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  1. BlackDoc

    The view through older Glass

    Gold from out of the kitchen, hand made yesterday in the evening 😀 photo : SL with Noctilux 1.0 product: quince jelly
  2. BlackDoc

    Leica SL Image Thread ...post your examples here ....

    I really like your style of viewing and taking pictures! thanks for showing
  3. BlackDoc

    Abstrakte Fotografie

    Berlin im September
  4. BlackDoc

    LFI Mastershot SL

    Thank you very much !!
  5. BlackDoc

    Leica SL Image Thread ...post your examples here ....

    ISO 6400 using 16mm and 24sec. I had a better try with the milkyway with the 24-90, too (but i don´t find it right now) , and with this result you see above probably the 28mm Lux with its f1.4 is an interesting lens. (Astro is normally not that kind of photography i am used to do...)
  6. BlackDoc

    Leica SL Image Thread ...post your examples here ....

    as you a mentioning astrophotography... i gave this part of photography a chance last week and as this was the first try with the SL i am not so much disapointed.... Of course it could have been a better picture if i had stiched the foreground and in another picture the sky but i just wanted do see the ability of the 16-35 and the SL
  7. BlackDoc


    One early morning spot called "Gleitmannshorn". Temperature was not the problem but even a good tripod (gitzo) did not manage the storm at this place..... btw i have changed the frame settings....;-)
  8. BlackDoc


    Thanks to you both and all the others to see the pictures, One of the guys is a younger climber who stays often in this area -> so he guided us to the spots. It was like job sharing-> back "home" at the apartment (3 guys 3 rooms , also 3 desktops in oder to do our postprocessing) it was part of my job to organize "dinner", during the shoot outs everybody helped the others (technically, spot/ view optimizing etc) Another example of the locations you see here (and there are enough spots...)
  9. BlackDoc

    LFI Mastershot SL

    I am very proud of being informed that one of my photos from my last weeks trip Elbsandstein has been voted as a Mastershot SL at the LFI.Gallery 🤩
  10. BlackDoc

    Leica SL Image Thread ...post your examples here ....

    SL with 16-35 + Polarizer, to show the possibilities of this lens f11 ISO100 1/125s @ Elb Sandstone Mountains
  11. BlackDoc


    Thanks ! To give you another impression of this region you see the "Festung Königstein" on the right sight, view from the "Pfaffenstein" and the guys who went with me on this fantastic trip
  12. BlackDoc


    The frame... you are right.... I do have some different workflows to come to a picture i am going to show/ to post. This workflow was not that way i intendended to use.... Sorry. Thanks for the comment!
  13. BlackDoc


    Backround: Me and two other guys met here in Gohrisch in order to take photos, and these pics are the first results of the past 12 hours. It´s "workshop like" as we´re teaching and correct our mistakes ourselves. Starting the first location of the day at about 5:30 in the morning, let´s see what will happen in the evening.
  14. BlackDoc


    #4 SL with 28mm Lux
  15. BlackDoc


    in the morning.... it´s called "Barbarine" #3