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Found 62 results

  1. Hi everyone, can't believe it's 2020 already! Here's my first post of the year : ) After shooting digital with the M-D, M10 for a few years I sold all digital cameras in 2019 and shot only film for a year. It was a great experience, and moving forward my Leica M4 will continue to be my main camera. That being said I still felt I wanted a backup digital camera, mostly for B&W since my lab stopped developing it. I first thought of getting the M9M, but I'm not a fan of the black chrome finish (plus all my lenses are silver); I found a great deal on the M9P black paint and decided to get it. To be honest, I love it waay, way more than the other M digital cameras that came after it. The M10 is definitely a more robust, higher quality, modern product but for some reason I never bounded with it (I owned all 3 variations, M10, M10P, and M10D)...The M9, on the other hand, makes me feel like carrying it everywhere I go. The colors are great, B&W files look good too, and ISO is similar to film, and I even like the shutter sound ahah. Of course I still prefer the colors I get from film, but I'd say the M9 files are the next best thing. So to me, the M9 is definitely worth it in 2020 (and probably still in 2030 unless Leica makes something similar to what they achieved with this camera; I mean...who needs 41mp...just stick with the basics and work on bringing the soul of the M9 back into the new Leica lineup). I'm curious to know what you all think, what's your experience with the M9? Have you used other leicas and came back to the M9? Is it your favorite digital camera, or do you think it ran its course and is an outdated dinosaur? Would be great to hear from you, and wish you all a great 2020!
  2. I have a M9 that shows signs of slight corrosion and I’ve been holding off on sending it in as the corrosion doesn’t show up under normal shooting conditions. I heard on another forum that that Leica is planning to discontinue replacing sensors for the M9, is this true? I know supplies must be limited but thought I had another year or so to get the sensor done. Has anyone else heard this?
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • Used

    Die Kamera befindet sich in einem gebrauchten Zustand und ist voll funktionsfähig. Sie war wurde 2015 bei Leica geprüft und gereinigt und in 2018 justiert und generalüberholt. Der Sensor und Lederüberzug sind ebenfalls neu, das Innenleben ist neuwertig. Optisch hat die Kamera Gebrauchspuren (leichte Kratzer, Farbabrieb) an der Ober- & Unterseite. Die Funktion ist aber einwandfrei! Die Kamera hat 27.300 Auslösungen. Im Kaufpreis enthalten sind Kamera, Kameragurt, Originalverpackung, Rechnung und Nachweise von Leica, 1x Original- und 3x Fremdakkus, zwei Ladegeräte. Der Versand erfolgt versichert mit DHL. PayPal ist möglich, allerdings trägt der Käufer die Gebühren. Bei Fragen gern mailen.

    1,850.00 EUR

  4. Ist es heute nicht zehn Jahre her, dass in NY die M9 vorgestellt wurde! Meine begeistert mich noch heute durch Form, Funktion und Bildqualität. Sie besitzt den 3. Sensor, allerdings war der Leica Service beim Tausch immer sehr gut. Ich hoffe auf weitere zehn Jahre!🤫
  5. Hi everybody, I’m a computer science engineer who has been working, as a hobby, the last three years in a new, more precise, way of recreating film look with digital cameras. I’m posting here for feedback, in case anybody of you would like to test the application (with the M9) and show the results and your opinions. I usually shoot film photography but also I like the comfort of digital. The problem is that I’ve never been happy with existing film emulations. Mainly because of that, because they are emulations instead of simulations. METHOD USED For doing so, instead of doing a generic conversion for every camera, I’ve done a specialised conversion for the Leica M9 based on simulating the chemical process and spectrum response, instead of applying curves and other stuff. In the end, I thought, if analog and digital are just two instruments which capture light, I thought, maybe is there any mathematical conversion to make the digital to look like film? I mean, if I take the same photo with analog and digital, under exact same conditions (light / aperture / exposition /…) could I make them look exactly the same? It’s based on chemical simulation and the Leica M9’s response to spectrum. Then LUTs and finally some extra calibration. I think that it could be improved because I’ve used home made or open source tools for calibrating and so on, which are far from perfect. EXAMPLES (Analog vs Converted Digital) Following are some examples of Superia 200 and TriX 400. Click in each photo to see high resolution. DNGs shoots taken with Leica M9 (left), and FILM shoots taken with Minolta CLE (right) at same conditions (aperture / exposition / ISO). All shoots taken with Zeiss Biogon T* ZM 35mm f/2. The examples show several photos, which are the following: +------------------------+------------------------+ | original DNG | | +------------------------+------------------------+ | converted DNG | scanned FILM | +------------------------+------------------------+ | developed DNG | developed FILM | +------------------------+------------------------+ For the generated simulated negative TIFF file and the scanned TIFF file I’ve applied exactly the same develop parameters. TriX 400 - 1 TriX 400 - 2 TriX 400 - 3 Superia 200 - 1 Superia 200 - 2 Superia 200 - 3 Superia 200 - 4 Superia 200 - 5 Superia 200 - 6 CONCLUSIONS Tonal range - Biggest difference between digital and film Dynamic range - Digital is faaar more detailed in the blacks, film never gets burnt, meanwhile digital gets burn quite fast. Film has more microcontrast, it's more sharpen Digital is a little bit more contrast after developing, I imagine it’s because it reach white level faster, then, when doing autolevels with the developing program, as a result, it’s a more contrast image. DOWNLOAD I'm having a console application ready, if interest is shown it will be ready quite soon! CAVEHEATS / LIMITATIONS The program only accept DNG, because I need all the light captured by the camera, instead of a JPG already converted and really dependent on camera self made adjustments. The program only accepts photos taken at the ISO of the certain film that is gonna be used. For example, for TriX400 it will accept only Leica M9 DNGs at 400 ISO. I’ve also done tests with ISO 200 and 800, and the results were quite satisfactory but, for complexity reasons, I prefer to let it be native film ISO for the moment. Highlights are not always correct, and sometimes they look weird, mainly in color film. This is due to bayer sensor pattern and its different intensity response (for Red, Green and Blue channels). FUTURE (& PAST) WORK Leica M10-D Leica M8.2 THANKS Super thanks to the creator of LibRaw, a wonderful C++ library for working with RAW files. Any questions I’m open to answer 🙂 Best regards everybody. Tomás AKA “Camalogica”
  6. Kwesi

    M10, the new M9?

    Over the span of about six years I went from an M9-P to an M240-P and recently an M10-P. What struck me immediately was how similar the M10 and M9 files were in terms of color and contrast. The M240 files reminded me of Kodak Portra film whereas the M10 output just reminded of the M9. I thought i was alone in this observation until i read this article today. https://www.streetsilhouettes.com/home/2019/7/29/the-myth-of-the-leica-m9-ccd-vs-cmos-sensors Thoughts?
  7. Here's the story of a photographer who thought Leica was a serious camera company who cares about their trustful customers. My name is Kaïs, french photographer based in Paris, France. I started my Leica journey with a M9, ten years ago, sold and upgraded with a M9-P A Monochrom (version 1) quickly followed him all of them bought brand new. Wanting to get my hands on a "real Leica", I bought a M6 Titanium set with its Summicron 35/1.4. The medium lust was too hard to resist: a S2 with a Summarit 70 joined my stable. Let's add a wide angle to my S system: a brand new Summarit 35. Time has past, I added a M7 (0.58 finder), a Q Titanium, a Monochrom version 2, a M5, an Elmarit 90/2.0, a Summicron 50, a Summarit 35/2.4... We are talking about minimum 44 500€ (including the S007)!!!!! Then, the problems begun: both my M9-P and Monochrom I had a sensor failure (cracked sensor). How come a "pro" camera could have a sensor cracked? During my carreer, I owned a 5DmkII, a D3x, a Df, a 5DmkIV (I'm still using today) that NEVER failed me, NEVER. Anyways, Leica has been kind enough to replace both sensors for free. When the S007 came out, I was tempted to upgrade my aging S2. At my usual Leica dealer, they kindly checked my S2 before it goes on sale and discovered a corroded sensor! Come on! A third failure from a so serious comapany? I must be the unluckiest photographer on earth then. Still, I upgraded to a reconditioned mint grade SOO7, checked by Leica with a one year guarantee. During my second shooting, the 70 started to rattle from time to time, missing focus lock. Of course, my poker face never let any worries showed to my clients. Back home, I uploaded the photos into Capture One and got struck by what I have discovered (picture attached). I thought my memory card failed (I exclusively use hi-speed Sandisk Extreme and Extreme Pro SD). I tried with different cards, same problem. The DNGs are available if requested. I met the people of Leica at Paris Salon de la photo (photoshow) and, after hours of friendly chat, they acknowledged that there was a video card failure. Wait a second. Are we talking about Leica's flagship camera here? The one that is supposed to compete with a Hasselblad HD6-50 or a PhaseOne XF??? A failure after less than 2000 photos taken? Is this german so-called excellence? Since November 8th, 2018 my SOO7 is at the customer service (I hope) and I have NO NEWS from them!!! How come a pro photographer can trust such miserable products????? How come my 2400€ 5DmkIV works like a charm after litteraly thousands and thousands of photos??? How come it takes 10 days max to Canon to fix and upgrade the firmware of their pro camera when I have been waiting 6+ months to get any information from Wetzlar??? I'm over with this overrated brand. Keep on releasing limited edition for rich Qataris and Russians and let the pros (Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Fuji, to name a few) run the photography business. SHAME ON YOU Leica to ignore and disrespect your loyal customers!!! We made you, never forget that. I sent them a letter and I know the drill: they will send me apologies. But I'm not paying for apologies!!! I don't need them!!! I'm paying for equipment that pays my bills and feed me! Today, I'm waiting to get my hands back on my S007 to trade it for a Hasselblad H6D-50c. I am so disappointed by Leica... www.kaisdebali.com
  8. BillMe

    M9(P) Black

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • Used

    M9 with new sensor and upgraded top plate The camera is in excellent condition as it has been used with a half case since new. The sensor was replaced June 2015 and was recently serviced in 2018. The top plate was upgraded to the M9P top plate at the time of sensor replacement The camera has not been used a great deal as I've used other systems as well as this and so has only 6214 actuation's. I'm offering the M9 with a Leicatime/Luigi leather half case with drop down flap and neck strap as well as thumbsUp. and two OEM batteries plus charger If the half case and thumbs up is not required then i'm happy to split Complete with all original packaging and documentation Additional higher resolution photos are available on request Free shipping within UK and EU Payment via PayPal is preferred All genuine offers considered

    2,200.00 EUR

  9. Taken in Southampton, England using a Leica M9 and 35mm Summarit f2.5. Processed in LRCC including a Kodachrome 64 preset. Gerry
  10. Whilst walking through Lido Di Jesolo after a day out over summer I just so happened to be in the right place at the right time. The light streamed through a gap in the buildings diffusing the fountains with a beautiful golden light. Just at the moment a young girl decided to cool off. Thanks for looking Fountain-2 by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr www.robertpoolephotography.com
  11. Hey guys! I spent 6 weeks in NYC basically just taking pictures ... mostly street, but also Landscape and People ... I mostly used my M9 and 35mm Summilux ASPH (pre FLE) wide open and sometimes my S (006) and 70mm Summarit. If I don't comment which combo I used, it'll be the M9 35Lux combo... Feel free to comment and critique I'm not a pro and I just do stuff the way I like it .. so not everything is perfect... Here are a couple of shots from the End of July .. some of the best sunsets I have ever seen.
  12. Good morning, Someone favourited this picture which I took in Kephalonia last summer. The stitching has messed up slightly at the bottom right corner but I still like this image and thought I'd share it. I really admire Salgado's work and I'm always on the look out for misty mountains, though I can never hope to get to his standard. C/C welcome Misty Mountains by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr M9, 50mm Summarit. Processed in Lightroom and Kolor Autopano
  13. Venice is famous for making masks, tourists and of course water. Here is a tourist (?) bringing all of these elements together. m9, 50mm Summarit Thanks for looking Rob Captain by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  14. Good morning, This weekend I was in the lovely little town of Leamington Spa which happened to be hosting the 38th annual peace festival. The place was full of interesting characters so I stepped out of my comfort zone and asked a few if I could take their portrait. Feedback is welcome. All taken with my M9 and 50mm Summarit. Bug Man by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr One man and his dogs by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Bungle and The Green man by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Wear flowers in your hair by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  15. We're happy to announce that we'll be hosting a monthly social meet up and photo walk, named Bristol Leica Social. The first meeting will be on April 1st, 2017, and on the first Saturday of every month thereafter. We'll be meeting at the store on Baldwin St (3 alliance house, Baldwin St, BS1 1SA) at 9am. We'll be heading out from the store in self picked groups to take images around the centre, aiming to meet at a café at 12 noon to compare images and discuss all things Leica. The shop will be open as usual, and we will be here as usual to have a chat or demo any items (depending on stock availability) There is no cost to attend, but attendees are encouraged to bring money for any refreshments required as you walk around. Leica users of all kinds are welcome, and so are those who don't own a Leica but wish to learn more about the brand and the beautiful products that they offer. For current updates and more information, we have an event page on our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lcebristol/.
  16. Hello I have just taken ownership of an M9 and a Summicron 50mm f/2. I love the atmosphere and colour range of the first pictures but suspect that the sharpness of the focused area are below expectation for this wonderful lens. This is only noticeable at 100% crop. I find the outlines soft compared to examples I have found online and in print. I am aware of focus shift but just wanted to know how I should test if the lens is performing at optimum. I don't think I can share large images on this forum. Where should I look and who should I speak to? Any suggestions very welcome. Thanks William
  17. Better take a selfie by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Manchester Leica m9 50mm Summicron
  18. Morris dancing is a traditional folk dance from England and dates back hundreds of years. The dancers dance traditional jigs usually wearing bells and ribbons. It's thought the Morris comes from Moorish and they were imitating North Africa/Spanish dances. As you can see from the images, most of the dancers are older and it is thought that Morris dancing could die out. Though there has been a revival apparently with Neopagan Morris dancers and the 'Dark Morris' which comes from a Discworld novel! Morris Man of Manchester 2 IMG_20161218_200310 by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr m9 50mm Summarit, St Ann's Square Manchester (Just outside the Leica Store)
  19. Good morning, From time to time I like to give myself a project to try and enhance my craft and keep me interested. This year my project is street portraits. It definitely puts one outside of one's comfort zone. My approach is simple, I look around for interesting characters, approach them and ask can I take their portrait. I have only been declined once (a nun who was praying) it is disappointing but important to respect this even when it means missing a fantastic shot! Most people are actually really happy to be asked, I like to chat a little whilst I am shooting to set people at ease and get more relaxed photos. People have even thanked me for taking time to talk to them which is really nice. I always show them the shot after on the LCD and tell them my website address to see the image later. I'm thinking of having some business cards printed to make this easier. I like to shoot wide open to get separation. One of the staff at Leica Store Manchester gave me the tip of focusing on the eye then moving your head slightly back and forward to find focus rather than use the ring (I'm sure people already know this but i thought it was a good tip). I like to shoot half a dozen frames whilst doing this to ensure focus is on the eye not slightly out. Though I do sometimes miss shots still and kick myself afterwards Anyway, here is one from a rather wet day in Kendal in the Lake District UK Street Portrait Kendal by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr C/C always welcome. Thanks for looking Rob More street portraits can be seen on my website here: https://robertpoolephotography.com/portfolio/street-portraits/
  20. m9, 50mm Summarit. Venice, Italy Untitled by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  21. YJLee

    work 044

    From the album: Portrait of YJLee

    Portrait - Solyi

    © YJLee

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