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  1. I finally had a full summer wedding season with the SL system (SL2 last year, but with too few events happening due to 2020 reasons 👀). This year I've used the SL2-S exclusively and absolutely love the results for run and gun filmmaking. A quick reel here: *Note- gimbal shots on another body; drone shots *sadly* not on Leica either
  2. Bumping up this thread to see if there are any updates/rumors after yesterday's firmware updates
  3. Appreciate the tag, @Slender ! I'm blushing to see that you've put me listed me among these professional idols of mine as well @ahendy good question! I think it starts with setting your expectations for yourself and how much you'd like to put into your grade– because it can take as long as you want or as short as you want. For me, in a nutshell, I'm nowhere near experienced with high-end commercial work. My background is in quite simple wedding films or run-and-gun online content, so I don't have too much experience diving deep into industry standard software like resolve or avid or what
  4. Oops. I should also note that shooting in 4k60fps on the SL2 requires an external recorder, at least in L-log Whereas the SL2s you can record 4k60fps internally as well
  5. The SL2 is not cropped! All frame rates and resolutions are in full frame (except that 5k resolution option). I've had both the SL2 and SL2-S, and I miss being able to shoot 4k60fps in full frame 😅 However, since this is a thread about the SL2s and video, I do want to mention that the cropping on the SL2s is not a dealbreaker if you are deciding between the two bodies. For video, I would most definitely choose the SL2s over the SL2
  6. Yes this is correct Above 30fps at 4K resolution, the sensor becomes cropped
  7. A test video with: TTArtisan 90mm f1.25, Leica Elmarit-R 135mm f2.8, Voigtlander 35mm f1.2 and 21mm f1.8 Recorded externally onto the Atomos Ninja V in ProRes HQ
  8. Hi Jesper, I'm so sorry this is happening to you– at one point, this also happened to me and I was very worried. Eventually for me, I noticed that pressing down on the joystick button made the error go away, and after turning the camera off and on a few times, the error fully went away. I hope this helps!
  9. Finally getting some consistent sun where I am
  10. Hi @pixeljohn22, I’m so glad you are asking about this camera. As you say, it has grown a lot of positive feedback and commentary here, and I’m sure you’ve already conjured up some potential uses in your life. TL;DR - it is a wonderful all-purpose body for the avid amateur! To preface, I’ve only been in the Leica system for about a year and a half now. I previously owned the SL2, but quickly traded it in for the SL2-S for it’s video capabilities. My first point of feedback, and truly my only expertise with this camera, is its wonderful ability to capture video. If you are interested
  11. Aah yes I can see the processor being the barrier in this way (as well as the licensing requirement). Is there any news or literature that points to the Maestro III being incompatible with ProRes Raw? Please excuse my ignorance on this subject 😅 suffice it to say I was in fact holding my breath for Raw to be enabled in this update
  12. Really hoping so as well! I've been keeping an eye on Atomos and Blackmagic updates as well
  13. Bumping this thread Would love to know if anyone's heard about an ETA and/or features being implemented in the next update! I noticed that the Forum admins have just released a survey for us to complete that asks our thoughts about potential firmware updates, along with a payment/subscription model for updates (which I personally would not like 👀)
  14. Hi everyone, I just purchased my first cinema style lens for the SL2-S and have just done a quick review and first impressions about it here I know some users have wondered how non-Leica lenses perform on this body, so I thought this could add to the literature. I have to say that this lens has been a pleasure to use and edit from– the wide angle is insanely fun to use! However, and I guess I don't really touch on this in the video, I don't think this is a normal walk-around lens like most Leica lenses are intended for. Even the bigger SL lenses can seem normal to walk around with. Becau
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