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  1. I am looking for a camera bag to fit the sl with the Vario 24-90 attached and an extra lens like a 50mm sl apo. Feel free to post pictures of your bag and share the name. Thanks in advance.
  2. Owners of the Vario 24-90mm, be honest: in what proportion do you use a SL Apo lens in addition to the Vario? I ask this question because I hesitate a lot to buy a fixed focal length without probably a Sl Apo 50mm, so much the Vario 24-90mm is an exceptional lens. What is your opinion ?
  3. Question for SL users: I have the opportunity to trade my Panasonic S1 (that I se with SL glass) for a Leica SL. Of course I will spend some cash out of pocket. I wanted to find out if anyone has experience with a similar shift and what factors I must keep in mind in going from an S1 to a relatively older (technology wise) camera body. Also I mostly use this for shooting in a studio. Pic (shot on the s1) for attention. Greatly appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.
  4. In the last few weeks I've noticed an increase of fuzzy shots coming from my SL. I was mostly using M lenses adapted using the Leica M-L initially, shutter speeds were kept more than high enough. Focus was acheived using the peaking/zoom, which I've always had as a successful technique. So I thought initially it was me not paying attention to my camera skills etc. Then today, I was using a Panasonic 20-60mm and I changed the focus point to the single cross-hair and ensured I took at least two of every scene, and mostly this worked, with me taking the first shot then recomposing the focus point to get the second shot. There were still a few occasions where the fuzzy look was still present. I'm not sure what has changed or why the issues all of a sudden. The attached images show the fuzzy look (orange car - with M lens) and the hotrod with the Panasonic 20-60 - 100% zooms provided. I did a search and couldnt find any related issues, hence this post
  5. Hallo zusammen, weiß jemand, ob es von einem Fremdhersteller Adapter gibt, um Objektive mit Four Thirds-Anschluß an einer SL zu nutzen?
  6. The SF60 flash will not discharge.... either on camera or with SF C1. Have paired and test flash works fine. Has anyone has problems with this flash on the SL... BTW. works OK on the Q.
  7. I am a massive Leica fan. I have a faithful Q and love it, I also have an SL with a 24-90mm zoom. I find the weight too much and am wrestling with whether to trade the Q and the 24-90mm for the 35mm lens. I love Street and unplanned photography. Any help with the decision making would be really appreciated. Keeping both is not really an option. Thank you
  8. Hallo, ich erwäge den Kauf einer SL zusätzlich zum meiner M(240). Die SL ist nun in die Jahre gekommen und einige Konkurrenten können inzwischen einiges besser, wie z. B. Nikon Z7 mit eingebautem Bildstabilisator, schnellerem und zuverlässigerem Autofokus und dazu mehr Auflösung. Die Gretchenfrage ist, wann Leica nachziehen wird und vielleicht sogar mit einem isolosen Sensor kommen wird. Sollte Leica auch einen Bildstabilisator in das Gehäuse integrieren, wären die heutigen SL-Zoom-Objektive osbolet, denn dort ist ja einer eingebaut, was die Objektive zusätzlich aufbläht. Warum ich nicht die Nikon kaufe? Weil es keine Leica. Nein, auch ohne Spaß, weil ich Probleme beim Betrieb meiner M-Festbrennweiten an der Z7 befürchte. Es gibt zwar einen Adapter von Novoflex aber der Hersteller weißt darauf hin, dass Fehler bei Langzeitbelichtungen auftreten können, was immer das heißt. Bleibt also nur zu warten bis zur nächsten Photokina oder vielleicht die Nikon mit Adapter ausführlich testen. Was meint Ihr? Viele Grüße juja
  9. Quick and dirty corner performance test using S1R and SL2. SL2 on Left S1R on Right. Lens is 28mm Cron ASPH V1 @f2 minimum focus distance. Pretty nice bump in corner IQ from SL2.
  10. Hallo zusammen, Da ich nun nach einigen Wochen durch das Forum gelernt habe das ich wohl statt zu einer R9 mit DMR zu einer SL greifen sollte, währe es nun interessant welche SL denn überhaupt in frage käme. Zudem währe es auch interessant einmal zu wissen welches Zubehör (hier denke ich an Filter, Fernauslöser, Stative, Objektive,…) sinnvoll währe. Vielen herzlichen Dank für alle Antworten HP
  11. Hallo zusammen, Da ich nun nach einigen Wochen durch das Forum gelernt habe das ich wohl statt zu einer R9 mit DMR zu einer SL greifen sollte, währe es nun interessant welche SL denn überhaupt in frage käme. Zudem währe es auch interessant einmal zu wissen welches Zubehör (hier denke ich an Filter, Fernauslöser, Stative, Objektive,…) sinnvoll währe. Vielen herzlichen Dank für alle Antworten HP
  12. Ein frohes Weihnachtsfest am aller Forenten! Kurze Frage zur SL Typ 601 in Kombination mit dem Blitz SF58: Im Sucher sehe ich nur die Einstellung des Blitzes (1. Oder 2. Verschlussvorhang). Ich kann aber weder eine Anzeige zur Blitzbereitschaft noch eine Bestätigung für richtige TTL-Belichtung im Sucher erkennen. Selbst eine digitale M zeigt diese Infos im Sucher an, habe ich bei der SL eine Einstellung übersehen, oder gibt es diese Anzeignen tatsächlich nicht im Sucher? Grüße, Arndt
  13. The WIld Hunt , german Wilde Jagd describes the 12 days/nights between christmas and the 6th of january and its "spiritual meaning". The older people are counsel caution and to me it is the time to look to the sky and nature and have some good times outside 😀 (Even Johnny Cash had a song about this...)
  14. Hi folks, Excuse the dodgy Photoshop composites but having had my eye on the SL together with its native 16-35 mm glass for a while I thought I'd see whether the Sony A9 and its admittedly brighter 16-35mm G Master lens was so much more compact that it might tempt me away from a future SL purchase. Here's my best effort (which may not be 100% accurate) at scaling the two side by side. I've superimposed an outline of the SL over the A9 to highlight the differences. I've had the pleasure of playing with the SL plus its 16-35mm lens (and loved it) but not the A9 so, for me, this was a useful exercise and one which surprised me a little. While the A9 is less wide it is only noticeably so around the grip which looks a little tight for my hands. The difference in price, specifications and performance for the two cameras plus their 16-35 mm lenses are out there for anyone to read and my needs and wants may not be yours - I'll keep saving for the SL, or SL2! 😀 Bob.
  15. Hello, I want to share with you my last experience with the SL. It was the first studio session on location I had, mixing strobes and ambient light, since I purchased the SL. During this session I have had a really hard times trying to focus on some faces during this group & portrait session yesterday! I was in a white walls area and the ambient light was rather normal (sunny day). I was shooting with a moderate natural and clear back-light coming from 2 windows. I used 2 strobes on the persons. Most of the time, I was more or less able to focus easily, but on one face it was almost impossible, wherever I set the focus point on the sensor, to focus! I had to add a side continuous light to be able to focus. And even so it was not obvious to achieve it right all the time.😳 To be honest, I am a little disappointed by the "lack of power" of the AF response. Even my previous DSLR (Nikon D800 & Pentax K1....) were better in low or contrasted lights than the SL. 🤔 On a more positive side the image quality (especially skin tons) is far better than everything I had in hands before. 🤩 Has anyone gone through such difficulties and is there a better camera setting to insure better results? Many thanks in advance for your educated advice. 😁
  16. One of the listed buildings in Wolfsburg, Germany, the city of "VW"
  17. I never thought I'd be asking this question, but when I look back at the use I've been getting out of my kit over the last 6 months, it feels like one I need to address. I now have SL2 + 24-90 / 90-280 + Sigma 45 + Voigtlander 15 v3. This feels like a remarkably competent system for the kind of work that I can do during the pandemic. No theatre, no concerts, no international documentart commissions ☹️ I also have to M10 bodies + Summicron 28 asph / 35 asph / Summilux 50 / Summarit 70 / Macro-Elmar 90 and Apo-Telyt 135. If you'd asked me a year ago, I'd have said that if I only had one system, it would be the M. A bit of me still feels that way. I love the images, the size and weight, the discreetness. But when I consider what I'm using, I find that the SL2 + 24-90 is the one that comes out in the wind and rain. I love the range of focal lengths it offers, I love the IQ. OK - I'm not happy with battery life, and I'd be happier with a couple of interface changes (especially Exposure Lock assignable to a button rather than only to the joystick), but these aren't deal breakers. Is a life without an M camera in it imaginable? For the better part of 30 years, it wouldn't have been. Now, I'm not so sure... Anyone else with these thoughts? Has anyone converted completely? How does it feel?
  18. After many years with Canon 5Ds I made the move to Leica M (240) in December 2016. I’ve chopped and changed the kit around so now I have : Leica M10 with 21mm/35mm f1.2 Voigtlander/50mm Summilux, 50mm collapsible Elmar (1954),90mm and 135mm - all Leica unless specified Leica Q my favourite camera EVER! Leica S-E (typ 006) with a 70mm f2.5, 120mm macro Ive even got and use a Sofort and a 1958 M3 single stroke ( used mainly with the Elmar) I’ve also had and sold a Monochrom ( CCD Sensor - imho the best rendering) I bought the S-E for studio work which due to illness I may not be able to do or at least very little. I am considering using the S-E as a part exchange on a Leica SL and either a 24mm-90mm or a 75mm lens ( preferable ) and the M to SL converter. after a long preamble my question is if I was to trade for an SL should it be for the Mark I or the SL2. Obviously I may need to add cash but your thoughts would be helpful. I shoot 90% Portraits of which 80% are in the outside world almost street ( hence 75mm lens ). The other 10% is my abstract art and I would use whatever I need ( Start with Q and M3 ) thank you in advance
  19. For Using Leica's Historical line of Manual Focus Leica-M Lenses are the Leica SL, SL2, AND Nikon Z6, Z7, Bodies Essentially Equivalents? Same Ease Of Use? Same Easy focusing? Ease of Carry?
  20. Had the SL for a few years - really happy with it, great IQ. Don’t like the size and weight so tend to use it with ZEISS ZM lenses. Thinking of switching to SL2.. Attractions for me: 1. IBIS for using M (or ZM) lenses. 2. Improved EVF. 3. Larger, higher res rear panel. 4 Quick view menu. 5. Grip and restyling of body. Things putting me off - only 1: 1. I don’t need 47mp. So.....thinking I could shoot at Medium resolution setting (which is 24mp) and also use TL lenses (to manage the size and weight concern) to get 20mp files. I would use 47mp when the image demands it - so 24 as a go to size (street, family etc) and 47 for specific occasions (landscapes etc). I know that concerns on high ISO won’t be addressed by shooting at lower res (due to pixel density). Anyone else thinking like this? Thanks.
  21. Ist jemanden bekannt ob in Zukunft Zwischenringe für die Leica SL Objektive geplant sind, um die minimale Distanz zu veringern, oder gar ein Makroobjektiv ?
  22. I’m using my SL with a 90mm lens and a studio strobe setup to photograph some still life’s. As I need a f16 aperture I cannot see through the view finder as its so dark. Is there a setting for a bright view finder that will then stop down as the strobe is fired? Cheers Stephen
  23. I currently have an MP (240) and a 35 summilux. I was at the leica store today and the employee mentioned when I decide to upgrade my camera I should look at the M10 or SL. He then said the SL was probably best because of cost and proceeded to show me a sample of the SL with 35 lux (with adapter) The focusing was great to me but did feel bulky. My question is - If I'm really just going to use it with my M lens does it make sense to go SL route? I know it would be alot cheaper; but not sure on performance difference etc. Apologies if this was asked previously in another post and thank you for any response.
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