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  1. After the flood-rain... 24-90, grad-nd. Don't know why, but all sharpness is gone in these. The originals are absolutely fine. 😕
  2. Steve Huff seems to like it: https://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2021/07/25/the-leica-24-70-f-2-8-vario-elmarit-l-mount-lens-review/
  3. Hi, have you painted the letters on your 24-90 red and if yes why??
  4. I, as a summicron-sl spoiled guy, have honestly nothing to complain about the 24-90 (beside its size 😉 ) and am looking forward to my holiday to get some usage for it. Here my typical model when I am bored, have no time but want to take a photo - slight vignette has been added. 90mm f4
  5. Update: I meanwhile got used to the lens hood and kind of like it. So I will keep the original lenshood and save the bugs for something more meaningful, like a 82mm Polarizer ... which is damn expensive
  6. Very reasonable thoughts. As you can see in my above post, it also was a tight call for. If someone would be able to talk to the employee at Leica Munich, he would hear the story about this so very indecisive guy changing the two lenses back and forth, stopping, coming back .... 😂😂 Do you plan to keep both lenses or is it a ‚only one will stay‘-call? BTW: There is another positive point for the 24-90. It‘s so big, that suddenly the summicron-sl lenses are tiny and light, even for a former m-User
  7. To close my own answer : My main decision point was, if I want to have standard zoom or not. Main reason is to have a convenient choice for family holidays or other topics where I do not want to carry multiply lenses or change lenses AND want to have variable focal lengths (in good quality, obviously ). My main lenses are the 35 and 75 summicron-SL as also the 28 Summaron-m. I also have the 24 Sigma and for macro-work the Sigma 105 Art, but especially the Macro normally stays at home. I've tested the 24-70 against the 24-90 some weeks a ago and still did not come to a concl
  8. Hi Amal, honestly during a quick check and also observing the pictures afterwards, I saw no meaningful optical difference between the two lenses. The 24-70 is (very) considerable smaller and also noticeable lighter on the camera. Autofocus was kind of same same. The 20mm more reach are also not to underestimate. So, if you ask me, it is a tough decision. Constant 2.8 vs 2.8-4, weight and size and the 20mm more reach, which makes the 24-90 the better all around travel lens, if not there would be the size. And, another small elephant, the price. A used 24-90 here in Germany
  9. A bit of a weather from yesterday.... 35mm summicron-sl
  10. One example: The Canon EF 1.2 50 L - on paper a not so good performer. In real life (and if the focus is not completely off) an absolut wonderful lens which rewarded me with really great results. Sharp, colourful and a lovely and smooth rendition and transition from sharp to blurry. Another one: The current Leica Summaron-m 28, one of the worst lenses on paper - especially for the price. In real life: An absolute gem, plenty of sharp in the wide center, lovely colours and a contrast / colour behavior I've never seen from any other lens and if light and circumstances fit, a nearly
  11. Hi, honestly, price and size not being considered, you can choose the Summicron-SL lens setup which fits best to your purpose. I think they are, within certain borders, all very, very good or as good as it gets for each focal length. And of course I would welcome, if they all would cost half and have half the size My lens setup was always driven by the idea, that it is not only great as a dual or triple lens setup but also as a single lens setup. Which always leads me to a "I must have a 35mm lens" setup. In the past, Leica M, this lead me to a 21, 35, 50, 90 p
  12. Hi, so today I had the chance to test the 24-70 a bit. First of all: It is a nice lens and honestly, I found nothing faulty about it. I am thinking of buying this lens for a "non-photographic"-holiday reasoning point of view. It would be the first zoom since a long time. I've also tried the 24-90 at the same time. First: The weight and size difference is more than would have suspected. In feel, look and haptics there is no difference between the two lenses. Only the focus-ring is a bit more loose on the 24-70, of course both a by wire. The lens-hood of the
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