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  1. Hi all I've finally managed to invest into the Leica family with an SL2-S, which came with a 'M adapter T'. Does anyone know whether this is the same as the L adapter T, and will it let me use M lenses on the SL2-S in the same way? Any insight much appreciated, thanks very much
  2. Hey everyone. I buy new sl (2) . My sl2 is version ‘ROW’ . What’s different version ( EU, JP, US ) ?????
  3. After shooting for a few minutes (or after a certain number of shots), the EVF displays a message that “burst shooting or recording in 4K is not available” (or something similar to that). Even though I am using a fresh battery, completely charged, the battery level quickly goes to the 50-75% range. I have the camera (SL2) set to shoot in high burst mode and I may get about 50 or so shots before this message is displayed. If you can only get 50 or so shots on high burst mode, this makes the battery/camera very limited if you need these high burst rates. Since I am new to Leica, I guess I have something set wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Processed in Lightroom, Landscape or Color profiles, I find that boring grey skies are apt to carry a blue tinge (that becomes stronger as you approach blue hour). It certainly makes the pics look more lively, but it’s not what I remember seeing. If I set the sky to be grey using the temperature setting, the rest of the picture looks too warm. Have others noticed such quirks? Is there a solution (that doesn’t involve repainting the scene)?
  5. As i am very busy at these strange times there a some moments i have to have a break. At one of these rare moments last sunday i went on a early morning trip to the harz mauntains, in order to be at the top the Brocken mountain at sunrise. It happened the way it had to.... some early morning light before sunrise... followed by a foggy cold morning at -6°C. At the top wind gusts aprox. 60 km/h. In conclusion: A perfect day. On the way back down the sun broke through and more hikers catched the moment. first lights #1
  6. I'm planning a trip next year to Iceland. Mainly, I'll be shooting landscape and Northern lights Photos. I'll be taking a class and traveling with a small group of students and an instructor. I currently have an M10R and a 50 Summilux, 21 Super Elmar and a 35 Summilux. I will most likely take that as the backup since the weather can be cold and rainy. If it's nice out, I'll certainly use the M10R and especially the 21 for landscape shots. However, I am told by the instructor that I will need a weather proof body and lenses. I am planning on renting an SL2 (or maybe buying one, taking advantage of the deal with the free M adapter to use my M lenses) and renting a short, medium and longer focal length lens - 90-280, 24-70 f/2.8, etc for the beautiful landscape of Iceland - mountains, waterfalls, etc. However for the night time Northern Lights photos. I know that using a wide lens with a fast aperture is highly recommended. Since the SL2 is part of the L family, I was thinking Panasonic or Sigma for something wide and fast. First question - I've done a lot of research and and actually shot the Northern Lights when they came as far south as Michigan in 2004. I used a full frame Canon DSLR and the 16-35mm f/2.8, set it to ISO 200 with a 30 second exposure and got some pretty decent photos. However, I'd be curious what you have used in the past to capture the Northern Lights. What is the ideal L lens for shooting the Northern Lights in Iceland? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Ted
  7. Ich ärgere mich jedes mal darüber, dass ich beim Hineinzoomen in ein gerade geschossenes Foto immer irgendwo im Bild lande und nicht an der Stelle wo der Fokus zuvor beim Fotografieren festgelegt wurde. Was soll diese Sucherei? Wenn ich bei einem Porträt auf die Augen fokussiere, will ich bei der Bildkontrolle nicht irgendwo am Hals etc. landen, sondern genau auf den Augen. Bei anderen Marken wie z.B. Nikon klappt das immer! Ich habe vor Monaten schon einmal einen Verbesserungsvorschlag an Leica gesendet, der aber bisher nicht erhört wurde. Stört das niemanden von euch? Oder habe ich eine Funktion an meiner SL2 übersehen?
  8. Hi there, I am attempting to repair the battery terminal for the light meter on my SL2, which corroded and snapped off some years ago. I have seen a repair video for the same issue on an SL model on YouTube and it certainly looks achievable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXSjrAUj0EQ I am having trouble removing the bottom casing though. After removing the 2 screws and either end of the body, it's clear it is still fastened in the middle, however there is no drive hole to unscrew inside the tripod mount. It's possible that it has been stripped off if it's soft aluminium. I have attempted with a Robertson bits and Hex bits and there is nothing in there to grip - but I can also see that there is nothing to grip.... Is it different between the SL and SL2... or if it has been stripped, is there any other way to remove the screw/cover? Thanks in advance...
  9. Hate to say the SL2 video capabilities are seriously flawed at 4K recording and C4K. See the picture below. The main issues I ran into during a full day of video use (With the 50 APO SL and 35/1.2 Art): 1. 4K recording can only occur for 5 minutes or less on a full battery before error message “battery level too low for 4K recording”. (Changed batteries and encountered same issue so it’s not the battery) 2. C4K recording restricts AF usage, limited to only manual focus with the Sigma 35/1.2. 3. All AF capabilities during recording are very slow to focus, unable to switch faces during face/body detection (in the rare case it captures a face), the AF box may at times capture 2-3 bodies and choose to “average” the focus distance. 4. No compressed 4K recording at 50mbps or less. 5. Video Focus peaking’s highlighted/colored areas do not match still focus peaking highlighted areas. 6. No way to magnify the video during capture to check focus. Unfortunately the error message for battery doesn’t show up until 30 seconds after you hit record video. So it ruined a nice Xmas morning moment with the family, when I set up the tripod, hit record, then joined the wife/baby. 5 minutes later, I check the camera and only 30 seconds or less were recorded and the moment gone. Last year my A7r3 recorded 4K full width of sensor till the battery went to 0%. AF easily moved from eye to eye of subjects, focus peaking was accurate and easily seen, and it held tons of video in a UHS-1 SD Card. For a camera that touts it video recording, my iPhone did better (actually much better), and then I had to grab my xpro3 for the rest of the day. how did Leica release a camera with such terrible firmware?? ASIDE from video, just off the top of my head, I recall: terrible accuracy and reliability issues with AF-c tracking, complete lack of eye-AF all together, blurry EVF view in magnified mode for AF-s and manual focus, no AF-s abilities at all while in magnified live view, terrible reliability with tethering (can’t tether to an iPad with two SD cards in the camera due to a firmware bug), nonlinear focusing in manual focus on the Summicron SL lenses. That’s all I encountered, im sure there’s more to report. I haven’t encountered a small percentage of such obvious firmware issues with the xpro3, a7r3, A7r4, Nikon z7, or gfx50r.
  10. Some impressions from today, as i was asked to take some pics with the new Panasonic 24/50/85 lenses (all of them at min f1.8). I am testing not like others by taking pics from a wall, the lenses have to proof themselves by working with them. Of course the pics are postprcessed as all of my pics but in short conclusion you will get good working lenses with good results. There might be some differences in pixlpeeping in high end prints (and on screen at 100% view) but this is not the normal view. In this setting from todays morning i went into the cathedral, unfortunately i did not realize the beginning of the church service and it was too late to leave the tomb of henry the Lion and his wife Mathilde when the bells started to ring.... 24mm:
  11. Hi, I shoot a lot of commercials.I bought sl2 this time.An incident occurred during the first commercial shoot using sl2.The picture came in well on the capturer one, and there was no problem taking it.Then, at some point, the camera went completely out of order.Touch screens are not available and power buttons are not available.If a stop occurs, the battery must be forcibly removed.And when we film again, things go well, and at some point, af stutters.It stops again.This phenomenon continued to occur on the set.Usage environment - macbook pro, capturer one, ether cable (usb C), sd card not usedI'll connect the link. I would appreciate it if you could check and tell me the cause.Laika only says it's an SD card problem even if there's no problem at all.There's no problem, so there's nothing I can do for you.It's so frustrating. https://youtu.be/A8ubSdv87nY SL2 All functions stopped.
  12. Hi everyone, I´ve been looking for a good fit L-bracket for the SL2 lately and tried some options. I'd thought I´d share my findings with some pictures (below) to maybe help anyone out who's looking for an L-bracket for the SL2. The options I´ve tried are: Kirk ULB-1 3 Legged Thing Ellie Markins PV 100 & LV 170 For me personally I decided that the Markins is the best fit. It is also the lightest and generally has the smallest footprint thanks to the fact that it is possible to have the bracket part adjusted for a snug fit to the side of the camera. Obviously one cannot access any of the ports with the bracket mounted like that, but I don't usually need to. Obviously the Markins is also easily adjusted to extend the bracket part so that the ports are accessible. The Kirk comes in second for me, what I don't like about it on the SL2 is that the bottom main screw for the tripod socket is only adjustable "sideways" and the preset positions are not a good fit for the SL2´s tripod screw that is relatively far towards the back of the camera. Also the bracket part is not adjustable in distance to the body. However, with it mounted it is possible to still easily open the bottom port flap to access the USB-C port for example for charging. The 3 Legged Thing gave me a "gimmicky" impression. It felt a bit wobbly, probably because of the gap in the bracket part (that obviously also has advantages for cable management, I don't need this though). It also comes fairly close to the strap lugs and could cause issues when using a strap. Hope this helps anyone looking for an L-Bracket for their SL2. On a side note, I'm not a big fan of the RRS way of designing brackets for the SL range. They make an already large camera even larger and are also heavier than the other options. However, once they come out with their SL2 version I´ll probably have a second look... I also have some more pictures with different perspectives, let me know if you're interested (didn't want to clutter the thread too much)😀
  13. Whenever I remove my SL2 battery, I lose all language, app, date and time settings, etc., and I'm forced to set them each time I remove the battery. Has anyone experienced this? I'm now charging with the usb-c port, but would like to figure this one out...... Cheers, Scott
  14. In meinem fotographischen Einzugsgebiet liegt der Harz, und gestern versprach der Himmel zum wiederholten Male spannend zu werden. Anders als sonst hatte ich aber Zeit und auch die Chance noch einmal "auszurücken" (die Tour mit der Berliner Truppe um Hartmut aka @hartgraefkonnte ich im Juni ja leider nicht begleiten...) Gesagt getan, Sachen gepackt und im niedersächsischen Starkregen und Gewitter los ins Ilsetal. Als Ziel hatte ich mir in der Hoffnung von Nebelbänken den Ilse FELSEN überlegt, von wo man einen Bli ck über den bewaldeten Teil des Tales bis zum Brocken hat/ haben kann. Vom Parkplatz aus recht schnell nach links noch vor Erreichen der Ilse in den Wald war ich dann einigermaßen überrascht, dass die Wege gesperrt waren. Der Borkenkäfer und die Witterung/ Stürme haben eben doch deutlich mehr Spuren hinterlassen an den Bäumen als so manchem lieb ist. Entsprechend der doch eindeutig erhöhten Gefahr auf diesem Weg (im Hang liegen ungesicherte Stämme) hab ich mir angesichts des Wetters einen anderen (längeren) Weg gesucht um Zum Ziel zu kommen. Ich hab auch da ne ordentliche Packung Regen abbekommen, aber das ist sicher besser als Baumstämme....
  15. I can't get the SL2 to fire in High Speed Sync with the SF60 flash in manual. It only works in TTL for High Sync. The High Speed symbol lights up in manual when you go past 1/250 but the flash doesn't fire. Has anyone gotten it to work in manual? Thanks
  16. I must be the most unluckiest Leica owner. Having had a defective Noctilux and multiple cracked lens hoods, today my 8 month old SL2 stopped working and will not power up at all. It is now on its way back to Germany at a time when I most need the camera. These failures suggest that there are serious quality control and quality assurance processes in place at Leica. Given the price of these products, such failures simply should not occur. Has anybody else experienced a similar SL2 failure or had an equally bad experience with Leica products ?
  17. Ist jemanden bekannt ob in Zukunft Zwischenringe für die Leica SL Objektive geplant sind, um die minimale Distanz zu veringern, oder gar ein Makroobjektiv ?
  18. Hello there, I am looking to get some advice coming from a Sony A9, which I got not because I shoot action, but because I was drawn to the "no blackout" EVF. I have used and owned many Leicas in my day, including the MP film camera, the M9, M240, Q, and M10, and am currently "between" Leicas. I am wondering whether anyone can guide me with my next decision: Whether to sell the Sony A9 and the glass I own for it in order to get a Leica SL2 or SL2S, or to get the Leica M10R. I absolutely love the experience of looking through a glass viewfinder at the real world and I like to take a minimalist approach to what gear I carry. I never "spray and pray," even with the A9, at most I focus once, recompose and shoot. I don't always hit focus with the M cameras, and sometimes I get a little stressed by the fact that you cannot see the exact framing of the image, and many of the lenses (such as the Summicron 35mm M I still own) do not focus on close subjects. So I guess what I am saying is that I am struggling with the pros and cons of both systems. The M system is near and dear to me, but I don't always get focus or framing when under a little pressure. The SL2S intrigues me as a good way to replace my Sony A9, sacrificing Sony's autofocus madness, button layout, and pages of frustrating menus, for a more sublime Leica experience, but seems a little heavy. The reason I was thinking of SL2S versus M10R is that the resolution of the M10R would allow me to "fix" the framing if I don't get it perfect, where on the SL2S I would be seeing exactly what I would get before I shoot, so the extra resolution would probably not be needed as much. Of course I would love to own both someday Note: I am not a professional photographer. I like shooting street, landscape and sometimes non-studio portraits. I like Leica because of the simplicity of use, the connection to film days, and because of the dedicated dials for ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture. If the M10D had a film advance lever that worked, I probably would have pulled the plug on that baby! And if the Sony A9 had dedicated dials (and less of them) and about 10 pages less of options (animal eye auto focus - wow!) I would consider keeping it. Thanks for any advice you may have!
  19. Maybe someone can help. on a few shoots not the Flash in TTL or A does not fire. Looks like this happens when the background in lighter . but in many case I place subject in the same and want to add some lighting the front. Does anybody has a solution? I have been using TTL to be able to shoot at higher exposures. this has been happening all the time, the flash didn't ever fire, it is not overheated.
  20. Apologies if this topic is already in the system by me, but for some reason I could not find what I had posted. Anyway the issue I seem to be having since updating the firmware to v2.0 is that I have had a couple of crashes, or my camera locking up. The on/off button does nothing, the OLED display and LCD are still on. The only remedy to reset is to remove the battery. So far its happened 3 times. Anybody else experiencing this?
  21. I wonder if anyone else if experiencing the SL2 freezing, no response, even if I switch off the OLED display and LCD panel still show information. This only seems to have happened after I updated to the latest firmware V2.0. The only action is to remove the battery and then start again. This has happened 2-3 times in the last week or so. So not immediately after the update, which is slightly more concerning.
  22. Hi, I just got the SL2 couple of weeks ago. Upgrading from SL1, I expect the buffer size of DNG to be more than SL1. But it turns out the buffer of shooting DNG in hi speed burst is 26. I am using UHSii Sandisk with 300mb/s. Many reviews I have read claimed that 78 raw files can be taken with burst mode. I have tried to change the DNG file to JPG but the maximum buffer I can get is 44. Anyone has comments about this Thanks
  23. Is it possible to couple an iPhone to the SL2 so that it can be easily used to view from the front of a vertical copy setup with the camera facing down (e.g an enlarger or Bencher type arrangement). I want to be able to copy slides, 35mm/6x6 negatives and prints. If this can be done are there special cables or connectors that are best to use?
  24. The lack of a tilting display on the SL2 makes it difficult to shoot from low or other than eye level angles. Has anyone tried to put a secondary display, say mounted on the flash shoe so that it becomes easy to see the with low or difficult angles. I saw using the Atomos Ninja for also recording video. Can the iPhone mounted on the hot shoe be a possibility or any other display option?
  25. After many years with Canon 5Ds I made the move to Leica M (240) in December 2016. I’ve chopped and changed the kit around so now I have : Leica M10 with 21mm/35mm f1.2 Voigtlander/50mm Summilux, 50mm collapsible Elmar (1954),90mm and 135mm - all Leica unless specified Leica Q my favourite camera EVER! Leica S-E (typ 006) with a 70mm f2.5, 120mm macro Ive even got and use a Sofort and a 1958 M3 single stroke ( used mainly with the Elmar) I’ve also had and sold a Monochrom ( CCD Sensor - imho the best rendering) I bought the S-E for studio work which due to illness I may not be able to do or at least very little. I am considering using the S-E as a part exchange on a Leica SL and either a 24mm-90mm or a 75mm lens ( preferable ) and the M to SL converter. after a long preamble my question is if I was to trade for an SL should it be for the Mark I or the SL2. Obviously I may need to add cash but your thoughts would be helpful. I shoot 90% Portraits of which 80% are in the outside world almost street ( hence 75mm lens ). The other 10% is my abstract art and I would use whatever I need ( Start with Q and M3 ) thank you in advance
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