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  1. but still a great picture and showcase on how good the 75 is, assuming it was the 75 summicron-sl. I personally, meanwhile, prefer 75mm for such shots. It is for my eyes in many cases more balanced than 50 or 90mm.
  2. In principle I agree. And now comes the ‚but‘. I love the 24-90 and it is an extremely capable and sharp lens. In fact, despite maybe the aperture, no one really NEEDS more (all without including size, weight etc.) And with the comparison I‘ve made I would say the same is true for the 24-70. But as it happened I‘ve taken two nearly similar landscape shots at my latest trip with the 24-90 @36mm and f8 and the summicron-sl 35mm @5.6. The 24-90 gives a perfectly fine picture - sharp, contrasty, colourful. You cannot ask for more …. until, yes until you put the summicron-sl shot directly side
  3. What you see is Lake Hallstatt (Hallstätter See), view from the Krippenstein (name of the mountain) in Austria.
  4. Yes, the 75 is indeed a nice lens. But here is something from the 35, while in this particular case I would accept to trade in my 35 SL for the object I‘ve photographed.
  5. Hi, I have large hands and often carry my SL2s by the grip, dangling at my side. So far no wear whatsoever. I now have also checked if my nails could scrap while carrying or operating the camera. They definitely don‘t. So I have no idea how this could happen - sorry. I assume that there must come some variables together (anatomical, kind of usage, duration of usage, carrying technic, temperature, humidity, sample variation, ….. ?). I‘ll keep an eye on it. Cheers Daniel
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