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  1. Liebes Forum, ich möchte mir Anfang nächsten Jahres eine digitale M anschaffen und stehe vor der Frage ob es eine M10 werden soll oder ob eine M240 nicht doch ausreicht. zu meiner Situation: Ich habe vor ca. 15 Jahren mit Nikon angefangen zu fotografieren und bin irgendwann auf Sony umgestiegen und habe diese Ausrüstung auch noch nach wie vor als meinen daily Driver (nur Hobby, Job hat nichts mit Fotos zu tun). Vor ein paar Jahren habe ich eine sehr umfangreiche Leica R-4 Ausrüstung und eine Leica M4-2 mit Objektiven (Summicron 35mm, 50mm und Tele-Elmarit 90mm) geerbt. Ich habe mich dann auch relativ intensiv mit den Systemen beschäftigt und so mit der analogen Fotografie angefangen. Nach ca. zwei Jahren ist das leider aber wieder eingeschlafen. Wenn, dann hol ich noch ausschließlich die M raus. Ehrlich gesagt hab ich sie vor allem dabei um sie dabei zu haben. Es macht einfach Spaß die M in der Hand zu halten, das entschleunigte Fotografieren durch die Messfeld-Fokussierung und überhaupt so eine hochwertige mechanische Technik zu bedienen. Was (mir) aber nicht wirklich viel Spaß macht, ist das Belichtungsmessen über den Leica Meter. Das entschleunigt mir dann doch etwas zu sehr. Auch merke ich immer wieder, dass ich die Bilder gerne gleich sehen möchte und mir die analoge Fotografie dann doch nicht so sehr liegt, wie ich mir das vielleicht wünschen würde. Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: Ich überlege, die komplette R-Ausrüstung (R4, 4 Objektive und ein Haufen Zubehör) zu verkaufen und das als „Startkapital“ für eine digitale M zu nehmen. Leider ist der Marktwert einer R-Ausrüstung ja nicht mit dem einer M vergleichbar. Daher kommt eine M11 schon mal nicht in Frage (ist auch nicht notwendig, das wäre dann doch mit Spatzen auf Kanonen werfen, oder so). Die Frage, die sich mir stellt ist, ob es eine M10 sein sollte, oder ob eine M240 nicht auch ausreicht. Der Preisunterschied von ca. 1.500€ ist schon heftig. Was mich aber verunsichert ist, dass es sich bei der M240 einfach um 12 Jahre alte Technik handelt. Ich möchte eigentlich nicht - gefühlsmäßig - in meine Nikon-Anfänge zurück fallen. Natürlich ist die M10 auch nicht gerade taufrisch, aber zumindest „nur“ ca. halb so alt. Aber auch echt teuer, für eine nicht aktuelle Kamera. Die Gläser aus den 70er- und 80er-Jahren sollten ja hoffentlich auch noch genug Abbildungsleistung für beide Sensoren bringen. Ich würde mich echt freuen, wenn ihr mir hier weiterhelfen könntet, was in meiner Situation Sinn macht und was nicht! Liebe Grüße und einen schönen zweiten Advent!
  2. Something bad just happened on my first day of a trip to China. After shooting normally for nearly a day, my M246 start to malfunction. 1. live view shows NO live view - lens cap is off of course. Other things, like built in level, shutter speed, iso, etc, shows properly. 2. automatic shutter speed goes to 32 seconds regardless the light condition. If feels like the sensor has been blocked by something - again the lens cap is off. 3. no matter the shutter is on auto, or manually set to any figure, there is no release of shutter. Ie, the shutter is not working. 4 the play function works well I tried to: - insert a new a SD CARD and format it - insert a fully recharged battery - tried system reset the problem stayed. I tried to use sensor cleaning function but the shutter is not opening. Just before the trip, the camera was sent to Leica Melbourne for a sensor clean. it seemed to work well after, but no extensive testing had been done before the trip. Now I don't know what to do as I don't have a backup camera Any suggestions please?
  3. ru2far2c


    M240 + 90 Summicron-M
  4. Looking to purchase a 24mm Elmar. Found a great deal on a new lens. Would like to hear from M240 and other M owners how they like it especially since it will be used primarily on a M240. Have heard that the new 3.8 is better then the last generation 2.8. The 3.8 has different characteristics and is a little more contrast to it.
  5. I have bought a Leica m240 and now I have problems to get a sharp image with my Summicron 2/50 E3571xxx wide open. I have difficulties getting for example sharp eyes. The sharp point is always shifted. Should I get an Viewfinder Magnifier M 1.4x? Or M 1.25x? Or do I have to get a 6 bit coding? I hope I get an answer. Best wishes, Felix
  6. Has anyone heard of this issue and / or know the impact of this? I can't seem to find anything on it.
  7. Hello everybody, I know that Summicron 35 Asph. (v5), does focus shift a bit if used on digital, while not as much as Summilux Asph pre-FLE or others, older design. I've used one on film for years without any problem back in the 90s, sold it many years ago, and recently I've bought another one, used, for my M digital. I'm not looking for perfection, nor doing endless testing on focus chart to split hairs, but this one seems to show too much focus shift even in real pictures: please look at these samples (I have many many others, and, by the way, when I engage the EVF I can clearly see the difference between the sharp, magnified image in EVF and the yet-not-coincident one in rangefinder patch at f/4, so I can exclude a focusing error from my part) (I use Dropbox to upload full-res samples) First sample, f/2, focus on the first plant (a couple of meters away from the camera), seems to me spot-on (and a pretty good wide open performance) https://www.dropbox.com/s/6kq47e913lugejp/216%20f2%20plant.jpg?dl=0 Second one, f/4, focus on the same plant... but sharpness has shifted to the plant behind the first one, and to the background: the plant in the foreground is clearly less sharp than in the wide open shot. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0qej8xtdvxn7042/215%20f4%20plant.jpg?dl=0 Third one, f/4, focus on the little shovel's handle... now first plant seems to be in focus as it should: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2v9kjqn4o2gbwxx/214%20f4%20handle.jpg?dl=0 Should I return the lens, or any Summicron 35 v5 behaves more or less that way when used on M240? (today is the last day I can return it, by the way) Thanks in advance, any advice will be appreciated. S. edit: fixed link URLs
  8. Hi all- Thanks for your response in advance. I bought a used M240 recently followed by a new MP 240. I am new to Leica and come from the Sony/Nikon world. so please excuse me if this question is stupid. I set both camera's to exact same firmware, same menu settings, same metering modes etc Below are my observations can you please validate if there is a issue 1. The LCD on MP240 looks less brighter and has a more warmer tone than M240 - Is this the case because of the Sapphire glass? 2. MP 240 under exposes compared to M 240? - same conditions, same lens, I tend to find MP 240 under exposing. is this common? 3. The B&W Film simulation images from MP 240 are a bit more vintagy looking than M240 or bit warmer than M240? Please see the attached image for the LCD issue (maybe not a issue). ignore the metering in the image thats just me playing around. I really appreciate your assistance in validating the above. Glad to be a part of this community. - Donny
  9. Hi All, I recently just purchsed the Leica M10 (upgraded from the M240), and would like to seek your advice on which of the 2 lenses above I should get. I have attached the following list of bodies and lenses that I currently have. M10 M6 Konica Hexanon 60mm F1.2 Leica 50mm F2 Summicron APO Leica 35mm F2 Summicron Version 2 (8 elements) I shoot with my digial M 95% of the time (well I did only just recently purchased the M6) with my 50APO. I plan on using the 8 Elements more on the M6 for Black and White photography. So now that I am looking to add a wide angle lens, which of the 2 would you recommend? I know many people say that it's best to pair a 28mm with a 50mm, and a 24mm with a 35mm; and that 28 would work better if I wish to shoot some street + landscape, whereas the 24mm will be better for pure landscape. But do both lenses render really differently? Is it that much more convenient knowing that u do not need an EVF for the Elmarit? Could the Elmar be used for some street photography as well? And since the 28mm is much newer, does it have something the other doesn't? I would really appreciate if those of you who own / have used both lens could let me know your thoughts on both lenses performance wise, and which would you pick if you were me. Thanks a bunch! Cheers, Jeffrey
  10. It was a hard catch. Had to try 8 or 9 times until "boom" - I got lucky! M240, Summicron 35mm, f/5.6, exposure time 55sec. Cheers, HP
  11. I'm not sure if this is documented anywhere, but if I remove the battery when the camera is on (switch at S, C or timer position) then the card will be formatted. I wonder if anyone observes the same?
  12. My Leica developed a misalignment during my trip to Chicago last week. It was prominent at infinity. Shm it sucked so I emailed Leica repair got a out of the office message Then on Monday Bill Weier emailed me back and told me to bring it in they can fix it in an hour or so if I brought it in early in the morning while I waited. Cool my Leica also had some play in the screen and it's been like that since the last fix but I didn't mention it. Went there in the morning and the place seemed busy. Bill came right out and was a great guy. I had brought my Zeiss lens with me so he took the set to the back. A few minutes later he said,"Hey your rangefinder is out of alignment but so is your lens. It's back focusing. We can fix the rangefinder but not the lens" Oh NO! But hey I had a warranty with Zeiss so off that goes tomorrow. Then Bill says," Hey did you know about this?" as he pushes on the screen with his finger. I shake my head yes. He says," Hey when its this bad that means the seals failed completely and they need to fix it because dust is going into the camera." Well last time it came back cleaned with no dust behind the lcd but then developed the play. So I say ok well let's get that fixed you convinced me. He said it should take 3 weeks. Long story short... my camera is gone long gone lol. I drove all the way there because last time shipping something expensive ups lost it and that was a fiasco. Sorry for boring you guys. Oh ps. There weren't any free magazines......
  13. Hi all, How good is Biogon-C 35 2.8 on M240? Being conceived for film / crop sensors, is there any color cast and/or corner smearing used on full frame digital? And how is compared to Summarit 2.4/35 and 2.5/35? By the way, I've seen MTF figures between 2.4 and 2.5 and they seem slight different, 2.4 seems to be less sharp in center but sharper in the corners than its 2.5 predecessor. Anyone who tried both? How they compares to last (v5/v6) Summicron, that I know quite well? Thanks in advance S.
  14. Hi all, I'm looking for some first-hand information on universal finders for M240. I'm wearing glasses, unfortunately, so it's difficult for me to see frame's edges in RF viewfinders: eye relief is critically important to me. Alternatives are: - Voigtlander Zoom Finder 15-35 (discontinued but still in stock somewhere, I think) - Leica 21/24/28 (..I've read bad reviews of this...) - Leica 16-28 aka "Frankenfinder" - any other? Could someone kindly tell me something about these finders? Actually I'm using Leica plastic single-focal finders (and old metal ones), and eye relief is (barely) enough for me. Do Zeiss finders have more? Thank you in advance S.
  15. Read it > https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/dream-no-99 Ph. © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo​ M240, 21/2.8 Preasph.
  16. Hi all, I would like to know from Lightroom users what are your "starting point" sharpening settings, ie. how much amount/radius/detail gives you best results. Thanks S.
  17. Hi, Anybody knows how can take video more than 4GB by a M240? My camera stops recording video after 4GB, and it makes problem when I am recording an interview. Thanks,
  18. Hi Guys, Has anyone tried the newly released Handevision IBERIT series of lenses on your M camera? Just looking for some input on what looks to be a valuable alternative. Thanks. Robert E
  19. We have spaces available on our special Leica 'Akademie' street photography workshop on the 28th of October 2016 in the centre of Bristol. This one day course will introduce attendees to the Leica M digital system and how to use the rangefinder system in a street photography environment and is open to both experienced users of Leica cameras as well as those who are new to the M rangefinder system. There will also be an opportunity to use the Leica SL and Q systems in a street environment. Leica Akademie tutor and freelance photographer, Robin Sinha, will host the day and introduce us to the Leica digital M system and how he uses it to maximise his street photography. The day will start at 10am and run until approximately 4.30pm, this will contain a two hour practical part of the day where you will have the opportunity to use the Leica digital cameras in a street environment. 10.00am – 11.00am – Robin Sinha will introduce you to his work with a short talk using his own images to demonstrate Leica Photography. 11.00am - 11.30am - Review and mini-critique of attendees images (attendees are asked to bring 4 images on a USB stick that represent their photography) 11.30am - 12.00pm Familiarisation with the Leica camera range prior to photowalk. 12.00pm – 12.30pm – Lunch break 12.30pm – 2.30pm – Photowalk around Bristol using the Leica cameras provided 2.30pm onwards – Back to the studio for image review and critique. Robin will also demonstrate how to edit your RAW files to get the best from the digital system. 4.30pm approx - finish There is a small charge of £20 for the day, which includes refreshments of tea or coffee. Unfortunately lunch is not provided, but there are plenty of local places to get something during the break. If you wish to book a place on the course, please email bristol@lcegroup.co.uk or call 0117 9291935. Please let us know if you have any queries.
  20. The only item that has attracted my attention in the launch of the new TL system is the EVF Visoflex Type 020 and I believe that the Leica M system deserves an updated version of its EVF with higher resolution, sensor for the eye (to switch it on/off), a tilt and swivel movement for more convenience....so Leica I hope this one is coming Your thoughts / input please...
  21. After many years of frequenting these forums, finally my first post. I joined the forum in 2012, have had an interest in Leica since that time, but always stepped around trying a Leica. At that time I owned a Canon 5DmkII and a bunch of L glass, all long since moved on since I moved whole heartedly into the Sony system with some flirtations with the Fuji X system. I still own and use both of those systems. But with the M10's release, the m240 prices started to dip into the territory where I felt it was worth shot, to finally scratch an itch which I've had for years and has never gone away. So on Friday I received my used m240 from the Leica Miami store and finally after waiting all weekend my Voigtlander 35 f1.7 arrived. I have the Voigtlander 50 f1.5 arriving tomorrow. They aren't Leica glass, I know, but from everything I've read, they'll allow me to fully try the Leica experience, then maybe in another 5+ years I'll move to German L glass :-). As wonderful as my Sony A7rII is which I'll continue to use alongside the 240, there hasn't been a camera that I've been quite so excited to try, not since I moved from a Canon Rebel to a 5D 10 years ago. Cheers Jonathan Obligatory first shot on the 240, no cats here :-)... Black on Black by Jonathan Robson, on Flickr
  22. https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2018/10/29/beautiful-catastrophe-082/ © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo M240, 35'cron
  23. Hi, I have Hasselblad V series lenses and also a M240. I was thinking of buying 'Kipon Baveyes Ultra 0.7x Adapter for Hasselblad Medium Format Lens to Leica M Mount' so that I can use these lenses. Has anyone used this adapter, and what was the experiance? N.Shah
  24. https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2018/03/28/city-sickness-418/ 2017 © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo​ M240, 35'cron IV
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