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  1. Hallo, ich bin absolut neu im Laca-Club ;-) Jetzt habe ich am Anfang im jpg und dng parallel fotografiert und habe folgendes festgestellt. Die Farben der Leica-Jpg-Daten sind der Wahnsinn. Doch sobald Lightroom für die DNG-Daten die Vorschauen rendert ist der tolle Look verschwunden ;-( Mit Einstellungen und Presets komme ich nicht an den originalen Look der Jpg-Daten ran, würde aber gerne im DNG-fotografieren. Gibt es eine "Workaround", Presets oder wie erhält man die Farben von Leica bei den DNG's und kann diese trotzdem bearbeiten. Vielen dank für die Hilfe, ~Alexey
  2. Hallo, ich bin absolut neu im Laca-Club ;-) Jetzt habe ich am Anfang im jpg und dng parallel fotografiert und habe folgendes festgestellt. Die Farben der Leica-Jpg-Daten sind der Wahnsinn. Doch sobald Lightroom für die DNG-Daten die Vorschauen rendert ist der tolle Look verschwunden ;-( Mit Einstellungen und Presets komme ich nicht an den originalen Look der Jpg-Daten ran, würde aber gerne im DNG-fotografieren. Gibt es eine "Workaround", Presets oder wie erhält man die Farben von Leica bei den DNG's und kann diese trotzdem bearbeiten. Vielen dank für die Hilfe, ~Alexey
  3. I can connect my M10 to a WiFi network, but I can't see any pictures from my camera in Lightroom's import window. The camera appears in the side panel, but there are no images. I have tried formatting the SD card, and I have tried on several WiFi networks. I have also connected my Mac to the camera's own WLAN, but nothing helps. Anyone who can help with this? It is not a big deal to put the SD card in the Mac to transfer the files (and probably much faster with many pictures), but at least it would be nice to try out this feature.
  4. QUESTION: Does the Leica M10 come with a free copy of Lightroom? ANSWER: Leica no longer includes a free copy of Lightroom. With the M10, you now get a 90 Day trial of Adobe Creative Cloud.
  5. Hey everyone. Normally I shoot raw and post process in lightroom. Occasionally I shoot raw+jpeg with vivid color. Sometimes the results with Vivid are spectacular. But most of the time the images come out far darker than what the lcd suggests. On top of that, when viewing the images in lightroom the blacks area almost always crushed. I love the color it produces, but not crazy about the contrast it introduces in the process. A. I wish you had the ability to set the intensity of the effect in the menu (maybe something in the m10?) and B. Does anyone have any lightroom presets that come close to the vivid color settings? I've tried many times to get my raw files to look close to the vivid but with no luck Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I would like to know from Lightroom users what are your "starting point" sharpening settings, ie. how much amount/radius/detail gives you best results. Thanks S.
  7. Ich habe mal wieder ein neues Foren- und Blog-Projekt, diesmal zum Thema Bildbearbeitung, RAW-Konverter und Adobe Lightroom. Der technische Rahmen (Forum und Blog) steht schon, läuft sauber und wird von einigen ersten Testern geprüft. Jetzt kann langsam die Last hochgefahren werden - dafür suche ich: 20 Tester, die sich für Bildbearbeitung und Lightroom interessieren. Ihr müsst keine Experten sein, gute Fragen sind genauso wichtig wie gute Antworten Ideal wäre, wenn ihr Fragen (gerne auch Antworten) postet, Bilder einstellt und eure Tricks und Kniffe aus der Bildbearbeitung vorstellt. Und mir Feedback gebt, ob alles funktioniert und z.B. die Struktur stimmt. Interessiert? Einfach hier kurz antworten oder mir eine PN schicken! Ihr bekommt dann eine offizielle Einladung (sonst könnt ihr euch nicht registrieren) und ein paar Infos über das neue Projekt. Vielen Dank im Voraus! Andreas
  8. Hey, So I have Leica 109 and I wanted to figure out the Focal Length. Since the lens is I guess 24-75mm I was expecting to see those in lightroom metadat but I am seeing 10.9mm 12.1mm etc. Am I understanding it wrongly? thank you for your answer
  9. Hello. I would ask for opinions. Which is a better aplication for processing exclusively and only Leica M dng files (Leica MD, Leica M10)? 70% is a conversion to black and white, 30% in collor. I would ask for your experience and opinions between two applications, LIGHTROOM and CAPTURE ONE. Which gives better end results and why? It's only for Leica M files and not files of other camera brands. Thank you very much. Best regards.
  10. There was some mention of this new LR3 feature on the DPP Forum a few weeks back, but the discussion seemed to mainly relate to the potential use of profiles with the M8/9. So, my question is whether canned profiles (if they existed) might have any appeal for we owners of the old classics, the D2 and LC1? Not surprisingly Adobe haven't created profiles for us, (and seem unlikely to) but there is the option of creating a set using the 'Lens Profile Creator' available from Adobe. While I gather it's not exactly a simple task, the profiles would likely work for both models. Making manual adjustments as and when needed is an alternative, and I've fiddled around with that, but I'm not so sure my eyesight's good enough to easily make the optimum lens perspective/distortion adjustments. It seems to be one of the more powerful new features of LR3, it would be good to be able to make the most of it, and do so automatically most of the time What then are opinions on the merits of profiles for the D2/LC1 - has anyone out there tried to create a set?
  11. I've opened 100 or so files to check, and thus far ACR 5.7b has not crashed with an M9 file on my Mac. Now if Adobe can just keep it stable into the final release version. Camera Raw 5.7 - Adobe Labs Lightroom 2.7 - Adobe Labs
  12. As I am processing tons of photos from the M8.2 over this weekend now, I still didn't put my jaw from the ground, as I am still amazed by the big difference, the new Lightroom 3 makes to high ISO Leica files. Leica really seems to have worked closely with Adobe, to come to better image quality during raw conversion. These samples are all straight out of camera + BW converted DNG files without further processing. You see 1:1 screen captures from my Macbook Pro 15" jpg without any processing or converting. The crops in the side by side comparison are 1:1 crops within Lightroom 3. Left side old Lightroom 2 - right side Lightroom 3: ISO2500 1/60 90 Cron @ f2 | shadow side badly underexposed With Lightroom 3 this is even good to print @ A3, as the grain gets even less prevalent during print. With Lr 2.6, it is more like pushed ISO12800 Tri X. ISO1250 1/125 90 Cron @ f4 I think | see the much smoother grads and the cleaned up under exposed surfaces in this cockpit shot in the pit lane? ISO 640 1/125 135 APO Telyt @ f3.4 | same as above - cleaner surfaces and slightly more detail without changing a setting - just converted the file into the new Lr3 processing engine. ISO 1250 1/125 135 APO Telyt @ f3.4 | much less grain, but a slightly softer look, as I missed focus by a hair in this shot. with the much better sharpening tool in Lr3 though, this is academic, to solve. The print will be awesome! All the issues, I had with the Leica M8.2 files, when I came from the mighty Nikon D3, then pushed Tri-X and then the surprising EPSON R-D1 seem solved now! Lightroom 3 let me push the Leica files now and clean them up to the natural grainy look, I prefer, giving me more light for the night shots, I love so much! I don't know about Aperture or all the other raw converters out there, as I am a Lightroom guy since I do digital photography, but this software is a must have, when shooting Leica digitals! For some, these might not look impressive - note, these files have not been touched yet! When adjusting exposure, noise reduction and sharpening, they look mind blowing. The difference between Lr2 and Lr3 is epic!
  13. Dear All, Begin new to everything Leica (and Lightroom) I am posting my first thread. I recently bought a M9. For now I have two questions (and many more lurking in the back of my mind): - When working in Lightroom 2.6, in the navigator there are several standard settings to zoom in on a picture (1:1, 1:4, 1:3, 1:2, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 8:1 and 11:1). Can someone explain to me which zoom equals a 100% crop? - The other thing is that I noticed that when I zoom in I can clearly see the individual pixels from 2:1 onwards (working in Lightroom 2.6 on a DNG compressed picture). However, when I take a look at the same picture on the LCD screen of my camera I can zoom in much further, in fact right up to maximum, and still not be able to see the individual pixels. Why is that? Thanks, Martin
  14. First off, my current version of LR version 2.6, which I upgraded from previous version directly from Adobe and not from the CD that came with the M9, crashes each time I go to the "Develop" module but it is no big deal since I like the rendition of my M9 files using Capture One 5.0.2 anyway. But I do like the exif data displayed on LR but I noticed that it is off although the specs of the lens used is displayed properly but the aperture used was off. Going back to M8, I didn't think that the actual aperture setting was given at all. So, I was pleasently surprised that it was displayed on the M9 files. However, it was off, since I did a deliberate test to document that. Typically, it was off by 2/3 stop on the high side although it varies a little. Is this normal? Has any of you experienced the same issue? Thanks, Joshua
  15. Liebes Forum Mit dem Kauf der M9 erhalte ich eine Lizenz für's Lightroom. Nun frage ich mich, ob der Versionswechsel auch im Kufpreis inkludiert ist. Löse ich heute den Gutschein für die Software ein, lade ich logischerweise die V. 2.6.x herunter. Werde ich in einigen Wochen die Version 3 dann auch frei erhalten oder muss ich dann ein Update kaufen? Die Frage stellt sich, weil im Kundenbereich der Leica.com Seite folgender Hinweis steht: "Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie die Software maximal zweimal herunterladen und aufgrund der Lizenzbedingungen von Adobe nur auf zwei Rechnern installieren können." Weiss jemand mehr drüber? Danke für Eure Hilfe! Yves / Der Bebilderer
  16. Any sources for a decent profile for the DMR? Or, am I missing something already in LR 2.6 Thanks.
  17. Guten Tag, seit LR 2.6 stürzt LR sehr oft bei einigen DNG-Datein aus der Leica M9 ab, wenn ich im Entwicklungsbereiche das Bild anzeigen will oder wenn ich in ein Foto reinzoomen will. Bei LR 2.5 passierte das nie. Auch in Camera RAW in Photoshop passiert das nicht. Hatte jemand schon einen ähnlichen Fehler oder hat sogar eine Lösung dafür? Viele Grüße Uwe
  18. I have been using Lightroom 2 now for a few months without any problems. In the last couple of days however, after importing new images into the catalog I have open, each image displays a ? mark in the top right corner. Lightroom then informs me that the image is not linked to the original (ie: link missing) and I cannot do any developing until I manually establish the link by locating and linking the two. Can anyone advise why this is happening and how I can get back to the linked system on import? Thank you
  19. Given both of these are DNG format, I am just wondering if there is any need to convert to the Lightroom DNG format on import or can I leave in the Leica format? Which is better for processing in Lightroom?
  20. Hi all, Anyone knows how to proceed with upgrading the version (2.6.3) that was delivered for free along with purchase of M9 to the new 3.0? Will it be available through owner login at Leica, or should we upgrade from Lightroom pages? All help appreciated, thanks!
  21. I have recently (and luckily) got my M9+NX095. Before that I read through all the reviews I could ever get hold of. I hope this question/issue has not been asked many times before. I have shot some photos in A mode, almost most of the time I keep the aperture at 0.95. Then I upload the photos to Lightroom (v 2.7). Strange enough, the aperture shown are 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.7 or 2.4 but no 0.95. - Does this A mode act actually like a P mode?? or is there some version/compatibility issue between the M9 firmware (1.116) and Lightroom 2.7? - Does 0.95 show up in the meta in Lightroom at all? For some photos their meta even show that it is Summilux 35mm f/1.4 ASPH instead of the NX! (for the latter, I might have mistakenly changed the lens setting to manual somehow, that I need to test more).
  22. I've set up my iMac with Lightroom and a mirrored external hard drive, and am good to go. I imported (with a few hiccups) my iPhoto library, and am ready to import photos from the SDHC card in my D-lux 4 for the first time. All the tutorials I've looked at so far talk about importing RAW files, and about importing jpeg files, but seem to use slightly different settings for the two different formats. How can I best import both the jpegs and the RAW files from my Leica? Is there a particular setting people use? Thanks in advance, J.
  23. Hallo, ich selber habe einen Mac und mich würde interessieren, welche Bildbearbeitungssoftware der "engagierte Hobbyfotograf" mit seiner M8/M8.2 verwendet. Das mitgelieferte CaptureOne oder andere Software? Welche Erfahrungen habt ihr gemacht? Lohnt sich Aperture oder Lightroom oder anderes oder ist das eher was für den Profi? Ich selber komme hauptsächlich im Urlaub oder seltenerweise an Wochenenden zum Fotografieren, meistens eben Familie, Urlaub und Spaziergänge in Stadt und Land... Gruß, govea
  24. Has the C1-LE profile for the M8 changed with newer versions of C1? I still have the C1-LE program shipped with the M8, but am only now getting a computer that can handle post processing well. I am leaning toward getting the latest version of LightRoom, based on people's comments here, and would like to know if it makes sense to keep C1-LE to do the RAW conversion to TIFF and then pass it on to LR for everything else. I would rather use one program (e.g., LR) end to end, but if the C1-LE RAW converter is still the best, then why not use it? Appreciate your advice. Doug
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