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  1. but I'm looking for a long term realtionship during the great Leica Academy event in Portland, I had the chance to play with it ...
  2. When the sun comes out, so do the parasols. A small project I have set myself this month. M10M + 28mm Elmarit-M ASPH
  3. It has been ages since I have posted on this forum, or caught up with some of my good friends on a Leica day out. I hope to again soon - and although I haven't been posed I do lurk and read, especially recently. This March I decided to turn over a new leaf with my photography, to return to using my digital Leicas and to be a little more disciplined about it. A number of things made me think about, and ultimately finally buy, a Leica M Monochrom (typ 246). I thought about the M10, or the M10 Monochrom, but apart from the big price difference (I found a very good used M246 at a great price
  4. Has anyone else had any problems connecting the GPS to the M10 Monochrom? Most of the time, I see in the rear screen that the GPS icon has an "x" through it...obviously not connected. I have the Visoflex connected to the camera and the GPS turned on in the menu. I realize there are areas that pose a problem for GPS connections, but I have tried various types of environments. Am I missing something? I've only had it connect sporadically over the past few weeks. Thanks.
  5. Ausblick zu den ‚Produktgedanken’ eines ‚L-User’: "Reduktion auf das Wesentliche der digitalen Farbphotografie" Oder - Die „Schwarz-Weiß“-Digital M wird zum Farbphotoapparat ================================================================= Farbfilter ‚RGB-Revolver M’ für Monochrom Die Zukunft der Farbphotographie Unzählige Ikonen der Schwarz-Weiß-Photographie sind mit den legendären Monochrom des L. M-Systems entstanden. Zeit für ein Kamera-Zubehör, das an diese Tradition anknüpft und die konsequente Umsetzung der authentischen Farbphotographie endlich präzise digital ermög
  6. cj3209

    M9 MC

    I was excited to get a pre-owned M9 Monochrom in excellent condition with very few shots and a new sensor. Good looking camera, I have to admit. Coming from a Q2, honestly, the control/settings layout is a bit dated. But the pics show promise (I have to go out and shoot more). And the mechanical shutter sound and the file write delay...whoah. The settings offer two modes: soft and discreet. Both are so loud, forget about using this camera for wildlife shooting - it would scare away a bear. And the slow file write is...interesting. But if the pics live up to expectations,
  7. Did you need the yellow filter for the clouds? Could similar or same be achieved post? Having specified a Q2M I wonder whether I should be looking out to fit yellow or orange glass in front of all that nice Q2M design?
  8. M8 Monochrom, Voigtlander 35mm 1.4 @ 1/125 at f5.7 ISO 400 at the Dunkin on the corner of 97th and Madison in Manhattan's Upper East Side.
  9. But with winter coming up, it might be of interest to owners of newer Monochroms.. https://the.me/die-leica-in-der-hand-the-monochrom-goes-into-the-snow/
  10. Unser monatliches Treffen im "BARCO Cafeteria Bar Cantina im K." (neben dem Badischen Staatstheater) findet am Donnerstag, 07.04.2016 um 20 Uhr statt. Neue Gesichter, digitale, gedruckte und ausbelichtete Werke sind gerne gesehen. Nach allgemeiner Zustimmung auf dem März-Stammtisch werden wir am 07.04. gemeinsam über Bildbearbeitung und dem Workflow mit Photoshop Lightroom sprechen. Wer mit Notebook und/oder eigenen Bildern in digitaler Form kommen mag, ist herzlich dazu eingeladen. Adresse: BARCO im K., Ettlinger Tor Platz 1a, 76137 Karlsruhe Parken ist nur wenige Meter vom Treffpunkt m
  11. I've done a small and very personal review of the Leica MM 246. I hope some of view may relate to the thought I had to say. A Week with Leica Monochrom MM246
  12. I love my Leica Monochrom (CCD) and sometimes use flash. I bought from the metz 45CT4 (version pre digital) with bracket from a friend. Can I use it with the de sca 351 and sca 300A cable on the MMv1? How can I use this safely on the Monochrom (CCD)? What do i need to connect it to use TTL? Thank you all for your advice!
  13. I did a search here on the Forum to see if there was any history or discussion on an interesting problem I was having with my M Monochrom 246 but found nothing. Therefore, I thought I would document my experience for the record. My issue was that the shutter was randomly misfiring, either too fast or too slow. This was producing some "unusual" results with some exposures unpredictably wildly off the mark. In my blind trust of Leica, I was a bit slow to conclude that the problem was with the camera rather than me. At first, I could not understand how such varying results could be prod
  14. Hello, On the 14th of August London Camera Exchange in Bristol are running a free Leica M street photography workshop. The workshop will be run by Leica M user Robin Sinha who has run workshops for the Leica academy in Mayfair London. The workshop will include a 2 hour street photography session with Robin in the picturesque city centre area of Bristol, we will then move to the Bristol Hotel where Robin will be offering advice on taking and editing your photos, image composition and much more. The workshop is free but we do have very limited spaces available. Further details can be found
  15. Hello! We are offering a free 1 hour tutorial session on the Leica M-Monochrom (typ 246), here at our store in Bristol, on Baldwin Street. The session will be a great opportunity to get to know the Monochrom if you haven't had a chance to use it yet, and as long as the weather permits us, give you some time to use it around the harbour side with our resident Leica expert Tom Greetham. Those who attend our free tutorial session will get the chance to partake in some exclusive Leica offers as well! We are pretty flexible regarding dates and times for this session, so please let us know i
  16. Here's an interesting photographer. Appearently she only used MM for this project. Half greek like myself. http://theempireproject.com/lang-EN/exhibitions-45/works-1434/
  17. Hello, We are running another Leica adademie based photowalk on the 30th of January 2016 in the centre of Bristol. Robin Sinha, from the Leica Academie Mayfair will join us and provide a valuable insight into the Leica M system. This practical day will teach you how to get the best from a rangefinder camera and take classic "decisive moment" photography that Leica is renowned for. the day will start at 10.30am, there will be a Leica M body and lens for each attendee to try (as well as X and T system) and will consist of the following: 10.30am – 11.00am – Robin Sinha will int
  18. Dolomiten Auronzo und Lago di Santa Caterina Monochrom 246 mit 1,4/50 Asph
  19. I took these photographs in Paris last Thursday, 12th November 2015, with a 28mm Summicron and Monochrom (v.1).
  20. Hi All — You might remember me from my extensive Q field test back in February — http://craigmod.com/sputnik/leica_q/ Well, the Q and a Monochrom (246) came on an eight day hike with photographer Dan Rubin (http://instagram.com/danrubin) and me, and we came back with a new book of photographs called KOYA BOUND. The Kickstarter for it just launched today: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/craigmod/koya-bound-a-book-of-photography-from-japans-kuman There's probably something tremendously gauche about starting a topic about a Kickstarter project, but I figured th
  21. I was shooting the MM in about 19 to 20 degree F weather. It kept showing a shutter failure sign. After 2 to 15 sec the shutter would reset and I could shoot again. Are cold temps a problem with the MM? It worked fine again when warmed back up. I didn't try MM #2, so can't say it happened to both of the cams.
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