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  1. Hallo, ich habe mir vor Jahr und Tag eine M9 neu gekauft. Habe aber die M9 nicht benutzt , da ich lieber analog gearbeitet habe. Dann kam das Thema "Sensor" auf und ich habe um meine M9 zu prüfen einige Zeit mit der M9 fotografiert. Alles im "Grünen Bereich" - keine Probleme. Auf Nachfrage hat man mir gesagt, wenn da bis jetzt nichts passiert ist, dann kommt da auch nichts mehr. Sie brauchen nichts zu unternehmen. Also die M9 wieder weggepackt. Gestern nun M9 genommen , Objektiv angesetzt , Winterfoto gemacht .. und nix ! In der Mitte hell und an beiden Rändern irgendwelche Farbe. Karte f
  2. Hello all I posted a message on the general beginner forum the other day about the best camera with which to start my Leica journey. From the reply I got, it seems that the M9 is a very good bet. However, in my reading up in this, I have seen various articles which suggest the better option is the M9-P. I am looking at one of each of the M9 (£1,800) and M9/P (£2,750) bit of which have low shutter actuations (c.3,500) and have had their sensors replaced with the non-corrosive sensors. Any advice on which may be the better option would be most welcome! Many thanks Ben
  3. cj3209

    M9 MC

    I was excited to get a pre-owned M9 Monochrom in excellent condition with very few shots and a new sensor. Good looking camera, I have to admit. Coming from a Q2, honestly, the control/settings layout is a bit dated. But the pics show promise (I have to go out and shoot more). And the mechanical shutter sound and the file write delay...whoah. The settings offer two modes: soft and discreet. Both are so loud, forget about using this camera for wildlife shooting - it would scare away a bear. And the slow file write is...interesting. But if the pics live up to expectations,
  4. Hi everybody, I’m a computer science engineer who has been working, as a hobby, the last three years in a new, more precise, way of recreating film look with digital cameras. I’m posting here for feedback, in case anybody of you would like to test the application (with the M9) and show the results and your opinions. I usually shoot film photography but also I like the comfort of digital. The problem is that I’ve never been happy with existing film emulations. Mainly because of that, because they are emulations instead of simulations. METHOD USED For doing so, instead
  5. Good morning, From time to time I like to give myself a project to try and enhance my craft and keep me interested. This year my project is street portraits. It definitely puts one outside of one's comfort zone. My approach is simple, I look around for interesting characters, approach them and ask can I take their portrait. I have only been declined once (a nun who was praying) it is disappointing but important to respect this even when it means missing a fantastic shot! Most people are actually really happy to be asked, I like to chat a little whilst I am shooting to set people at ease an
  6. Good morning, This weekend I was in the lovely little town of Leamington Spa which happened to be hosting the 38th annual peace festival. The place was full of interesting characters so I stepped out of my comfort zone and asked a few if I could take their portrait. Feedback is welcome. All taken with my M9 and 50mm Summarit. Bug Man by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr One man and his dogs by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Bungle and The Green man by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr Wear flowers in your hair by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  7. m9, 50mm Summarit. Venice, Italy Untitled by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  8. I travelled to Spain over Easter to see the traditional Semana Santa parades in Andalucia. The traditional dress looks quite alien to a non Spainiard, and the phrase KKK was heard uttered more than once. In this thread I'll post a selection of shots from my series shot throughout Holy week. All taken with my M9 and 50mm Summicron. Easter by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  9. Gibraltar Espanol Guitar by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  10. Went out to test newly acquired Canon Ltm 50mm 1.4 Version II. What an incredible lens ! So much character wide open, pretty sharp as well. Very strong stepped down. Great contrast all the way. Best 200$ cdn spent in the last few months. Strongly recommend it to whoever is looking for affordable 50mm option and wants it to have "balls" Love it.
  11. My son and I continued our tour of the steam railways of Britain this weekend with a visit to "Buzzrail" a preserved narrow gauge railway originally used for hauling sand from the quarries to the mainline. Apparently Leighton Buzzard sand is so good they even sell it to Saudi Arabia. The railway runs about three miles to the Stonehenge works. These visits are always a great opportunity to add to my collection of candid portraits, full of characters who are willing to chat about their hobby whilst I indulge mine. LBLR-2
  12. One of my favorite subjects to shoot in Los Angeles. Shot on M Monochrom Type 1 & 35mm Sumilux Shot on Leica M9 & 50mm f/2 Rigid
  13. Wink and a Smoke taken wtih a M Monochorm and 35mm 1.4 Sumilux @ 1.4
  14. We're happy to announce that we'll be hosting a monthly social meet up and photo walk, named Bristol Leica Social. The first meeting will be on April 1st, 2017, and on the first Saturday of every month thereafter. We'll be meeting at the store on Baldwin St (3 alliance house, Baldwin St, BS1 1SA) at 9am. We'll be heading out from the store in self picked groups to take images around the centre, aiming to meet at a café at 12 noon to compare images and discuss all things Leica. The shop will be open as usual, and we will be here as usual to have a chat or demo any items (depending on st
  15. Hallo zusammen, weil ich die Idee, Vintage-Objektive an modernen Digitalkameras zu verwenden, interessant finde, habe ich zwei Wochen lang das Heliar 3,5/50 mm VM aus der Classic Line von Voigtländer an meiner M9 ausprobiert. Kurz-Bericht: Das Ding hat mir Spass gemacht. Vom Design und der Verarbeitung her ein echtes Schmuckstück, zwingt das Heliar zum entschleunigten Arbeiten ... im besten Sinne. Zusammen mit der M9 hatte ich das Gefühl, mit einer Kamera aus den 1950er Jahren zu arbeiten (noch mehr als sonst, wenn ich mit der M9 fotografiere ). Die Bildqualität war top. Kann ich d
  16. I recently collected my M9 body from Leica Mayfair, London, after sensor replacement. I was delighted to get it back, but on my first day shooting with it I encountered some problems. First, it froze when I took 3 single shots in quick succession. The red light flashed for 10+ minutes and an error message appeared - can't remember exactly what it said, but it referred to writing to memory. I left the camera alone, hoping it would eventually write to the memory card (newly formatted in-camera SanDisk Ultra 32GB SDHC I 40 MB/s Class 10). When I picked up the camera a few hours later the ligh
  17. So should I dump my venerable M9? To try and help decide, I tried a quick, rough and dirty (i.e. non-scientific) shootout in a camera store. Using my own lens on each body, and then taking a quick snap as I would normally shoot and in difficult store shop lighting (against the light, mixed light - interior and exterior). The short answer is I'll be standing by the M9. But if you're interested in why, well the details and comparison images, unscientific and personally biased as they are, you can find on my FB page which you can visit by clicking HERE
  18. Hallo zusammen, da ich heute Abend etwas Zeit hatte, habe ich mir die Zeit genommen und die aktuell von LC zur Verfügung gestellte Firmware Version auf meine M9 zu installieren. Es handelt sich um die M9/-P/M-E FW-Versionen 1.210 und 1.216. Firmware Version 1.210 (Release Notes) Soweit so gut. Doch dann wollte ich mal schauen, ob man das Profil auch "manuell" auswählen kann. - Ich hatte keinen Eintrag in der Liste. Selbes Spiel mit der 1.216er FW, obwohl die Installation und der Neustart ohne Schwierigkeiten durchgeführt werden konnten. Firmware Ver
  19. Although I've shared a few pictures so far from my trip to Greece I thought I'd share a few more that don't really merit their own threads... All on my M9 and 50mm Summicron. Five Greek Men by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  20. For all those who might not be aware of the issue.
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