night and am looking forward to the results. Here are some pics (more can be found on the blog) The baseplate shows slight signs of wear, the brass shines through at some areas, but other than that it's perfect. My lenses, without the 90mm, I've still got to take pictures of that one. But it only arrived 2 days ago.
  9. Hallo zusammen, ist es normal, dass beim Elmarit-M 28mm (Version III mit 49mm Filter) der Blendenring so locker ist, dass man ihn 5mm vor- und zurückziehen kann, so dass er sich ohne Rastung drehen lässt? Wenn der Blendenring normal vorne anliegt, lassen sich die Blenden mit Einrasten wählen. Wenn man den Blendenring zur Kamera hin nach hinten zieht, dreht er frei zwischen kleinster und größter Blende durch. Hier im Video sieht man es besser: Ich bin nicht sicher, ob das so muß. Hintergrund: ich hatte das Objektiv nur kurz, es war dann ein paar Wochen wegen eines anderen Schadens in der Werkstatt und eigentlich sollte es jetzt in Ordnung sein. Oder hat da jemand vielleicht vergessen, den Blendenring richtig festzuziehen? Hat jemand das Elmarit-M 28mm III? Wie ist es bei euch? Vielen Dank für eure Meinung, Chris
  10. What is the story on this lens? Not much to read and review about it ... see it is a reboot ... I want a wide angle lens for a different look and wondering if this is the one?
  11. kodaktrix


    Ich habe auch mal wieder Lust etwas zu zeigen. Leica M8.2, Elmarit M Vers. II, 28mm, F2,8 Gruß Oliver
  12. Hi all, a brief announcement that I’ve just finished work on my second self-published book of photographs. Captured with the M Typ 262 and 28mm Elmarit-M (version IV) during a week’s travels through the North of Italy, the book presents 32 black and white photographs ranging in subject matter from people to places both natural and constructed. I’m really proud of how this project has turned out. The book is printed on thick 170gsm uncoated stock, with the covers being an even heavier 300gsm. The size is somewhere between compact to standard at A5 (210x148mm), which gives each print enough room to breathe without feeling cramped. Also exciting is that, working with a professional printer who works at reasonable prices, I’ve been able to price the book at just £15 + shipping. For those who are curious to know a little more, I’ve written a bit more on the back-story on my blog. You can also watch a trailer that I produced for the book here. Finally, if you’d like to pick up a copy, please slide on over to my online shop to do so. Thanks kindly for your interest, and happy shooting!
  13. Wondering if other 28 Lux owners have come across this problem: play in the focusing ring that results in a 'dead spot' when switching focus direction. My copy of the lens currently has about 3mm play where I can move the focusing ring left-right, in the focusing directions, but it does not result in any change of focus (doesn't engage the helicoid). The ring feels entirely disconnected before it pushes against something underneath it. If I keep turning the ring once it 'engages' it then changes the focus as it should. It also moves freely in the north-south directions (if focusing is east-west). Recently I noticed a faint rattling sound of something like a loose small screw or ball bearing when changing the orientation of the lens. This happened all within the span of about a day a little while ago and have kept using the lens, in part due to reluctance to be without it for up to two months for servicing. Initially it was a very slight wobble that was annoying enough on its own, but quickly got much worse with the much greater and more annoying dead spot, as mentioned, of about 3mm. While I'm not the gentlest with my gear, I don't recall any specific incident that may have damaged the lens. I'm the second owner of this copy, received in nearly mint condition back in June 2016, and have used it fairly regularly since then. I thought it might be bad luck but this has now also happened to a friend's copy (that I have not touched ), which seems too coincidental...
  14. Ein kleiner Nachtspaziergang durch WF....
  15. I just love the 28mm Elmarit ASPH II. Can't find an image thread for this wonderful lens, hence this thread. Feel free to post
  16. I'm selling my 21mm Super Angulon f/4 M mount in favor of something a little more "practical". While in Cuba earlier this year, I found myself using the Zeiss 28mm f/2.8 on my Contax G2 quite a bit but for my next few trips, I'll bring only a couple of M bodies (M7 & Typ 246). I really love the results that I got out of my Zeiss and am wondering if I should go with another Zeiss (25mm f/2.8 or 28mm f/2.8) OR a new-ish 28mm Elmarit ASPH. So my two questions are "is the Elmarit ASPH quality worth more than double the price of a used Zeiss 25mm or 28mm?" and "In order to keep my work consistent, should I just stick with the Zeiss 28mm f/2.8 for the way it renders colors?" Examples of my work in Cuba with the 28mm f/2.8 on the Contax G2 below. Both photos with Portra 400.
  17. I'm new to the forum. I've been shooting Leica for just under a year now and I'm loving it! I wanted to share a few images and get some feedback. I was assisting on a wedding in the Bahamas and had a bit of a break to shoot some personal work. We ran across this guy taking the horses for a swim to cool off after riding. The way these horses were playing in the water you would swear they were dogs. Here are a few from that afternoon. Leica M6 | 28mm Voigtländer | Illford HP5
  18. Hey I just purchased a 28mm Elmarit for my M8 but it did not come with a hood. I know the filter size is bigger on this one (49mm) so I am having a bit of a problem locating a rect. hood. Does anyone have a good location to get such a item? It is this one: 11804 - 2.8/28mm Elmarit-M - 1979-1992 M49x0.75 12536 <-- This is the Product ID of the hood. - 14001 E49 Also, if someone has experience with this lens, is the hood necessary? - I purchased a 49mm leica cap on ebay so that the front element is protected (as it looks like the original lens has a rect. cap on the lens shade.
  19. Hi everyone, Got a question about filter sizes and such. Here is a picture of my Elmarit-M 2,8/28mm lens in question, s/n 2977899: After purchasing this lens, I ordered a "series 7" filter for it from B&H Photo. This was the size the seller recommended. Well the filter arrived and there's no threads on it to screw it onto the lens! So that was weird, I've never seen a filter without threads. That one went back the next day obviously. Next, I carefully measured the front element's diameter and selected a 49mm slim B&W UV filter instead. So this new filter arrived yesterday and I took off the rectangular hood (#12536) and screwed the filter in place-- yeah it fit! But uh oh, now the hood won't go on. It was either / or, but not both. Eventually I figured out that if I attached the hood first and forced the filter through the front of it, I could carefully screw it on. Shouldn't there be a better way though? What am I missing? Thanks, Mike
  20. Columbus, on his second voyage touched somewhere on Puerto Rico's western coast in 1493. The exact location, perhaps, will never be known. The fun part is that towns along the coast all vie for the honor of being "discovered" first by Columbus. I made this photograph this morning looking down Corcega Beach at the makeshift Columbus Monument which is Rincon's claim to being first. The beaches are largely empty this time of year and the town breaths a collective sigh, recovers from the waves of winter visitors and looks ahead to July for our summer visitors. M8, 28 2.8 Thanks for looking.
  21. Hello Everyone, I'm talking about one of my favourite focal lenght, 28 mm. I'm loving it for street for sure, but also for landscape. I really want to know if for landscape purpose there any appreciable difference betwenn 28 mm elmarit and 28 mm summicron. I mean, for landscape i usually shot at f 8 or something like that, I would like to shoot on m10, and the most important thing in this kind of photo for me is sharpness. Is the price difference worth ? Can anyone post some landscape photos taken with both lenses? Thank you all and have a nice day, Paolo
  22. Hey everyone, I wanted to create a bit of a fun competition. Given the scary times we are all living in, Halloween this year will be spent in our homes and probably there wont be any trick or treaters. That is why its a perfect opportunity to share your “scariest” shots. These can be shots of scary subjects, scary edits or simply creepy shots you have taken. Rules: Must be taken with 28-35-50-75-90mm lens One post per person (if you are going to post a second one please specify on the second post that it is indeed a second post) All type of photography is allowed Winners will be picked by the amount of likes on individual posts (I’m open to suggestions If you have any) Good competition to everyone cant wait to see your best shots.
  23. I have a question about choosing the right 28 mm M lens for landscape photography. If it has been asked in other posts already, I apologise in advance. Background I have decided to buy a 28mm for my M240. It will be used for landscape photography almost exclusively. For the first time in my life, I am leaning towards an Elmarit ASPH. However, I always have this nagging inner voice telling me, that Summilux and Summicron are the only ways to go no matter the situation. So before buying, I want to make sure that I will not be compromising on any key aspects important to me with an Elmarit. And since I live in a place where trying different lenses before buying is not an easy alternative, I turn to all you skilled Leica experts in here for advice. My needs I will be shooting at apertures between f/8 - f/11 most of the time. And I will only rarely be focusing on objects very close. So I am not that concerned about bokeh (which I guess is not that relevant for a wide-angle lens anyway). The same thing goes for color rendering, since I’m shooting digital and will be postprocessing the RAW files anyway. However, I am very interested in achieving good sharpness from corner to corner. And I am also concerned about the handling of lens flare. Question Do you think the Elmarit ASPH will be the right choice for my purpose? Or will the 28mm Cron or Lux in any of their incarnations perform noticeably better under the above circumstances? Reading lots of reviews, both the Cron and the Lux obviously outperforms the Elmarit for low light situations. But will there be differences in image quality, sharpness and flare handling when stopping down to f/8 - f/11? Any input will be much appreciated. Thanks! - Peter.
  24. here are the thoughts of two photographers on 28mm vs. 35mm for documentary photography. There is nothing "wrong" with the 35mm; for some reason, the 28mm focal length produces images that are more three dimensional looking to my eye. For that reason, I am drawn to the 28mm focal length. I think of my 28mm Elmarit as my documentary lens and my 35mm Summicron as my all-arounder. https://emulsive.org/articles/sharing-my-contact-sheets-india-snapshots-all-xa-all-colour?utm_source=EMULSIVE+Daily+and+Weekly+Newsletters&utm_campaign=e7c973b9ea-RSS_DAILY_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c4b55b017a-e7c973b9ea-174834361
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