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  1. Just got my M10 and have been somewhat disappointed by the colors. In some circumstances, they’re absolutely great. In others (and shooting situations which I frequently shoot - backlit subjects who have lighter skin tones), they fall apart when I do any serious color grading. I’ve attached a link for reference. Notice the majority of influence over the skin tones is determined by the purple slider. In my experience on professional Canon systems (as well as Fuji), skin tones are generally captured in the Oranges, Reds, and Yellows. On occasion, I’ve noticed them “bleeding” into the Purples/Mag
  2. Did you need the yellow filter for the clouds? Could similar or same be achieved post? Having specified a Q2M I wonder whether I should be looking out to fit yellow or orange glass in front of all that nice Q2M design?
  3. The Blue Hour was promising after a couple of days with cotinuous rain and gry depressing sky. A few nice bylanes with historic buildings we have and at this hour nobody was there and I enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere. 2.0 - 1/50- ISO 800 Leica Q
  4. On monday when coming home from my work the sky changed into a promising foreboding glow. I grabbed my stuff in haste, snatched a sturdy tripod, snatched my raincovers and when I sat in the car it started raining. As I reached my location it seemed as if the major downpour happened somewhere else. In front of my eyes there unfolded a spectacular light and cloud formstion. I could not run for a better vantage point because light changed very quickly. Canon 5 D MKII with R Elmarit 28 mm and Olympus EM 5 with Nocticron. The colors were as such, processed from RAW the files only underwent a s
  5. This park, as mentioned before, is on my way to my office. These days I take my little X1 with me very often, for every days provides a different quality of light. Tghere is a pond and a wonderfule delcate littel Japanese Maple Tree with a wonderful red dress. X1
  6. These are very tranquil mild october days here. The sun, if it comes out is already very low. It then spreads a warm golden light. Wen I go to work I cross a little park and took my X1 to get the last glowing colors before they will be torn be one of those storms later on. X1 in the morning in a slightly humid air
  7. In our city we have a nice Christmas Market and I go there often (every year with a new camera as it seems) to shoot my Christmas Cards. That day it rained but it did no harm to the Q although it god a bit wet and had to be wiped a few times.
  8. these little red poisonous wands were scattered on the ground whee a low fading sunlight did let them glow for a moment. Leica Q, macro mode
  9. When roaming alone one can focus without being disturbed and one does not have to hurry after others vanishing suddenly having turned round the next corner. So I had a little time for myself. San Francisco, near O'Farell Street Leica X1
  10. These days our local Botanical Garden is a festival of colors. Everybody is walking about uttering strange sounds like ooh and aah. Olympus OMD EM5 with Nocticron
  11. no comment - everybody knows - be honest who else has a Zeiss lens for his smartphone? Olympus EM 5 with Nocticron
  12. a few roses are showing what they are capable of in these last wonderful late summer days. 5D MKII with R Elmarit 90 mm The red color is as always a challende. This time I used Topaz filters and Helicon Focus trying to bring out the red glow and its velvet texture.
  13. Summer is back for a few days and it is a pleasure to visit our local Botanical Garden as an afterwork "rehabilitation". Sun is low now and when I reach there no backlighting any more. Tripod, reflector, torch and almost no breeze. I wanted to use a free bounced flash with remote releas ( but battery was gone ) The glowing red is a challenge any time. Canon 5D MKII with R Elmarit 90 mm + R Elmarit 60 mm macro R 60 mm macro
  14. these are also from yesterday. A quick visit to our Botanical Garden to catch some nice light before it fades. Olympus OMD EM 5 with R Elmarit 90 mm
  15. Since evening sun has left our own garden when I come home I often then hurry to our Botanical Garden. There are not many flowers there now but if one is quick one can get here and there something of a glow. Here is one last sunbeam glowing on a kind of grass Olympus OMD EM 5 with Elmarit R 90 mm
  16. It was a lovely warm and pleasant evening. The park was crowded with students. It was fun watching their different activities Olympus OMD EM5 with Leica/Panasonic Nocticron 42.5/1.2 Asph.
  17. Our Botanical Garden offers an endless variety of target. This time I went there during a break of rainshowers in the evening. Olympus OMD EM5 with Pana Leica Nocticron 42.5/ 1.2 Canon 5D MKII with R Summicron 50 mm + achromat lens
  18. After very hot days it was today a bit cooler because a series of rainshowers. After such a shower I felt to rush down into u garden to take a breath of fresh air and look for some motives. Sun was almost gone but a glimpse of warm light could still be given back to the picture. Olympus EM5 with Leica Panasonic Nocticron 42.5/1.2 Asph.
  19. our garden has roses and the roses sometimes have visitors. This time not lice but a nice ladybug. These 7 point version is friendly but recently we get more and more of this yellow type from Japan. This type is agressive and even bites. Canon 5D MKII with R Elmarit 60 mm macro
  20. I found this couüple waiting as guest for a wedding party to appera for a photoshhot in our Botanical Garden. I could not pass by taking a snapshot because the distance was too short. so I hid in a flower bed and shot from this ambush. apparently they were deeply involved in a nice chat... Olympus EM5 + Nocticron Pansonic-Leica 42.5/ 1.2
  21. one can spend hours with a camera in the hand strolling through the garden. At the second glance there are many things to discover and a whole cosmos is being revealed. Canon 5D MKII with Summicron R 50 mm + achromat lens
  22. our garden is my hunting area for the time being. Olympus EM5 with Nocticron Leica/ Panasonic 42.5/ 1.2
  23. BlackDoc

    Elbjazz HH´17

    Elbphilharmonie Hamburg harbour The biggest Jazz Festival in germany, and the best: Concert at midnight at the "Elphi" called Elbphilharmonie Cristoph Spangenberg plays NIRVANA as a solo version on piano... outside:
  24. gwpics


    I am working on my colour street photography at the moment and quite like this from yesterday. Leica M240 + 50mm f1.5 lens Gerry
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