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  1. What is greyed out? I frequently use silver Efex with my M10M.
  2. Can someone please detail the exact workflow? I loaded the firmware. I took some sample photos with my M10M. The result outside the camera and in Lightroom shows two RAW duplicate files...same image. When I click the "Upright/Guided" buttons inside LR, I see no change to either of the files that were taken (2 RAW copies of each). Why are there two RAW files? Why are there no changes to either of the files when I click the upright/guided buttons. I KNOW I am doing something wrong...just can't figure it out. Thanks.
  3. Wow...thanks to both of you for your observations and sharing your experience! I had no idea about the shortcomings.
  4. Has anyone else had any problems connecting the GPS to the M10 Monochrom? Most of the time, I see in the rear screen that the GPS icon has an "x" through it...obviously not connected. I have the Visoflex connected to the camera and the GPS turned on in the menu. I realize there are areas that pose a problem for GPS connections, but I have tried various types of environments. Am I missing something? I've only had it connect sporadically over the past few weeks. Thanks.
  5. I haven't done a firmware update for a long time (with the M-P (240)). I don't recall...do my existing custom setups and profiles remain or is the camera essentially reset after installing the new firmware? Is it recommended to save the current existing settings and load them to the M10M after installing the update? Thanks.
  6. Go for it! Can't hurt...and you may end up liking it. There are no rules for mixing colors...just personal opinion.
  7. I've seen some online stores offering less expensive versions of some current, new lenses that are made in Portugal. Interesting option to save consumers some money.
  8. Thanks to ALL of you! Outstanding feedback...very useful responses. MUCH appreciated.
  9. I have no problems processing RAW images from my M-P (Type 240). The specs for the computer are: iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 IF I get a M10M or M10-R, would my existing computer be appropriate? If not, what is recommended? Anyone having any issues with their "older" computers? Thanks.
  10. Thanks MUCH, Luke, for clearing this up for me! Appreciated.
  11. Interesting...I came across this thread in the "M Monochrom" topic that seems to indicate one has to change the mode of the file from Grayscale to RGB for Nik to work with Monochrom images. Is that so?
  12. Do you use a Monochrom model camera for black and white images?
  13. That's kinda what I was hoping! I appreciate your response.
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