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Found 14 results

  1. stvn66

    M3 vs iiig

    If you were given the choice between a Leica iiig and a Leica M3 which would you choose and why?
  2. is this manual actually from 1959 ? https://photographysgoldenageii.wordpress.com/2019/02/08/leica-m3-service-manual/
  3. Leica M3 Sumicron 5cm APX400 in Rodinal

    • For Sale
    • Used

    Schönes Summilux der ersten Baureihe. Who doesn't like the goggles too much should be aware that this M3-version has close focus ability down to 0.65m, whilst the even more expensive M2-version only goes to 1m... Condition see pics, nice aperture click stops, smooth focussing, body without scuff marks. There is some dust inside as expected, but no scratches, cleaning marks, no haze, no mold, no oil on blades. The goggles have some faint marks on the outer glass, but are clear to look through. I am in Spain, and every four weeks in Germany. Insured shipping at cost. EU sales preferred! Spreche auch Deutsch. También hablo Español. Good light!!! Knut

    2,850.00 EUR

  5. So, I've finally decided to dip my toe in the Leica pool. A long-time Pentax user who started with digital, then began to use film more (with an MX and and P30N). An M6 could be in the longer-term, but I want to learn and experience the meter-less world first. With exceptions allowed for family and event photos, I'm aiming for a 'one-camera, one-lens' project next year to teach myself some of the basics I've probably skipped over in the past. I've seen a good oppotunituy for a 'User' grade M3 or, for 200 GBP more, an 'Exc+' M4. My question is whether there is really better value in getting an 'Exc+' over a 'User' given my circumstance. I'm assuming the issue is really the lens, and whilst everyone seems to say 'Summicron 50mm' - can anyone explain the difference between 'rigid' and ottherwise? And which should I go for as a first time RF user. many thanks
  6. 100 t-max, M3, 50mm Zeiss People who have travelled to, or seen images of Shinto shrines in Japan will know about Ema...small wooden plaques on which you can write a wish to the kami/gods. It's common during the New Year's holiday to write your wish for the year. The first picture below is context for those who have not seen Ema. I've seen thousands of these, and wishes range from the cure for a loved-one's cancer, to a plea that Liverpool will win the Premier League. The other day, I randomly selected and turned over one Ema. As I slowly read, (shooting film seems to slow down everything I do), I thought it a bit ironic. "If his tests include English spelling, he will surely need to study more." Says I, the parent of a 6 yr old. .....but then I got to the last sentence.
  7. I have recently bought a Leica M3 and have run a couple of films through it and have thoroughly enjoyed using it. I have owned an M6ttl for a number of years. As far as I can tell it all works great but I am not sure the film advance is as smooth as I have read about (but this could be a myth). Also there is a bit of dust or something in the viewfinder which is not really a problem in use. I would quite like to get it CLA'd just to know it is working as well as it can. I was just wondering what the general opinion of getting a cla on a camera that is working ok, is it completely unnecessary? I was thinking of using Aperture in London as I can get to them easily have used them in the past for Hasselblad repairs.
  8. Hi Guys, I am a new leica user starting with a handsome m3 camera a few months ago. Really loved the camera but i had lost the eyepiece part. I guess it falled somewhr cause it is a 60+ years old camera. The problem is i do not know the parts exact name and how i could find it. A friend of mine gave me the part of m2's but i cant see anything with it. I am uploading 2 photos so you may see and help me about it. --------------------------------------------------
  9. M3 Horizontal light leak / streak? Help! :-) Greeting all! Attached are images from a '59 M3 seviced by DAG at some undetermined time before I bought it. This issue only occurred on this roll after 20+ previous perfect rolls. This horizontal streak showed up an most of the 38 exposures. It seems worse on longer exposures but is still visible on a few of the faster shutter speeds. It does NOT show at the 1/1000 range. The first two pics are from the first part of the roll, the third pic is from the end of the roll. Film: Ilford 400, lens Sumilux 50mm (with hood). Any help would be appreciated. If this symptom has been discussed and solved, let me know where and I will gladly delete this post :-) The scans just hit my email, and I have asked the lab to check the negatives' rebate to see if it was processing, since I do not have the negatives in hand yet. Many thanks, Dan.
  10. First of all, hey y’all. This is my first post on the Leica forums. I’ve been a photography hobbyist for a while now and have been browsing the last few months for what I think would be my perfect camera set-up to start saving up for. After quite a few weeks learning the ins and outs of pretty much every camera body under the sun, I think I’ve finally settled on the M3. I love the all-mechanical body, the brass casing, and the quiet shutter—so far I only have one concern. My focal length of choice is 28mm, and occasionally 35mm. Does anyone have much experience using 28mm glass with an M3 body? I am not opposed to using an external viewfinder, but I’m worried that it would sort of interrupt the pure, smooth, and ‘invisible’ sort of experience I’m hoping for with a Leica. I know Joel Mererowitz used wider focal lengths back in the 60s and 70s, does anybody know if he was using an external viewfinder or if he just knew his machine well enough to estimate?
  11. Hello guys, my name is Mat, I'm from Argentina. About a year ago I started shooting street photography with a Fuji X100T and for the last few weeks I've been really wanting to try and buy an M3, so I did it. I bought one, in a trusty camera shop here in Buenos Aires, and it seemed to work well, film advance, all shutter speeds and rangefinder worked well so I had no doubt about it and went for it. After about 3 hours of leaving the store, I sat on a bench to load some film and try it, when I removed the bottom plate a big chunk of the vulcanite broke down and fell, didn't even mind about that because it's replaceable, so I started shooting, finished a roll and left it to be developed and scanned. When I got back home later that day, I was fiddling with it and put the shutter speed dial in 1 sec, fired the shutter and heard it open but never close back, instantly I called the guys at the shop and told them this two problems, they told me to bring the camera to them the next day and that they'd take care of the service charges. Today I left the camera on the shop and went to the lab for the scans and the negatives, when I got home I saw this: And this: Some photos had this "vignette"-like thing that looked like the photos were Extremely underexposed on one side/"correctly" exposed in the middle/overexposed on the other side, for example: AND, the few photos that looked "fine" had this weird black line on one side like this: This one has all of the problems at once: And there's this one that looks fine without any problems besides the shitty quality of the scan: I do not really know if the problem is part of this shutter curtains issue, or if it's the lens, by the way I'm using an Elmar 50mm 2.8, maybe I didn't extend it all the way it should be extended or it might be another problem, but please note that this is my first experience with an M camera and I still don't have the skills that the M call for. Thanks beforehand for any advice, they will be much appreciated! Sorry for the long post and for my bad english! Cheers. Mat.
  12. Guest

    M3 Just arrived

    Using this with a summitar lens and the leicameter mr. the jury is out for me. I know everyone else thinks this camera is wonderful. I am just used to my iiif perhaps. Focusing is much better on the M3 though. And there are many other advantages too. I just like the feel of the iiif. I thought that the light meter may have been out but it was a rotten day and very overcast having said that. A test run really. No art. Just testing functionality.
  13. Hello All, About 4 years ago, I came into the possession of a Leica M3 (Double Stroke, 735 xxx) after my friend found it in his grandfather's basement. Anyways, I immediately noticed that the vulcanite had already started chipping off the body due to the conditions which it experienced while not being used for nearly 15 years and I (of course) I wondered if there was any way to remedy the detection of the vulcanite. Now (four years later) I'm wondering if I should re-vulcanize the body or if I should leave it alone. My main issue is not the fact of shipping it overseas to be restored, but rather the value lost. Will it lose much value if I were to carry out re-vulcanizing the body? Or Should I not even consider this and just leave it alone? - Kevin
  14. My father=in-law had a M3 engraved by Leica with his name in the late 50's early 60's. His name was James Herbert Elliott. He went by Herb Elliott so I'm not sure how it was engraved. He was the first photographer to work at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after it reopened after WW2. I would love to find this camera as a gift to his family. Please let me know if you have any information regarding this camera. I checked with Leica and their records don't go back to the 50's and 60's for engraved cameras.
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