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Found 16 results

  1. A drizzly, cold, damp afternoon on New York City's famed High Line gave a moody, monochrome atmosphere which called for this shot to be captured in B&W. This M240 is my first Leica since my M2. This camera made me fall in love with B&W all over again. I could so trade this in for the M262 Monochrom.
  2. New York City at night: our location Queensboro Bridge and a ride with the cable car to Roosevelt Island Leica Q handheld
  3. ezc203

    Maestro at Work

    M240 + 35mm ASPH f/2.0 If you visited the Met and did not see this gentleman, it is truly a shame.
  4. ezc203

    Rothko Room

    M240 + 35mm ASPH f/2.0 (just noticing the slight halo around the subjects, should've been more subtle with the exposure bumps)
  5. M240 + 35mm ASPH f/2.0
  6. I watched something moving in front of me, did my shot and than ran forward to find out about what made it move. Near Brooklyn Bride - NYC All with X1
  7. sitting for a break in a cofffeshop and the feeling of leisure makes one feel waiting for a snappy. Here Canon 5D MKII+Elmarit 60mm+Apo 2x converter
  8. evening light and X1 ready for shooting. (It might be inspired by Elgar, The Black Knight - the unwelcome disguised guest which made the "castle rock")
  9. Tri-x 400/ilfosol3/1+9 for 9 min M6ttl-35mm summicron i'm still learning how to edit my negatives to my liking. Any tips? I scan using an Epson v600 and then transfer them over to PS.
  10. The Gathering Tri-x 400, iso 800, ilfosol 3 developer, 1+9 for 9:10min, water stop bath for 10 sec, ilford rapid fixer 1+4 for 3 min., 5 min rinse. Camera: Leica M6 ttl, 35mm summicron @ F/8 Overall I'm pleased with the result of my first two rolls. If you are afraid of developing your own, don't be. I was very hesitant myself and I finally built the courage to at least try. It's pretty cool to see your work come to life through your own process and development. Give it a try!
  11. jky

    Some NYC snaps

    Some pics from my daily walk while on vacation... L1003785 by jcsnaps, on Flickr[/img] http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2050/5720822137_4a6a49832a_z.jpg' alt='5720822137_4a6a49832a_z.jpg'> L1003489 by jcsnaps, on Flickr[/img]
  12. A snapshot from a recent trip to NYC. My old M4-P, summicron 50, on expired fuji 400. Shot at +2.
  13. Serial on my web Site : Patrick Sitbon • Photographe
  14. ddp

    High Line

    M8, 35 Summilux aspherical
  15. I thought the fog was going to ruin a shooting day but it turned out that the opposite. My first time shooting in fog and I think I want more!
  16. its all clearer now, in rough economic times we all gotta take whatever gig comes up. M8 cv35mm 1.4 iso 160 Thank you for looking, C&C always welcome. .
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