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  1. Hi everyone, I´ve been looking for a good fit L-bracket for the SL2 lately and tried some options. I'd thought I´d share my findings with some pictures (below) to maybe help anyone out who's looking for an L-bracket for the SL2. The options I´ve tried are: Kirk ULB-1 3 Legged Thing Ellie Markins PV 100 & LV 170 For me personally I decided that the Markins is the best fit. It is also the lightest and generally has the smallest footprint thanks to the fact that it is possible to have the bracket part adjusted for a snug fit to the side of the camera. Obviously one
  2. Whenever I remove my SL2 battery, I lose all language, app, date and time settings, etc., and I'm forced to set them each time I remove the battery. Has anyone experienced this? I'm now charging with the usb-c port, but would like to figure this one out...... Cheers, Scott
  3. I'm planning a trip next year to Iceland. Mainly, I'll be shooting landscape and Northern lights Photos. I'll be taking a class and traveling with a small group of students and an instructor. I currently have an M10R and a 50 Summilux, 21 Super Elmar and a 35 Summilux. I will most likely take that as the backup since the weather can be cold and rainy. If it's nice out, I'll certainly use the M10R and especially the 21 for landscape shots. However, I am told by the instructor that I will need a weather proof body and lenses. I am planning on renting an SL2 (or maybe buying on
  4. In meinem fotographischen Einzugsgebiet liegt der Harz, und gestern versprach der Himmel zum wiederholten Male spannend zu werden. Anders als sonst hatte ich aber Zeit und auch die Chance noch einmal "auszurücken" (die Tour mit der Berliner Truppe um Hartmut aka @hartgraefkonnte ich im Juni ja leider nicht begleiten...) Gesagt getan, Sachen gepackt und im niedersächsischen Starkregen und Gewitter los ins Ilsetal. Als Ziel hatte ich mir in der Hoffnung von Nebelbänken den Ilse FELSEN überlegt, von wo man einen Bli ck über den bewaldeten Teil des Tales bis zum Brocken hat/ haben kann. Vom Par
  5. I was wondering if anyone has done side by side comparisons of the Sigma L mount 24-70 with the Leica Vario Elmarit 24-90. I find that I use my Sony a9 mostly as follows: 75% of the time I have the excellent 55mm Sony Zeiss 1.8 on it due to the best balance of size, weight, sharpness, bokeh, every day use 20% of the time I use the excellent zeiss batis 25mm 1.8 5% of the time I think about using my 70-200 f4 Sony or my excellent 24-70 Sony G master f2.8...and then decide I don't really want to carry it around, so I take the 25mm and the 55mm instead and alternate use. This
  6. I've been shooting with Sigma 100-400 for couple of months. As others have mentioned I find that this lens punches way above its price point in terms of IQ. Also due to its compact size and weight I find myself bringing this lens along far more often than I've ever done with a lens with 400mm reach. Today I decided to test the lens to try to answer a couple of questions I had about the lens: 1. I was finding some inconsistency in sharpness even when shooting on tripod. There's been speculation in various posts that this could be due to mechanical shutter. I wanted to test this o
  7. This may seem a bit obvious, but after having followed a general principle of having a 2 minute auto power off, and being left with 50% power after a day's walking and maybe 60 images, I decided to switch to a 10 second auto power off, and I'm finding I still have a full bar indicated after the same kind of use. If you've been unhappy with battery-life, I'd recommend playing with the power-off settings and seeing what improvements you can make. For information, I'm not experiencing significant start up delays either. Just touch the shutter button and everything's good to go pretty well imme
  8. Hey , I can't find an angle viewfinder for the SL2. How do you manage to make low or high angle picture without using your phone. Is there any DIY that you can recommend? And apart of this: is there a menu point to mirror the image of the camera? If so we could just use a mirror or something reflective as a mirror. And yes I know that you can take the picture and alter the framing. But sometimes its quit nice to see what you are doing. I am enjoying both methods but I would like to achieve the method with more control.
  9. Hi all, I've noticed there isn't a dedicated thread for editing L-Log footage, so I will begin one here. I realize that colouring and re-touching video is a very subjective field, but I wanted to see how others work within Leica's limited literature surrounding post-production in video. I've just updated my Atomos Ninja V to the latest firmware, which now allows for L-Log recording from leica (the past year with the SL2 was a little tedious working with both internally and externally recorded video footage). Now, with this update, BT2020 seems a lot nicer. I've just done my first vid
  10. Hi, I just got the SL2 couple of weeks ago. Upgrading from SL1, I expect the buffer size of DNG to be more than SL1. But it turns out the buffer of shooting DNG in hi speed burst is 26. I am using UHSii Sandisk with 300mb/s. Many reviews I have read claimed that 78 raw files can be taken with burst mode. I have tried to change the DNG file to JPG but the maximum buffer I can get is 44. Anyone has comments about this Thanks
  11. Two shots taken same day within a couple of minutes apart. One shot was taken with the SL2 single shot with SL16-35 and another with M10R with WATE. Both shots taken at ISO100 / M mode / F9 / 1/20 sec on tripod. Can you tell which shot is taken with SL2 + SL16-35mm lens? untitled-1001471 by sillbeers15 untitled-1020091 by sillbeers15
  12. Hi There Several people have asked me about this, and so it seemed to be worth doing it! All the files were originally shot on DNG - the sharpening and noise reduction sliders in Lightroom were all zeroed. The SL2 files were opened in Photoshop and the Image size reduced without any noise reduction help. They were then exported as 100% jpg quality 12 jpg files. I've then done an XY comparison zoomed in to approximately 100% and taken a screen shot. I'll put this on to the Review thread as well, but I thought it was worth putting it up as a separate thread. As you would expect -
  13. Hello there, I am looking to get some advice coming from a Sony A9, which I got not because I shoot action, but because I was drawn to the "no blackout" EVF. I have used and owned many Leicas in my day, including the MP film camera, the M9, M240, Q, and M10, and am currently "between" Leicas. I am wondering whether anyone can guide me with my next decision: Whether to sell the Sony A9 and the glass I own for it in order to get a Leica SL2 or SL2S, or to get the Leica M10R. I absolutely love the experience of looking through a glass viewfinder at the real world and I like to take a minima
  14. Hi Photogs Can anyone explain how the SL2 processes it’s multi shot images when set in multi-shot mode? I understand that the camera takes 8 different shots by moving the sensor 0.5 pixels each time. My question is does the camera merge these 8 images to produce the final 187 MB image or does it interpolate between each of the 8 images to produce the final result ? A couple of my multi-shots look like they have had mild HDR treatment which is not to everyone’s taste. Is that the intention or consequence of multi-shot images? Any advice welcome ! Thanks Dav
  15. Has anyone else noticed an issue when using AF with the SL2? CONTEXT - I'm working with VE 24-90 and VE 90-200 on the SL2. The same problem occurs with the Sigma 45 DG DN - so it's not a Leica lens specific problem. I usually default to field metering and AFS. However, I've recently set Intelligent AF as a default. At the moment (lockdown!) I'm mainly working with landscape photography while doing socially distanced treks in the area around where I live. ISSUE - I've started noticing that with Intelligent AF + Field (or ANY other relevant AF mode) the focus locks as normal on the se
  16. I wonder if anyone else if experiencing the SL2 freezing, no response, even if I switch off the OLED display and LCD panel still show information. This only seems to have happened after I updated to the latest firmware V2.0. The only action is to remove the battery and then start again. This has happened 2-3 times in the last week or so. So not immediately after the update, which is slightly more concerning.
  17. I'm currently wrestling with which lenses to keep / sell / add - and wonder if others are dealing with similar issues. At the moment I'm using two systems. L mount and M mount. The L mount system is one SL2 body and the following lenses: VE 24-90 VE 90-280 Sigma 45 f2.8 DG DN The M system is two M10 bodies and: 15 Voigtlander Super-wide Heliar III f4.5 28 Summicron Asph 35 Summicron Asph 50 Summilux Asph 50 Summarit f2.4 75 Summarit f2.4 90 Macro-Elmar + macro adapter 135 M Apo-Telyt f3.4 In the current circumstances, my daily carry everywhere is the
  18. I’m using an Atomos Ninja V 5” monitor driven by the SL2’s HDMI port. It displays the viewfinder image just fine, but none of the AF tracking and exposure data shown in the viewfinder. This gives me a very viewable display at low camera angles - the eyepiece no longer gets in the way, and I can actually see what I’m shooting. ** Is anyone else using an external monitor, and how do I get the AF tracking point and exposure info I see in the viewfinder to appear in the external monitor? Right now all I get is the viewfinder image. I have to place the AF tracking point in the mi
  19. Exploring and reading about the SL2-S and looking for advice and comments please to help me choose which SL body is best for me. Have had original SL for several years - shoot with 24-90SL as well as a couple of ZEISS ZM. Amateur use only. I shoot 99% still photographs, don’t really understand much about video settings and options. I want: IBIS, improved SL2 grip/EVF/rear screen/menu system. I don’t print large so don’t ‘need 47MP. I was inclined to get an SL2 and shoot at medium res, keeping high res for specific tasks. SL2-S has me wondering.....looks like I can get all the up
  20. For Using Leica's Historical line of Manual Focus Leica-M Lenses are the Leica SL, SL2, AND Nikon Z6, Z7, Bodies Essentially Equivalents? Same Ease Of Use? Same Easy focusing? Ease of Carry?
  21. Hi all, first off want to thank everyone who contributes to the education and participation here, it’s a wonderful Leica community and grateful for it! Two part question: 1- who has had great experience with the SL2 for professional video? What blows my mind is that you have to use an external recorder to shoot any FPS over 29.97 in C4K Log mode for SL2, for professional use I believe it’s totally needed to shoot LOG in any of the frame rates yet the camera really only performs at its best with an external recorder, which may not want to use all the time — thus you are stuck with 29
  22. Here is a place to post Thambar 90 pictures taken with a SL2 I have nothing to post of that kind, right now. However, I am on the list go get one of the new bodys in near future.
  23. Hallo zusammen, Da ich nun nach einigen Wochen durch das Forum gelernt habe das ich wohl statt zu einer R9 mit DMR zu einer SL greifen sollte, währe es nun interessant welche SL denn überhaupt in frage käme. Zudem währe es auch interessant einmal zu wissen welches Zubehör (hier denke ich an Filter, Fernauslöser, Stative, Objektive,…) sinnvoll währe. Vielen herzlichen Dank für alle Antworten HP
  24. Hallo zusammen, Da ich nun nach einigen Wochen durch das Forum gelernt habe das ich wohl statt zu einer R9 mit DMR zu einer SL greifen sollte, währe es nun interessant welche SL denn überhaupt in frage käme. Zudem währe es auch interessant einmal zu wissen welches Zubehör (hier denke ich an Filter, Fernauslöser, Stative, Objektive,…) sinnvoll währe. Vielen herzlichen Dank für alle Antworten HP
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