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  1. WIDE OPEN ONLY! Please post the images of the amazing original Summilux 50/1.4 ASPH at Peter Karbe's favorite f-stop: wide open.
  2. The Karbe Lux masterpiece is finally getting a facelift. 11 blades, 45cm close focus, rumored performance tweaks, same ol’ price. (Rumor has it it will be announced next week).
  3. Please post your images at closest focus made with this Karbe gem, the 75mm f2 APO Summicron-M ASPH. It apparently has a similar reproduction ratio (highest at 1:7) to the new close focus Summilux 50 ASPH II 2023 (highest at 1:6.4). I am especially interested in your images with humans (portraits, sensual nudes, whatever you do), but any other subject at close focus will also do fine. Please no 75 lux or 75 Summarit or 75 SL.
  4. I do own all the lenses tested side by side in this video and would 100% agree with Ted Forbes' comparison and summary - The dearly recommended one is the
  5. Could not believe there was no thread for images made with Summicron 35 ASPHERICAL V1 and ASPHERICAL V2 (also known as Summicron V5 and V6). So here it is. Please indicate whether you used ASPH V1 or ASPH V2 and what camera. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do NOT post any PRE-ASPH Summicron V1 and V2 images and NO APO Summicron V7 images - the latter has its own thread here. Summicron 35 ASPH V1 and M10-R.
  6. We already have a very extensive 'Mandler Magic' topic, but as much I am keen on Mandler's signature look and his contribution to the "Leica glow", there is another very distinguished gentleman in the 'House of Leica' that as a leader of Leica's optical design team since 2002 gave us a bunch of new high performance M-Lenses and pushed the terms FLE, ASPH and APO towards modern Leica perfection. He was the guy that had the balls to say Dr. Mandler's 75mm Summilux 1.4 was his *least* favorite design and went on to "Make Summilux great again" - all the way down to 21mm. Show us some of the "clinical look" of the Peter Karbe magic and do tell what lens he designed is your favorite...
  7. Hi I was wondering which lens will last longer before showing this paint / finish wearing off marks. Will Summicron 35mm ASPH (black) last longer than Biogon 35mm (black)?
  8. ich habe mir ein 1.5/50 asph. bestellt und es überzeugt mich in punkto optik und haptik. leider ist die fokusierung sehr schwergängig ... ich muss sehr viel mehr kraft aufwenden als bei meinen ZMs. gibt sich das mit der zeit oder habe ich ein besonders schwergängiges erwischt? danke und viele grüße jan
  9. Hey Folks, my first post here - yay! I noticed this horizontal bluish flare in the upper right corner with my Summicron 35/2 Asph. I shoot film (M4-P with original clip-on hood and B+W UV or ND Filter) so I can't do a thousand test shots. See the attached testshots. It appears in one or two images per roll. Didn't notice that with other lenses. Anybody experienced the same thing? Any suggestions? Thank you very much! P flickr: www.flickr.com/peertheer
  10. Just obtained a Monochrom yesterday. I am impressed with the details of the DNG it produced. first few photos, and behold, a huge dust! blow it off and it's perfect again! But just can't believe a camera with 100actuation of shutter have such a dirty sensor! I am blown away by the details this camera can produce. Love it!
  11. Hey everyone, I just recently got hold of this beautiful 35 summicron ASPH although i have a slight issue... The front ring where you clip the hood onto and screw additional filters into spins freely around, this doesn't not seem to be effecting any of the glass elements. I've read a few things of people saying they had the same problem and it's just something inside that needs tightening, screws or something? I'm normally pretty competent when it comes to fixing things but this is something i don't feel comfortable doing this as i don't want to risk it. Has anyone else had the same issue? Thanks. (i can include diagrams if need be)
  12. Hi Folks, I have been disappointed with residual uncorrected color shifts in the corners of shots with my M9P and 28mm Elmarit ASPH and 24mm Elmar ASPH lenses (particularly snow scenes). The built in profiles of my camera don’t seem adequate for my samples of these lenses. Has anyone with the new Leica M worked with these lenses? If so, could you please post samples? Thanks, Steve K
  13. I currently have a voigtlander 35mm skopar Pancake II lens. I love the physical size and the smooth focus action, but while the image details are fine for flickr, they seem to fall apart when I enlarge? I don't mind the creamy look that happens when I shoot wide open (so i might keep it for that effect for certain jobs), but I do mind the very pronounced flare that happens quite a bit. I am considering a black Zeiss 35mm Biogon C f2.8 lens (NOT the f2), the leica 35mm summicron aspherical in black paint finish (aesthetically pleasing to me) and the chrome summicron (maybe pre-asph) which I believe is more compact and has a slightly heavier feel? Anyone have subjective opinions on these lenses? Zeiss seems like a relative bargain if it holds up wide open. If it does not hold up wide open, it is too slow. I will be using it mostly on my black paint Leica MP. I shoot lots of tri-x, but for critical work I shoot slower films. Your opinions are most welcome.
  14. I thought correction for coma (the little orange wings on the bright point light sources near the frame edges) was one of the hallmarks of the ASPH 35mm lens designs. However this new 35 Summicron ASPH does not seem to be doing nearly as well as the Summilux, nor is it much different than the 35 pre-ASPH. Just looking for feedback from other 'cron ASPH users before I raise it with Leica. M9, ISO 400, 1/250th sec. f/2.0
  15. The price for both of these lenses is similar enough that I'm considering them both.. Actually, what I'm considering is more like this. CZ 35mm Biogon f/2 + CV Nokon 40 1.4 or Nokton 35mm 1.2 ASPH II I need a lens for indoors, when visiting friends, etc.. and I need to to be relatively fast, ~ f/1.4 or so. I'm a big fan of Zeiss, the 50 1.4 on my 5D Mk III was my most used lens. I've read fantastic things about the Biogon f/2 and comparing the sharpness of the Biogon @ f/2 and the Nokton 1.2 @ f/2, they're pretty evenly matched (according to what I read via Sean Reid). Obviously the Biogon isn't that fast, so I was thinking of pairing it with a Nokton 40 1.4 for those indoor uses, while the Biogon would be for mainly outdoor usage (I had also tested an 35mm Ultron 1.7 but it was a bit softer wide-open then I was hoping). I'm picking up an M9 + CZ Planar 50mm f/2 shortly (that decision is finally made!), so unfortunately I do not have a ton of money left over for 35mm.. $1500-$1600 is probably it, so unfortunately any fast Leica's are out of reach. Is there anyone out there who has used both the Nokton 35 1.2 II and the Biogon f/2 and decided to keep one or the other (or has any input on the two?) I realize they have different applications, and I'm a bit worried the Nokton 1.2 might be just a large and unwieldy lens that works great in lower-light situations, but end up being not so useful for an every-day, general 35mm lens. I think the Biogon + Nokton 40 1.4 might be a better combo, but it's almost $400-$500 more. Thoughts, comments, suggestions?
  16. I have a number of different modern Leica wide angles, fast and slow, on the M240. The one that I struggle with most is a new 28mm Summicron Asph. It has a lovely soft rendering, but often, used wide open or even stopped down, nothing much appears to be sharp, has the micro contrast or bite of the other lenses. I have no doubt that some of this is operator error, camera shake, etc. But it is noticeable in live view that the peaking shows less red than I am accustomed to with other lenses. Is this normal? Any suggestions for testing whether I have a lemon / Friday pm lenses? I know, I should have done some tests, but I am always distracted by something more interesting.
  17. I just purchased a used Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH from the NYC Leica Store. I got it for a really good deal, basically $1000 off. For some reason it seems to be a bit greasy. Also the glass looked like it had a smudge and I used my lens pen to clean it. It then greased up the front element. What should I do? Return, or just clean? If clean what do you guys recommend.
  18. Hallo zusammen, ich möchte mir ein 35mm-Objektiv anschaffen, möglichst lichtstark. In Frage kämen 35/2.0 oder 35/1.4. Inwieweit sind asphärische Objektive wirklich signifikant besser? Hat jemand Erfahrungen damit? Vielen Dank schonmal, Gruß aus Berlin, Jan.
  19. Returning along the Promenade, Lake Como, Northern Italy. It was time to go to our room and freshen up and go downstairs and choose from the countless sidewalk cafes where we'd always bump into charming people we'd met during the day's excursions. It was a fine time. Thanks for coming along. [31 Aug 2009, Leica IIIg, 35 Chron Asph, Fuji Pro 160S, 1/30 @ f/5.6, hand held, drug store develop and scan to CD, PS4 somewhat enlarged cropped straighten smart sharpen] [ATTACH]164179[/ATTACH]
  20. I keep on hearing very contradictory opinions on this. Somebody says that older lenses just do not render on an M8 and that the new asphericals are the way to go; somebody else says that the new aspherical lenses, do not retain detail due to their higher contrast because the glass is of a much lower quality altogether. Then, of course there also is that "old magic" issue that many talk about... What do you guys think?
  21. Hallo Zusammen, ich bin noch recht neu in der Leica-Welt und wollte mal eure Meinung zum angehängten Foto (f1.4, Fokus auf den Blättern im Vordergrund) hören. Ist dieses Verhalten in extremen Gegenlichtsituationen für das 50mm Summilux ASPH normal? Der helle Streifen der aus der Sonne läuft ist vermutlich eher ein Problem des Sensors. Gibt es hierzu Erfahrungen eurerseits? Viele Grüße, Oliver
  22. I know, i know - sharpness isn't the most important aspect of making photographs but if one is paying a premium for a lens, it better be good :-) I recently acquired a 50 Summilux ASPH and I've been testing it. I find it truly exception wide open at close distances but once the distance exceeds 3 meters, I find that the quality decreases drastically - even a cheap Summicron C 40 surpasses it on all apertures (I make it sound as if the Summicron C is a poor quality lens but it is stellar in many ways actually). I've been wondering if this is part of the quality of the lens or if perhaps my M9 and the Summilux need calibration? Here are a few pictures of the same scene at the full scope of full-stop apertures starting f1.4, f2, f2.8, f4, f5.6, f8, f11, and f16.
  23. Took this while in Leicester Square. Think she was out on a break, liked her expression while on the phone.
  24. Guest

    Closed for Lunch ?

    Leica T + 50mm f/1.4 Summilux-M ASPH ISO 200, f1.4, 1/125 "Closed for Lunch ?"
  25. I recently purchased a brand new unopened 50 summilux f/1.4 asph lens in silver and when I unpackaged it I noticed a clear liquid on the outside barrel of the lens. I was able to wipe it off but wondered what it was? And whether I should exchange the lens for a different one? Inside the lens it looks fine at the moment and not sure if liquid would have seeped inside. Just wandered if anyone had a similar experience. I want to make sure nothing is wrong with the lens since I spent 4K on it.
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