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  1. Anyone know of an aftermarket replacement eyecup or workaround for the Leica SL? Mine has had its plastic innards self-destruct and is peeling away, as you can see here. Leica Store Miami didn’t know of any solution other than sending to Leica USA for repair (yuck), and they usually take forever for anything.
  2. Am 6. und 7. Oktober 2021 finden in einer Zusammenarbeit zwischen der Leica Akademie und der Leica Boutique Foto Walter in Tübingen die "Erlebnistage Leica SL-System" statt. Olaf Wolf, der Experte aus dem Hause Leica und das bekannte Foto-Walter-Team werden mit Rat, Tat und viel SL-/SL2-Equipment vor Ort zugegen sein. Zudem kam aus der Ferne die Anregung, sich mal wieder in Tübingen zu treffen. In kleiner Gruppe haben wir deshalb beschlossen, beides miteinander zu verbinden. Wir treffen uns am Mittwoch, den 6. Oktober 2021 um 17:00 Uhr bei Foto Walter im Laden. Anschließend gehen wir "be
  3. M Kenya

    Congo Kalemie

    Leica SL Leica 90mm f/2 APO-Summicron-M ASPH https://www.signsofafrica.com INSTA: bbcphil
  4. Hallo zusammen, ich hoffe ihr könnt mir bei folgendem Problem weiterhelfen: Ich habe eine Leica SL und habe mir nun das Voigtländer 35mm 1.4 gekauft inklusive dem Leica M-Adapter L. Leider wird an meiner Kamera angezeigt, es sein ein "Kommunikationsfehler Objektiv" vorliegend. Die SL hat das neustes Betriebssystem installiert, ich habe die Profile durchprobiert und in den Einstellungen verschiedenste Punkte probiert. Als ein kleiner Hinweis, die SL, der Adapter und das Objektiv sind alles Originalwaren. Gibt es jemanden unter euch, der ein ähnliches Problem hatte und kann mir da
  5. I recently was thrown off when shooting a location portrait with the sun behind my subject. The flare in the SL viewfinder made critical focusing or even viewing impossible. Shooting into the sun with its rim light effect on the hair is one of my go-to tricks in bright sunlight. It’s never been an issue with DSLRs. I’m thinking that because light is directly hitting the sensor in a mirrorless camera, this is an insurmountable problem. Has anyone experienced this?
  6. Dear Leica Forum Comunity, i got my Leica Sl over 1 Year ago, and it might sound crazy, but i only used 3 EF-lenses Adapted to it. After some thinking, I decided to get some new glas, namly L mount glas. As much as i would love to get Leica lenses, i simply can not afford it. So i looked arround what i could use. I now come to a point were i have to make a decision. Is it more worth it to get Sigma glas, or more to get older R-lenses and adapt it to the SL. It would be great if someone could tell their experience using either of them on the SL Thanks for your replies Herbert
  7. Hi, as you have probably read the "title" you might already have an idea what my Problem is, but im going to give you a bit of background story. I hope its goint to make it more understandable. So i got my leica SL 1-2 Years ago. Since then i have updated the Firmware some times, since the 3.4 Update, i didn't do any updates. So a few days ago, i updated it, and lets just say, it wasn't the smartest decision. It locked the MC-21 out (which previously worked), and also some other lenses, i borrowed from a friend also didn't work. So now, is there any way i can like downgrade it? I trie
  8. When i need some silence and i do have time i sometimes go to the Bibliotheca augusta also known as the Herzog August Bibliothek... The library was founded by in 1572 and in the 17th century it was the largest library north of the alps (Germany, Wolfenbüttel). The library is one of the oldest in the world to have never suffered loss to its collection, a very special place. Notable librarians have included Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Gotthold Ephraim Lessing.... SL with 28mm Lux 5 sec ISO 100 f16
  9. Looks as if Novoflex is targeting Leica SL customers: After the AF adapter for Canon EF lenses the German manufacturer now introduces a tripod collar for Leica SL lenses. Images and more information about the Novoflex tripod collar in our blog
  10. Last week I was in the Leica Store München. There seems to be a difference in Leica stores all over the world, looking at the way costumers are treated or better to say " spoiled ". What I noticed, that the store doesn't have good seats. So that you can sit down and feel your new Leica and think about it. No: everything happens standing, like buying a bread? I happend to notice this also in Düsseldorf, Berlin and in London a few years ago. In the " better " Leica Stores f.i. in Lisse Netherlands, you see leather cosy seats. You get coffee or something else, just to make your custu
  11. Ming Thein said this in his "cameropedia" page about the 24-90: I would think that if the focus shift was a significant problem, we would hear more about it on the forum, especially since most SL users seem delighted with the SL and that lens specifically. Any feedback? (Ming's page is https://blog.mingthein.com/equipmentdatabase/ ).
  12. Sunrise at Quiraing on the Isle of Skye, last March during one of my Workshops on the Isle. Quiraing is a really enchanted place, where trees even grow horizontally out of hillsides Leica SL, Voigtlander 15mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters. Thanks for viewing, best regards Vieri
  13. Jetty, in Dorset. Leica SL, Voigtlander 15mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Filters. Thanks for viewing, best regards Vieri
  14. Sunset at the Fairy Pools, on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, taken during one of my 2017 Workshops on the Isle. Leica SL, Voigtlander 15mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters. Thanks for viewing, best regards Vieri
  15. The WIld Hunt , german Wilde Jagd describes the 12 days/nights between christmas and the 6th of january and its "spiritual meaning". The older people are counsel caution and to me it is the time to look to the sky and nature and have some good times outside 😀 (Even Johnny Cash had a song about this...)
  16. First pictures meeting two other guys and taking some pictures. Leica SL with 16-35 #1
  17. A trip through the Democratic Republic of Congo Leica SL + Summilux M 21mm f/1.4 + Summicron M 90mm f2 https://www.signsofafrica.com/latest.html 1. Barge on the River Congo 21mm
  18. Hi All SL-users! I have had my SL for some months and used mostly M-R lenses with the adapers and the 24-90 Zoom which covers most situations. The system is heavy, but once you get used to it, -you start wondering why not use lenses of your 645 cameras:)? I have the Contax 645 lenses and wonder if anyone has found suitable adapter to use these on the SL - even if the AF and some other functions might be lost? Some time back there were still companies which made tailor-made adapters, but I have learned that we are maybe past those times?;) However, there are individuals who are keen to so
  19. A couple of days ago, during the Workshop I am leading here in Asturias, we were talking about Tuscany and its amazing landscapes: I immediately started thinking about the beauty of this land in the fall, and realised once more that I can't wait to be back there very soon! This is Val d'Orcia, photographed during a Workshop I led there in November 2017. Leica SL, Leica APO-Vario-Elmarit-SL 90-280mm and Formatt-Hitech Firecrest filters. Thank you for viewing, best regards Vieri
  20. Hallo erstmal, ich habe ein Problem mit Farben der DNG-Files in Lightroom und Capture One. Zurzeit habe ich eine Teststellung einer Leica SL (FW 3.3) mit dem 24-90mm und dem 50mm/1.4. Letzte Woche hatte ich Outdoor das erste Probe-Shooting. Unabhängig von der tollen Handhabung und allem anderen an der Kamera, war ich doch etwas überrascht, als ich mir die Bilder später in Lightroom (neueste Version LR Classic 2019) anschaute. Die JPEGS-Files klasse. Vom Farbtone sehr nah am Original (zumindest was mein Auge sah). In der Kamera alles auf Standardwerte gelassen. soweit so gut.
  21. I used to use an M240 and an M9 before that, however I was finding that when on holiday with family and young children I just couldn't manual focus fast enough and kept missing moments, or missing focus, so I decided to switch to an SL with the 24-90mm to get the benefits of autofocus (and to save some lens swapping). I love the SL. The 24-90mm is so versatile that I've found to my surprise I don't even really use my old M lenses any more. In fact I think I'll be selling my M lenses. However, after a year with the SL, and taking it on holiday over the summer, I have one misgiving which is
  22. Fog and freezing temperatures finally brought a little bit of winter feeling All pictures with Leica SL and 90 mm APO Summicron M
  23. One of the listed buildings in Wolfsburg, Germany, the city of "VW"
  24. Leica SL Summilux M 35mm f1.4 ASPH https://www.signsofafrica.com/latest.html
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