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  1. Does anybody know why Leica does not produce red filters for the monochrome or B/W film cameras? I know there are yellow, green and orange filters, but no red filter.
  2. Did you need the yellow filter for the clouds? Could similar or same be achieved post? Having specified a Q2M I wonder whether I should be looking out to fit yellow or orange glass in front of all that nice Q2M design?
  3. Hey everyone. I recently got my hands on a summicron 50mm v4 that comes with a 12585 hood. Fantastic lens by the way. But I’m having trouble to use a 39mm thread filter together with the hood. When the filter is threaded on the lens, the hood simply cannot go all the way in, because the filter is blocking the thin edge in the middle of the lens hood, which is narrower than the size of the filter. Does anyone have experience using the 12585 hood with filters? Which ones will work with it? I’m using filters for protection of the glass. thanks! Frank
  4. Have to say I agree with this excellent article: http://blog.mingthein.com/2016/03/21/to-filter-or-not-to-filter/#more-12270 "The main reason I avoid filters (except for the usage cases above) is because I often do see a difference. Aside from the obvious scenario of shooting into light sources and seeing significant ghosting, the problem is if you’re using an Otus – anything you put on the front of it, Zeiss’ own filters included, will visibly degrade contrast. It seems that the planar filters introduce reflections that simply weren’t an issue previously with the concave front elements o
  5. I'm starting a thread for anyone who would like to create, and share full color images by shooting three black and white photos of the same subject. The technique is called Trichrome Photography, and it was used to create the first color image in 1861. Here's some early examples http://tricrhomephoto.tumblr.com/ Creating a color image from three black and white photographs is done by using a different color filter in front of the lens for each exposer (Red, Green, and Blue.) When those three black and white color records are combined, a full color image is created. Today, the easy way to
  6. Does anyone have experience using ND filters or variable ND filters on their M240, with Voigtländer lenses? Specifically I would like to be able to use a 58 mm filter ( to fit the Heliar 15 v.iii ) and a 49 and 52 mm step up ring with the 58 mm filter for use with the Nokton 50 1.5 and Nokton 35 1.2. Does anyone know if this will work with the stock hoods, or can I not use the hoods? Will the filter fit within the hoods? Trying to not have to buy 3 different size filters. The hood on the 15mm is non removable, but very small. Thanks, Brent PS looking at the Hoya and B+W specifically. The
  7. Regrettably RG Lewis, a Leica Premier dealership in London has closed its doors after more than 100 years of trading because its proprietor is retiring. I was in Croydon Photo Centre yesterday (formerly called High Street Radio and Photographic), which is a family business owned by 84 year old Reg Roach and has specialised in Leica and Roberts radio products for over 50 years. Reg's son Paul showed me a large amount of Leica accessories (hoods, filters, caps, Visoflexs, adaptors etc) that Len at RG Lewis had passed on to the shop when he shut the doors at RG Lewis. Croydon Photo Centre a
  8. Hallo an alle Leica (Qualitäts)Nutzer, Kann mir jemand sagen wo man die filtergewinde von den alten Leica objektive nachlesen kann oder kann mir jemand gleich hier antworten? Mir würden die objektive interessieren: Leica Hektor f=13,5 cm 1:4,5 Nr. 982599 Leica Elmar f=9 cm 1:4 Nr. 1082095 Leica Telyt f=20 cm 1:4,5 Nr. 1072779 Vielen dank im voraus Robert Klotz
  9. I would like to purchase some filters for the M10 + Summilux 35 FLE, and I am not sure which are the best in terms of ease of use (screw on with hood, stacking, vignetting). I am about to order these: UV: http://www.leicashop.com/brandnew_de/filter/leica-filter/leica-filter-uva-ii-46mm-schwarz-skul13033.html ND: http://www.leicashop.com/brandnew_de/filter/leica-nd-filter/leica-filter-nd-16x-46mm-schwarz-skul13055.html Polarizer: http://www.leicashop.com/brandnew_de/filter/b-w-pol-filter/b-w-circular-polfilter-ksm-e46mm-mrc-f-pro-skubw82658.html
  10. Hi there, I recently purchased an M6 and plan to shoot black and white film with my 35 Summicron Version 2 8 Element lens. I read that many people use either the orange / yellow filter when it comes to shooting monochrome, I would just like to get your thoughts on which one serves better as an all purpose lens? And how exactly are they different when applied? Thanks! Regards, Jeffrey
  11. I'm in the process of ordering a APO Leica-R Elmarit 100mm F/2.8. My understanding is it has a filter-size of E 60. What does that mean? Can I get a regular B+W 60mm UV filter or is there a special filter I have to get for this? B&H sells Leica filters that are "E 60" but they're a fortune! If a regular B+W works that would be a great relief. On another related question, this lens was made in 1986, the first year they came out with this particular lens. Should I get a UV lens or a clear lens, given that it was made when FILM was the only medium? What happens if I got a clear
  12. Hi all, I recently hit on a Summicron 50mm and bought it. Now I need a ND filter, preferably a variable one, as I'll be shooting open. Could you recommend me one ? I live in Europe and would appreciate if you can also tell me where I can buy it. Sometimes it's hard to find a certain model. Thanks and wish you all a good weekend. N.
  13. Liebes Forum, ich bin frisch beigetreten , verzeiht mir falls ich meine Frage hier am völlig falschen Ende poste... Ich nutze an meiner Leica M4-P seit kurzem das Voigtländer Color Skopar 50mm F2.5. Allein schon zum Schutz der Linse hätte ich gerne einen Filter drauf, kann mich aber im Dschungel der ganzen M39 Filter nicht wirklich zurecht finden. Was würdet ihr mir empfehlen? UV oder einfach nur Schutzglas? Gibt es vielleicht ein Produkt, das sich besonders bewährt hat? Ich fotografiere meistens auf Fuji Superia X-TRA 400, Ilford HP5 und Ilford XP2. Filterdurchmesser wie oben
  14. Excuse my ignorance. I've recently acquired a lux 35mm s/n 3474710 and 12504 hood which clicks on the front. Question - what is the thread at the front of the lens for? I read online that this little beauty doesn't take filters without the 12504 hood, so whats the purpose of the thread?
  15. Just in case somebody needs rare-sized hoods or filters, e.g., for the Summarit 50mm f/1.5, and doesn't mind a third-party item, check out HeavyStar (HeavyStar Photo Gears Home Page). They make a vented metal hood for the Summarit 50mm f/1.5 that would actually stack onto an E43 filter, and supply an E41 to E43 step up ring with it. So I can use 43mm filters between the step up ring and the hood. I've also purchased a 39-43mm step up ring for a Summicron 50mm f/2 Dual Range, so I'll be able to use the same filters and hood with it as with the Summarit. The hood itself comes with a cap, and
  16. Hi, guys. Just wondering about everybody's opinion regarding Leica filters. Are they really worth it? How about other brands - Heliopan? Hoya? Others? Thanks. Rosie
  17. When I get my new Noctilux f/.95 in the next few weeks should I get some ND filters so I can use it set to .95 during the day. Most of you say B+W are the best so what values do you think I need?
  18. Seit gestern ist die neue Version von Nik lieferbar. Einige neue Filter, verbesserte Bedienung. Eine Demoversion gibt's zum Download auf der Herstellerseite, das Upgrade kostet 99 Euro. Mir gefallen die Filter, obwohl man natürlich alles auch, wenn auch mit mehr Aufwand, in PS5 ohne Nik erstellen kann.
  19. Has anyone used these macro filters? Hoya 46mm Close-up Multi-Coated Filter Set ( +1 +2 +4) A46CUSGB If so, could you share your experience/opinion? Thanks.
  20. Hallo zusammen, vielleicht begehe ich ja einen Dankfehler an dieser Stelle, aber dennoch wage ich es: Wenn ich eine Landschaft mit einem s/w - Film aufgenommen habe, dann setzte ich z.B. einen Orange-Filter ein, um das Himmelblau dunkler zu machen. Dabei wurde auf dem Negativ die Eigenfarbe dunkler und die Komplementärfarbe heller. Im anschließenden Vergrößerungsprozess wurde dann, da das Blau weniger Deckung hatte der Himmel dunkler wiedergegeben. Der Sensor der MM gibt direkt ein Positiv. Dann müsste man eigentlich einen Blaufilter nehmen und das Himmelblau abzudunkeln. Das würde abe
  21. Nun freue ich mich schon sehr auf meine neue M Monochrome, die da in Kürze kommen wird. Jedoch welche Filter soll ich bestellen? Früher habe ich bei der analogen s/w Fotografie Gelb- und Orangefilter benutzt, um Blautönen eine Zeichnung zu geben bzw. Landschaftsbildern mehr Dramatik zu verleihen. Und das war ein Negativverfahren. Wie sieht das bei der M Monochrom aus? Bedanke mich schon jetzt für aussagekräftige Antworten und sende freundlichen Grüßen aus dem Burgenland
  22. Hallo Leica Freunde, habe mir nun endlich den Wunsch einer Dunkelkammer erfüllen können und nutze nun einen Durst M670BW der neusten (zuletzt gebauten) Version. Alles soweit klasse nur die Multigrade Filter, die ich mit dem Vergrößere zusammen bekommen habe passen nicht. Ich erläutere das mal kurz: Ich besitze ein 12 Filter-Set "Ilford Multigrade" um diese unter der Vergrößerungslinse nutzen zu können (Für Splitgrade etc.). Habe wegen der schlechten Filterschublade (Filterfolien sitzen nicht lichtdicht in der Filterschublade auf Grund der Konstruktion - Licht kann an den Randbereic
  23. Hello, Suggestions on long exposure photography using the Leica Q 49mm. Heliopan 49mm Variable Gray ND Filter and or, B+W 49mm XS-Pro Digital ND Vario MRC-Nano Filter. Does anyone have experience with either one of these filters, or any other recommendations? Thank you.
  24. Ich habe ein Frage zu o.g. Objektiv, bzw. zum dazugehörigen Filterhalter. Kann man - im Vollformat - mit dem Filterhalter E77 (Art. Nr. 14 484) jeden Filter verwenden? Oder muss man, um Vignettierung zu vermeiden, bei dieser Brennweite bereits die flacheren Slim-Filter verwenden? Vielen Dank für Eure Hinweise. Jonsi.
  25. Anyone tried infrared photography using D-lux 4? I just got myself a Lensmate adaptor and a 46mm Hoya IR filter R72, but for some unfathomable reason, the photos turn out all pink, like this: They look nothing like what the infrared pictures I've seen on say, Flickr: Infrared Help! Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Might it be the camera settings or...?
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