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  1. Hi to all owners of Leica CM Summarit. Let’s share experience and photos.
  2. The photo was taken by Summarit 50mm f1.5 on Sony A7 at Fa Yuen Street, Hong Kong. "Fa Yuen" means garden in local language. It is a street-side market with stalls selling fresh fruit and low cost clothing and apparels. It attracts tourists. The photo was taken by in an early morning when most stalls were still closed. You may check out my other photos at BigBigLens.com - Leica.
  3. Good morning, From time to time I like to give myself a project to try and enhance my craft and keep me interested. This year my project is street portraits. It definitely puts one outside of one's comfort zone. My approach is simple, I look around for interesting characters, approach them and ask can I take their portrait. I have only been declined once (a nun who was praying) it is disappointing but important to respect this even when it means missing a fantastic shot! Most people are actually really happy to be asked, I like to chat a little whilst I am shooting to set people at ease an
  4. Hi all, How good is Biogon-C 35 2.8 on M240? Being conceived for film / crop sensors, is there any color cast and/or corner smearing used on full frame digital? And how is compared to Summarit 2.4/35 and 2.5/35? By the way, I've seen MTF figures between 2.4 and 2.5 and they seem slight different, 2.4 seems to be less sharp in center but sharper in the corners than its 2.5 predecessor. Anyone who tried both? How they compares to last (v5/v6) Summicron, that I know quite well? Thanks in advance S.
  5. I wasn't sure if this classed as street or just people so I put it here to be safe. Another shot from my trip to the Christmas markets in Manchester last weekend. We bought a lovely set of nutcracker Christmas tree decorations from this market stall and I managed to snap this quick photo whilst my wife was queuing to pay. C/C always welcome. Robert Nutcracker Man by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  6. Just a question about my M6 and Summarit. I either never noticed or I never had a lens/camera combination do this so I thought I'd ask the pros. When I focus on something very very far away (Like an airliner at 30,000 feet for example) the viewfinder says it's not in focus when the lens is slammed all the way to infinity, but just a degree or two right before infinity. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, I can't remember any lens or camera ever doing this, but then this is the first 35mm summarit I've had and the first time I've used a fully CLA'd Leica camera also.
  7. Dear All, I just bought a Leica M9 and have been testing it out only to find a thing red line appearing on the right hand side of all my photographs. Sample attached. Does anyone know why this is happening? Also, my viewfinder is a bit strange. When I am using it I am able to align the ghost square over the square, but other times I have nothing to align meaning when I am looking through the viewfinder i see what is in front of me only. I have to take a couple of unfocused pics to get the focus point to appear again or switch off/on the camera. Has this happened to anyone before?
  8. Hey guys, together with Sailronin (Dave) here from the forum, we manage the 70mm Summarit-S lens group, this gave me the idea to start one for every lens: Super-Elmar-S 24mm Elmarit-S 30mm Summarit-S 35mm Elmarit-S 45mm Summarit-S 70mm Summicron-S 100mm Apo-Macro-Summarit-S 120mm Ts-Apo-Elmar-S 120mm Apo-Elmar-S 180mm Vario-Elmar-S 30-90mm Become a member of the groups you have lenses for, or just browse the groups of lenses you are interested in or maybe want to get to see some samples. Please since the groups are new, add photos to the once you've taken photos with so th
  9. I spotted this lady in a small village in Kephalonia, Greece. Wearing a face mask is common in Japan to stop the spread of germs but I've never seen this in Greece. Mask by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr M9 50mm Summarit.
  10. Taken after a after spectacular storm on the Island of Kephalonia, Greece, this summer. A break when it stops raining by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr
  11. Hi, I am in the market for a used 90mm M. What are your experiences with those two lenses - which one would you recommend and why? Used price are somewhat similar... And what about 75mm 2.5 Summarit. I read about some people saying 75 Summarit is brilliant, but at the same time they didn't like 90mm 2.5 Summarit that much. Any help is welcome. Thanks / Alex
  12. laut Gerüchteseite List of new Leica Summarit M lenses to be announced at Photokina | Leica News & Rumors wird auf der PK 2014 eine neue Summaritserie vorgestellt: Beim 35er bin ich gespannt (hier dürfte eine Neu rechnung vorliegen ? ) bei dem Wechsel der Lichtstärke von 2.5 -> 2.4 vermute ich eher Marketing. Trotzdem Dienstag (abend?) wissen wir mehr
  13. Hello guys, I've got this question, when you buy a summarit or R lens new the rubber on the focussing ring is usually black-black... but after a while it usually turns greyish at some parts... Now my question is is there some 'product' that can give the rubber back its blackness. My idea is that it turns 'white/greyish' when it 'dries' out... or something... Now I really don't know nothing about rubber, or plastic rubbers. So please enlighten me! Thanks!
  14. Hi All, I'm a bit new here or rather I've lurked here for a very long time without posting. I've tried searching a bit, but I can't seem to find anything on the specific question I have or perhaps I'm searching poorly I currently have a chrome 50mm Summilux pre-asph that I am using on a M3 and M7, but as it's well documented this lens has a bit of a classic look to its rendering and at times lacks the micro contrast and corner sharpness of modern designs and do love the look of the lens. The classic rendering is a big part of why I haven't upgraded to an ASPH version. I do a lot of po
  15. Hi quys, sorry for off topic, .. on 11th March part of my photo equipment was stolen in Czech Republic /city Neratovice/,.. caused by my stupidity.. we where hurry to put children in the car seats going on family celebration and we were late, car was allready full of other items and the photo bag stayed on the ground by the rear wheel of the car ,.. please take a look at those If you are looking for some of these to buy in near future please look at those serial numbers. If you find it somewhere for sale please let me know (e-mail: dvorskym@centrum.cz). THANK YOU. Mark -body - Sony A7r II
  16. Morris dancing is a traditional folk dance from England and dates back hundreds of years. The dancers dance traditional jigs usually wearing bells and ribbons. It's thought the Morris comes from Moorish and they were imitating North Africa/Spanish dances. As you can see from the images, most of the dancers are older and it is thought that Morris dancing could die out. Though there has been a revival apparently with Neopagan Morris dancers and the 'Dark Morris' which comes from a Discworld novel! Morris Man of Manchester 2 IMG_20161218_200310 by Robert Michael Poole, on Flic
  17. Whilst walking through Lido Di Jesolo after a day out over summer I just so happened to be in the right place at the right time. The light streamed through a gap in the buildings diffusing the fountains with a beautiful golden light. Just at the moment a young girl decided to cool off. Thanks for looking Fountain-2 by Robert Michael Poole, on Flickr www.robertpoolephotography.com
  18. Hey guys! I spent 6 weeks in NYC basically just taking pictures ... mostly street, but also Landscape and People ... I mostly used my M9 and 35mm Summilux ASPH (pre FLE) wide open and sometimes my S (006) and 70mm Summarit. If I don't comment which combo I used, it'll be the M9 35Lux combo... Feel free to comment and critique I'm not a pro and I just do stuff the way I like it .. so not everything is perfect... Here are a couple of shots from the End of July .. some of the best sunsets I have ever seen.
  19. Liebe Leicagemeinde, hat jemand Erfahrungen mit dem 35er Summarit auf einer Sony a7III? Ich besitze das Objektiv und suche eine Digitalkamera, mit der ich es nutzen kann, ohne unbedingt auf die Ms zurückgreifen zu müssen..:
  20. Hi All, Whitch one to buy? I can get them both for the same price. I intend to use only one lens for my M9, so who will give best overall performance? Rgds
  21. caught a little girl lost in the vast arc patterns of the floor. taken with Leica CM, Kodak Portra 400, scanned with Epson V700 (converted to B&W)
  22. colourful twist to a classical architecture taken with Leica CM, Kodak Portra 400, scanned with Epson v700
  23. Hi everyone I have just purchased an old (1963) Summicron f2 for use on the M9. Having taken some test shots it would appear to be a lovely example of this old lens and I am very pleased with the purchase. A couple of questions 1. Does anyone know what I should put into the M9 by way of the code for the lens? 2. Is it possible to see the correct framelines in the M9 for this lens? The reason for the post title is that I also have a Summarit 50mm (New 6 bit) and of the few test shots I have done comparing this with the Summicron I can see very little difference at f5.6 between
  24. All; I currently own a Leica M8, and have a 28mm and 50mm lens. On the M8, the 28mm is a (37mm equivalent, and the 50 is approx. a 66mm) Blah-Blah-Blah Anyway, I was thinking about a 35mm, (which would give me approx. a 46mm on the M8). I'm not looking to spend $3k on a 35mm Summicron. I've heard some good things about the Summarit and the Zeiss Biogons. The only thing about the Summarit is that the optional shade ($135.00) only screws in part of the way, as there is some sort of stop, which keeps it oriented properly since it is a rectangular shade. Now, what if I use a Cut IR on
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