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  1. Hello I'm tackling the following issue since ages . I would like to use my 82 Apo Televid as a lens , for various purpose : nature , and possibly astrophotography. A) i'm chasing the leica 42306 adapter (no longer in production, but available in some places) I have a question with this adapter , it's offers a T-mount interface in the back (camera side) but i've seen a female thread. I'm puzzled because I would have been expecting a Male thread, because all the T-mount camera adapter I have seen have F thread in the front. Anybody having experience of such adapter would
  2. the manual says "This function is not available in conjunction with APS-C lenses and in some cases with some lenses attached via adapter." has anyone tried multishots with adapted lenses via a leica M/R>L adapter ?
  3. Anyone have experience mounting a Nikon 80-200 2.8D on their SL? And pls recommend adapter. Thank you.
  4. Hi Everyone I have a query about the aperture settings on the modern 'O' Serie replica camera produced by Leica. I've considered putting a VOOLA aperture control ring on the front of the camera with a FISON hood, or possibly a suitable push on filter, when out and about, to allow easier adjustment of the aperture lever on the front of the lens. I know this works as I have transferred the VOOLA + FISON from my 3,5 Elmar to test. Using some sort of aperture control on the 'O' Serie is useful as otherwise the aperture lever is quite tricky to adjust as it is nearly flush with the
  5. Does anyone know if I can connect Leica M lens to Canon 5D body? if so, could anyone recommend the right adapter for Leica Summicron-M 1:2/50 e39 lens and Cannon 5D body? Many thanks, really appreciate it. Sia.
  6. Hallo Kann ich ein Staeble Braun Color Ultralit 50 mit M39 Anschluss per Adapter an einer Leica M9 adaptieren. Gibt es verschiedene Adapter? Geht die Fokussierung über den Sucher? Was empfehlt ihr mir. Ist das Ultralit geeignet für diese Kamera? Grüsse Michael
  7. Hallo Forum Ich bin schwer am Überlegen, ob ich mir die Leica T zulegen soll. Aktuell nutze ich eine Canon 6D (Vollformat), bevorzugt mit Zeiss-Objektiven (manueller Fokus, Fokus wird aber im Sucher elektronisch signalisiert, heisst wohl Fokus-Peaking?). Ich las nun, dass Novoflex einen Canon-EF auf Leica T Adapter in der Pipeline haben soll? Erscheinungstermin? Alternativ müsste ich aktuell wohl zwei Adapter hintereinander (T auf R? und dann auf EF) benutzen. Meine Frage(n) zur T sind neben dem Adapter eigentlich folgende: Ist es richtig, dass es kein FokusPeaking gibt und ich som
  8. to whom it may concern: photokina 2014: Novoflex-Neuheiten-Offensive | photoscala _needs new Leica firmware (Sept 2014) _delivery from Oct 2014 _prices starting 69 to 169€ _ Adapters for Nikon Canon , Sony and Pentax can trigger the f-stops
  9. Hallo! Vorweg: Ich mache immer noch gerne Dias mit meinen R-Kameras. Nachdem ich eine Zeit lang versucht habe, meine Objektive an der Canon zu verwenden, aber damit absolut nicht zufrieden war, bin ich nun zu Olympus gekommen. Und hier klappt es wunderbar. Der einzige Nachteil ist der 2fache Crop, was die Verwendung der Ww-Objektive sinnlos macht. Aber die Belichtung stimmt immer, der Stabi ist perfekt und der E-Sucher ist einfach klasse. Allerdings musste ich leider feststellen, dass meine R-Objektive im Vergleich mit den O-Objektiven nicht wirklich besser sind. Das 60mm-Makro von Olympus
  10. Hallo, ich habe eine ganze Reihe von R-Objektiven, mit denen ich gerne digital fotografieren möchte. Ich hatte immer gehofft, das früher oder später ein digitales R-Gehäuse auf den Markt kommt, aber die R-Besitzer hat man wohl links liegen lassen.... Mein Wissensstand ist der, dass ich mit allen Adapter-Lösungen an Fremdgehäusen weder Zeitautomatik nutzten kann und auch nicht ohne Brennweitenverlängerung auskomme. (Beides wäre mir sehr wichtig) Meine Frage wäre, gibt es eine Lösung am Markt, die das kann und die ich nicht kenne? vielen Dank, Tohi
  11. I would love to attach the R 280mm f4 APO (with the 1.4x APO-R converter) onto the S. There is an adapter for this made in few copies only - Lei-Ko Leica R to S adapter - pass me a word in case someone has a 'sleeping' adapter...
  12. I have a number of CV and ELW adapters, varying in effective thickness between 0.990 and 1.010mm +/- .002mm. I just received a number of Chinese adapters with the 6-bit pits milled: .098 to 1.00. Focusing on the antenna tower of the World Trade Center 1 mile away, those slight variations don't appear to affect infinity focus in the rangefinder (Coincidence in viewfinder with scale at infinity). That my eyes can detect. However I've been thinking about the actual practical effect of these variations on focus on the film plane using the rangefinder. It seems to me that even a gross
  13. Hi guys: I am having a problem with the Leitz Wetzlar R to M Adapter 22228/500934. I can't understand why it wouldn't let me mount Elmarit-R 16mm/2.8 fisheye on it. My lens was made in 1975 and is a 2-cam version. I did search the forum and found a couple of threads suggesting that this particular adapter was not made specifically for R-lenses and doesn't work with some of them. There is a small metal part sticking out right beside one of the prongs on the R-side of the adapter (see the photo): I thought that was the reason. But I was wrong. As you can see from the photos
  14. The newly released Sigma 14mm f1.8 Art lens is discussed in several threads, but it might be convenient to gather info in one dedicated thread. The lens is available in Nikon and Canon mounts. As a guidance to new/potential buyers, here are some findings after playing with three copies of the lens, all in Nikon mounts. The testing has been tailored for night/star/northern light/etc. photography, i.e., with the deep sky as a major component of the image. In the following I only discuss sharpness across the image when the lenses are set wide open (f1.8) and at near infinity. Other optical qu
  15. Sorry for the newb question, I'm considering an SL to go with my 240 and have read lots online but I'm trying to clarify something about using my M lenses with the adapter: 1) Does the SL "know" what aperture an M lens is set at, and reflect that in the data displayed in the EVF? If not, do you set your aperture on the M lens and then manually change the settings to match that on the SL body or....? 2) Does the EXIF metadata in the file of a shot taken on the SL with an M lens via the adapter show the correct lens & F stop information? I tried figuring this out at B&H when
  16. Met with a friend a few weeks ago and brought my Summicron-R 90mm f/2 along. Unfortunately, I only used the Canon 85L and the Nikkor 58G after the first few shots with the Leitz, even though they turned out to be amazing.. I always process both colour and monochrome versions when I shoot portraits. Found that most of my students prefer colour whereas I myself like the monochromes better. Meet Kathi, a former student of mine and one of my favourite models She's simply amazing. The streets around us were buzzing with tourists and people staring at us. Some ca
  17. Has anybody used yet the AFS NIKKOR 14-24mm 2,8 G ED on the SL? ​What adapter are available? Can you post a link to this theme. I could not find any meaningful post. Thanks Hans https://plus.google....gmbpt=true&fd=1 https://www.facebook.com/khunhans
  18. The ability to autofocus Leica M lenses strikes me as a neat development. Has anyone used the Techart adapter for autofocus of Leica M lenses on the Sony A7-II, the main camera for which the adapter was developed? I'm especially curious about how the AF adapter performs with larger lenses and R lenses using an R-M adapter in addition to the AF Adapter. According to the Techart website, the motor in the adapter should be able to quickly autofocus lenses weighing up to 700 grams.
  19. Hello All, today I was lucky enough to buy a fully functioning Leica R3 for $50 at my local antique store. Anyways, I don't have any R-Mount lenses and was wondering if there was an adapter for my Leica M lenses that will allow me to use them on my R3.
  20. Hello, I am new to Leica T camera. I had just ordered a Leica T camera body only. I have a couple Leica R lenses that I have been using with my X-Pro1. I would like to use both my 50mm Summicron-R and 28mm Elmarit-R lenses on my Leica T camera. At this time, from my research, in order to use my R lenses on Leica T, I have to stack T-M & M-R adapters. Is there another option such as T-R adapter? Thank you in advance for your pointers Dennis
  21. Hi All, Anyone know if there is an adapter for Nikon D lenses for my SL? Thanks
  22. Hallo zusammen, weiß jemand, ob es von einem Fremdhersteller Adapter gibt, um Objektive mit Four Thirds-Anschluß an einer SL zu nutzen?
  23. Kia Ora, Being a complete noob to the Leica ecosystem (Leica SL coming soon) I'm doing some research and getting to know the terminology and possibilities etc. I wanted to know if there are any recommendations around adapters for the following please: Nikon MF to Leica SL (L Mount?) Nikon AF to ditto Canon AF to ditto Sony AF to ditto Sony MF to ditto I'm leaving the Sony system and have some adapted Canon glass (via Sigma MC11), as well as native mount lenses both AF and MF (Voigtlander), as well as a Nikon mount Voigtlander. Just wondered what my options we
  24. Dear Leica-Enthusiasts, I have been shooting with the Leica CL since a few months now and always use M lenses with the Leica and Novoflex adapters. However, over these last months I have noticed that lens-adapter-camera combination is not completely rigid. I can now slightly rotate the mount back and forth. It does not seem to affect the IQ but I am worried that it might loosen even more. Has anyone had similar experiences? I will probably just send it in to Wetzlar... Mika
  25. HI, what's the best lens mount adapter for Leica M lens to Sony E.MONT that have you tried ? Thanks a lot.
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