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  1. The person I bought it from said they bought it from a seller in Japan a few years ago. And they got the lens CLA'd (Clean, Lubricate, Adjust) this year. Serial Number: 125167 It weighs 111 grams when there's no caps on it. It has "50mm" instead of "5cm" written on the front of the lens, which it would indicate that it's an earlier model I believe. There's an "o" on the barrel by the focus lever, which would indicate that this is a standardized lens mount. Underneath the focus leaver there's the number 5 (as shown in the picture), I don't know what this means. I t
  2. Most of us seem to be photographers as well as collectors. Show me your favorite lenses, old and new alike. I like the Noctilux range for the extreme apertures, but I prefer the Summilux range for the best speed:size/weight ratio. Here’s a Summilux gathering of 21, 24, 28, 35, 50 and 75mm. All in black.
  3. Hello everyone! Just recently I came upon a wonderful set of the Leica IIIC together with 3 (seemingly in mint condition) lenses. The SN of the camera itself is 374588 and the only information I could gather is that it was manufactured in 1940. More about the lenses - elmar 3,5 cm, summitar 5cm, SN 559993, thambar 9cm SN 540124. There are some more additional bits and bops in the set. I tried to make my own research but couldn't find much on the internet. Can any of you, professional Leica users/keen fans let me know more about the history of these items? I am more curious other than anythin
  4. Hey everyone, Looking for a bit of friendly advice and opinion. I currently have a Leica M-A and like to stick to the "One Camera, One Lens" method of keeping my work consistent and always improving. When people talk about this, one lens usually refers to focal length, not exactly one lens. After lots of trial and error I learned that I see in 50mm, so I prefer using that focal length for all of my shooting. However, I currently own a 50mm Summicron-M and a 50mm Elmar-M (both newest versions, both brass chrome). I can't decide if I should sell one, and if so which one, or keep bo
  5. Hello guys, my name is Mat, I'm from Argentina. About a year ago I started shooting street photography with a Fuji X100T and for the last few weeks I've been really wanting to try and buy an M3, so I did it. I bought one, in a trusty camera shop here in Buenos Aires, and it seemed to work well, film advance, all shutter speeds and rangefinder worked well so I had no doubt about it and went for it. After about 3 hours of leaving the store, I sat on a bench to load some film and try it, when I removed the bottom plate a big chunk of the vulcanite broke down and fell, didn't even mind about that
  6. Hi I've done some searching (both in the forum and online in general) and still can't seem to figure out how to make this all work cohesively. I'm hoping someone can give me some simple instructions - I'm sure I'm just overlooking something. A few months ago, I bought the M Macro Adapter, thinking it would enable macro photography on all of my lenses. I honestly can't tell if it does - it's not at all like the macro experience I'm used to with my Nikon gear (where I can get a fly ball to fill up an entire frame). I play around with it every now and then and can get visibly closer than
  7. Hi, recently I had designed and built by 3D printing a longer Endcap for retractible lenses. Basically it has an internal depth of 23mm, which i think will fit most of the M mount retractible lenses. I designed this Endcap for my 50mm Elmar F2.8 lens. It is better to use a good 3D printer. I printed this Endcap using my Craftbot Plus printer at " 0.100mm " layer height, with 15% infill. I printed these Endcaps on Glass Bed with Dimafix 3D printer glue. The result is mirror smooth bottom. You can use PLA or PETG. This is a very clean design. There is no oozing to be cut except the last one
  8. Hey guys, I'm currently setting up a Leica Screw Mount kit. I will be buying a CLA'd Leica iii with a new splitbeam mirror. The whole kit is planned to be used for a gap year in New Zealand and therefore it needs to be small but still affordable because I'm still a student. Now I can't decide between a probably uncoated but CLA'd Ltm 5cm Elmar f/3,5 and a Nikkor 5cm f/2. The Elmar is incredible small which is amazing for travalling while still having a good quality as a like. And it fits in the ever ready case. BUT I really like using filters and it is very hard to u
  9. On a dull cold spring day this little gem arrived in the post; A Nickel 35mm f3.5 Elmar body in a chrome 11 o'clock focussing mount. No infinity catch. No visible serial number. The long focus stop screw looks nickel. The mounting flange is smaller than the camera body lens mount. I have read about that on the forum, but thought it only related to early interchangable 50mm Elmars. Both parts have a "O" for standardised. It couples with the camera rangefinder and the distence scale seems to match the rangefinded distence, the scale goes down to 2 feet. The focussing ca
  10. Hallo Freunde der analogen Fotografie, seit einer Weile fotografiere ich nun schon analog, erst mit einer Canon AE1 und jetzt mit einer Olympus OM1, da ich vollmechanische Kameras mehr mag, so kommt es auch, dass ich mir jetzt eine alte Leica zulegen will. Da mein Budget als Schüler begrenzt ist und ich Schraubleicas bald schöner als dass M-System finde, habe ich meine Suche auf die IIIF, IIIC und IIIG eingegrenzt, wobei die IIIG auch schon fast zu teuer ist. Dazu soll es noch ein schönes Elmar, Summitar oder sogar Summicron sein. Da ich Händlern generell mehr vertraue bin ich auf 2
  11. Hi! My Leica M10 and some lenses got stolen yesterday in Gothenburg. If anyone sees them, I would be grateful. To moderator, if this is the wrong place to post, please move it. In the bag was: 3824764 Leica Elmarit-M 90 4081227 Leica Elmar-24-M 4112250 Leica Summilux 35 ASPH 5152626 Leica M10 Black Leica E46 filterx2 (on the lenses) Leica M10 Battery Charger for Leica M10 HP Zbook 2017 I will also report to Leica. Regards, Joakim
  12. Before the Eclipse Fuji XH-1 + Leica Elmar 135mm f4 Acros-red, in-camera jpg, cropped
  13. Hello What kind of ring adapter do I need for M2 to match old uncoated version of nickel elmar 3.5 Pawel
  14. This is going to be a bit of a newbie question as I am sure that folks on this forum probably hate the idea of mating a zoom to a rangefinder. I use a number of primes with my M and love them all but for the sake of occasional convenience and longer focal lengths I am considering an M-R adapter with possibly a Vario Elmar 70-210 or preferably the 80-200 (assuming I can find either). Does anyone have any experience of either of these two lenses on an M and are they any good? Is one better than the other because I notice that the 80-200 f/4 is a heck of a lot more money - if you can fin
  15. I am a new Leica M9 user and I bought my camera with a 50mm Summicron f/2. Doing a lot of travelling I felt last week in Chicago that I really need to go wide when shooting skylines, architecture and interiors (it was the art museum). In two weeks I will go to India and I really want something before that trip. I have been thinking of both the Super Elmar M 21mm and the Elmarit M 28mm ASPH and I am going back and forth between them. I am quite well aware of the positives and negatives of them but cannot make up my mind! What would be the recommendation from you using these lenses today i
  16. Wie koennte ich die vordere Linse ausnehmen/ausschrauben?
  17. With this amazing ancient 35/3.5 Elmar and M8.2 What a small package this makes:D Yep I know it's only a snap but I like it, Comments welcome Andy
  18. Hi everybody! First of all, if this is the wrong forum for a repair-type question, please forgive a newbie and point me in the right direction... So: I just got my first Leica this past weekend - a 1956 M3, DS converted to SS. Seems to work fine so far. Anyway, the seller included an extra lens for free because it's not fully functional... It's a screw-mount Elmar 9cm 1:4 (90mm f/4), non-collapsable. It seems to be in mostly decent shape except that the aperture ring doesn't adjust the aperture. It's stuck most of the way open, and the ring just rotates without changing the opening
  19. I am new here but now I have found this site I will be a regular. I have a M5 and the standard lenses. However one lens is causing me some curiosity and I hope someone can help. My curious lens is a Elmar 90mm f4. It is the serial number that is confusing me. Serial number = 1080960. According to other sites this number relates to a lens built in 1953, it doesn't look anywhere near that old. The same site does not list any of this lens with the number above. It is of chrome construction, ribbed focussing and aperture ring and a leather sleeve at the mount end and is bayonet mount
  20. Hello all: I am beginning to explore the world of old and older Leitz lenses for my M cameras. I recently purchased a 1935 50mm f3.5 Elmar (uncoated LTM, used with a LTM to M adapter ring) and just got a 1955 50mm f2.0 LTM Summitar (again, LTM with LTM to M adapter). I just saw a SOOTF adapter for sale, advertised as allowing the use of filters for the Summitar on the Elmar. Is that so? Also, can "swing-out" polarizing filters be used on the Summitar? I have one for my Summicron (V3) and another for my Summilux (V1 - 1959). Were any made for the Summitar? Thanks to all of you
  21. Morning all. I have just one lens for my M2; an Elmar 35mm. I'm wondering about a Summaron 35mm. If anyone would be kind enough to respond to a couple of questions I'd be grateful. Question 1. Does the front of a Summaron rotate with focussing in the same way it does with the Elmar? Reason for asking; the lens hood I have also rotates and I have modded it (with nothing more permanent than PVC tape) to be rectangular as I shoot into the light a lot and benefit from as much shielding as possible. This rotating is a complete pain and it would be good if the hood stayed square to the camera. If
  22. Out for a walk with M2 and Elmar again. Tri-X of course. A sweep of land. I shouldn't like monoculture, and don't, but it does allow the eye to be swept about. [ATTACH]133451[/ATTACH] Each bit of the hedge seemed to be up to something [ATTACH]133452[/ATTACH] And a nice run down building with perfect disreputable brickwork [ATTACH]133453[/ATTACH] Hope you like them. All the best, Jim Jim Simon's Photographs Home
  23. Werte Gemeinde! Lange habe ich mit M6 und 35 / 50 / 90 mm fotografiert. Seit kurzem besitze ich nun eine M8 und hätte hierfür gerne eine kürzere Brennweite. Nur kann ich mich nicht entscheiden, welches Objektiv es nun sein soll. Zur Auswahl stehen (in Klammern kurz meine Überlegungen): Elmar 18 mm (spektakulärer Winkel, relativ geringe Lichtstärke, Sucher benötigt, relativ günstig) Elmar 24 mm (noch günstiger, relativ geringe Lichtstärke, kompakt, kein Sucher nötig) Ein günstiges gebrauchtes Elmarit ohne Asph - wie ist das im vergleich zur aktuellen Version? Da blieben noch e
  24. Where the chalk of the South Downs meets the sea. Elmar 35mm again, Tri-X Hc-110 etc. Jim.
  25. Out with the M2 with its 35mm Elmar on the front (only lens I have). I took this with my OM/Zuiko too, and have just decided I like this better although the detail and flare and (actually) the exposure's better on the OM image, I like the look of this more. On the South Downs in recent snow. Anyone would think us English never get any snow. Well; we don't! Jim.
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