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  1. This may seem a bit obvious, but after having followed a general principle of having a 2 minute auto power off, and being left with 50% power after a day's walking and maybe 60 images, I decided to switch to a 10 second auto power off, and I'm finding I still have a full bar indicated after the same kind of use. If you've been unhappy with battery-life, I'd recommend playing with the power-off settings and seeing what improvements you can make. For information, I'm not experiencing significant start up delays either. Just touch the shutter button and everything's good to go pretty well immediately.
  2. Next month I’ll be in Northern Canada after polar bears and other wildlife and with luck maybe the northern lights. This will naturally require some periods (up to several hours) outside in below freezing temps (15-30 degrees F). Any advice on how to manage my SL2 and lenses under these conditions? I plan on taking a Sigma 150-600 Sport for reach and a Leica 24-70 for all around use. What do I need to watch out for equipment wise for the periods in the cold temps? It’s a heavy kit - would I be better off with the Leica 100-400 which is 1 pound lighter than the Sigma? How well do adapted m-lenses on the SL2 perform in the cold? Any and all advice will be appreciated.
  3. Hallo liebe Community, ich überlege mir eine SL2 zu kaufen und habe eine Frage, die ich mir selbst durch Internet-Recherche leider noch nicht eindeutig beantworten konnte. Es geht um das Seitenverhältnis. Der Sensor einer SL2 hat selbstverständlich ein Seitenverhältnis einer Kleinbildkamera von 3:2. Als ehemaliger Analog-Mittelformat-Fotograf (6x6, 6x4.5 und das großartige 6x7) werde ich einfach nicht warm mit dem Kleinbild-Seitenverhältnis. Ich schneide mir das Bild hinterher zurecht, aber das "Sehen" in dem Moment fehlt schon sehr. Jetzt zu meiner Frage. Ich habe gelesen, dass die SL2 auch andere Seitenverhältnisse simulieren kann. Die Raw-Dateien behalten dabei praktischerweise das Originalformat. Was ich aber nicht eindeutig beantworten konnte: Passt sich der Viewfinder dem simulierten Seitenverhältnis an? Und wenn ja, wird vielleicht ein Rahmen eingeblendet, ähnlich wie man das von dem VF einer M kennt? Oder wird das Bild im VF direkt "zugeschnitten" mit schwarzen Balken drumherum? Vielen Dank. Oleg
  4. FIRMWARE VERSION 5.2.0 Ihre Leica Kamera wird kontinuierlich verbessert und wir freuen uns, Ihnen jetzt Firmware Version 5.2.0 zur Verfügung zu stellen. Ich habe eben die Info bekommen das für die SL2 und SL2s eine neue Firmware raus ist. SL2: https://leica-camera.com/de-DE/fotografie/kameras/sl/sl2-schwarz/technische-daten?utm_source=CRM&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20230831_HQ_SL2_SL2-S_FWU_5.2.0&utm_term=https%3A//leica-camera.com/sl2-technical-specs%23sl2-firmware.# SL2s: https://leica-camera.com/de-DE/fotografie/kameras/sl/sl2-s-schwarz/technische-daten?utm_source=CRM&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20230831_HQ_SL2_SL2-S_FWU_5.2.0&utm_term=https%3A//sl2-s.leica-camera.com/%3Fsubpage%3Dtech-insights%23sl2-s-firmware.#sl2-s-firmware de_sl2-fw5.2-release-notes.pdf
  5. Hi everyone, I´ve been looking for a good fit L-bracket for the SL2 lately and tried some options. I'd thought I´d share my findings with some pictures (below) to maybe help anyone out who's looking for an L-bracket for the SL2. The options I´ve tried are: Kirk ULB-1 3 Legged Thing Ellie Markins PV 100 & LV 170 For me personally I decided that the Markins is the best fit. It is also the lightest and generally has the smallest footprint thanks to the fact that it is possible to have the bracket part adjusted for a snug fit to the side of the camera. Obviously one cannot access any of the ports with the bracket mounted like that, but I don't usually need to. Obviously the Markins is also easily adjusted to extend the bracket part so that the ports are accessible. The Kirk comes in second for me, what I don't like about it on the SL2 is that the bottom main screw for the tripod socket is only adjustable "sideways" and the preset positions are not a good fit for the SL2´s tripod screw that is relatively far towards the back of the camera. Also the bracket part is not adjustable in distance to the body. However, with it mounted it is possible to still easily open the bottom port flap to access the USB-C port for example for charging. The 3 Legged Thing gave me a "gimmicky" impression. It felt a bit wobbly, probably because of the gap in the bracket part (that obviously also has advantages for cable management, I don't need this though). It also comes fairly close to the strap lugs and could cause issues when using a strap. Hope this helps anyone looking for an L-Bracket for their SL2. On a side note, I'm not a big fan of the RRS way of designing brackets for the SL range. They make an already large camera even larger and are also heavier than the other options. However, once they come out with their SL2 version I´ll probably have a second look... I also have some more pictures with different perspectives, let me know if you're interested (didn't want to clutter the thread too much)😀
  6. Dear all, I just pruchased the Leica SL2 and APO Summicron SL 35mm F/2. However, I could not find the Camera Profile and Lens Profile for the new gears. It is strange as other photos taken by Leica M11 were recognized by Lightroom correctly. Please find the screenshots for your reference. I am using MacBook and Lightroom Classic. Please kindly advise. Your help is highly appreciated!! Thank you very much. Regards, Francis
  7. I am using an S1R as my backup to my SL2. I cannot get the official sl2 cable release therefore my question is : can I use the cable release from my S1R which has a thinner body with the SL2 with a simple adapter as they both have the same number of contacts. Using the phone app is not the right solution for me because of the small time delay trying to shoot at moving birds in a nest.
  8. gunter


    StayAtHomeWithLEICA SL 2 - Summarit-M 2,5/75
  9. Hamburg - Elbbrücken SL-II+ 16-35
  10. The S1R is said to autofocus down to -6 EV. Is SL2 capable of this? I would guess so due to the almost same sensor...but I can not find any evidence.
  11. Hallo an Alle, ich versuche herauszufinden, ob ich etwas falsch verstehe: wenn ich der SL2 im Interval Shooting-Modus sage, sie soll z.B. alle 15 Sekunden ein Bild nehmen und die Verschlusszeit ist ebenfalls 15 Sekunden (manuell eingestellt), dann kriege ich teilweise willkürliche Resultate was die Anzahl der Bilder angeht. Ich nutze dieses um Sterne zu fotografieren - möchte also z.B. 300 Bilder oder mehr aufnehmen. Allerdings habe ich es bisher nur einmal geschafft, dass die SL2 tatsächlich die angegebene Anzahl von Bilder aufgenommen hat - manchmal nimmt sie 30 auf, manchmal eine andere Anzahl. (Zur Info: Long Exposure Noise Reduction = Aus). An der Batterie kann dieses bei voller Aufladung ja nicht liegen - die Kamera ist ja auch danach noch einsetzbar. Ich verstehe nicht, ob ich hier die Einstellungen falsch verstehe - ich finde auch keine Konstante, sodass ich den Fehler finden kann. Gibt es diesbezüglich bereits Erfahrungen? Danke im voraus!
  12. Some impressions from today, as i was asked to take some pics with the new Panasonic 24/50/85 lenses (all of them at min f1.8). I am testing not like others by taking pics from a wall, the lenses have to proof themselves by working with them. Of course the pics are postprcessed as all of my pics but in short conclusion you will get good working lenses with good results. There might be some differences in pixlpeeping in high end prints (and on screen at 100% view) but this is not the normal view. In this setting from todays morning i went into the cathedral, unfortunately i did not realize the beginning of the church service and it was too late to leave the tomb of henry the Lion and his wife Mathilde when the bells started to ring.... 24mm:
  13. Ich ärgere mich jedes mal darüber, dass ich beim Hineinzoomen in ein gerade geschossenes Foto immer irgendwo im Bild lande und nicht an der Stelle wo der Fokus zuvor beim Fotografieren festgelegt wurde. Was soll diese Sucherei? Wenn ich bei einem Porträt auf die Augen fokussiere, will ich bei der Bildkontrolle nicht irgendwo am Hals etc. landen, sondern genau auf den Augen. Bei anderen Marken wie z.B. Nikon klappt das immer! Ich habe vor Monaten schon einmal einen Verbesserungsvorschlag an Leica gesendet, der aber bisher nicht erhört wurde. Stört das niemanden von euch? Oder habe ich eine Funktion an meiner SL2 übersehen?
  14. After shooting for a few minutes (or after a certain number of shots), the EVF displays a message that “burst shooting or recording in 4K is not available” (or something similar to that). Even though I am using a fresh battery, completely charged, the battery level quickly goes to the 50-75% range. I have the camera (SL2) set to shoot in high burst mode and I may get about 50 or so shots before this message is displayed. If you can only get 50 or so shots on high burst mode, this makes the battery/camera very limited if you need these high burst rates. Since I am new to Leica, I guess I have something set wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. Natural and Classic 709/2020 LUTs Homepage.7z
  16. In meinem fotographischen Einzugsgebiet liegt der Harz, und gestern versprach der Himmel zum wiederholten Male spannend zu werden. Anders als sonst hatte ich aber Zeit und auch die Chance noch einmal "auszurücken" (die Tour mit der Berliner Truppe um Hartmut aka @hartgraefkonnte ich im Juni ja leider nicht begleiten...) Gesagt getan, Sachen gepackt und im niedersächsischen Starkregen und Gewitter los ins Ilsetal. Als Ziel hatte ich mir in der Hoffnung von Nebelbänken den Ilse FELSEN überlegt, von wo man einen Bli ck über den bewaldeten Teil des Tales bis zum Brocken hat/ haben kann. Vom Parkplatz aus recht schnell nach links noch vor Erreichen der Ilse in den Wald war ich dann einigermaßen überrascht, dass die Wege gesperrt waren. Der Borkenkäfer und die Witterung/ Stürme haben eben doch deutlich mehr Spuren hinterlassen an den Bäumen als so manchem lieb ist. Entsprechend der doch eindeutig erhöhten Gefahr auf diesem Weg (im Hang liegen ungesicherte Stämme) hab ich mir angesichts des Wetters einen anderen (längeren) Weg gesucht um Zum Ziel zu kommen. Ich hab auch da ne ordentliche Packung Regen abbekommen, aber das ist sicher besser als Baumstämme....
  17. Hi all I've finally managed to invest into the Leica family with an SL2-S, which came with a 'M adapter T'. Does anyone know whether this is the same as the L adapter T, and will it let me use M lenses on the SL2-S in the same way? Any insight much appreciated, thanks very much
  18. As i am very busy at these strange times there a some moments i have to have a break. At one of these rare moments last sunday i went on a early morning trip to the harz mauntains, in order to be at the top the Brocken mountain at sunrise. It happened the way it had to.... some early morning light before sunrise... followed by a foggy cold morning at -6°C. At the top wind gusts aprox. 60 km/h. In conclusion: A perfect day. On the way back down the sun broke through and more hikers catched the moment. first lights #1
  19. Processed in Lightroom, Landscape or Color profiles, I find that boring grey skies are apt to carry a blue tinge (that becomes stronger as you approach blue hour). It certainly makes the pics look more lively, but it’s not what I remember seeing. If I set the sky to be grey using the temperature setting, the rest of the picture looks too warm. Have others noticed such quirks? Is there a solution (that doesn’t involve repainting the scene)?
  20. Hey , I can't find an angle viewfinder for the SL2. How do you manage to make low or high angle picture without using your phone. Is there any DIY that you can recommend? And apart of this: is there a menu point to mirror the image of the camera? If so we could just use a mirror or something reflective as a mirror. And yes I know that you can take the picture and alter the framing. But sometimes its quit nice to see what you are doing. I am enjoying both methods but I would like to achieve the method with more control. Curious how you solve this challenge. kind regards Peter
  21. I post process my SL 2 raws in Adobe Lightroom. It is generally fine, although, as seems common with Leica raws, the reds are a bit oversaturated. I tend to use the Landscape profile as it seems to have a slightly less contrasty tone curve than Color and the colours are a bit more vibrant. A typical workflow is to add a bit of vignetting, adjust white balance, push the auto exposure, for a starting point, normalise the black and white points to get the right amount of clipping, add 15 clarity and 5 dehaze, and Robert is your Mother’s brother. The SL2’s white balance is normally v good, but when it isn’t I find that Auto tends to result in an overly warm image, relative to the expected neutral. Similarly, taking the white balance reading from gray clouds seems to result in too much warming of the image, suggesting that the SL2 wants to render them blue, at least under the Landscape profile. (I get better results taking the white point from cloud highlights, where they are available and where it isn’t too close to sunset.) I also realise that the dehaze tends to add a bit of a blue cast. Has anyone a better recipe for getting better (more natural) colours out of the SL2?
  22. Hi all, first off want to thank everyone who contributes to the education and participation here, it’s a wonderful Leica community and grateful for it! Two part question: 1- who has had great experience with the SL2 for professional video? What blows my mind is that you have to use an external recorder to shoot any FPS over 29.97 in C4K Log mode for SL2, for professional use I believe it’s totally needed to shoot LOG in any of the frame rates yet the camera really only performs at its best with an external recorder, which may not want to use all the time — thus you are stuck with 29.FPS and below internally. To me shooting non LOG gives far too strong a “baked in” look. So, what external recorders are you using? Also are you adding the Leica vertical handgrip to help with power outages given how power hungry the camera is when doing video? 2- do you know if the SL2-S can do higher frame rates then 29fps in Log mode when shooting internally? many thanks for your thoughts on this! - Ben Jacks // www.Ben-jacks.com
  23. Exploring and reading about the SL2-S and looking for advice and comments please to help me choose which SL body is best for me. Have had original SL for several years - shoot with 24-90SL as well as a couple of ZEISS ZM. Amateur use only. I shoot 99% still photographs, don’t really understand much about video settings and options. I want: IBIS, improved SL2 grip/EVF/rear screen/menu system. I don’t print large so don’t ‘need 47MP. I was inclined to get an SL2 and shoot at medium res, keeping high res for specific tasks. SL2-S has me wondering.....looks like I can get all the upgrades I want and still get high res for specific tasks via multi shot. I guess the fact that the S is being described as a videographer’s camera is making me question myself. Anyone else in similar position, any comments? Thank you keeping high res for
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