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  1. I dare say that a 2.8 300 is not really in the target market of the SL lineup. There are more specialized brands with a way more sophisticated AF-System to use this kind of lenses. So, no, I would not buy such a lens. As for me it would be too seldom used for the assumed north of 8k price tag. I am with Rob here: A reasonable priced 400 f4 or f5.6, or an 500 f5.6 would be the better choice. But also unlikely to happen from Leica. Sigma and Panasonic will take care of this, plus in a, for the occasional use, more suitable price range. If long lenses for e.g. birding or sports would be my main focus, I wouldn't buy a Leica. Very simple. Daniel
  2. Thanks, and here the original, using LR super resolution and cropping for the eye. Remember: Iso3200, f2 ... the reserves of the sensor and the lens are just insane.
  3. Yep, if you want to change, I can only second what Siggi wrote. Or, keep the 24-70, save up and buy a prime at a later time. Honestly only you can answer that question. For example I am definitely a prime-guy, for a very long time, but I've bought the 24-90 a few month ago and really enjoy the flexibility of it. The 24-70 with its constant f2.8 and a bit smaller size is a really good companion for sure. The reason for me why I like primes so much is a) the larger aperture in combination with a really good IQ and b) that there is still less distraction with just one focal length. I at least, start to see more in a single focal length. On the other hand, obviously, it's just one focal length with all its limitations In landscape especially, the SL-primes are sharper and show more details than even the really good 24-90 - does it allways matter. No, of course not. If you put a weapon at my head to choose for one lens only, I would still go for a prime. For me its the 35mm, for others the 50mm or the 28mm for a single lens setup. For a dual lens setup for me it's still the 35 and 75, just with three lenses a zoom would creep in. And of course, without the gun at my head in real live, I have more lenses, and most probably too many ... and still think about adding more Good luck to answer this in the world of photography impossible question .
  4. Sorry, I have not used the Sigma so far, but based on my experience with the 3.5 24 from Sigma, I am quite sure that haptics will be nicer on the Sigma and optically it should at least hold up.
  5. but still a great picture and showcase on how good the 75 is, assuming it was the 75 summicron-sl. I personally, meanwhile, prefer 75mm for such shots. It is for my eyes in many cases more balanced than 50 or 90mm.
  6. In principle I agree. And now comes the ‚but‘. I love the 24-90 and it is an extremely capable and sharp lens. In fact, despite maybe the aperture, no one really NEEDS more (all without including size, weight etc.) And with the comparison I‘ve made I would say the same is true for the 24-70. But as it happened I‘ve taken two nearly similar landscape shots at my latest trip with the 24-90 @36mm and f8 and the summicron-sl 35mm @5.6. The 24-90 gives a perfectly fine picture - sharp, contrasty, colourful. You cannot ask for more …. until, yes until you put the summicron-sl shot directly side by side. The difference even on my 24mp SL2s is very visible. Surly not at every print size, but at larger ones for sure. Still, the zoom is really, really good. The prime, in this case, is just better I also believe with different motives the difference is of course less pronounced (just talking sharpness) or does not matter. The 3.5 24 from Sigma is btw a lovely lens. Very sharp and it has a bit of a retro-feel to the colours. I cannot put my finger on it, but it is modern and not modern. A very good lens indeed.
  7. What you see is Lake Hallstatt (Hallstätter See), view from the Krippenstein (name of the mountain) in Austria.
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