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  1. Hello everyone, here's my review of the new Carl Zeiss Contax G Planar 35mm f/2 FUNLEADER conversion to Leica M. This is my first review here so I am not used to the technicalities of posting, please forgive me if I readjust things after I post. FUNLEADER Contax G35 to Leica M Conversions I have included the 7artisans 35mm f/1.4 M and the Voigtlander VM 40mm f/1.2, the only lenses in the 35mm zone I own. Disclaimers: 1. none of the lens makers / converters have been involved in these tests and I have personally purchased all 3 lenses, none of them have been pro
  2. Hallo, tja, manchmal kommt es anders als man denkt. Nach Recherche, Bilder schauen etc. pp - ihr kennt das alle - bin ich heute nach der Arbeit losgezogen um entweder ein neues oder gebrauchtes 50er Summicron zu kaufen. Also verschiedene gebrauchte ausprobiert. Hmm, die einen wackeln, die anderen sind nicht 100% scharf. Bis auf ein silbernes gebrauchtes für rund 1800 Euro, alles nix wirklich tolles. Dann kann ich auch gleich ein Neues nehmen. Naja, dann aber immer noch ein wenig rumgeschaut und ein sehr schönes, hervorgend gehaltenes 2.8er 90er Elmarit gesehen - zefix, Fokus leicht
  3. Hi everyone, I currently use the Zeiss Planar on my M240 and I am very happy with it. However, as I came from a world of Canon with a 50mm f1.2L, I really miss the speed. The Summilux is great, but can't afford it at the moment. As such, I am becoming very interested in the Zeiss Sonnar. The more I read about it the more I feel I need to experience this lens and it's infamous Sonnar glow. I have become haunted by the look of it, and it's not a matter of 1-stop of light anymore. I played with it in a camera shop and if felt wonderful. Now, everyone says the Planar is a more all rounder tha
  4. I've done a review of my favorite lens. You can read more here: Zeiss Planar ZM 2.0/f Review. Has anyone else had this lens and switched to Summicron? What was your reason to do so?
  5. Is early days I realise, but I wonder if we could please have a thread devoted to third party lens performance on the SL please. In my case I would be interested in experiences with Zeiss F mount lenses (ZF/.2), particularly the 1.4/55 Otus, 1.4/85 Otus, and 2/135 Apo-Sonnar. But I also have a couple of C/Y lenses. I'm sure there are others here interested, as well as those with Canon and Nikkor glass. If I end up with and SL I will report first hand, but I haven't decided to pull the trigger yet (I had wished for higher resolution and IBIS), but there is a lot in this camera that
  6. I'm thoroughly enjoying my new M10 with the 35mm & 50mm Summiluxes, a 90mm/f2.0 and 135mm Telyt Leica lenses. To cover the wide end for architecture/landscape, I got a Voigtlander Ultron 21mm/f1.8. I'm used to fast lenses from Fuji X. Since I love landscapes, and am curious about Zeiss lenses, I've found there are two interesting options, Biogon 25mm/f2.8 and Biogon 28mm/f2.8. What do you guys think of those as filling the 21-35mm gap? How do you feel about the relative slowness at 2.8? How's the rendering compared to the Luxes? And which one makes more sense, 25 or 28mm? I see that
  7. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has used the Sonnar 50mm f1.5 on a M film body and can tell me if the focus shift is noticeable? I used to have this lens and loved it's small size and bokeh, but the focus shift on my digital M was too much so I decided to sell it. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hola everyone! I had a hunch! And I made a lens exchange with a colleague. I changed my Elmarit 28mm for a Zeiss C Biogon T 35mm F2.8. Of course, I got also some very good money because of the difference in price ($2,300 vs $900 approx). I tested already and I'm incredibly happy with the result. I'm new in the world of Rangefinder, I only owned an Elmarit for one year, and now this one. I always used lenses for SLR and DSLR. So I'm very newbie. I was so surprised (in a very good way) about the Zeiss contrast, details, sharpening and almost the lack of imperfections... Wow
  9. TM1ka


    2403520ZM, Imperia (IT)
  10. Hi all, apologies if this topic has already been covered (I couldn't find any direct comparisons). I'm new to the rangefinder universe, I finally took the plunge this week and invested in an M10 with a 50 ASPH lux. I'm looking for a (preferably fast) wider companion and interested in hearing from people with experience of both the Zeiss 35mm 1.4 and the Summilux 35mm 1.4 - what have your experiences been, are there any advantages/disadvantages of one over the other (I know the Zeiss is bigger), which do you prefer? I don't mind sacrificing reduced weight and size for superior image quality, I
  11. I would like to buy a new 35mm wide-angle for my recently acquired M2. For the moment my budget restricts me to Zeiss or Voightlander glass. I was thinking about the Zeiss Biogon 35mm f2 but I understand, because of its size, part of the lens blocks the 35mm view. For me this is unacceptable. As I am unable to try all the 35mm lenses, my question is what 35mm wide-angle lenses from either Zeiss or Voightlander are available that do not obstruct the 35mm framelines of my M2? I presume the smaller 35mm f2.5 Voightlander VM Skopar and the 35mm f2.8 Zeiss are OK? I would rather not use a separate
  12. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the 18mm Zeiss ZM Distagon on the Leica M10 specifically. Which lens profiles did you use and to what degree did it mitigate (or completely remove) colour shift? Unprocessed SOOC images would be most welcome! Thanks!
  13. Hi all, Any recommendations for a 3rd party hood for a new 35/1.4ZM pls - great lenses but overpriced hood in my view... Thanks
  14. Hope you all are doing well. I searched through this forum and found few topics on Zeiss 28 F2.8 but wasn't able to get the answer I was looking for. If i want to spend 1k on a 28 do you recommend Zeiss 28 F 2.8? Fairly new to Leica compared to most of you so I am not geeked out YET. Here is my line up M10 & M240 Summicron 35 Summilux 50 Elmarit 90 Tri-Elmar All your tips appreciated. Hope you are having a nice Weekend.
  15. Hi guys, Was wondering if any of you could advise me on how the black ZM lenses look on the black paint M bodies (i.e. MP, M6 Millennium, M9 etc). How close is the finish of the two? Pictures welcome! Thanks
  16. Recently did a spin around the Tibetan Autonomous Zone of west Sichuan Province. Took an M9 and a few VC and Zeiss lenses. Didn't have much time to shoot as the guys I was with just wanted to drive like madmen. We were above 4000 meters for 12 days. I got a back and had a little problem with my card reader in the M9, took for service and they told me I will get it back in eight months. I like the M9, but at the end of the day it's a toy and not something for serious work. As I can't figure out how to add images to the gallery I created, I will just post a few here instead. Can check out mo
  17. for anyone who wants to know how i liked the new Zeiss lens on my M9 i wrote a small article at gerhardsphoto.com hope you like it. elderin
  18. I know that Zeiss recommends AGAINST using the 21mm/F4.5 Biogon with the M9, but does anyone have experience with this lens on the M(240)? Are the results acceptable? Does CORNERFIX do a good job, or LIGHTROOM profiles. Thanks for your help. Guy
  19. Hallo Forum Ich bin schwer am Überlegen, ob ich mir die Leica T zulegen soll. Aktuell nutze ich eine Canon 6D (Vollformat), bevorzugt mit Zeiss-Objektiven (manueller Fokus, Fokus wird aber im Sucher elektronisch signalisiert, heisst wohl Fokus-Peaking?). Ich las nun, dass Novoflex einen Canon-EF auf Leica T Adapter in der Pipeline haben soll? Erscheinungstermin? Alternativ müsste ich aktuell wohl zwei Adapter hintereinander (T auf R? und dann auf EF) benutzen. Meine Frage(n) zur T sind neben dem Adapter eigentlich folgende: Ist es richtig, dass es kein FokusPeaking gibt und ich som
  20. One of my first pictures with the new (to me) M-E. I really think this camera and I are going to get along very well. Zeiss Planar 2/50 Sasha Waking Up by Βrandon, on Flickr
  21. The price for both of these lenses is similar enough that I'm considering them both.. Actually, what I'm considering is more like this. CZ 35mm Biogon f/2 + CV Nokon 40 1.4 or Nokton 35mm 1.2 ASPH II I need a lens for indoors, when visiting friends, etc.. and I need to to be relatively fast, ~ f/1.4 or so. I'm a big fan of Zeiss, the 50 1.4 on my 5D Mk III was my most used lens. I've read fantastic things about the Biogon f/2 and comparing the sharpness of the Biogon @ f/2 and the Nokton 1.2 @ f/2, they're pretty evenly matched (according to what I read via Sean Reid). Obvi
  22. Hello, I wonder if anyone can explain or diagnose a behaviour that to me, anyway, as a new M9 user, is a bit strange and disconcerting? I just bought a used Zeiss Biogon 2.8/25 ZM on ebay. Seems in perfectly acceptable condition. But when I mount it on my M9 (bought new last October) and try to focus with it, the whole (internal) viewfinder seems to move around, from side to side and (slightly less) up and down. Is this normal or should I be worried? I see from this thread on the Rangefinder forum that there were two versions of the Biogon 25 ZM's bayonet mount - I don't know i
  23. All; I currently own a Leica M8, and have a 28mm and 50mm lens. On the M8, the 28mm is a (37mm equivalent, and the 50 is approx. a 66mm) Blah-Blah-Blah Anyway, I was thinking about a 35mm, (which would give me approx. a 46mm on the M8). I'm not looking to spend $3k on a 35mm Summicron. I've heard some good things about the Summarit and the Zeiss Biogons. The only thing about the Summarit is that the optional shade ($135.00) only screws in part of the way, as there is some sort of stop, which keeps it oriented properly since it is a rectangular shade. Now, what if I use a Cut IR on
  24. Guest

    Welcher 18mm sucher ?

    Ich kenne nur den von zeiss.Geht es auch günstiger?
  25. to whom it may concern: Lens Corrector von ALPA für viele, kostenlos für alle | photoscala
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