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  1. A polarizing question, but a fair one. If one wanted to replace the screw above the lens (on, say, M-P or M10R black paint) with the red (or black) dot logo sticker, is the hole as big as the original logo sticker? Is the screw flat so one could just put the sticker over it? I found no topic of this sort but if it has been answered please do link to the thread. Thank you for your civilized answers, please no dumb discussions of "why would anyone want to do that?" kind, it is an academic question.
  2. We already have a very extensive 'Mandler Magic' topic, but as much I am keen on Mandler's signature look and his contribution to the "Leica glow", there is another very distinguished gentleman in the 'House of Leica' that as a leader of Leica's optical design team since 2002 gave us a bunch of new high performance M-Lenses and pushed the terms FLE, ASPH and APO towards modern Leica perfection. He was the guy that had the balls to say Dr. Mandler's 75mm Summilux 1.4 was his *least* favorite design and went on to "Make Summilux great again" - all the way down to 21mm. Show us some of the "cli
  3. I happened to discover this online essay today - the author offers some interesting insights into the M246 Monochrom and why it is still a viable choice: Why I bought a Leica M246 Monochrom https://mwwphotography.co.uk/blog/leicam246monochrom
  4. New firmware is out for the M, version, but also for M262, 246 etc. Who knows what's new?
  5. What are your cravings, needs, wishes and desires regarding M lenses that do not exist yet? 21mm Summicron? Perhaps a 24mm Summicron? A brand new and Karbe - updated 75mm f1.4 Summilux? A new line of affordable budget M lenses? Some vintage revivals? Share your thoughts - within reason of course.
  6. When I use a one-thousandth shutter, these nasty black line marks will appear in the same position in picture. Is the problem of high-speed shutter ? Can it be solved by adjusting the shutter curtain tension? The film has been checked, it is not a problem with processing and scanning.
  7. Hallo, nach einem kleinen Sturz auf Glatteis mit dem Kamerarucksack bewegt sich beim Fokussieren der eingespiegelte rahmen nicht mehr und lässt sich somit auch nicht mehr übereinanderlegen. Im Liveview funktioniert alles normal. Bei genauem hinsehen kann man durch das Fenster des Entfernungsmessers? sehen, dass etwas gebrochen ist (von außen jedoch keine Beschädigung). Was kann das sein? Ist das reparabel und wirtschaftlich sinnvoll? Bin Dankbar für jede Hilfe!
  8. Hi problem could have existed since long but I have just discovered it. Please test yours and let me know if such a problem is common. problem can be regenerated (not always) if you do the following: 1- make sure the camera is off first. Switch it on and directly go to menu. 2- scroll over items slowly downward (allow 2sec between each scroll) 3- camera will probably hang on last item i have noticed if you scroll quick the problem will not arrise. check it out here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ds1p1u7zbp37wso/IMG_2404.TRIM.MOV?dl=0 wouk
  9. With all do respect to other brands........I thought the essence of enjoying a Leica M system is when you use Leica lenses AND NOT other brands....thinking that Leica M lenses are specifically calibrated to match the best result for the system, BUT my QUESTION is Can we get BETTER result and Image Quality with non Leica / other brand lenses?? Please share your best experience by indicating lens(es)
  10. Some other black and white photos are at BigBigLens.com - Cincinnati...
  11. Taken only in candle light with no tripod. No crop, no editing... Camera: Leica M-P (typ 240) Lens: Noctilux-M 50mm 1:0.95/50 ASPH.
  12. Der "Henro" - die 88 Tempel auf Shikoku ist ein buddhistischer Pilgerweg rund um diese schöne, grüne Insel im Süden Japans. Diese Serie besteht aus Momenten, die wir in diesen 3 1/2 Wochen auf dem Weg erlebt haben. Es war eine wundervolle, entschleunigte Zeit in der wir sehr viele nette, hilfsbereite Menschen und Mitpilger kennenlernen durften. Dies war der erste Abschnitt des Weges von Tempel 1 bis Tempel 35; wir hoffen den Weg eines Tages beenden zu können... die ganze Serie unter: http://www.st-photography.at
  13. Hello! We are offering a free 1 hour tutorial session on the Leica M-Monochrom (typ 246), here at our store in Bristol, on Baldwin Street. The session will be a great opportunity to get to know the Monochrom if you haven't had a chance to use it yet, and as long as the weather permits us, give you some time to use it around the harbour side with our resident Leica expert Tom Greetham. Those who attend our free tutorial session will get the chance to partake in some exclusive Leica offers as well! We are pretty flexible regarding dates and times for this session, so please let us know i
  14. Hello all A few months back I finally fulfilled my dream and got myself the M 240. The digital Leica M body I always have wanted. So far it's been stunning experience and I love shooting with it. M 240 and SEM 21 are particularly a special combo together. What the M has brought me for the first time I truly enjoy shooting street photography. However, I have always enjoyed landscape shooting the most. I was aware of the drawbacks of M 240 when I purchased it. If you don't know what I am talking about I mean the following problems: - One minute maximum exposure = It's a disgrace to
  15. Liebe Community, ich bin Jugendbuchautorin und sitze gerade an meinem dritten Buch. Eine der Figuren trägt eine Leica M4 mit sich herum, die sie im Keller gefunden hat und für ein Erinnerungsstück an ihren Vater hält. Nun habe ich, um die Fakten richtig zu kriegen, einige Fragen. Diese betreffen - das Einlegen des Films - das Geräusch, das beim Drücken des Auslösers zu hören ist - den weiteren Transport des Films - sowie das Zurückspulen Falls hier ein Leica-Profi Lust darauf hat, sich meinen Fragen zu stellen und mir weiterzuhelfen, würde ich mich sehr über eine Nachricht f
  16. Hello I have recently bought a small fujifilm flash EF-X20 for M9 (its my first flash ever) and maybe it will be a stupid question but I have no idea how to check if its properly mounted because nothing happens when I try to fire it (x mode, m mode, p mode, ttl/manual). I press push button to take it strongly to the end in the hot shoe but cant hear the final click, maybe the contacts dont cover everything and there is no signal? it looks strange from the side as if it couldnt go further or maybe its sth else? The flash fires when I only press a test button.
  17. Hi guys, Was wondering if any of you could advise me on how the black ZM lenses look on the black paint M bodies (i.e. MP, M6 Millennium, M9 etc). How close is the finish of the two? Pictures welcome! Thanks
  18. Seems worthy of a caption... Leica M + Voigtlander Ultron 35mm f1.7
  19. I would like to know what you think or know about this carl zeiss optics for leica m, since it is a rare piece and I can not find information, I show you the design of lenses, which I found very strange, since it consists of only two elements. .. Thank you
  20. TM1ka


    2403520ZM, Imperia (IT)
  21. M240 Zeiss ZM 35 2.0 Syrakus (IT)
  22. Guten Morgen, und zwar habe ich folgendes Anliegen: Ich fotografiere seit vielen Jahren mit Fujifilm, verwende dort die Xpro1, Xpro2 und die XT2 mit fast allen lichtstarken Festbrennweiten. Nun überlege ich meine gesamtes (oder auch nur Teile) Fuji equipment zu verkaufen und mir eine schon lang ersehnte Leica zuzulegen. Ich bin kein Bildqualitätsjunkie und habe in den letzten Jahren nur manuel fotografiert, niemals im Auto Modus, ich vermisse ein wenig das richtige Gefühl zu fotografieren und etwas mehr für ein gutes Bild zu "arbeiten". Meine Frage ist jetzt wel
  23. Hello to all!. New in this forum for a sad reason.😢 A few days ago I have lost or been stolen in Lisboa - Portugal the following material: - a black chrome Leica MP engraved JBB, nº 2983641 - a 50mm 1:2 Summicron nº 3436356 - a black chrome Leicavit nº 00403 Just in case somebody can tell me something...
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