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  1. Hello Everyone this is my first post here. Let me quickly introduce myself. i‘m reto, living in Switzerland and do photography as a hobby for about 6years now. Started with fuji and then switched to sony (a7riii). Love the camera but after 1 year I noticed that i only shoot M mount lenses eith the adapter.. the camera itself produces nice pictures but doesnt make any fun to use (at least for me). I have a Voigtlander Besa R2M which i love.. but doesnt use that often since film is so expensive.. my current gear: Sony A7rIII voigtlander 35mm 1.7 Ultron Zeiss Sonnar 50mm 1.5 My concern now is: I would love to own a Leica since more than 3 years.. but couldn’t afford any until today. Now I have the wallet to afford my first M. I mostly photograph during travels (Bikepacking, Backpacking), lifestyle portraits and Landscape (hiking, climbing) and I do love astrophotography (milkyway) I dont want to carry more than 2-3 lenses. 21mm for landscape (have to buy a 21 first) 35mm for everday use and 50mm for portrait. I want to buy my first leica M now. what would you go for? I can get… M11 used for 7200€ M10R for 5750€ M10 for 4000€ I factor thos things as most important to me: - battery life (i‘m spoiled with my sony!) i dont want to carry 2-3 spare batteries plus a charger.. - image quality (DR, and iso performance, shutterspeed, since i like to shoot at 1.5f in bright daylight) i dont need 60mp.. would ratter use 38mp or max 40mp on the m10r. - reliability. The camera will be a tool for me.. i will use it during bikepacking, climbing, etc. M11. go all in on the m11 (but i read that there are some issuses with freezing and so on). If i get the m11 i cannot buy another lens for a while. M10R. I save a few bucks if i get the m10R instead of the M11.. can safe that money for another lens.. but maybe have the feelings I‘m missing out because I dont get the newst camera. M10. Is by far the cheapest at 4k. I can easily buy a lens and camera at the same time. What would you go for? i dont really know in which direction I should go. Is the M11 really that much better or is it just my GAS. Would the M10R be a good compromise? many thanks for your advice & have a great one! reto
  2. Using the Leica SF24D and an M10, when I half-press the shutter release the live view on the LCD almost completely blacks out. This only happens when the flash is ON. It doesn't matter if the flash is in M, A, or TTL mode, It doesn't matter if the flash mode in the camera is set to beginning of or end of exposure (first curtain or second curtain). This completely defeats the use of LV with a flash. Is this a known issue and/or am I missing something? Thanks.
  3. A few years ago, I bought an original battery for the Leica M10. It lay in the closet for several years, and finally, I decided to use it. However, my disappointment is considerable. The battery won't charge. After inserting it into the charger, the green diode flashes slowly first. Then this LED flashes faster. Again after a while, the green and orange LEDs flash quickly, and it has been going on for hours. Should I assume that a reasonably expensive battery has broken from disuse? Maybe someone knows some method to revive such a battery?
  4. For every +/- 100 images shot digitally there is also one film exposed on my cameras. Do you have a specific workflow combining analog and digital?
  5. My first post, so correct me if there are any issues. I tried to post under M10 but couldn't find a category for accessories. LeicaRumors.com posted about a modular grip for the M10 line and another for the M11 from IDS (Initial Design Studios). The design looks appealing, especially since on the M10 line it appears to give access to the battery and memory card by substituting the base plate with theirs which has a fold-down door. It also has three choices of grip pads and a modular ARCA rail. The site looks legitimate. However there are no comments on the few YouTube videos and no references to reviews. Has anyone had any experience ordering from them, and if so, how was it and what's your opinion of the grip system? I'm personally looking for one for an M10 Monochrom.
  6. Given the history that exists for the price of Leica Cameras upon launch of a new model what do you think the rumoured M10 will cost retail. After saving for a very long time I am predicting that I will purchase my first Digital Leica M . I am hopeful that the details regarding the rumoured M10 will be somewhat clearer at the critical time where I have to choose which model to buy. If I decide that the M10 is the best option then I may have to save harder and longer hence my interest in opinions regarding the predicted retail price. Bo
  7. There could be wide, standard and telephoto settings. My Contax G2 had a magnifying viewfinder which worked very well. Wide with 21 and 24 and 28mm markings Standard with 35 and 50mm Telephoto with 75, 90 and 135mm
  8. Some interesting thoughts on the Leica M10 (29MP sensor, hybrid viewfinder, live view, video recording, MAESTRO processor?) | Leica News & Rumors
  9. I seem to be having a serious issue with my soft release button on my M10... IT WALKED AWAY...! M10 really brilliant otherwise. My M9 is away having its sensor replaced. Still not sure whether I will keep it, though it is quite beloved (or as the service receipts I receive back from Leica always describe: "strong traces of using"...). Also, a big thumbs-up ... not for the actual Thumbs Up, but the Thumbie, which you can see attached. Keeps the hotshoe available for a flash/trigger (sacrilege, etc.; yes, I know - but it works quite well). And somehow (more sacrilege!!) with the slightly thinner M10 body, I've found that I need both that and a case to prevent hand fatigue, compared with 6 years going with a 'bare' M9.
  10. I just now happened to stumble upon this essay on the M10 Monochrom which is accompanied by a nice set of sample images. In thinking about the concept of a black and white only digital camera in general and about the M10 Monochrom in particular, I was smitten with a thought that I cannot shake free of: The M 10 Monochrom may well be the pinnacle of the digital M camera. It is going to be an awfully hard act to follow. If anyone can best the M10 Monochrom, it would have to be the gents and ladies of Werzlar. https://www.popphoto.com/story/gear/hands-on-leica-m10-monochrome/
  11. As background, some years ago Leica produced a collectable M9 Titan, all titanium including the 35mm 'lux. Part of the kit that came with it was a very nice holster and also three sizes of finger loops. These finger loops attached directly to the side of the M9. The combination worked superbly. Now, to get the same functionality with an M10 you need to buy a hand grip ($us415) plus a finger loop ($us135 each). $us650 just to get the finger loop function when it was designed into the M9 years ago, without having to fit a new bottom on the camera. See https://www.kenrockwell.com/leica/m9/titanium.htm to see the attached finger loop. The current offering is clunky and unnecessarily complex. Leica where are you? When can we see that M9 Titan finger loop on an M10 or M11? btw the holster with the M9 Titan looked and worked well, except for no top strap. It meant that if one bent over too far the camera fell out. I notice that newer holsters have such a strap, though it slows down a quick draw. The guy with the Titan will shoot first. Meanwhile, does any third party make finger loops that attach direct to the M10? The Wotancraft wrist strap is close, but not good enough.
  12. Saw this today. Is this the first sign that an M11 is on the horizon? If so, the turnaround is faster than I thought. https://leicarumors.com/2020/05/20/leica-m10-silver-camera-listed-as-discontinued-at-bh.aspx/
  13. Hola everyone, I hope you are having a beautiful day. I just would like to share with you an article I published in my Journal: https://dennisberti.com/my-journal/leica-m10-menu-settings It's pretty basic, with all my essential settings. If you a new in the Leica world, it could be interesting reading. If you are an experienced user like most of you in the LUF, you can just skip the words and take a look at the screen photos. So you can compare my settings with yours, and share your feedback here. Good vibes, D.
  14. Hi everyone, I've used my M7 for a very long time and my M9 for a little less. I am interested in buying an M10-P (or maybe M10 undecided on that), so I am looking forward to the local Leica shop opening up soon in the next few weeks. I shoot mainly portraits (raw) but sometimes I go for leica jpgs too. On my M9 I've set saturation to medium low and contrast to high. Would any M10 owners who've shot portraits (indoor or outdoor, natural light or artificial) share their M10/M10-P jpg portraits taken at exactly those settings? Saturation: medium low (I believe only "low" is an option - stand to be corrected Contrast: high Thank you and stay safe, Oliveir
  15. 카메라 m10을 보면서 뭔가를 찾았습니다. 빨간색 표시에 반짝이는 접착제가 있습니다. 다른 카메라는 이런가요? Looking at camera m10, I found something. There is a shiny adhesive on the red mark. Are other cameras like this?
  16. Liebe Mitglieder, ich habe jetzt eine ganze Zeit lang das Forum durchsucht, aber leider kein passendes Thema gefunden. Kann mir jemand aus der Erfahrung heraus berichten, wie zuverlässig der Auto-Weißabgleich in den verschiedenen M10-Modellen ist? Ich habe da (wie viele Männer) ein kleines Rot-Grün-Problem. Daher bin ich bei Farbaufnahmen auf die Unterstützung des Auto-Weißabgleiches angewiesen. Es ist in der Praxis eher schwierig ständig mit Graukarte zu arbeiten.. Vielen Dank Timo
  17. Take it with a grain of salt but I saw on LeicaRumors that the M10 will be added to Leica's a la carte program in a few months... http://leicarumors.com/2017/02/13/leica-m10-camera-to-be-added-to-the-a-la-carte-program-in-the-next-few-months.aspx/ It would be interesting if this is how they handle the "MP" version of the M10...i.e. order via a la carte program...
  18. Hi Guys, Has anyone tried the newly released Handevision IBERIT series of lenses on your M camera? Just looking for some input on what looks to be a valuable alternative. Thanks. Robert E
  19. We're happy to announce that we'll be hosting a monthly social meet up and photo walk, named Bristol Leica Social. The first meeting will be on April 1st, 2017, and on the first Saturday of every month thereafter. We'll be meeting at the store on Baldwin St (3 alliance house, Baldwin St, BS1 1SA) at 9am. We'll be heading out from the store in self picked groups to take images around the centre, aiming to meet at a café at 12 noon to compare images and discuss all things Leica. The shop will be open as usual, and we will be here as usual to have a chat or demo any items (depending on stock availability) There is no cost to attend, but attendees are encouraged to bring money for any refreshments required as you walk around. Leica users of all kinds are welcome, and so are those who don't own a Leica but wish to learn more about the brand and the beautiful products that they offer. For current updates and more information, we have an event page on our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lcebristol/.
  20. Hello everyone! I'm new here, nice to meet you. It's a little bit of a let down to see the M10 doesn't have a "real" BULB mode but it's limited to 125s. Similar to the Leica Q... It's also weird that the time is ISO dependent. I was wondering, why is that? The SL gets to 30min for example or the D810 can up to 1h30min and beyond i T mode. Thanks for your time, Tomas.
  21. Guest

    Bottom plate small metal pin

    Can someone tell me the importance of the pin in the bottom plate? I was advised when removing the bottom plate to keep it as a spare in my camera bag, whilst using the grip because this pin which I have marked makes an electrical connection when the bottom plate is fixed in place. Without the plate the camera does not take photos as far as I can see. I think this pin rests on the SD card outer enclosure when the plate is in place. Just curious that's all, it is in way a problem to me, just curious.
  22. Hi All, I recently just purchsed the Leica M10 (upgraded from the M240), and would like to seek your advice on which of the 2 lenses above I should get. I have attached the following list of bodies and lenses that I currently have. M10 M6 Konica Hexanon 60mm F1.2 Leica 50mm F2 Summicron APO Leica 35mm F2 Summicron Version 2 (8 elements) I shoot with my digial M 95% of the time (well I did only just recently purchased the M6) with my 50APO. I plan on using the 8 Elements more on the M6 for Black and White photography. So now that I am looking to add a wide angle lens, which of the 2 would you recommend? I know many people say that it's best to pair a 28mm with a 50mm, and a 24mm with a 35mm; and that 28 would work better if I wish to shoot some street + landscape, whereas the 24mm will be better for pure landscape. But do both lenses render really differently? Is it that much more convenient knowing that u do not need an EVF for the Elmarit? Could the Elmar be used for some street photography as well? And since the 28mm is much newer, does it have something the other doesn't? I would really appreciate if those of you who own / have used both lens could let me know your thoughts on both lenses performance wise, and which would you pick if you were me. Thanks a bunch! Cheers, Jeffrey
  23. Moin, hat schon jemand es geschafft, die M10 über die App mit dem Smartphone zu verbinden? Bin da am Verzweifeln - und dabei von Fuji und Nikon einiges gewöhnt.... Ja, Handbuch habe ich gelesen und auch so umgesetzt... Und ja, ich habe tatsächlich schon eine Danke für eure Hilfe. Viele Grüße Stefan
  24. Leica M10 Hands-On Field Test
  25. Hallo, ich bin absolut neu im Laca-Club ;-) Jetzt habe ich am Anfang im jpg und dng parallel fotografiert und habe folgendes festgestellt. Die Farben der Leica-Jpg-Daten sind der Wahnsinn. Doch sobald Lightroom für die DNG-Daten die Vorschauen rendert ist der tolle Look verschwunden ;-( Mit Einstellungen und Presets komme ich nicht an den originalen Look der Jpg-Daten ran, würde aber gerne im DNG-fotografieren. Gibt es eine "Workaround", Presets oder wie erhält man die Farben von Leica bei den DNG's und kann diese trotzdem bearbeiten. Vielen dank für die Hilfe, ~Alexey
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