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  1. I'm wondering if the Visoflex is 'really' worth the cost of them? I use LV a lot on my M10-P when out with my tripod when I'm out shooting woodland and forest stuff. I use a 35mm, 50mm and I'm thinking next year I'd like a 28mm & 75/90, but given the amount of time I'm looking at the back of the screen, I was wondering if the Visoflex would serve a purpose as opposed to constantly looking at the back of the camera and focussing off that.
  2. Today arrived the Visoflex IIa that I bought. On JC's beautiful website and in Laney I read that the Visoflex IIa appears in 1962 in the catalogue of Leitz New York. On the Visoflex IIa itself just the usual name of Leitz Wetzlar appears. So was it indeed produced in Wetzlar, and for the general market? Or primarily for the American market, which could explain the mention in that Leitz New York catalogue? My oldest catalogue is from 1970 and consequently only shows the Visoflex III. Lex

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    I purchased this new just a year ago. Barely used. I use my R lenses on an SL, so this is an unnecessary accessory for me. Sale includes: Visoflex 020 base plate Leica nylon pouch box, instructions Lovely leather Art di Mano case (retails for $129 at Leica Store Miami) Shipping is at your expense and must be insured. Import duties at your expense. Item ships from Seattle, USA. High resolution pictures (and more than the 5 permitted here) are here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d-te2fFJBZD0tXBS2xf5myb7zlmEFd84?usp=sharing. Thanks. dritz40 (on that auction site)


  4. Has anyone else had any problems connecting the GPS to the M10 Monochrom? Most of the time, I see in the rear screen that the GPS icon has an "x" through it...obviously not connected. I have the Visoflex connected to the camera and the GPS turned on in the menu. I realize there are areas that pose a problem for GPS connections, but I have tried various types of environments. Am I missing something? I've only had it connect sporadically over the past few weeks. Thanks.
  5. I've been struggling with the decision to pull the trigger on a Visoflex 020 viewfinder for my X 113. It seems like the eBay prices have been creeping up ever since the new M10 came out ($550-$600). I really need a viewfinder for a trip this summer. Question: Is there a very good alternative to the Visoflex 020 for the Leica X 113? I don't need GPS. I need to see the image clearly in bright daylight. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  6. Curious about the EVF-2, the Olympus specs do Not offer any help, i am wondering what the practical limitations of using Wide Angels lenses with the M240 and an EVF-2 are. My Q: What is the Widest lens that will work in a usable way with the EVF-2, before having to purchase a dedicated Wide Angle VF if anyone has experience?
  7. Hi, I don't know if this is the right forum to post this, but I do have a M7. I am looking for some info. Could someone tell me which lenses would work with the Visoflex + Bellows for close up work? Thanks ACM
  8. Regrettably RG Lewis, a Leica Premier dealership in London has closed its doors after more than 100 years of trading because its proprietor is retiring. I was in Croydon Photo Centre yesterday (formerly called High Street Radio and Photographic), which is a family business owned by 84 year old Reg Roach and has specialised in Leica and Roberts radio products for over 50 years. Reg's son Paul showed me a large amount of Leica accessories (hoods, filters, caps, Visoflexs, adaptors etc) that Len at RG Lewis had passed on to the shop when he shut the doors at RG Lewis. Croydon Photo Centre a
  9. Hey Leica T peeps! Recently got the VisoFlex for my T and it keeps freezing my camera. The fix is ejecting the battery. Basically if im walking around with my T and try to take a shot, the live view is locked in the EVF and none of the Leica T buttons are responsive. This is happening alot. Is there a way to reinstall Firmware? When i try it just says " your up to date". Anyway if anyone has experienced this would love to know how you fixed it. Thanks in advance.
  10. I have a rather marvellous 400mm Telyt. It has a male 39mm O.D. thread which is bigger than the standard LTM. The normal way to connect it to an M series camera is to use a 16466 M which provides the matching female thread to a male M bayonet (23mm flange-to-flange), plus a Visoflex I or II which has M-bayonet to M-bayonet to connect to the camera and is 41mm flange-to-flange. The Visoflex houses the reflex mirror plus bits sticking out to set and trigger the mirror. Now that I have an SL, I don't need the Visoflex. It would be nice to replace it with a simple 41mm spacer with M-bayonets
  11. I recently found a super deal on a Visoflex 020 being sold by Adorama through auction listed as having major defects; the details described as "** Item Notes: Viewfinder does not switch back to LCD screen properly; Likely proximity sensor issue; May have other issues; Cosmetic condition is E ** However, the price was too good to pass up, less than half price of a brand new one. So I took a chance and bought it. When I received and tried it out, to my surprise, it worked, but there were green lines across the display. The lines went away when I angled the viewfinder to the max 90 d
  12. I've used my Visoflex 1 on my '37 Leica II, fitted with bellows, to take macro shots but I've just put it on my IIIf along with a 200mm Telyt lens to check it over before I take it out for some alpine photography in a few weeks time. The problem is that although I can swing the camera through 90 degrees for portrait and landscape views, the camera is not horizontal or vertical, but off by a few degrees. This means that I can't get horizontal at all (unless I unscrew the Visoflex slightly), and I can achieve vertical but only by moving the camera off one of the Visoflex end-stops (I hope th
  13. As you know, when you raise our T to use the Visoflex, there is a delay in the switch over from the LCD to the Visoflex. For those of us who do street photography, that delay will sometimes interfere with our ability to "get the shot" and can be frustrating. Some have suggested placing a thumb over the eyepiece to fool the camera to thinking there is an eye looking through the Viso. The problem is that unless you keep your thumb over the eyepiece right up to when you replace your thumb with your eye, the momentary switch over is enough at times to have the camera go back to the LCD.
  14. Hallo, ich bin seit kurzem Besitzer eines Visoflex III mit Balgen. Dieses betreibe ich an meiner M7. Zum Auslösen würde ich gern einen Drahrauslöser benutzen. Der Drahtauslöser, den ich habe, ist mit Stoff ummantelt. Leider schafft es der Auslöser nur den Auslösearm des Visoflex auf den Auslöser der Kamera zu drüchken, schafft es aber nicht, diesen auszulösen. Gab es dafür spezielle Auslöser bzw. worauf muss man achten, wenn man sich dafür einen neuen Auslöser kaufen möchte. Danke!
  15. Hi guys, New member here.... I recently bought the X-113 and a Visoflex. The Visoflex is primaily used for EVF and diopter purposes, but when something is marketed with some function, I like to test it. The Visoflex is supposed to give GPS readings. However, turning the function on and being outside with it for a few hours still does not make it function. The exclamation mark, telling me that the reading is not received, is there all the time. A couple of times I have been able to get a reading, but then only after multiple times turning the "X" off and on, removing and mounting the Vi
  16. Hi Im thinking of buying a visoflex to use on my M6 and M8 , i have seen two a Visoflex 11a and a Visoflex 3 , i know i will need some adaptors to use with my 90mm and 135mm lens units. What is the difference between the two , also will i need an adaptor to use my 50mm 35mm lens on one Many thanks Ian
  17. Guest

    Die letzte Rose

    Noch einmal die Kombination M8 + Viso III + Elmarit 2,8/135mm, offne Blende, Horst.
  18. Please have a look at this young Emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) showing its new headdress. Photo taken in a zoo with the head (non-dressed) of the Telyt 280/4,8 version 3 (from 1969/70) in the Televit rapid manual focus device (via the Televit-adapter 14138, Visoflex2/3, M8). Aperture was 5,6 or 5,6-8. No IR-cut. Stabilized with the Televit's shoulder stock (v.1). The version 3 of the Telyt 280/4,8, in the Televit, can be focused from infinity to as close as below 2 meters! For additional information on this lens in the Televit, please see here, if interested: http://www.l-camera-
  19. Hallo, ich poste erstmals hier. Diese Brandseeschwalbe hatte den kurz zuvor durch Stoßtauchen erbeuteten Sandaal in der Luft kurzzeitig wieder verloren, machte eine "Vollbremsung" (im Bild eingefangen ist auch die "Bremsspur"), and schnappte sich den Sandaal nochmals bevor sie ihn überholt haben würde: http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/attachments/leica-m8-forum/263095d1308304932-infinite-possibilities-m8-9-apo-extender-l9990606-acr-crop_luf-b.jpg Die Seeschwalbe war relativ weit entfernt (mind. 25-30 Meter). Das Bild ist daher deutlich beschnitten. Telyt 400/6,8 (sliding foc
  20. Flamingos in a zoo. Slightly cropped. Shot with the Visoflex Telyt 200/4,5 (at aperture of 5,6) combined with the 1,4x Apo-Extender-R, Novoflex Pistock-C for stabilization.
  21. Hello, please have a look at these two birding images taken at the beach: 1) An example of "action wildlife photography";) ('follow focus tracking', manually): This sandwich tern / Brandseeschwalbe (Sterna sandvicensis) had lost its prey (a sand eel) in the air, and "stopped" immediately to avoid flying past it. A tenth of a second later, the bird had snapped the fish again. http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-...crop_luf-b.jpg (please click the link) 2) The turnstones / Steinwälzer (Arenaria interpres) below, a juvenile and an adult, performed a dance at the beach. Both image
  22. Hallo allerseits, Nachdem ich schon seit längerem hier mitgelesen, und mir nun den Wunsch nach einer M9 erfüllt habe, komme ich mit einer für einen Leica-M-Neueinsteiger doch wahrscheinlich etwas ungewöhnlichen Frage. Nach Ausführlichen Überlegungen habe ich mich zum Erwerb einer 35mm und einer 75mm-Brennweite entschieden. Das 75er soll ein Summilux (11810) werden. Das Objektiv, nachdem ich mich auf dem Gebrauchtmarkt werde umschauen müssen, trägt eine nicht unwesentliche "Mitschuld" für den Erwerb der M9 ;-) Ursprünglich wollte ich mich darauf auch beschränken und soweit wäre ja alle
  23. Hallo! Da Leicaformat-Dias (24 x 36) und die Sensorgröße der M9 nahezu identisch sind, möchte ich meine KB-Dias mit der M9 digitalisieren. Einen Leitz-Visoflex-III-Spiegelkasten habe ich bei Ebay kürzlich ersteigert. Mir schwebt hierzu ein Macro-Elmar-M 1:4,0 / 90 mm und zusätzlich dazu noch ein Balgen vor, damit ein 1:1-Maßstab und größer (Ausschnittsvergrößerung) erreicht werden kann. Diesen mechanischen Aufbau montiere ich dann an meiner Kaiser-Reprosäule, die Beleuchtung der Dias realisiert das Lichtpult auf dem sich ein umgebauter Vergrößerungs-Klapprahmen - er lässt das Licht ohne
  24. Was macht man nicht alles an einem langweiligen Samstag: mal den Kühlschrank ausräumen und archivieren, was man alles so findet. Gleichzeitig kann die Makroausrüstung getestet werden und die Beherrschung diverser Software geübt werden. Leica M8 mit Visoflex 3, Tele Elmar 135mm, Helicon Focus, PS5 etc. Das alte Visoflex ist schon eine tolle Ergänzung zur M8. Na, Hunger auf eine leckere Pizza? Dann muß ich noch den Käse finden... lg und guten Appetit Dieter
  25. I've been reading the fiorums for a while and have found some really useful and helpful stuff. This is my first post so here goes.... I have been using my Telyt 4.8/280 on the Lumix G1 with a Visoflex II which is of course unecessary from the mirror point of view but needed to get the correct distance from the focal plane. Does anyone know of an adapter/spacer the same length as the Visoflex that I can use to make the whole outfit a bit less unwieldy? I must say that the G1 performance with the Leica lenses is not up to my M8 but it is great as a back-up and also for action shots with
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