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  1. 😂😂😂 — Sorry, couldn't resist. Leica Rumors has the real one (Link).
  2. My article on some of the highlights of the next Leitz Photographica Auction is here. https://www.macfilos.com/2021/11/08/leitz-auction-goes-into-space-with-the-soviets/ A link to the full auction catalogue is here. https://www.leitz-auction.com/auction/en/onlinecatalogue William
  3. The person I bought it from said they bought it from a seller in Japan a few years ago. And they got the lens CLA'd (Clean, Lubricate, Adjust) this year. Serial Number: 125167 It weighs 111 grams when there's no caps on it. It has "50mm" instead of "5cm" written on the front of the lens, which it would indicate that it's an earlier model I believe. There's an "o" on the barrel by the focus lever, which would indicate that this is a standardized lens mount. Underneath the focus leaver there's the number 5 (as shown in the picture), I don't know what this means. I think the focus lever is at the 11 o'clock position? I'm not sure how to tell. I tested it and found: 105 cm / 41 inch closest focusing distance. The rear plate has distances in feet. I don't know if Leica sent certain countries a different plate, or if it was replaced by a distributor, or if it was replaced in the decades after it was first sold. Interestingly enough there's no "Germany" or "Made in Germany" that I see on other exported lenses. Full album with more more picture and in higher quality: https://imgur.com/a/bhQcwHI Is this lens legit? Was the rear plate with "feet" replaced by a 3rd party? And is this really 1931 or 1932?
  4. I’m trying to identify the model of a camera Leica, but I’m not being very much successful. This is an early model, all black, with Leitz Elmar f: 3,5/50mm lens, but unfortunately I can’t find any serial number on it. I’ve already opened it (the bottom), since I’ve read that the serial number could be inscribed in the interior, but I didn’t see anything. It has no inscriptions. How can I identify this model?
  5. Ich suche dringend Unterlagen über die Leitz-Photare, speziell über Brennweiten/Abbildungsmaßstäbe, Schnittzeichnungen und Objektivgewinde (!). Wer kann mir Hinweise geben ? Horst.
  6. Hallo Leute, ich habe einen Focomat IIc den ich verkaufen möchte. Weiß zufällig jemand wo man das außerhalb von Ebay machen kann? Vielleicht findet sich sogar ein Käufer hier im Forum. Es handelt sich um ein schwarzes Exemplar mit Holzplatte und der zweiten Linsenausstattung. D.h. es befinden sich das Focotar 1:45/60 und das V-Elmar 1:4,5/100 Objektiv an dem Gerät. Der Focomat ist in einem guten Zustand, weist jedoch ein paar Gebrauchsspuren auf, ist allem Anschein nach, vollständig. Eine originale Bedienungsanleitung ist dabei. Ich möchte das Gerät zur Selbstabholung anbieten und habe darüber hinaus noch weiteres an Zubehör. Unter Anderem einen Belichtungsmesser, Vergrößerungsrahmen, Dunkelkammerlampen und viele andere nützliche Tools aus dem Fotolabor. Ich bin für Tipps für Verkaufsmöglichkeiten dankbar, Interessenten melden sich einfach per PM bei mir. Danke, LeicaHamburg
  7. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help identifying this E. Leitz adapter ring. The base rotates with an alignment line on numbers 1 to 10. 1:3.5 is above the 1. It measures approx. 41mm across. any assistance is appreciated.
  8. Hi, I bought a ex cl on ebay. working fine. only after a roll of film almost lost the rewind. Very loose, coming off. I realize this is a 40 yo, + camera. wondered if there is a fix for this, or do i have to send it in for a cla? Any advise appreciated. richard
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a new Leica user and bought an M6 Classic with a Leitz Summicron 2.0. The first roll came back blurry and I thought it was my shooting..then the second and third and so on. I sent my lens in to Keh (where I had gotten it) to be serviced and it came back with the same results. The images are generally overexposed when in very sunny conditions and all of them are very softly focused. I shot most of a roll at f16 and not one thing was in focus. I don't think it could be the lens, as it just came back from being properly adjusted so I'm wondering if it could be the body? I'm not sure what to do as I've spent my budget on this setup. I was going to send it in to get the VF upgrade because I was experiencing some flaring but that is not what is happening here. Any tips very much appreciated.
  10. i was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about one of my lenses. it is a summicron 1:2/50 lens. it also has what i think is a serial #1811686 . I inherited it from my uncle and cant find anything about it on the internet. i am mostly curious about its value. i was told that it is "missing its eyes" and is hazy. here are some pictures. hope they help. thanks!
  11. Hello everyone, this is my fisrt post and hopefully not my last. I know that the Leitz Minolta Cl dosen't have the Leica name, but I'm hoping that it's allowed. Below are three images I I took while hiking at Carpinteria State Beach in CA. I shot it with a Leitz Minolta CL using a 40mm Summicron lens and Kodak Ultra Color film. Black and White converted using NIK Silver Efex Pro with Photoshop. Thanks for looking
  12. Suche eine Fernbedienung für einen alten Leitz Diaprojektor Color 250. No. der Fernbedienung 31-058.036
  13. Hello there. I work in a biological lab in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Our lab is pretty old, so we have found these old glass slides and we were wondering exactly how old can they be. It says "Ernst Leitz, Berlin. Mikroscope & Laboratoriumsbedarf. N.W. 6 Luisen-Str. 45". I think if somebody knows until which year the Ernst Leitz GmbH was located at this adress, we could determine the minimal age of this relic.
  14. Habe gerade eine , wie mir scheint seltene Leitz Preisliste vom 1.4.1969 ergattern können. Das war ja die Zeit des Anfangs der Leica-SLR, hier die Leicaflex-SL, und ich war erstaunt, wie wenige Objektive es dazu gab, zB noch kein 28er. Das M-System (M-4) war noch deutlich vielseitiger. Interessant sind wohl auch die Preise zur damaligen Zeit. Der teuerste Brocken der Focomat-IIc-Color-komplett mit 3223,-DM Was hat ein Studienrat denn damals verdient? Ein Maßstab mag vielleicht die Beitragsbemessungsgrenze der gesetztlichen Rentenversicherung sein : 1969 = 1.700,-DM und 2013 = 5.800,-€ Beitragsbemessungsgrenze – Wikipedia Ein paar Seiten hänge ich hier an. Die pdf-Datei (5,25MB) der ganzen Preisliste versende ich gerne an Interessenten via email, insbesondere, wenn sie dann ins LUF-Wiki eingepflegt wird. Gruß, Philipp
  15. Hallo zusammen. Ich finde leider keine Antwort in bestehenden posts; kann mir jemand sagen, ob ich mit meiner M6 mit Leitz Logo einen höheren Verkaufspreis erzielen kann, als mit einer neueren, Leica gebrandeten Version? Danke und gut Licht!
  16. My Trusty little Leitz 40mm f/2 was suffering from aging grease, Canada Balsam and the internal black paint had begun to become detached also so a repair was needed I also wanted to add a modern focus tap. Since the lens is so cheap I decided to try it out myself. I have a lot of knowledge about AF and MF Nikkor, Cannon Olympus and Vooigtlanders SLR and Leica mount lenses, most parts of the design and build is same same :-) but this tiny Leica has some differences as to how it's put together, first I was very disappointed to find that the front threads part series 5.5 threads is glued to the aperture housing, next I found that the rings that 'normally' have two holes or ridges for lens spanners for tightening the old Leitz lens had one or even none, so had to be taken apart with friction, a rubber tube of the right thickness must be used to reach into some parts of the lens to get it apart, I modified these rings, drilling two holes makes the hole deal a lot easier. Got it all dismantled and sorted out, the two elements with the Canada Balsam issue got a 'cooking' treatment in boiling water to separate the two halves. A drop of Araldite Krystal and the two are inseparable, a coat of mat black paint to finish the job off. Putting everything back together without leaving dust or prints is the worst part... The old gease was cleaned off and the many threaded focus threads lubed with new grease and put back together as marked by disassembly. The new focus tap needed a slight trim to clear the mounting ring and two extra location holes to keep it in alignment a single screw holds it in place. Everything fits within very tight tolerances; position of glass elements, focus threads so it was a joy to work on it. All the parts, note extra holes, the two glass element front center Extra holes for focus tap in focus mount. Focusmount with focus tap. 24 hours wait for the Epoxy to cure and testing today went very well, focus at infinity and all the way to 0.7m is spot on. Lens is now in good service condition and much closer to my heart
  17. Greeting Folks, Thought to share this image which I rather like; the oldest wine bar in London, photographed with a 1959 50mm Summilux on an M 240: Gordon's wine bar | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Cheers, Edmond :-)
  18. What is a Leitz Rouy-Photrometer? Seen at the museum of the Walter-Reed-Army-Hospital, Washington DC [ATTACH]327265[/ATTACH] M6, Kodachrome, Nikon Coolscan 9000, IrfanView, October 2009.
  19. This maybe a newbie question, so apologies in advance: I bought a second hand Leica Tabletop Tripod with the Leitz ballhead (the older model), like the one on this site: A Bag, Strap, & Tripod | Adam Marelli Photo On top, where the camera goes, mine seems to have some sort of thread adapter that converts the tripod screw into a somewhat wider screw that older cameras used. Since I want to use it for my M8 I'm trying to remove this adapter but seem to be unable to do so - I've tried unscrewing the small screw on the side (I thought maybe that somehow held it in place) and tried it with pliers but to no avail. I would be most grateful for any hints!
  20. So FINALLY i got a viable Leicaflex SL. After a year of trying and a lot of misery (self-imposed and from girlfriend), I finally got a keeper. Anyway, I bought an L-Flex SL from a "flybynight" place and got shafted from it, to the point that I wrote it off. During that time, my girlfriend bought me a case for it, and funded a Mk1 50-cron for the camera. About July, I reignited my desire to find a L-Flex SL that I could use, and tried KEH, since they were great with Nikon stuff for me. The first one I bought was a shell with a dead shutter, dead meter, dead everything. Returned it for a second one, this one had the same as the first, and in addition a severely cracked prism. Returned again, and they told me to "just keep this one". It was an SL, but the flowerpetals on the takeup reel had been stripped (otherwise it works fine, I may have DAG restore it at some point and plop a 2-cam 35 on it, since DAG did amazingly well on my 50-cron). My girlfriend, who usually supports my dream of owning a Leica, was like "it won't happen unless you pay at LEAST $500 for one". But me being stubborn, I couldn't stop myself from trying. Anyway, a few days ago I was reading about Leicaflexes and I stumbled into Tamarkin Camera. I had heard a mix of "wonderful" and "horrific" from posters on forums throughout, but since they were only a 2 hr drive away, I figured why not. I spoke to Dan (Stan's son) and he was an absolute class act. I put down $100 on the L-Flex SL (It was $275) and told him I'd have the balance by Feb 6, 2012. I had it ready by Jan 28, 2012 and I paid the balance. It shipped Monday, and arrived at my house yesterday Evening. I tested all the shutter speeds I could visually (my eyes are good to 1/125 for visual check), the meter against my reference meter (the one on my Nikon F3HP) and that too checked out meter to meter. So now I want to put some Ektar 100 in it and see what develops . So consider this a happy ending and a satisfied customer. He even threw in a spare wein battery, and wrote on the invoice "ENJOY!" - Dan. Classy place, and from it... a very classy camera. Jason
  21. There's a thread in the Customer forum asking if Leica ever made a bad lens, and the general feeling seems to be that they didn't (unless you count individual examples that escaped quality control). But what about the Leitz/Leica lenses that have been inferior to their contemporary competition from other makers (e.g. Summar/Sonnar?). Any suggestions?
  22. I currently have an M9-P on order as well as a Summilux 35mm f1.4 asph. I am fairly sure that the camera will arrive long before the lens will and, being a newcomer to rangefinders and Leica, I do not have any other lenses (yet!). One option is to buy a used lens which will see me through until the 35 Lux arrives and then, hopefully, sell it and not lose too much. My dealer has a Leitz Summicron 5cm f/2.0 for sale. My question is (an here is the newbie part): Does the '5cm' bit equate to a 50mm prime. Logic says it must. Also the details for the lens does not state whether or not this lens is 6 bit coded. My guess is that it is not a coded lens. If I am right in the above, the last question is, is this lens worth considering as a 'cheap' interim solution? Thanks for any advice.
  23. I found something strange (for me) in the attic of my father- in-law. It say`s Leitz on the Box and on the item itselfe it's just "Canada" and "16462" Seems to have some M series connection but does not fit to my M2 and in the other end it is a screw thread; but not M42 The onle use from this item is to extend the internal thread. But how schould that work on a camera with
  24. Hello everyone, I'm new to the Leica Forum, but a longtime participant on photo.net and APUG.org. I've been busy digitizing my large, but incomplete, collection of Leica Photography magazines from 1949 through 1981. I'm working on obtaining permission to make the PDFs of these old magazines available, but, in the meantime, here's an annotated index I've prepared of my collection. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5tXvOBB2mPrS0dfNkZaZkwwMms/view?usp=sharing The old advertisements (for Leitz products as well as a lot of other photography ephemera) in this magazine are fantastic, as are the debates on technique, equipment, chemistry, etc. Think the fuss about Rodinal edge effects is new? There's an article from the Fall 1963 issue that discusses them. Also, if you have old issues of Leica Photography magazine that fill in any gaps in my collection, please let me know! I'm especially eager to get my hands on Volume 7, No. 1 (Spring 1954). All the best, Dan
  25. ordered this because the original description said that it fit a ii with a scnoo winder, turns out i've been tod it fits a iiif with a viooh viewfinder and a leicavit --- anyone know a leica code for it- I'd say condition is 9/10 -- just trying to find the right code -- looked around a bit and couldn't find this configuration --
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