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  1. I personally, would like to see smaller, more portable TL lenses and I would sacrifice speed. For instance, a pancake 28mm f3.5 TL. The 35 1.4 is too big IMHO to use on a portable CL body - for under $2K, hopefully.
  2. A fast Leica wide prime would probably cost around $4K. I'm not sure if that lens would be popular for the average CL owner. The 35 1.4 TL costs $2,800.
  3. Point taken. I sold my CL but would look at a CL2. I need to go out and take more pictures!! 😁
  4. I think we should consider that we are all still dealing with a pandemic so shouldn't expect the same level of service prior to Covid-19. But the above advice to find a local dealer is prudent, IMHO.
  5. I would send to my local Leica dealer/repairer and then have them send it to Germany.
  6. I don't know what additional TL lenses are needed? With the M-L adapter, you have all the M-lenses available to use. The current prime range is 18, 23, 35, and 60 with a few zooms added. I think a CL2 w/IBIS, weather-proofing and more MP would be good.
  7. I have the VisoFlex for my M10D and I only use it when I have trouble using the RF for focusing such as in dim situations. I don't like to keep it on, honestly so I don't really see a need for an upgrade. When I need constant EVF, I pull out my handy Q2. Cheers! CJ 😁
  8. You are using the CL w/manual focusing M-glass. I would think an RF body would be a short distance to manually focusing lenses. I use both a Q2 and M10D / M9M and am starting to enjoy using a RF. Focusing is a slower but I'm getting faster with it; it's enjoyable.
  9. cj3209

    M9 MC

    Nah, I bought the Leica 50mm F2 separately. It's a nice compact lens; I didn't want the larger F1.4. Still getting used to the 'clunkiness' of shooting with it but it's an enjoyable camera to shoot with and the IQ is surprising.
  10. Something about the M9M's tonality...just took some shots - finally had a chance to get out...
  11. cj3209

    M9 MC

    That was a very interesting article. thx for sharing.
  12. This made me laugh. Thank you.
  13. cj3209

    M9 MC

    LOL, yes sorry, MC means monochrome. But i can't change/edit my title... What is the official name for the M9 monochrom? Is it MM1?
  14. cj3209

    M9 MC

    I was excited to get a pre-owned M9 Monochrom in excellent condition with very few shots and a new sensor. Good looking camera, I have to admit. Coming from a Q2, honestly, the control/settings layout is a bit dated. But the pics show promise (I have to go out and shoot more). And the mechanical shutter sound and the file write delay...whoah. The settings offer two modes: soft and discreet. Both are so loud, forget about using this camera for wildlife shooting - it would scare away a bear. And the slow file write is...interesting. But if the pics live up to expectations,
  15. thank you, Prof! CJ 😁
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