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  1. I've recently noticed that my M6 shutter seems to be doing something weird while in bulb mode. While in bulb mode, the first shutter curtain seems to stop short and remain 0.5-1mm into the film gate. This only happens in bulb mode, it clears the gate at all other shutter speeds as far as I can tell. Here is a video I recorded demonstrating what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/ENYmR7i You can see that the shutter clears the gate just fine when set to a shutter speed of 1 second, but when I switch it to bulb it seems to stop short and remains visible in the gate until the shutter release is let go and the shutter closes. I asked on Reddit but didn't get much of a response. One user did say that their M6 also does this and has no effect on the images. Can anyone else confirm? I just had my M6 overhauled by Leica NJ earlier this year so would this be something they would cover under some kind of warranty?
  2. Hello everyone! I have aquired an M3, which so far looks allright to me, some bigger dents, shutter sounds like a charm, viever is bright and clear, but there is one issue that maybe you can help me. The strange thing is about the advance lever, I recognized when using it. Having forgotten if I advanced it allready after taking a picture or not I advanced it and it moved but it was allready strained. The lever seems to not get into the fix position after straining and still moves on in a loose way. I have a short video I just made with my phone right here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f6emlz6nmzpe43j/IMG_0215.MOV?dl=0 Does anybody know where this could come from? And if this is something serious to care about? I d love to fix it but don t have the budget if this would be expersive. I never saw something like this on a film m. Thanks a lot in advance, best regards Christian
  3. Hi 1. Why does TTL not work with Leica SF-40 and SF-64 flash in reverse light? Camera: Leica M-E and Leica MD-262. The flash fires, but gives way too little light! (Nikon and everyone else work in this situation.) Why does Leica not do? Leica user and Leica must know this problem! Why does Leica not do anything about it? 2. Why does HSS not work on manual flash. Manuel works on all other brands. Is there anyone who has the solution to these 2 issues, I will be very happy. Us photographer have to trust our equipment. Mvh Busse.
  4. Hey everyone! I have been noticing a small hair in the upper right hand corner of my developed film scans. Here is a link: http://imgur.com/a/SjQK8 Was wondering if anyone could give e some suggestions as to where this could be coming from? It seems to move around slightly, and I have used a rocket air blaster on the inside of the camera + lens with no results. Using a lecia m6 ttl with a 35mm summicron f2 asph Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.
  5. Hello! My names Tyler, I'm State Side Located in Massachusetts. I've had some digital smaller cameras, and I have a DSLR Canon rebel t5i currently. I love the look and the pictures the Leica cameras take. I spend most of my time out side, hiking, rock climbing, archery, building cars riding motorcycles, I just got back from Norway, I travel a lot as well. I feel the Canon just doesn't fit my style, almost to much to take everywhere?. I was looking at the Leica XU cameras, although I'm skeptical about the flash? I just want a camera to fit my style and I feel i can't leave home without it. I would love some advice, thank you very much.
  6. Hello, Could you please help me identify this lens? The wiki on this site indicates a summicron v1: 2307451 2307750 Summicron 3.5 cm 1:2 (M-black.ELW) 1968 300 But, the shape of the lens and an expert's advice make me think that this lens bears the new design (id est version II) which could have started at number 2307451. In that case, the wiki would be erroneous. I am totally unable to say wether this lens has 8 elements or 6 elements. Thank you. Olivier
  7. Hi. I have some old advertsements and Im trying to find some info about them. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Some of these are some sort of flexable plastic,all colored. One for the FOCOMAT V35 AUTOFOCUS ( looks more like a drill press to me) The R4-MOT CAMERA, R3 MOT CAMERA (although this one is showing the guts of the camera), one is advertising 24 different lenses, Leitz binoculars, PRADOVIT CA 2500 CAMERA, 2 double sided pictures advertising lenses and picture quality.And 3 older looking, heavy paper board posters. They're black & whites with non english writing on the backs. They all have " Aufnahme Nr." and they are 436, 892, 964.
  8. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on a light leak issue I have with my m4p. I use my camera for street photography, so I walk around with the lens cap off. I also have the camera in a leather half case, which covers the back door. I seem to get a light leak on random frames, from the bottom right hand corner. I figure it can't be the door as the rear of the camera is covered and the sills look in order. Has anyone experienced similar faults or have any remedy suggestions prior to sending it off for a repair?
  9. Hallo, nach einem kleinen Sturz auf Glatteis mit dem Kamerarucksack bewegt sich beim Fokussieren der eingespiegelte rahmen nicht mehr und lässt sich somit auch nicht mehr übereinanderlegen. Im Liveview funktioniert alles normal. Bei genauem hinsehen kann man durch das Fenster des Entfernungsmessers? sehen, dass etwas gebrochen ist (von außen jedoch keine Beschädigung). Was kann das sein? Ist das reparabel und wirtschaftlich sinnvoll? Bin Dankbar für jede Hilfe!
  10. Hi all, Just had my M6 CLA’d due to a light leak around the shutter curtains. They are demonstrating some curling and leave a light leak when a frame is left in the gate for too long. The tech replaces the baffles among other things but I can still see a bit of light at the edges when shining a bright light. He claims that is normal and his other Leicas also have this. Can anyone attest if that is true by checking your shutter curtain edges when shining a bright light inside? much obliged Boe
  11. I recently purchased an R4S and I have been having some issues with the light meter. When shooting outdoors with 100 speed ISO my meter has been saying I am over exposed even at F 16. Also when I open and close the aperture there is no change in the light meter reading. I have replaced the battery but still have had the same issue. Any advice on this issue? Thanks
  12. SOS HELP!!! I dropped my Leica M4 and according to the NYC Camera Doctor repair team, the prism that creates the ghost image in the rangefinder is dislocated and needs to be replaced. They suggested that I send it directly into Leica for repairs, becuase the rangefinder is a complicated mechanism they wern't equipt to fix. They also let me know that Leica, located in New Jersey, dosen't do specific repairs and will want to do a full tune-up. Money is a concern, and I'm not prepared to pay $1000-ish if I can at all avoid it. I just want my range-finder to be functional. Has anyone had rangefinder work done, espeically on an M4? Would you advise having this work done by Leica or an outside repair person, such as DAG? Any experience or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. E
  13. I took a very underexposed shot and tried raising the exposure 3.4 stops, and I expect noise, but what are these horizontal lines? Is it normal? This was taken with my 'new' used LeicaQ. Is this expected? I've never seen this before, and I've definitely shot underexposed before. Should I return this camera? Is it defective? Thank you!
  14. I am experiencing an unfortunate problem with my APO-Summicron 90mm. After a brief portrait session at the office, I left the lens at the camera, over a desk. I almost always use it wide open and occasionally at f/5.6, but this time I went for f/16. When I returned to put it back to the leather case I noticed that the aperture ring was totally loose. It’s now spinning 360 degrees and the aperture blades don’t move at all. I always felt that the ring was too soft for my taste. I’d prefer it to be stiffer. But I never felt that there was a problem. In fact, the lens is still in very good shape and it never gets any rough using. I live in Brazil and I was just planning to take it for a trip do Portugal in about 45 days. I keep my equipment under an insurance that covers for damage. But if this is something relatively easy/cheap/quick to repair, I would prefer not to call the insurance company. Did any of you guys experienced something like this? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. I have been editing some images from a recent trip and discovered that my raw files seem weirdly damaged but the Jpegs seem fine. I have attached screen shots of the same image files both dng and jpeg. They are from different SD cards which haven't been formatted since i downloaded them. I also copied them straight over from a relatively new card reader and not through any software It has occurred on a lot of files but not all of them, or maybe its not as noticeable on some files. The images are taken on different ISO's from 100 - 2000 and also in both low light and daylight, i haven't added the daylight examples as its not as noticeable so just adding the better examples. I'm using photomechanic to view them and these are just a portion of the image are these recoverable / ruined..? does anyone know what has happened..?
  16. Hi everyone! My name is Bjorn van Sinttruije and I am a Dutch street photographer. I have used a Leica M9-P with 50mm Lux since December 2011, and used a D-Lux 5 for a long time before it. Both of them are great cameras, but of course I love shooting with the M9-P most. I actually bought my M at the Leica factory in Germany, which was really cool experience. I wrote about it for the site of my friend Gordon Laing, Camera Labs, and you can read my story here: Leica M9-P review | Cameralabs I signed up to this board a long time ago, but never really got around to posting because I am busy with my studies, taking pictures, or moderating Gordon's forum. I am writing my thesis at the moment, and as a big Leica fan I have chosen to relate it to Leica. This is where I need your help. I am trying to determine what the Leica brand means to owners like you, and have prepared a 5 minute survey to do so. If you have a bit of spare time, would you please consider filling it out! I will eternally grateful! This is the link: https://qtrial.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_72rb27JxiPUO6z3 I look forward to posting more on this board in the future, but until I finish my thesis, I might not be able to be very active. For now, if you want to see some of my pictures, most of them are on Google+ here: http://gplus.to/bjornivar Thank you in advance for helping me out, I really appreciate it! - Bjorn
  17. can anyone tell me how much this camera cost and what is this leica model? Thank you very much
  18. Dear Leica users, Quite a couple of you were kind enough to help me with a survey for my master thesis a while ago, and even took the time to send me valuable feedback. I used that feedback to design my main (and final) questionnaire, and I would like to thank those who sent me comments once again. Since my research is applied to Leica, I cannot think of a better way to reach out to people who have great insights to contribute than through this forum. I have been reading along for a while now and it is clear that members of this community have a tremendous amount of experience with Leica cameras. To complete my thesis and be able graduate, I need some help from people like you. A couple of things I would like to point out before posting the survey link: - This survey is not as short as the last. It should take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete, so if you want to help me out, please do so only when you have some time available. - To reward you for taking the time and effort to help me, I am offering one participant a $120 gift card for a site like Amazon, B&H, or something of your choosing OR, alternatively, I will send out the book "99 Years Leica". I would love to give everyone something of course, but I cannot afford that as a student. - I greatly appreciate feedback on the survey, as this is the first time I am running a complete research project on my own and I still have a lot to learn. If you have feedback regarding the survey, please send it to me via a private message. If you would post it as a comment below, others might read it before they fill out the survey, and that could influence their responses. That being said, here is the link to the survey: https://qtrial.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eX7XPOy8ABsFHUh I appreciate all the help I can get! Thanks in advance! Bjorn
  19. Hello this my first post, I am searching for a self-timer tool for Leica M6 to make a gift to my best friend. I have seen the already present discussion about APDOO/OTZNO, but i can't really find the way to get them. So i am asking you.. Is there any alternative? For example i saw on ebay ACCURA AC-S SELF TIMER FOR LEICA NIKON CANON CONTAX RF CAMERAS selbstauslöser | eBay but i am not really sure it can work (also because i am not really expert:confused:). Could you give me any advice pls? Tnx in advance.
  20. I am relatively new to the entire film world and was just godfathered a Leica M6 with three M lenses. What film is the best for Leica's and I am mostly interested in night shooting. Any advice would be helpful
  21. Hi everyone! I own a Leica Digilux 3 and lately I have been noticing a noise even when shooting with only ISO 200, not to speak more ISO. I need the camera for work and with this amount of noise it's almost impossible to use it. Is this usual with this camera? I doubt that it was that bad when I bought it. Thoughts, anyone? Thanks.
  22. My 16 year old daughter is using my Digilux 3 She's forever going on about fisheye lenses. Now that she wants to do an A level in photography, does anyone out there have any advice that isn't going to cost me the earth. I've looked at the Olympus Zuiko ED 8mm but it's simply too expensive. Thanks
  23. Hallo everybody, my name is Claudio Virili and I have just received a Leica M1; I am new in the Leica world, so I need a little help from you about how this wonderful camera works. My main concern is on how to focus objects, since of course M1 is not a reflex camera, but it seems to me that it doesn't have a rangefinder too, is it true? If so, how can focus objects at different distances? Thank you for your help. Claudio Virili
  24. I was shooting last night and my M8 stopped working. Has anyone experience "drive blocked" or "shutter fault"? This message pops up and the camera will not function. Thanks.
  25. Just bought a current version 50mm summicron and when I focus from far to near, the rangefinder reaches its limit at .7 meters (like it should) but the focus ring on the lens does not. It keeps turning past its 0.7 marking, maybe another 3/8 of an inch. I have tried the lens on multiple bodies with the same result. Anyone familiar with this? Advice?
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