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Found 25 results

  1. I have recently purchased a used 75mm Summilux f/1.4 which has an issue with back focusing. I did some tests today, and from minimum focusing distance to about 1.5 meters, the focus is very good. Then the back focusing is more and more visible at longer distances. At 2 meters the focus is about 5 cm behind, and at 3 meters it back focuses maybe 30 cm. I can't see any difference at different apertures. What is the best thing to do? Send it to Leica for an adjustment? Do they need the camera as well? (hope not). Or should I just find a way to live with it, e.g. try to remember how much nearer I have to focus at different distances? I have planned to buy a Visoflex, but currently I can't afford it.
  2. So much written about the floating element wandering out of alignment and some other focus issues of this lens by many frustrated users goung through two, three, four copies. All the gathered information seems to indicate that these problems were present for samples made somewhere until 2018, so my question is, does the only SILVER special edition 11701 (batch of 300) from February 2020 exhibit any of the much debated woes regarding its FLE or did Leica tighten the tolerance? Proud owners, also paste your pictures of this very rare gem.
  3. hi all! I have 35 and 75, both lux. but some times I would like to get picture quality as at my 35 lux. 75 bit different. looking at 90/2.8, 90/2, 90/2AA... I shoot landscapes, portraits. not sure but maybe 180/2.8 or 180/2.8 APO as I also wanted something longer than short tele. use these at typ 240 and Sony a7II. any ideas?
  4. M Kenya

    Elder Niger

    M240 75mm f2 http://www.signsofafrica.com/latest.html
  5. This interesting new offering from Meyer-Optik Goerlitz of Germany will hit the market in May of this year and will be Leica M mount compatible. I am looking forward to seeing some test shots made with this lens.
  6. Hi! I've been smitten by images I have seen online made by the 75mm Summilux and have recently found one in mint condition for a decent price. Before I decide to sneak another lens into my house... does anyone have any thoughts, reviews, comments or experience they can share with this lens? Love it? Hate it? Any quirks? Any examples of photos you have taken with it to push me over the edge? Thanks so much! Mike
  7. I have recently got my 75mm Summilux back from service because of back focusing. It is a bit better, but still far from perfect. At a distance of one meter, the focus is very good. But at three meters the focus is about 10 cm behind. And the back focusing increases even more at longer distances. Is this a well known problem for this lens? Shouldn't it be possible to get a better result, or is a visoflex the only safe alternative for accurate focus? I will mainly use this lens wide open. Would it be easier to calibrate it for f/1.4 only, instad of all apertures? Do I have to pay for another service if I am not satisfied?
  8. Tree bark, small version. Shot with Leica MP w/7Artisans 75mm F1.25 on Ilford HP5+ souped in HC110B for 5 minutes at 20C then scanned with Plustek 8200 and Vuescan software. I've been very pleasantly surprised by this lens, not bad for $299 US! Click on image for sharper photo.
  9. Hi all, My 75mm M APO-Summicron recently started giving a slight 'click' when I turn the aperture ring over the 1.2m to 1.5m range. It doesn't seem to affect image quality or focus in any way, it just feels like something is wrong/stuck inside the lens when focussing. The lens has not been exposed to sand/dust nor to bangs/blows. Any experiences/ideas? Could it be the floating element? Thanks in advance!
  10. I was listening to an interview between Dr Andreas Kaufmann and Ralph Gibson, and I was intrigued by this statement by Ralph Gibson: I am curious if any of you have found that to be the case - that 75mm is "normal" for digital photography. See 3:55 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Yaf8l1quJQ
  11. Anastasia Miami M240+Apo-Summicron 75mm
  12. Hi, I am in the market for a used 90mm M. What are your experiences with those two lenses - which one would you recommend and why? Used price are somewhat similar... And what about 75mm 2.5 Summarit. I read about some people saying 75 Summarit is brilliant, but at the same time they didn't like 90mm 2.5 Summarit that much. Any help is welcome. Thanks / Alex
  13. As seen last week on a local woodland trail. M11, 75mm Summarit f2.5
  14. http://gallery.ancientcityphoto.com/photos/i-Gsxw9K5/0/S/i-Gsxw9K5-S.jpg http://gallery.ancientcityphoto.com/photos/i-HSkdMd5/0/S/i-HSkdMd5-S.jpg http://gallery.ancientcityphoto.com/photos/i-jmTFTKH/0/S/i-jmTFTKH-S.jpg http://gallery.ancientcityphoto.com/photos/i-jDfrdSn/0/M/i-jDfrdSn-M.jpg I shot all of these with the M8 and Voigtlander 75mm F/2.5. I've worked on this project for over a year now. This combination of camera and lens and specific lighting conditions were the only combo that was giving me exactly the rendition I wanted. It's amazing how awesome the M8 is. I love that camera! I have a few on my blog, and will be putting up some more and some behind the scenes kinda stuff shortly. I also have an ebook available that features these images and more. It was designed for digital reading. You can see it here if you are interested. http://soundvisionpassion.com/2012/0...now-available/
  15. Here's another from my 75 'cron. I'm not by any means a portrait photographer but I had a willing subject and thought I'd see what I could muster up. Comments appreciated and welcomed.
  16. Dear all, I've been using a 2nd-hand M9 for about 3 months now with Summicron 35mm, also brand new when purchased. I didn't find much problem in focusing with my Cron-35mm wide-open, regardless of the focusing distance. (Though I have to say focusing at far objects generally gives soft results even when stopped down. Is this the nature of the lens?) I recently got a brand new Summicron 75mm from BHPhoto (with some luck) and have been playing with it for 2 days. Before I started decribing my issue with it, let me say I'm not the kind of focus-freak, i.e. people who wants the focus to be extremely accurate. I understand the nature of rangefinder and for street shooting I mostly use zone focus or pre-focus. I could live with inaccurate focusing as long as the composition is good for me. But with 75mm wide-open (and its shallow DoF), I'm really noticing the error. In mid-range focusing distance (1.2m~3m) the focusing seems to be pretty accurate. But at very short distances (0.7m~1m) and anything beyond 5m, it seems to be off most of the time. I didn't do rigorous test using proper objects (like rulers or something). I just took a lot of shots with real-life subjects. Roughly speaking, when focusing close, say 0.7m, the error seems to be about 1~2cm. When focusing long, say 10m, it's much worse. I could really tell that the focus is not right. Given that rangefinder depends on users' bare eyes, I guess my eyesight has to be factored in. I wear glasses to correct my eyesights (about 600 degrees left and 450 right). I'm intersted in the experience of the other owners of Cron-75mm. Is this generally the case with this lens, that focusing at short distances and long distances tends to be off? Or is it neccessary that I send the camera and the lens to Leica for calibration? Again, I'm not after ultra-accurate focusing here. Just trying to understand as a newbie what really happens. If this is the way it is, I'll simply accept the fact and adjust my shooting style accordingly. Thank you for reading this. Jerry knopfler dans la rue 諾弗勒在街頭
  17. Is it just me? Or does the color cast on some lenses change as you stop them down? Here is an example of a shot taken with a 75mm Summicron Apochromat wide open and at f/5.6. The white balance was set manually in Lightroom using the exact same temperature and tint settings for both. The images were taken only a couple seconds apart, so I know the lighting didn't shift. Both images are cropped to, roughly, the central ⅔ of the original image. The image taken at f/5.6 has much stronger magenta tones than the image taken at f/2. I see the same thing with my 50mm Summilux Asphere (though to a lesser extent--mostly the Summilux is just a bit warmer than my other lenses at all apertures). Has anyone else noticed a shifting color cast with aperture? It's not a big deal for my photography since I tend to leave white balance set to automatic in the camera and adjust in software after the fact using RAW files only, but it surprised me nevertheless. I don't recall seeing this mentioned in this or other forums. If it makes a difference, RAW conversion was done using Lightroom 4.4 using the embedded profile (my preference over the Adobe Standard profile which, on average, produces less consistent results). No sharpening or any other adjustments aside from cropping to the frame size and applying the same white balance settings to both images. - Jared p.s. Obviously these aren't intended to be interesting photographs--I'm just trying to learn the characteristics of my new 75mm lens and was shooting a flat subject to eliminate the effects of depth of field--was trying to get an idea of field curvature, optimum f/ stop, etc. and was surprised to see a difference in color.
  18. Uncle Pete


    From the album: B&W

    160424 019L1000854

    © (c)UPP

  19. adamski

    Cuba 2

    From the album: Kuba

    © adamski

  20. My 75mm Color Heliar Review So I finally got this review up. I have been spending a lot of time with this lens since the fall. I have completed a huge project with this lens exclusively. An ebook of the work is coming too. I have completely fallen for this lens in a major way! For me personally, I would choose this lens over the new Heliar every time. The rendering on the Color Heliar is so unique! I would love to spend time with a 75mm summicron and see how it really compares in the long run. Any opinions on this lens versus the Summicron 75? http://gallery.ancientcityphoto.com/photos/i-CFFNLsK/0/L/i-CFFNLsK-L.jpg
  21. I need a little help here, I inherited my fathers Pentak and Leica camera - M8 (used) and M6 (never used) with lenses and accessories. I am thinking of keeping one of the cameras to take pictures of my kids, ie. Sports, vacations and general pictures. My limited experience with cameras are my Iphone 4 and $100 Nikon, Kodak, and Sony pocket cameras. What would make the best camera for my needs and abilities - please consider I am willing to learn how to use the camera! Any help would be appreciated. Leica Summaron 1:2.8/35 Leitz Wetzlar Lens Leica M8 Leica Summicron – M 1:2/35 ASPH E39 Lens Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 1:4/135 Leica 1:2.8/28 mm ASPH Leica 1:2/75 mm ASPH Leica 1:4/90 mm Leica macro-adapter-M Leica SF 24D Flash Leica Elmar-M 1:2.8/50 Leitz Camera tripod Leica M6 Green Pentax K20D No lenses Pentax K10D No lenses Doug Cain
  22. Hi, From my first model shoot - please critique honestly and dont hold back. M8 with 75 Summicron. #1 [ATTACH]245228[/ATTACH] #2 [ATTACH]245229[/ATTACH] #3 [ATTACH]245230[/ATTACH]
  23. Hey everyone, I wanted to create a bit of a fun competition. Given the scary times we are all living in, Halloween this year will be spent in our homes and probably there wont be any trick or treaters. That is why its a perfect opportunity to share your “scariest” shots. These can be shots of scary subjects, scary edits or simply creepy shots you have taken. Rules: Must be taken with 28-35-50-75-90mm lens One post per person (if you are going to post a second one please specify on the second post that it is indeed a second post) All type of photography is allowed Winners will be picked by the amount of likes on individual posts (I’m open to suggestions If you have any) Good competition to everyone cant wait to see your best shots.
  24. Its more of a dream than reality for now talking about 75mm APO-Summilux-M ASPH FLE... with whatever tech indicators you wish but I count my self as someone ready to pay Leica's prime price for a resurrected 75Lux 75 Summilux-M's almost 0% distortion, creamy bokeh and ridiculously sharp focused area makes it the BEST (yep all capitals) portrait lens ever produced I call it Mandler's Pieta. Karbe did a great job on 75 Apo-Summicron but it can not replace 75Lux and I know many fellow leica shooters went back to 75Lux after working with 75Cron (including myself) There is space for a 75 Summilux update and if leica have managed to justify mad-scientist kind of inventions like 21 Summilux, 50 Noct 0.95 and 28 Summilux there is still hope for a 75Lux resurrection. Amen recently shot on 75Lux
  25. Please post your images at closest focus made with this Karbe gem, the 75mm f2 APO Summicron-M ASPH. It apparently has a similar reproduction ratio (highest at 1:7) to the new close focus Summilux 50 ASPH II 2023 (highest at 1:6.4). I am especially interested in your images with humans (portraits, sensual nudes, whatever you do), but any other subject at close focus will also do fine. Please no 75 lux or 75 Summarit or 75 SL.
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