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  1. Hi, yes, I agree that 2.8 is beside other topics, also a marketing topic. That lesser and lesser optics are parfocal is something which also stills-photographer do not like, but it's not such a big deal for them. With all the whining about this only being a re-badged and therefore too expensive solution, it's in the end all about choices (so for me positive). First, there is now a Leica "entry-zoom" people can buy in the the kit or as an extra to have one affordable Zoom by Leica, and not buying a Leica camera to then have a Sigma-zoom on it. That's mainly a psyc
  2. Just checked: Price in Germany in a Leica Boutique is 2.250 Euro incl. VAT - that is still quite reasonable. The juice will lay in comparisons with the Panasonic and the Sigma - overall (handling, build etc. pp.), not only optically.
  3. Nope, it is the Sigma 24-70 Art which has been rebadged. The Panasonic would have the zoom turning into the right direction. The Sigma is a great lens, but I kind of struggle to pay much more for the Leica mainly for cosmetics. I am curious to see comparisons between the Sigma and the Leica, if there is some secret sauce in the Leica. From a pure aesthetic point of view, the Leica looks quite nice. @Jono: Thanks for your as always great and thorough review
  4. I of course respect and accept this decision, and I think it is a real pitty that it was necessary. I've not seen the posts where things got out of hand, but I can imagine it. However, as many here I am a very busy person, but still have taken the time to post my experiences with the new software, including a few tips on how to improve the overal experience using the new functionalities. This post is gone, as is one additional and also explanatory post, which I've posted afterwards. What still remains is a quote from my second post, which has been ripped out of context and h
  5. Hi RM, it‘s very simple, like attaching the strap direct on the camera. Just made some quick shots with my mobile. Here the link of the rightproductM https://www.peakdesign.com/collections/straps/products/anchor-links Cheers Daniel
  6. Let‘s wait and see. Do I think it’s sexy to buy a more expensive just rebadged Sigma lens. No, for sure not. Not that Sigma is a bad thing, I have two Sigmas and like them. For this lens I will make my opinion once the lens is really available and comparable. Not before. There are so many variables in lens construction, and the mere optical design is just one of them. BTW: Even a rebadged 2.0 28-70 Canon RF could be tempting 😁
  7. From yesterday evening- two views of the same scene First picture from my back balcony with the 75mm SC-SL towards west Second picture in front of my house in exactly the opposite direction (east), at practically the same time: Sigma 3.5 24mm, two shots stitched in LR The color is relatively exact as it was - crazy weather.
  8. Hah! You‘ve opened a can of worms - with this topic you‘ll get from 3 photographers at least 6 opinions And here is mine: I use a Eddycam edition 35mm. It‘s good looking, super nice to carry or wrap around you wrist and durable, but expensive. It’s mounted with peak design anchors, as I often prefer to have no strap at all or to change to the peak design wrist strap. The Eddycam eddyconnection is not functional with the design of the SL2, had it for my my m10p, but they do not work with the SL2-s. The peak design anchors are nevertheless the sleaker solution. Eddycam do
  9. With 24 Images stitch you mean like Brenizer?
  10. Beside other bags I have a Thinktank Retrospective 7 for many years and it still is my most favorite shoulder bag. It's a very durable, not too fancy but very functional and well thought out bag. The Retrospective 7 is maybe a bit too large for what you are asking, but the Retrospective 5 or 6 could fit your bill. Cheers Daniel
  11. If this is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, we unfortunately cannot expect a more compact lens. Which was a hope I had / still have But let's wait and see.
  12. I thought about the Panasonic a few times, but it is a big lens. Very good, but big. If Leica pulls a trick and comes out with 24-70 or 28-70 2.8 which is considerable smaller, yes that would be really nice one. Or a really big trick and they come with a 2.0 - but that‘s wishful thinking - and a canon 2.0 28-70 like lens, might not be so well received - it‘s huge So, let‘s wait and see..
  13. My current solution, just to not lie in the dirt: Does unfortunately not help for waist-level shots
  14. Interesting: What were your main reasons to return the 70-200 f4? Thanks Daniel
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