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  1. Hi all! I have been testing the Commlite CM-EF-L autofocus adapter with several Canon EF lenses on my Leica CL, and I am glad to report that it works. As expected, AF-C and focus tracking is not supported, but the AF-S works reasonably well. Focusing speed and precision with most lenses is at almost native T/TL lenses level. So: -AF-S works (no tracking). Touch AF also works. -IS with Canon stabilized lenses works. -EXIF data is transferred correctly to the files, save for the F/1.2 that is reported as F/1.3 (something I had already seen with other third party AF adapters on Sony cameras). I used A and M modes, on Firmware 4.0. Adapter firmware is upgradeable via an USB port on the adapter itself. There are no new FW listed on Commlite’s site, and it worked right out of the box. The lenses that I tested, and worked, so far are: 14/2.8L-II, 16-35/4L-IS, 24/2.8 IS, 24/1.4L-II, 40/2.8 STM, 50/1.2L, 50/2.5 compact macro (with and without the Lifesize 1:1 converter), 85/1.2L-II and 100/2 USM. The only glitch I have experienced is that Battery level is not correctly reported to the camera, and the first time I mounted the adapter on the CL, I got a warning message about the “Camera possibly not displaying reliable battery charge levels with this lens” that did not repeat. In fact, after a hundred exposures with different lenses, the battery appeared as depleted. The workaround I found was shutting down the camera, taking off the battery, mount a native TL lens, put again the battery in and the charge was there again, correctly reported at about 2 / 3. During next week I will try to test the adapter with more Canon FF lenses, and EF-S APSc lenses. I am very interested to see how the compact EF-S 10/18 zoom and EF-S pancake 24/2.8 perform on the CL. So, after all the let down expectatives we CL users held on the MC-21 adapter by Sigma, I am glad to share that there’s still a light on the path to use many more lenses options!
  2. The newly released Sigma 14mm f1.8 Art lens is discussed in several threads, but it might be convenient to gather info in one dedicated thread. The lens is available in Nikon and Canon mounts. As a guidance to new/potential buyers, here are some findings after playing with three copies of the lens, all in Nikon mounts. The testing has been tailored for night/star/northern light/etc. photography, i.e., with the deep sky as a major component of the image. In the following I only discuss sharpness across the image when the lenses are set wide open (f1.8) and at near infinity. Other optical qualities are, of course, of importance as well (aberration, astigmatism, coma, etc.), as well as other shooting conditions. As mentioned, three copies of the Sigma lens have been tested, all in Nikon mount, but I guess the results are transferable to Canon mounts as well. The tests are done with Nikon D5 and Leica SL, the latter with two Novoflex Nikon-to-Leica adapters (one manual and one electronic): (0) Yes, even infinity needs accurate focusing! Therefore, forget the infinity marking on the lens (as on most lenses). (1) Set the lens to manual focus; it appears that the focusing is less reliable when the lens is set to auto focus (despite auto focus is not activated by any camera buttons). Don't ask why and I can not prove it, this is a suspicion I have based on the testing. (2) Live view on Nikon D5, at full zoom, is only marginally able to guide correct infinity focus. Using a loupe on the back screen is recommended, possibly needed. (3) Live view on Leica SL, at 10x magnification, is much more accurate than the Nikon live view (nothing new here) and can be trusted regarding infinity focus. Thumbs up for the SL! (4) In my case, the manual Novoflex adapter gives even focus throughout most of the image. This is not the case for the electronic adapter; when the center of the image is in focus, the edges smear, and vice versa. So there are differences in the mount precision. This does not imply/prove that manual Novoflex adapters are more accurate than the electronic one, rather that differences between adapters can be expected. So for accurate infinity focus with non-SL lenses, testing of several adapters might be required (actually, I have two manual Novoflex adapters, with one being a `keeper', the other less so). So adapters can be tricky. (5) Irrespective of the FF body used (Nikon D5 or Leica SL), copies of the Sigma 14mm f1.8 ART at f1.8 show differences regarding edge/corner sharpness when the central part of the image is in focus. Vice versa, when the focus point is set near(er) to the corners, the central part of the image may turn soft. So some copies of the lens do not stand the task. Actually, the excellent SL EVF can be used to judge the lens sharpness across most of the image. Set the focus somewhere in the frame, and 'walk' around in the EVF to check the focus throughout the frame (note that we are talking about focus near infinity). (6) Of the three lenses tested on D5 and SL, the latter with the manual Novoflex adapter, one copy is fine - being sharp across the image with only weak softness in the outmost corners. The lens is sharper than the Nikon 14-25 f2.8G zoom, a highly regarded lens (despite the Sigma is shot at f1.8). One copy is perhaps acceptable, the third copy fails wrt edge/corner sharpness. (7) For all three copies of the lens, optimal sharpness across the image appears to be obtained when the focus is put about 1/3 off the centre of the image. (8) I find accurate, manual focussing somewhat tricky with the lens; very small rotation of the focus ring moves the focus point too far/quickly, so I would prefer a longer focus throw length (but I guess this might influence the lens' autofocus). In conclusion, the new Sigma can be fine, even used wide open at f1.8, but testing is needed... Used on the SL, testing of adapters are also needed... Images will follow after some shooting.
  3. Hello I just received my Voigtlaender VM/E Close FocusLens Adapter for E mount ( Sony a9II) but once mounted there is a very little play between the lens and the adapter. Does anyone in here have any experience with that adapter as far as a little play? I ordered another one to compare but I 'm wondering if it is a common problem Voigtlaender?
  4. Hello, Everyone, and thank you for reading my post. I was wondering if the Leica Summarit 50mm 1.5 L39, could be used on the Leica M9, or will it need to be adapted? If so, how do I go about find this adapter, and which size would it be? Thank you! -Americo
  5. The rumor page "pre"announced an AF adapter for Carl Zeiss Contax 645 lenes to Leica S cameras. Leica Camera announces S-Adapter C for Contax 645 lenses | Leica News & Rumors
  6. Leica bietet ab Juni laut L-Gerüchteseite einen Adapter für die Carl Zeiss Objektive für das Contax 645 System auf die S Kameras an. Die ug. Funktionen (z.B. AF) bleiben erhalten: Leica Camera announces S-Adapter C for Contax 645 lenses | Leica News & Rumors
  7. Kann jemand der noch auf dem Event in Börlin ist und einer T + M->T Adapter habhaft werden kann, das Handling testen ? (Sind M Objektivprofile via Menu auswählbar ? .....)
  8. Bei ebay wird ein Adapter für Hasselblad-Objektive angeboten: Leica S2 DSLR Lens mount ADAPTER FOR Hasselblad to S2 - ebay.com Es ist nur noch eine Frage der Zeit, wann andere Hersteller auch einen anbieten. Vielleicht bietet Zeiss auch Objektive mit dem S-Bajonett an.
  9. Guten Tag, ich habe mir etwas überstürzt ein Summitar 5cm 1:2 gekauft. Ich fand den Preis in Höhe von 150 € recht verlockend. Nun stehe ich als Leica-Einsteiger vor dem Problem, dass das Summitar nicht auf meine M6 passt. Weiß jemand von euch, welcher Adapter dafür geeignet ist? Über eine Antwort würde ich mich sehr freuen. Beste Grüße, Georg
  10. Novoflex hat seine Adapter für Samsungs NX APS-C System vorgestellt. LER gibt es, LEM nicht NX-Adapter von Novoflex | photoscala Ausserdem scheint es mir das der Adapter früher als die Kamera auf dem Markt kommen wird.
  11. Guest

    Leica M und Teleobjektive

    Hallo, welche Möglichkeiten hat der gewitzte M-Fotograf um Tele-Aufnahmen(so um die 300mm) zu machen? 1.135mm nutzen 2.Visoflex drüberschrauben 3.??? Gibt es noch irgendeine Möglichkeit? Gab es nicht sogar die Möglichkeit R-Objektive zu adaptieren? Gibt es vielleicht irgendwelche Fremdhersteller Lösungen? Gruss
  12. Dear Leica-Enthusiasts, I have been shooting with the Leica CL since a few months now and always use M lenses with the Leica and Novoflex adapters. However, over these last months I have noticed that lens-adapter-camera combination is not completely rigid. I can now slightly rotate the mount back and forth. It does not seem to affect the IQ but I am worried that it might loosen even more. Has anyone had similar experiences? I will probably just send it in to Wetzlar... Mika
  13. Kia Ora, Being a complete noob to the Leica ecosystem (Leica SL coming soon) I'm doing some research and getting to know the terminology and possibilities etc. I wanted to know if there are any recommendations around adapters for the following please: Nikon MF to Leica SL (L Mount?) Nikon AF to ditto Canon AF to ditto Sony AF to ditto Sony MF to ditto I'm leaving the Sony system and have some adapted Canon glass (via Sigma MC11), as well as native mount lenses both AF and MF (Voigtlander), as well as a Nikon mount Voigtlander. Just wondered what my options were, along with perhaps getting a Leica M mount adapter for it. Appreciate any advise etc. p.s. I did do some searching in here, but there were so many threads and some of them very long, plus recent issues ala Novoflex etc. cheers
  14. Hallo zusammen, weiß jemand, ob es von einem Fremdhersteller Adapter gibt, um Objektive mit Four Thirds-Anschluß an einer SL zu nutzen?
  15. Hallo Alle Ich bin ein völliger Leica Anfänger... Habe erst eine Leica R5 erstanden. Ist nicht einfach, das passende Objektiv in meiner Preisklasse dazu zu finden. Habe auch eine Telyt f-20cm 1:4,5, passt aber offensichtlich nicht auf die R5. Existiert ein Adapter um das Objektiv trotzdem mit der R5 brauchen zu können?
  16. Hi all, most likely I'm getting an M8 this weekend and wanted to start using a 58mm Zenith lens my father has. It's a screw mount lens. Is this what I am looking for? M42 Lens to Leica M Mount Thanks for your help
  17. mehr hier: Leica S2: S-Adapter für Fremdobjektive | photoscala (über die Kommentare auf PS haben wir uns schon aderswo unterhalten )
  18. Hey people, I just registered to this website today on February 11th, 2011. I also just purchased a D3 and I'm looking over the lenses I have as a selection. Ive looked at Sigmas, Olys and some Panasonics. Kinda pricey. Then again, I DID buy a Leica. Whoda thought? Anywho, Im seeing a few pictures of people with their 4/3 mount adapters. I looked on ebay and around the internets at some examples of them. I know their limitations. What I would like to know is What mount are you using / would you suggest? I want to buy an M lens or two and use them on my D3 and I need an adapter. I know Chinas got em for like 15$, but are those shit? Ive bought some stuff from China before but nothing like this. Also, how hard is focusing on a D3? I know the viewfinder is small and it gets dimmer if you stop down a lot. If I plan on manual focusing, is it going to be really difficult, or something Im used to? (I have Canon SLRs too and I can focus those). Any help is appreciated. Lastly, any M-mount recommendations? I saw a dude who had a Voigt 12mm 5.6. That sounds good to me, but dang thats another 800.
  19. Wie ich gehört habe, soll das Schneider-Kreuznach PC-TS Apo-Digitar 5.6 / 120 HM Aspheric auf http://schneider-kreuznach.de/pdf/foto/Tilt-Shift-Objektive.pdf auch für das Leica S System (mit Unterstützung von Leica, die dafür einen Adapter / Bayonettanschluss bauen) verfügbar werden. Weiß jemand dazu näheres?
  20. moin! Der Akku der M9 / M8 hat ja verdächtig genau die größe dreier AAA Batterien und zufälliger weise auch die gleiche Spannung und Ladung... Wär also ein Adapter in dem man normale Batterien stecken kann denkbar? Oder gibt es so etwas sogar schon? So etwas könnte praktisch sein wenn man mal länger abseits der Zivilisation unterwegs ist.
  21. Hi, Has anybody used the adapter Nikon AIS to Leica M? Can you tell me if it's any good on a M9? Are there any issues? Thank you.
  22. Hi Everyone I have a query about the aperture settings on the modern 'O' Serie replica camera produced by Leica. I've considered putting a VOOLA aperture control ring on the front of the camera with a FISON hood, or possibly a suitable push on filter, when out and about, to allow easier adjustment of the aperture lever on the front of the lens. I know this works as I have transferred the VOOLA + FISON from my 3,5 Elmar to test. Using some sort of aperture control on the 'O' Serie is useful as otherwise the aperture lever is quite tricky to adjust as it is nearly flush with the front face of the lens. I've no doubt that even with a coated lens, the camera might benefit from the use of a lens hood (as do most cameras). The 'O' Serie lens is not detachable and has 1917 aperture values (f3,8; f4,5; f6,3; f9 and f12) and shutter speeds are 1/500; 1/200; 1/100;1/50; and 1/20s + B). The question is if instead of a VOOLA I tried a VALOO adapter, which has a similar connection to the lever on the 'O' Serie lens as the VOOLA but adjusts by aligning marks on the front of the adapter which correspond with modern aperture values, is the computation of the 1917 'O' Serie lens close enough to a 3,5 Elmar that if for instance f5,6 was selected on the VALOO, it would position the selector on the 'O' Serie lens to about the right place to correspond with f5,6 on the 'O' Serie and so on through the aperture range ? In other words would the use of a VALOO allow the use of modern aperture settings on the replica 1917 lens ? Any comments would be appreciated !! Thanks in advance, Robert
  23. the manual says "This function is not available in conjunction with APS-C lenses and in some cases with some lenses attached via adapter." has anyone tried multishots with adapted lenses via a leica M/R>L adapter ?
  24. Hello I'm tackling the following issue since ages . I would like to use my 82 Apo Televid as a lens , for various purpose : nature , and possibly astrophotography. A) i'm chasing the leica 42306 adapter (no longer in production, but available in some places) I have a question with this adapter , it's offers a T-mount interface in the back (camera side) but i've seen a female thread. I'm puzzled because I would have been expecting a Male thread, because all the T-mount camera adapter I have seen have F thread in the front. Anybody having experience of such adapter would be welcome. B) even more difficult question: my ultimate idea is to use the Televid as a "deluxe" guiding scope in astrophotography: for that purpose, I would like to use its native focal length of 440mm, that is to say bypass the 42306 that works as a focal multiplier . I have seen that when one removes the eyepiece of the Televid, there is a Male thread (in parallel with the Leica "bayonet" mount (translation from French). This thread looks like 42x1mm or 42x075mm . I just wander if it would be possible to adapt an eyepiece holderr to this thread, to use standard eyepieces or a camera. Any help, comment, advice, would be highly appreciated
  25. Anyone have experience mounting a Nikon 80-200 2.8D on their SL? And pls recommend adapter. Thank you.
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