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  1. Here's a bit of reading of the tea leaves from Mike Evans at Macfilos. He covers his thoughts and predictions on the SL, Q and the possibility of an M with EVF as well as the M system. Leica in 2024 and 2025: What’s next from Wetzlar https://www.macfilos.com/2024/02/05/leica-in-2024-and-2025-whats-next-from-wetzlar/
  2. Hey, 👋 I would love the SL lenses with an aperture wheel on the lens. This would make the working in manual mode so much easier. As you would use the left hand for the aperture and the right hand for exposure and exposure compensation. Anybody on this boattrip? I am using different lenses from all kind of manufacturers on my SL camera. And every time I put an autofocus lens with aperture in the front of the lens on my body, I am thinking : why are there only M lenses from Leica that can do this? I would prefer to have this dial on the lens. Do you ? cheers 🥂
  3. Hello, I’m close to buying a new Leica. Trying hard to make the right decision. All options remain on the table, but I’m leaning towards a SL2-S or SL3. I made the decision to go Leica about a year ago. At the time, I was excited. I thought it’d be easy. Little did I know. The good thing is: it’s been a year. I’ve used that time wisely, I hope, to consider a lot (reading posts, watching videos, and trying out different cameras). I’m almost there. But before I pull the trigger again (more about that in a moment), I’d love to get some input, so if you have any thoughts to share … I’m all ears! A little about me: I’ve got a good amount of life experience and been a photographer for many years. Over the past decades I’ve shot Nikon film cameras & different mirrorless cameras including Fuji, Sony and Ricoh. I enjoy shooting landscapes, city buildings and some street in the endless pursuit of creating photographic art. I have a passion for B&W. So much so that after nearly a year, I made the decision to purchase a “like new” Q2 Monochrom. Unfortunately, it had debris in the viewfinder that I found distracting so I returned it. The experience was a good one because it caused me think even deeper about my commitment level and what I really want. They say the Leica Q’s are the “gateway drug” in the Leica world and I now see why. Yeah, even after a very short time with one. I’m someone that would be very happy with a Monochrom only camera. I shoot 90% B&W (at least), and the ability shoot at night with very high ISO’s with a camera that doesn’t have a bayer filter, and noise that looks more filmic is a very attractive proposition. If I missed color, I could always carry my trust Ricoh GRIII I Ruled Out a Leica Q I’ve ruled out another Q camera for several reasons, with the biggest being that I’ve got some wonderful vintage lenses and want to use them on a Leica (rather than continue using them on my Sony I think). Maybe a M11 or M10 Monochrom? I thought an M11 monochrome … or maybe an M10? … was the answer but I’m not sure a rangefinder’s for me. I mean I LOVE the look. Truly. It’s … beautiful. But I love shooting fast lenses. The rangefinder focusing … nice … but when it comes to focusing some lenses like a f/0.95 or even f/1.2 on a rangefinder … I want an EVF for critical focus. Sure, there’s a great external EVF for the M11 … and I’d be fine with buying that if I needed to, but in my opinion, it kinda messes with the whole rangefinder aesthetic to have to put that on the hot shoe. Also, I’ve heard more than one person talk about their rangefinder’s going out of alignment - and needing to be sent back in for recalibration. I’ve also read about freezing issues some have said they’d experienced with their Leica M11’s on this forum. On top of that, I like to focus CLOSE sometimes (not macro but down to 3/4 or 1/2 a meter) with my vintage lenses … I’ve can do that with an adapter on my Sony A7RIVa with vintage m mount lenses that normally wouldn’t be able to focus that close but would not be able to do that when using them on a Leica M. That frankly is a big deal (for me). Leica SL-2S or SL3? So that’s led me to consider a Leica SL-2s or maybe a SL3? Pros: Ability to convert M lenses and focus close using M to CL adapters. Check Built-in beautiful EVF. Check. More affordable than a Leica M11 Monochrom - check No calibration needed. Cons: No monochrome sensor in sight. Sigh. It’s so … BIG!! The M11 looks so much more inviting. Big Red Dot & Big Leica in big white letters … sheesh! I so prefer the look of the monochrom cameras. Discreet. So tape it up and cover up the dot I guess is the solution there. Perhaps not the best for street? More suited for studio than street? In conclusion: At the end of the day - is a Leica SL2s and/or SL3 worth spending thousands of dollars more - or should I just stick with my 60 megapixel Sony A7R-IVa and call it a day? Has anyone upgraded from the SL2-s to the SL3 .. .and if so, was it worth it? And why? Has anyone owned both a Leica M10/M11 along with a Leica SL series camera and if so, which do you prefer and why? Anyone move from a Leica Monochrome camera to the SL line ? Any regrets? Thoughts and/or Recommendation would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Just got an email from Leica Australia that there's a firmware update for the Leica SL (typ 601). Version 4.1 Unfortunately, the link to download the firmware in the email is 404 broken, but a bit of web-search magic and found it on the Leica US downloads page: Downloads | Leica Camera US (leica-camera.com) Seems to be mainly focused on SL series lens firmware updates. Caveat – haven't installed it yet.
  5. Hi folks, I currently have SL 601 and I've recently bought SL2, which I'm going to sell soon, so I though to put some info why I'm choosing to stay with 601. It might be helpful for some. First, things I like about SL2 in comparison to SL 601: 1. Better viewfinder, OLED, more contrasty and Sharper (although not by much) 2. Better LCD, noticeably sharper than 601 as it has more pixels 3. USB charging, no need to take additional charger for travel. 4. Ability to use AF lens adapters (on 601 Novoflex is pretty much the only choice and it doesn't really work) 5. Enhanced live view giving a nice boost at very low light situations 6. Eye AF is very nice Now what things made me keep my SL for longer: 1. Although viewfinder is higher res, difference is not huge and if you switch to 120fps it drops resolution to something unusable when half pressed. Viewfinder also has lower magnification. 2. AF is faster, but not significantly better than on my 601 with leica lenses (24-90 and 75/2). I've tested it in different conditions and I was suprised that even in low light 601 didn't perform significantly worse than SL2 3. Rear buttons on a left hand side, which mean to view them you can't really press play with right hand 4. Design changes are questionable. They rounded some corners near the shutter button, which looks weird. Also LCD screen with buttons now extended from the body. Strap lugs are external. 5. Menu looks more complicated now 6. Fotos app still slow, useable as a remote, but that's the same as with 601 7. no GPS, you need to keep phone with BT enabled for geotagging. This is not a problem by itself, however if camera is used by more than one person it is not great 8. Camera is more rubberised, which might be good, however it feels less solid for some reason. I never had an issue with SL 601 ergonomics. My plan was to get rid of SL 601, Sony A7RII+200-600mm and get SL2 + bigma150-600mm instead, but now I think I'll just get another 601 + 150-600mm
  6. I’m using my SL with a 90mm lens and a studio strobe setup to photograph some still life’s. As I need a f16 aperture I cannot see through the view finder as its so dark. Is there a setting for a bright view finder that will then stop down as the strobe is fired? Cheers Stephen
  7. I currently have an MP (240) and a 35 summilux. I was at the leica store today and the employee mentioned when I decide to upgrade my camera I should look at the M10 or SL. He then said the SL was probably best because of cost and proceeded to show me a sample of the SL with 35 lux (with adapter) The focusing was great to me but did feel bulky. My question is - If I'm really just going to use it with my M lens does it make sense to go SL route? I know it would be alot cheaper; but not sure on performance difference etc. Apologies if this was asked previously in another post and thank you for any response.
  8. From the album: Middle East Photos

    Wintering Steppe Eagle in Salalah, Oman.

    © David J Greer

  9. "Live aus dem Leitz-Park Live-Stream zu SL-Objektiven Entdecken Sie in diesem Live-Stream die Vielfalt der Leica SL-Objektive und lernen Sie die neuen Familienmitglieder - zwei Superweitwinkelobjektive - kennen. Marcus Klimek und Olaf Wolf stellen Ihnen die Anwendungs- und Einsatzbereiche aus der Praxis vor. Noch bis zum 31. Januar können Sie beim Kauf von einem SL2-Kit 1.400 Euro sparen." „Live aus dem Leitz-Park“ | Mittwoch, 22. November, 19 Uhr | YouTube
  10. Still shooting an SL 601, had it since it came out. Shoot with the 24-90 but much prefer the lighter package of SL with Zeiss ZM lenses. I just put an old Nikon F mount 28-70D lens on the SL and it is a lovely light weight combo! Manual focus of course but that’s fine, rendering is nice if total sharpness is not up to modern lens standard. But it is a slow lens so looking for recommendations of lightweight zoom, in the 28-70 range, with a decent max aperture, that can be adapted to the SL. Any suggestions pls? Thanks.
  11. Die kursierenden Roadmaps sind ja mittlerweile in die Jahre gekommen und noch immer sind nicht alle Objektive auf dem Markt wie das 24er und 21er SL Objektiv. Gibt es ansonsten neue Gerüchte zu SL Objektiven? Eine neue SL wird ja wohl 2023 auf den Markt kommen, Panasonic bringt ja auch was Neues raus. Eine SL-3?
  12. Read all I can on here but still in need of some advice pls. Am still using original 601 and need a simple and low cost flash solution for very occasional use (family events etc). I have a Nikon SB25 speedlight from my film days so could use that - but think it would need an optical trigger etc. I don’t know much about flash TBH. Recommendations pls for a safe and simple set-up? Thank you.
  13. Ist jemanden bekannt ob in Zukunft Zwischenringe für die Leica SL Objektive geplant sind, um die minimale Distanz zu veringern, oder gar ein Makroobjektiv ?
  14. For Using Leica's Historical line of Manual Focus Leica-M Lenses are the Leica SL, SL2, AND Nikon Z6, Z7, Bodies Essentially Equivalents? Same Ease Of Use? Same Easy focusing? Ease of Carry?
  15. I never thought I'd be asking this question, but when I look back at the use I've been getting out of my kit over the last 6 months, it feels like one I need to address. I now have SL2 + 24-90 / 90-280 + Sigma 45 + Voigtlander 15 v3. This feels like a remarkably competent system for the kind of work that I can do during the pandemic. No theatre, no concerts, no international documentart commissions ☹️ I also have to M10 bodies + Summicron 28 asph / 35 asph / Summilux 50 / Summarit 70 / Macro-Elmar 90 and Apo-Telyt 135. If you'd asked me a year ago, I'd have said that if I only had one system, it would be the M. A bit of me still feels that way. I love the images, the size and weight, the discreetness. But when I consider what I'm using, I find that the SL2 + 24-90 is the one that comes out in the wind and rain. I love the range of focal lengths it offers, I love the IQ. OK - I'm not happy with battery life, and I'd be happier with a couple of interface changes (especially Exposure Lock assignable to a button rather than only to the joystick), but these aren't deal breakers. Is a life without an M camera in it imaginable? For the better part of 30 years, it wouldn't have been. Now, I'm not so sure... Anyone else with these thoughts? Has anyone converted completely? How does it feel?
  16. Question for SL users: I have the opportunity to trade my Panasonic S1 (that I se with SL glass) for a Leica SL. Of course I will spend some cash out of pocket. I wanted to find out if anyone has experience with a similar shift and what factors I must keep in mind in going from an S1 to a relatively older (technology wise) camera body. Also I mostly use this for shooting in a studio. Pic (shot on the s1) for attention. Greatly appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.
  17. After many years with Canon 5Ds I made the move to Leica M (240) in December 2016. I’ve chopped and changed the kit around so now I have : Leica M10 with 21mm/35mm f1.2 Voigtlander/50mm Summilux, 50mm collapsible Elmar (1954),90mm and 135mm - all Leica unless specified Leica Q my favourite camera EVER! Leica S-E (typ 006) with a 70mm f2.5, 120mm macro Ive even got and use a Sofort and a 1958 M3 single stroke ( used mainly with the Elmar) I’ve also had and sold a Monochrom ( CCD Sensor - imho the best rendering) I bought the S-E for studio work which due to illness I may not be able to do or at least very little. I am considering using the S-E as a part exchange on a Leica SL and either a 24mm-90mm or a 75mm lens ( preferable ) and the M to SL converter. after a long preamble my question is if I was to trade for an SL should it be for the Mark I or the SL2. Obviously I may need to add cash but your thoughts would be helpful. I shoot 90% Portraits of which 80% are in the outside world almost street ( hence 75mm lens ). The other 10% is my abstract art and I would use whatever I need ( Start with Q and M3 ) thank you in advance
  18. H guys, As mentioned in another thread, I just bought an SL and 24-90. I have always bought a skylight / UV or protective filter for any lens I have ever bought but this is my first Leica and I don't want to interfere with or degrade optical quality. So wanted some advice pls - filter needed or not? Thanks John
  19. Missing files! I shot a wedding yesterday on my SL. When I came home 130 pictures were missing on the card (SanDisk 64GB Extreme Plus 90 MB/s). There is a 130 picture gab between two picture numbers and I am sure that I have previewed some of them after I took them. I have tried to recover deleted files from the card with RescuePro Deluxe which came with the card but no luck. I recovered just about every picture I had taken on previously and deleted/formated but not the 130 missing pictures. An other recovery tool could see 80 of the files but when they were recovered they could not be read. Any similar experiences and/or suggestions?
  20. Hi guys, One week with my SL and very happy with it. I am not a video guy and so have lots to learn on the various modes - has anyone found a good (basic) guide? Thanks John
  21. adli

    Blue on blue

    Had the pleasant opportunity to shoot this young lady today. Leica SL / 50 lux-R
  22. We have spaces available on our special Leica 'Akademie' street photography workshop on the 28th of October 2016 in the centre of Bristol. This one day course will introduce attendees to the Leica M digital system and how to use the rangefinder system in a street photography environment and is open to both experienced users of Leica cameras as well as those who are new to the M rangefinder system. There will also be an opportunity to use the Leica SL and Q systems in a street environment. Leica Akademie tutor and freelance photographer, Robin Sinha, will host the day and introduce us to the Leica digital M system and how he uses it to maximise his street photography. The day will start at 10am and run until approximately 4.30pm, this will contain a two hour practical part of the day where you will have the opportunity to use the Leica digital cameras in a street environment. 10.00am – 11.00am – Robin Sinha will introduce you to his work with a short talk using his own images to demonstrate Leica Photography. 11.00am - 11.30am - Review and mini-critique of attendees images (attendees are asked to bring 4 images on a USB stick that represent their photography) 11.30am - 12.00pm Familiarisation with the Leica camera range prior to photowalk. 12.00pm – 12.30pm – Lunch break 12.30pm – 2.30pm – Photowalk around Bristol using the Leica cameras provided 2.30pm onwards – Back to the studio for image review and critique. Robin will also demonstrate how to edit your RAW files to get the best from the digital system. 4.30pm approx - finish There is a small charge of £20 for the day, which includes refreshments of tea or coffee. Unfortunately lunch is not provided, but there are plenty of local places to get something during the break. If you wish to book a place on the course, please email bristol@lcegroup.co.uk or call 0117 9291935. Please let us know if you have any queries.
  23. Hello everyone, I´m doing some tests with my SL tethered with LR and I´m really worried about the battery-life after half an hour testing. I have a job next week where I wanted to work tethered - I´ll better get a third battery:-/ What are your experiences? Best, Peter__
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