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  1. BlackDoc

    Elbjazz HH´17

    Elbphilharmonie Hamburg harbour The biggest Jazz Festival in germany, and the best: Concert at midnight at the "Elphi" called Elbphilharmonie Cristoph Spangenberg plays NIRVANA as a solo version on piano... outside:
  2. M240, 28mm Elmarit ASPH
  3. There is entertainment everywhere for the crowd. Olympus EM 5 with Nocticron
  4. these little red poisonous wands were scattered on the ground whee a low fading sunlight did let them glow for a moment. Leica Q, macro mode
  5. Sometimes if the weather is prmising I drive up to my secret small place at a peat bog lake. It is very small and one can spend there a couple of hours sitting on a campstool, watching geese,swallows catching flies and watch people on their small boats. Leica Q, 4 shots, handheld
  6. samwells


    DLux 4
  7. How bad ist it if the red dot went off from a Leica lens. How can I repair it ? Is it professional and safe when I glue it with instant adhesive ? Thanks, E.
  8. samwells


    D Lux 4. Mooring post on the River Thames.
  9. Gives the term "red scale elmar" a whole new meaning! Distance seems to be in both feet and meters? I guess you can get these "reproductions" in what ever color you want.
  10. Did you need the yellow filter for the clouds? Could similar or same be achieved post? Having specified a Q2M I wonder whether I should be looking out to fit yellow or orange glass in front of all that nice Q2M design?
  11. Just got my M10 and have been somewhat disappointed by the colors. In some circumstances, they’re absolutely great. In others (and shooting situations which I frequently shoot - backlit subjects who have lighter skin tones), they fall apart when I do any serious color grading. I’ve attached a link for reference. Notice the majority of influence over the skin tones is determined by the purple slider. In my experience on professional Canon systems (as well as Fuji), skin tones are generally captured in the Oranges, Reds, and Yellows. On occasion, I’ve noticed them “bleeding” into the Purples/Magentas, but generally it’s an easy correction with a hue adjustment toward red in Lightroom. This has happened more on my Fuji gear than my Canon, which I thought was just a product of the XTRANS. Images for reference. Note: I’ve increased each slider to 100 to illustrate the influence of the respective slider, not as an artistic decision. https://imgur.com/gallery/mFTvTGz I’ve had to do more “additive” color editing (color grading with added oranges/yellows in the mid tones) to get even close to the effect I desire to be consistent with my professional body of work, but it’s tedious and feels more like a workaround as opposed to simply a different process. Is this a hallmark of these sensors? Has anyone else had an issue with skin tones merging into the purples? The issue here is that it doesn’t give me precise and consistent control over tonalities which are consistent with my other work. Not only that, but as opposed to adjusting a couple of sliders to produce the look, I’m adjusting literally three times more to try and get close and, eventually compromise, on the desired look. Also, here is an attached photo with the exposure info as well as histogram illustrating that I’m shooting at base ISO, and exposed with the limitations of the M10 sensor in mind. https://imgur.com/gallery/v2EPnGf I want to add that I’ve been shooting for over a decade. This certainly isn’t my first rodeo. The only thing left for me to try is making my own custom color profile, but in over a decade of shooting, this has never been a requisite to get the colors I want out of my photos. Does the M10-R improve on any of these shortcomings? Also, I want to preempt against any comments telling me I’m just confused or apologetics from Leica koolaid mixers. I’ve read some responses on this forum before from some of them and they seem to be obstinately opposed to the notion that perhaps the sensors in these cameras aren’t as good. While DXOMark gives the M10 a higher overall score than my 6D, in my experience, the colors are more pliable. Finally, my artistic discretion is going to differ from yours. I have seen a lot of photos posted here in discussion which are also effectively SOOC, with minimal correction. I have a stylized look I go for, which requires flexible colors.
  12. adan

    M8 in the studio

    Some shots practicing my studio lighting and other skills. Leica M8, 50, 75, 90 lenses.
  13. Taken in Barcelona on La Rambla. Leica M9 with Zeiss 50mm Sonnar f1.5 @ 400iso. Gerry
  14. gwpics


    I am working on my colour street photography at the moment and quite like this from yesterday. Leica M240 + 50mm f1.5 lens Gerry
  15. It was April 2013 when we visited the Valley of Fire on our way back to Las Vegas. We reached there at 9:00 a.m which was just in time to wach the sun glowing on the rocks. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 60 mm macro
  16. this is the continuation of the Valley of Fire series from our trip to Nevada/Arizona in 2013. The morning light in the Valley (Las Vegas is not far) was giving us a deep impression of nature. All pictures this time with the X1 Ayers Rock in Nevada we were done when the first busloads came
  17. These are all from our visit April 2013 to the Valley of fire, near Las Vegas. We could not make earlier than 9:00 but then could cover most of the valley within 2 hours. when the busloads with tourists came we were through. One could have easily spent the time from early sunrise but we came dead tired down from the Grand Canyon the night before and had to sleep at least for some hours. all these with Canon 5D MKII + Elmarit R 60 mm + Leica 2x APO converter
  18. when coming home from work I grab my stuff and look for the last daylight on our forest which can be reached within a few minutes walk. I wanted to have my first experinece with my new Summicron R 50 mm. It is from the mid sixties and I am quite surprised what a different it makes to my Elmarits. As always it is mounted on my Canon 5D MKII
  19. July 15, 2013, in front of and beside Capitain Petzel Gallery, Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin: Also posted on my newly launched blog: The Boy in Red Shirt Disappears Through the Gallery Window | Norbert Steinkamp Best regards, Norbert
  20. these days thunderstorms are constantly menacing. On such an evening yet I went to out Botanical Garden. As soon as the setup was installes (tripod,flash,reflector) it started the downpour and a windgush let the flowers sway. Yet, I tried something, you may look if you want All with Elmarit R 180 mmm on Canon 5D MKII
  21. this is a further sample from my new illumination project. On sunday it was warm but overcast and at 7 p.m there was already a touch of dusk settling in. o a grey and dull atmosphere. And this light was being mixed with the flash. Canon 5D MKII + Elmarit R 60 mm macro+handheld flash bounced against a reflector from almost below the blossom.
  22. a sideglance is always worthwhile. Along the trail in a sunlit forrest I got these with the Canon 5D MKII and R-lens Elmarit 60 mm + APO Extender 2x. Enjoy the last sunrays of the autumnal season [ATTACH]346017[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]346018[/ATTACH]
  23. there is no river here and no waterfall but small creeks and ponds we can find in this region. So, in spite of lack of rainfall we did try to find at least something. We could climb into the creek and installed our tripods there in order to find some trainig stuff for our eyes and lenses. In this case the 90mm Elmarit R-lens was mounted on my Canon 5D MKII Follow me, please and you don't need a protectional foil for your lens.
  24. XOONS

    [3 Bilder]

    (M6, Diafilm geschnitten / gestanzt)
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