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  1. Hello. I would ask for opinions. Which is a better aplication for processing exclusively and only Leica M dng files (Leica MD, Leica M10)? 70% is a conversion to black and white, 30% in collor. I would ask for your experience and opinions between two applications, LIGHTROOM and CAPTURE ONE. Which gives better end results and why? It's only for Leica M files and not files of other camera brands. Thank you very much. Best regards.
  2. Hello all, I shoot DNG nearly exclusively. I noticed that when I bring the files shot with the internal M11 Monochrome profile, that once imported into Lightroom, they are no longer black and white. The M11 profiles do not seem to be available in Lightroom. Has anyone solved this? Thanks, Dave
  3. Hallo, verwende eine M10 Monochrom und bearbeite die Fotos mit Lightroom. Bringt das Nik Silver Efex einen Mehrwert? Nutzt es jemand in der Kombination? Grüße Klaus
  4. Can anyone tell me how I can access the lens calibration settings for Leica M and Leica D-Lux 6 in Lightroom 5.3?
  5. Hi everyone, I realize that neither Lightroom nor Camera Raw has the lens correction profile included for the D-Lux 5. Is there a way to get an additional plug-in to add that profile ? in case of a positive answer, where can I get it ? Thanks in advance.
  6. I have decided to purchase the MacBook Pro 13" after years of PC use. I will keep my 3 year old 13" Sony Z series as my home (banking etc and work related MS office 2010) unit, and travel ( and have fun ) with the mbp. Question: I have searched the fora but cannot find a recent answer. I only have LR4 installed on the pc, so I should be able to install it on my new unit. Most of my photos are saved on duplicate EHDs via LR. Will the Mac read files saved via the PC? How do I transfer the catalogue to the Mac. What is the best way to move old catalogues that are on my PC hard drive to the EHDs so LR can find them. Same questions for SEP and my Zenfolio site. I also have the latest iPad and an iPhone 5, so I have some experience with Apple. I have an m9, mm and someday an m240. Thank you, in advance, for your answers. No reply is too basic and I welcome any words to the wise. I am a nurse, not a computer wiz. I forgot to mention, I like small laptops, don't play games, listen to minimal music except for a few classical favorites on iTunes, have a Nook for travel, hardly watch movies and lastly live 4 blocks away from the Apple store here in SF, which is next door to Fireside Camera, my local Leica store. kaethe
  7. Hi, I wonder if anyone else has had this problem.I've searched the Adobe forums, but failed to find a working solution. I'm quite new to Lightroom, being an ACR fan, but getting to like it. LR4.3 was running without problems, but when I updated to v4.4 the link to my default external editor, CSPS5 ceased working. Got an error message that the program couldn't be found, update the link. Clicked OK, but no luck. I had not moved PS. Tried deleting the PS .plist file, but no luck. Asked LR to use PS5 as alternative editor and when choosing this it worked perfectly, but refused to use it as default editor. PS opened but the file wasn't passed to it. I have reverted back to LR4.3 (thanks to Time Machine) and all is working fine. What's up? Any suggestions? I really don't want to uninstall and reinstall PS, or Lightroom come to that. I'm running MAC OSX 10.6.8 on the iMac and Lion on the MBP. Thanks for any good ideas. Tim
  8. Hi folks, I have a M9 + 35mm combo. And like many others, I use Adobe Lightroom to post process my photos. Often, I use the cropping function. Now I'm planning towards buying a second lens. And I had this idea: Why don't I look at my history of cropping in Lightroom to determine which other angles are my favorites, so that I can find out which lens to buy next? Now, I've got thousands of cropped photos. Which makes it quite time-consuming to go through each photo by hand, calculate the lens focal length I might have used instead of cropping, then doing a statistic tally to see my favorite angles. So why not doing this automatically? I've heard that Lightroom has a plugin mechanism. So there could be a plugin that does this automatically. Does anybody know of such an already existing plugin? Or know of a developer who might be interested in creating one? Thanks!
  9. Hallo, habe mir zu meinem Windows Laptop (Lightroom 2) nun einen iMac (Lightroom 4) geleistet und stehe nun vor dem Problem, die beiden mit der Bearbeitung meiner Bilder synchron zu halten (Der Support von Adobe war hierfür keine Hilfe). Ich dachte nun an Dropbox. Aber kann ich dort überhaupt den ganzen Katalog mit den Einstellungen und Bearbeitungsschritten der einzelnen Bilder ablegen? Habe das bisher nur mit einfachen Ordnern gemacht. Hat jemand Erfahrung ob und wie das geht, auch mit zwei unterschiedlichen Lightroom-Versionen oder müßte ich den Laptop auch auf Version 4 aufrüsten? Oder hat jemand eine andere Idee? Ich vermute, ich bin nicht die einzige, die vor diesem Problem steht und hoffe, jemand kann mir helfen! Viele grüße und danke im voraus Weißbein
  10. Made with an M9 and the Adobe Lens Profile Creator. These are for the 35mm Summicron, 28mm Summicron, and the 50mm Summilux all latest versions. Download, unzip file and place contents (3 lcp files) in 'user'/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/LensProfiles/1.0 Then restart Lightroom and Photoshop. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8036739/M9%20Lens%20Profiles/M9%20Lens%20Profiles.zip
  11. Hallo, habe mir vor einiger Zeit das Jobo PhotoGPS gekauft. Die Fotos auf der Speicherkarte sind mit der entsprechenden Software zugeordnet, d.h. zu jedem Foto gibt es eine gleichnamige xmp Datei. Wenn ich jetzt die Fotos in Lightroom importiere, werden diese Daten nicht importiert. Keine GPS- und Ortsinformationen in den Metadaten vorhanden. Was mache ich falsch? Muss ich Lightroom was einstellen? Danke für eure Hilfe
  12. Hallo liebe Forengemeinde, ich bin seit gestern stolzer Besitzer ein Leica X1 und damit zugleich Inhaber einer Lizenz für Lightroom 3.2. Da ich aber die Creative Cloud von Adobe nutze, benötige ich diese LR-Lizenz nicht. Deshalb möchte ich gerne in die Runde fragen, ob jemand Erfahrungen hinsichtlich eines Weiterverkaufs der Nutzungsrechte hat? Sprich: Ist es erlaubt die erworbene Lizenz an eine beliebige Person weiterzuverkaufen? Oder gibt es gewisse Restriktionen vonseiten der Hersteller (Adobe und/oder Leica)? Vielen Dank vorab & beste Grüße, js
  13. Hallo, ich möchte meine Lightroom-Kataloge (nicht die eigentlichen Fotos) im Online-Speicher von web.de ablegen. Wenn ich Lightroom dann aber mit diesem Katalog starten will kommt die Meldung: " Lightroom kann mit diesem Katalog nicht starten. Er befindet sich entweder auf einem Netzwerklaufwerk oder auf einem Laufwerk, auf dem Lightroom keine Änderungen speichern kann." Hat von Euch jemand das auch schon versucht und eine Lösung gefunden? Habe bisher mit Dropbox gearbeitet aber da wird nun der Speicherplatz zu klein und die 100GB brauche ich nicht und sind mir auch zu teuer. Gruß Renate
  14. As I am processing tons of photos from the M8.2 over this weekend now, I still didn't put my jaw from the ground, as I am still amazed by the big difference, the new Lightroom 3 makes to high ISO Leica files. Leica really seems to have worked closely with Adobe, to come to better image quality during raw conversion. These samples are all straight out of camera + BW converted DNG files without further processing. You see 1:1 screen captures from my Macbook Pro 15" jpg without any processing or converting. The crops in the side by side comparison are 1:1 crops within Lightroom 3. Left side old Lightroom 2 - right side Lightroom 3: ISO2500 1/60 90 Cron @ f2 | shadow side badly underexposed With Lightroom 3 this is even good to print @ A3, as the grain gets even less prevalent during print. With Lr 2.6, it is more like pushed ISO12800 Tri X. ISO1250 1/125 90 Cron @ f4 I think | see the much smoother grads and the cleaned up under exposed surfaces in this cockpit shot in the pit lane? ISO 640 1/125 135 APO Telyt @ f3.4 | same as above - cleaner surfaces and slightly more detail without changing a setting - just converted the file into the new Lr3 processing engine. ISO 1250 1/125 135 APO Telyt @ f3.4 | much less grain, but a slightly softer look, as I missed focus by a hair in this shot. with the much better sharpening tool in Lr3 though, this is academic, to solve. The print will be awesome! All the issues, I had with the Leica M8.2 files, when I came from the mighty Nikon D3, then pushed Tri-X and then the surprising EPSON R-D1 seem solved now! Lightroom 3 let me push the Leica files now and clean them up to the natural grainy look, I prefer, giving me more light for the night shots, I love so much! I don't know about Aperture or all the other raw converters out there, as I am a Lightroom guy since I do digital photography, but this software is a must have, when shooting Leica digitals! For some, these might not look impressive - note, these files have not been touched yet! When adjusting exposure, noise reduction and sharpening, they look mind blowing. The difference between Lr2 and Lr3 is epic!
  15. I have recently been experimenting with Lightroom 3 and find it useful for processing photos quickly. I do wonder whether it is possible to use LR to do fine tuning of color, however. In the past I have used Photoshop (and ACR) to process fine art images. As one step in this process (after adjusting overall WB as best as I am able) I use Levels to precisely set the black point in the image to a neutral black and the white point to a neutral white (I do this using color samplers and fine tuning the levels sliders in the color channels). I find that this process yields a richness and subtlety of color in the shadow areas of the image. It is also the case that once this is done, the overall image looks well adjusted to my eyes (without setting some neutral grey in the middle of the range) Having said this, I have two questions: 1) I am not an expert on color and wonder if this process makes sense. For example, while I get the subtlety of color does this also eliminate color "casts" that may be desirable when photographing in early or late light? 2) Is there a way to do anything similar in Lightroom? It seems that I can only set the overall WB (as I would in ACR) and then export to Photoshop for any more subtle control. Any comments or insight would be welcome. Donald
  16. There was some mention of this new LR3 feature on the DPP Forum a few weeks back, but the discussion seemed to mainly relate to the potential use of profiles with the M8/9. So, my question is whether canned profiles (if they existed) might have any appeal for we owners of the old classics, the D2 and LC1? Not surprisingly Adobe haven't created profiles for us, (and seem unlikely to) but there is the option of creating a set using the 'Lens Profile Creator' available from Adobe. While I gather it's not exactly a simple task, the profiles would likely work for both models. Making manual adjustments as and when needed is an alternative, and I've fiddled around with that, but I'm not so sure my eyesight's good enough to easily make the optimum lens perspective/distortion adjustments. It seems to be one of the more powerful new features of LR3, it would be good to be able to make the most of it, and do so automatically most of the time What then are opinions on the merits of profiles for the D2/LC1 - has anyone out there tried to create a set?
  17. I have been using Lightroom 2 now for a few months without any problems. In the last couple of days however, after importing new images into the catalog I have open, each image displays a ? mark in the top right corner. Lightroom then informs me that the image is not linked to the original (ie: link missing) and I cannot do any developing until I manually establish the link by locating and linking the two. Can anyone advise why this is happening and how I can get back to the linked system on import? Thank you
  18. Given both of these are DNG format, I am just wondering if there is any need to convert to the Lightroom DNG format on import or can I leave in the Leica format? Which is better for processing in Lightroom?
  19. I have recently (and luckily) got my M9+NX095. Before that I read through all the reviews I could ever get hold of. I hope this question/issue has not been asked many times before. I have shot some photos in A mode, almost most of the time I keep the aperture at 0.95. Then I upload the photos to Lightroom (v 2.7). Strange enough, the aperture shown are 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.7 or 2.4 but no 0.95. - Does this A mode act actually like a P mode?? or is there some version/compatibility issue between the M9 firmware (1.116) and Lightroom 2.7? - Does 0.95 show up in the meta in Lightroom at all? For some photos their meta even show that it is Summilux 35mm f/1.4 ASPH instead of the NX! (for the latter, I might have mistakenly changed the lens setting to manual somehow, that I need to test more).
  20. Hi all, Anyone knows how to proceed with upgrading the version (2.6.3) that was delivered for free along with purchase of M9 to the new 3.0? Will it be available through owner login at Leica, or should we upgrade from Lightroom pages? All help appreciated, thanks!
  21. Liebes Forum Mit dem Kauf der M9 erhalte ich eine Lizenz für's Lightroom. Nun frage ich mich, ob der Versionswechsel auch im Kufpreis inkludiert ist. Löse ich heute den Gutschein für die Software ein, lade ich logischerweise die V. 2.6.x herunter. Werde ich in einigen Wochen die Version 3 dann auch frei erhalten oder muss ich dann ein Update kaufen? Die Frage stellt sich, weil im Kundenbereich der Leica.com Seite folgender Hinweis steht: "Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie die Software maximal zweimal herunterladen und aufgrund der Lizenzbedingungen von Adobe nur auf zwei Rechnern installieren können." Weiss jemand mehr drüber? Danke für Eure Hilfe! Yves / Der Bebilderer
  22. I've opened 100 or so files to check, and thus far ACR 5.7b has not crashed with an M9 file on my Mac. Now if Adobe can just keep it stable into the final release version. Camera Raw 5.7 - Adobe Labs Lightroom 2.7 - Adobe Labs
  23. Dear All, Begin new to everything Leica (and Lightroom) I am posting my first thread. I recently bought a M9. For now I have two questions (and many more lurking in the back of my mind): - When working in Lightroom 2.6, in the navigator there are several standard settings to zoom in on a picture (1:1, 1:4, 1:3, 1:2, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 8:1 and 11:1). Can someone explain to me which zoom equals a 100% crop? - The other thing is that I noticed that when I zoom in I can clearly see the individual pixels from 2:1 onwards (working in Lightroom 2.6 on a DNG compressed picture). However, when I take a look at the same picture on the LCD screen of my camera I can zoom in much further, in fact right up to maximum, and still not be able to see the individual pixels. Why is that? Thanks, Martin
  24. First off, my current version of LR version 2.6, which I upgraded from previous version directly from Adobe and not from the CD that came with the M9, crashes each time I go to the "Develop" module but it is no big deal since I like the rendition of my M9 files using Capture One 5.0.2 anyway. But I do like the exif data displayed on LR but I noticed that it is off although the specs of the lens used is displayed properly but the aperture used was off. Going back to M8, I didn't think that the actual aperture setting was given at all. So, I was pleasently surprised that it was displayed on the M9 files. However, it was off, since I did a deliberate test to document that. Typically, it was off by 2/3 stop on the high side although it varies a little. Is this normal? Has any of you experienced the same issue? Thanks, Joshua
  25. Any sources for a decent profile for the DMR? Or, am I missing something already in LR 2.6 Thanks.
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