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  1. I'm not sure if this is good place to post this but since this category is for all things related to the M10 and M10R, i thought maybe this would be a good place for it (attn: mods, you may feel free to relocate this thread if you feel there is a better home for it). When the Last Waltz was first released (I think it was in 2016) by Bee & Nigel at Fogg Specialist Camera Bags, I was taken by the sheer beauty of this camera bag. For me, the Last Waltz was one of those things that puts down deep roots in a corner of your mind and refuses to go away. I debated with myself off and on over the years about this bag - It is hands down the finest, most beautiful camera bag I had ever seen. The only thing that kept me at bay was the price of $850 USD, which seemed hideously high at first. After doing some research, I discovered that for residents of the U.S., there was a tariff built in to the price of all Fogg bags; for the Last Waltz, it was around $250 USD, give or take. The real price of the Last Waltz then is actually around $600 USD, which seemed more reasonable in my mind considering the materials, the craftsmanship that goes into making Fogg camera bags and the level of quality of the bag. For whatever reason, "Uncle Sam" has decided to add a very stiff tariff to Fogg bags, which are made in France; it is not fair to lay the blame for that at Bee & Nigel's doorstep, or at the doorstep of the few U.S. based photo retailers who stock Fogg Specialist Bags. After more deliberating and a couple of conversations by PM with @derleicaman who is a dyed in the wool advocate of Fogg camera bags, on October 27 I at long last placed my order for a Last Waltz with Tom Gramegna at Bergen County Camera in Westwood, NJ. Tom is a great man to work with on a purchase such as this and he is a true gentleman; I would highly recommend him as "The Guy" for Fogg bag purchases. My last Waltz arrived on November 30, just a little over four weeks from the day I placed my order - not a long wait at all, given the fact that Bee & Nigel make each Fogg bag by hand; there is no staff of dozens of anonymous bag makers churning out 50 of these bags a day. My Last Waltz contains a sewn in leather tag, identifying it as Last Waltz #91. I thought about that for a moment and realized it is nice to have something as rare and unique as the Last Waltz. There are billions of camera bags in the world but (for now) there are just 91 Fogg Last Waltz bags; given that the Last Waltz came into the world of photography in 2016, 91 bags makes it a rare breed - even more rare than the Leica M cameras and lenses that will be carried in it over the coming years. I am posting some images of my Last Waltz to show the beauty and craftsmanship of this unique creation, and to honor my commitment to Bee to post a few images of my Last Waltz on this forum. It is small in size - 11.25 x 8.5 x 5.5 inches in outer dimensions (30 x 22 x 14 cm.) and light in weight at 32 oz. or 900 g. This convenient size makes for a bag that is easily carried without being a burden. Inside, the Last Waltz can carry one M camera with a lens attached and an extra battery for a day of light and fast shooting, or it can accommodate two M cameras with lenses attached, two additional M lenses and two batteries (see the images below). This is a surprising amount of equipment for a bag of this small size to have room for, which is a result of the Last Waltz's design and layout. Bee and Nigel both deserve much credit for a well thought out and executed design. With regard to the materials, craftsmanship and build quality of the Last Waltz, the images on the Fogg website do not mislead; when held in the hand, the Last Waltz is every bit the equal of the images presented on Bee & Nigel's website. In fact, I would have to say the Last Waltz is even more beautiful in person than the photographs can convey. After years of deliberating on the Last Waltz, I am very happy to have finally taken the plunge. I am more than pleased with this addition to my M camera kit. I am now required by Mrs. Barnack to put my Last Waltz back in its box and wait till December 25th to finally have it, as it is my Christmas gift from her! The next three weeks is going to seem like three years but the Last Waltz is definitely worth the wait.
  2. At the Fontevraud Abbaye near Saumur, France. M9, Elmarit-M ASPH 28mm.
  3. In Coulon, France. M9, 1967 Summaron 35mm.
  4. Keith (M)


    Held captive... M7, C-Sonnar 50mm, Tri-X @ ISO 200, Rodinal 1:50.
  5. Spotted in Coulon in the Venise Verte area of France. A venerable Renault 4 (and even more venerable house). M7, C-Sonnar 50mm, Tri-X, Rodinal.
  6. The West front of the church in this charming village. M7, C-Sonnar 50mm, Tri-X @ ISO 200, Rodinal 1:50.
  7. Keith (M)

    Happy Ladies!

    Four delightful French ladies relaxing in St Antonin Noble Val in the Tarn-et-Garonne department in the Midi-Pyrénées region in southern France. M7, C-Sonnar 50mm f1.5, HP5+, Ilfosol 3.
  8. In the heart of the 'Green Venice' region of France. IIIg + collapsible 5cm Summicron & Agfa Vista 200.
  9. ...is in need of some TLC! Seen in one of the maze of narrow streets in the centre of the ancient town of Gourdon, in the Dordogne region. M9, Elmarit-M ASPH 28mm, SEfexPro2.
  10. A long-awaited opportunity came about last month - my first view of the marvellous Millau Bridge. M9, ZM Biogon 35mm f2.
  11. A small, local gallery in the old chateau (now the Hotel de Ville) at St Alban sur Limagnole in the Lozere region of France. MP, Summaron 35mm, Acros100, Rodinal.
  12. Taking refreshments on the banks of the Loire at St Satur. MP, Summaron 35mm f2.8, Acros 100, Rodinal.
  13. Enjoying my new M9-P in a bike trip through the Pyrenees. The Hourquette d'Ancizan is the mountain pass to St. Lary-Soulan after the Tourmalet descent.
  14. I wanted to construct in either LR4 or CS4 a triptych of this French farrier at work. The only way I could readily see was to use LR4's 'Print' module and output to file. Presumably there are more flexible ways? Hints & tips appreciated! M7, C-Sonnar 50mm, Tri-X @ ISO 200, Rodinal.
  15. B&W picture - M8 - 35mm 1.4 Another pictures : Click --) Patrick Sitbon • Photographe (Désolé pour mon mauvais anglais.)
  16. Rue Du Temple in Le Marais Leica M6 35mm Summicron
  17. An elderly Renault 4 resting in the afternoon sunshine in the Loire Valley. M240, Elmarit-M 28mm ASPH.
  18. A typical Loire scene. M240, Elmarit-M 28mm ASPH.
  19. Du Temple Cafe, Le Marais, Paris Leica M6, 35mm 2.0 Summicron
  20. American Cemetery, Omaha Beach, France Leica M4-P 35mm Summicron
  21. This was in Le Tour today... M8; 50mm CV Nokton @ f5.6
  22. Leica ist jetzt Mitglied im Comité Colbert: Viel Spass beim lesen Leica in illustrer Runde | photoscala (vor allem der zukünftigen Kommentare )
  23. lookbook

    lost in france

    leica m6 1,4/35mm asph.
  24. Hello all! I work as a Sommelier in Los Angeles. The photos in the following collections were taken in April 2016 during a three week trip throughout French wine country. Burgundy was the main focus, with briefs visits to the Rhône Valley as well as Champagne. All shots from these galleries were shot with a Leica X113. Enjoy! http://www.matthewluczy.com/La-Cave-à-Vin/ These shots focus on the (usually ancient!) cellars themselves. http://www.matthewluczy.com/Le-Terroir/ This gallery is mainly composed of vineyards and buildings. http://www.matthewluczy.com/Le-Vigneron/ A tribute to the hands that tend the vines!
  25. From a trip to France in 2015. Leica M9 + Zeiss 50mm Sonnar f1.5 Gerry
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