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  1. Just an FYI..... I find my M240 when set to Classic and Center Weighted shooting in the vertical position exposes +1/3 to +2/3 to the right. And when in the Horizontal position it exposes -1/3 to -2/3 to the left underexposed. While reviewing 150 images from a street shoot it was my first time using Lightroom 5 in the library mode, I thought I would correct all of the exposures with the exposure panel. As I'm going thru the exposures I notice that only a few images are perfect exposure and 90% of the horizontal images are under exposed by -1/3 to -2/3 of a stop (to the left). So I'm going thru clicking on the right arrow to increase the exposure and every time I get to some vertically shot images they are too bright HUH! All of the vertical images except for one are overexposed by +1/3-+2/3 of a stop. So you ask did I check for the Red exposure dot and verify every image was metered correctly for the most part but that would not result in the majority of consistency's I now see. I also see that with the background being mostly white or a lot of the background white the image tends to overexpose from the meter reading when shooting with my 50 lux but when I'm shooting with my 21mm its still underexposed by -1/3 to -2/3 of a stop.
  2. Hi, I was recently taking some photos in Arkansas, on a hot and humid day. The temperature was around 35C and the humidity was about 60%. I was using the EVF with a 21 mm. I had been shooting for an hour or so, when the EVF started staying black after I had taken an image. The only way to get the live view back was to turn the camera on and off. This behaviour stopped after I returned to a cool air-conditioned building. I saw this behaviour twice. Things I checked at the time: - The EVF was properly seated. - I tried removing the battery and replacing with another. Things I did not check at the time: - The Live View directly on the back of the camera (I feel foolish in hindsight for not having done this). Anyone else seen this? Chris PS, and here are the images http://www.ckpho.to/-/galleries/blog/crossing-borders-10
  3. This one REVIEW - LEICA M TYPE 240 seems to identify the M240's shortcomings while remaining pragmatically appreciative. There are also a few lens reviews on the site.
  4. The glued on magnet from my M240 baseplate fell off and has been lost. The camera is nonworking due to this. I've emailed the local Leica repair center (Singapore), yet I am currently in Thailand and traveling in SE Asia. Their answer (no parts here, will need to be sent back to Solms), which I want to try an avoid. Ive also considered another RSS baseplate (will have to ship international, etc). I propose this question with hope there could be a simpler DIY solution. Does anyone know of an alternative solution, or have details about the small magnet (glued-bad design?) Leica/RSS uses. I'm currently hunting a similar sized magent to use.. Would another (presumely) neodymium magnet work if I were to find one? A random issue, but seeing it is an inconvenience to take to service center now. Does anyone have a suggestion of an immediate fix? Thanks in advance.
  5. A rare sunny period on Tues afternoon, so a walk on the Marlborough Downs was called for M240, APO Tely-M 135mm.
  6. The proletariat can carry on their retail activities, safe in the knowledge that Big Brother is keeping a watch... M240, C-Sonnar 50mm f1.5.
  7. Two shots from yesterday's visit to Swindon's Steam Museum. M240, ZM21mm Biogon, VF-2. First image is (was) my local railway station, which opened in 1903 and closed in 1965. Second is a representation of the foundry in the Great Western Railway's loco-works, Swindon, circa late 1800's.
  8. Hi all, I've been having a problem with my M240 where when attaching any lens using a Voigtlander Leica screw mount to M mount adaptor, the lens is not recognised as being connected, and as such, I cannot use Live View, EVF or video functions. It shoots photos just fine. I've attached my Voigtlander 12mm, shot a number of frames, however video does not work. The camera has an error that reports 'No lens attached' or similar and refuses to go into Live View mode. I contacted Leica, and they told me to set Lens Detection to OFF and try again. Same problem. At this point they told me to send it in for repair. Seeing as I've only had it a very short time, and, being in Australia, this is a pain (and a great expense) whichever way I try to do it (either sending to the authorised repairer in Melbourne or sending straight to Solms) I'm somewhat reticent to do so. Obviously I may end up having to do this, but I thought I'd ask here first to see if anyone had any similar experiences or possible solutions? My only thought is that my adaptor is quite old, and perhaps a newer one (a coded one?) may have a different design and work better in this situation. Has anyone else by any chance experienced this issue?
  9. Checking out the used Leica lens selection at my local dealer - Service Photo in Baltimore - and one of the staff mentioned that they have a new Silver M body (M240) in stock, with no one officially waiting for it. I guess that it will be a Leica Christmas for someone - but probably not me.
  10. I am brand new to Leica and have purchased the M240 just a couple of days ago. I have always wanted to own a Leica and the opportunity presented itself and I could not let it pass by. Because I am so new to Leica I could use some recommendations on lens selection. I have roughly 6k to spend and cannot decide if I should buy the 35 f1.4 Summilux or for roughly the same money buy the 35 and 50 Summicron f2's. Is there a 2k difference between the 35 lux and cron? Either way it seems like I win. I have gone back and forth and could give you 50 reasons why each option is the right one for me but I was hoping to hear some feedback from the community. I know that there are other lens options out there but at this time I only want to go with Leica and only buy new. My wife is buying me the M240 for Christmas so I don't get to use it until then it gives me just enough time to get some lenses here before Christmas. It is killing me by the way! Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Tja, liebe M240-Gemeinde, die Geschichte meiner neuen M ist schnell erzählt: Vergangenen Donnerstag (19.2.) die Kamera beim Händler abgeholt Akku bis Freitagmorgen im Ladegerät, Zeit für das Studium des Handbuchs genutzt Am Freitag erste Testaufnahmen zu vollster Zufriedenheit Freitagabend ein paar Blitzaufnahmen mit dem Metz MZ54-3 und SCA 3502-M5 versucht und dabei völlig chaotisches Verhalten des Blitzgerätes (laufende Veränderung des Zoomreflektors usw.) festgestellt. Die ersten Blitzaufnahmen wurden allerdings korrekt belichtet. Dann allerdings stellte ich fest, dass die obere Kamera-Deckplatte auf der rechten Seite SEHR warm wurde. Ich habe sofort alles ausgeschaltet und den Akku entnommen. Aus dem Batteriefach schlug mir der typische Geruch entgegen, wenn Elektronik 'dicke Backen' macht. Nach einer halben Stunde habe ich dann die Kamera OHNE Blitz wieder in Betrieb genommen und sie funktionierte wieder. Der probeweise Blitzbetrieb mit meiner M7 hingegen verlief völlig einwandfrei! Am Samstagabend habe ich dann nach genauer Überprüfung aller Einstellungen den Blitztest wiederholt. Zunächst sah alles gut aus (eingestellte Brennweite und ISO wurden vom Blitz eingelesen) und die ersten Blitzaufnahmen waren wieder völlig korrekt belichtet. Dann jedoch blockierte die Kamera im eingeschalteten Zustand. Wieder wurde alles ausgeschaltet und der Akku entnommen. Nach einer stromlosen Pause bis heute Morgen wollte ich die M240 wieder in Betrieb nehmen - aber sie schweigt beharrlich und zeigt keinerlei Reaktion mehr. Ich habe mir bei der Suche im Netz die Finger wundgetippt, aber keinen derartigen oder ähnlichen Ausfall gefunden. Da die deutlich erwärmte Deckplatte auf einen Kurzschluss in der Kamera hindeutet, liegt dort vermutlich auch der Fehler. Am Weg nach Wetzlar führt wohl kein Weg mehr vorbei!
  12. Leica M + Summicron 50mm v4
  13. after having those 2 cameras in 2 separate checked suitcases on 3 different flights, they do not work at all. The screen doesn't light up. Batteries are fully charged and i have tried different SD cards in both cameras. The display in the viewfinder on the M says SD. The shutter works, but only after toggling between the single- and multiexposure buttons. No images arrive on the card. I have tried 3 different lenses on the M. I cannot even reformat the cards because i cannot get to any of the menus. The screen on the X1 lights up a little when i switch it on but shows no messages at all. The M screen is totally dead. I fear that some process by the TSA (who opened at least one of our suitcases) may have zapped the electronics. Is there a way to reset the cameras (some weird 2- or 3-button reset like on my computer) without access to the screen and its menus? The M is only 6 weeks old and worked very well before i packed it. So did my wife's X1. I've been using Leicas for 40 years including pretty much all the electronic models. Next to the new M240, I shall keep my M8 and use it for b/w only. I travel a lot and usually check baggage with the camera inside as they are so heavy and security people (especially in the US) often freak out when they find a camera made from real metal.
  14. Last night at our local M240 launch, got to play with the M240. Question for Leica and a potential firmware change....... With Liveview enabled, would it be possible to provide some visual "focus confirmation" in the optical viewfinder ? Eg maybe have the frameline switch to the alternating colour "Red to White" or "White to Red" at the moment of focus ?
  15. After lurking on this wonderful forum for months, I hesitate to post my first comment as a thread of its own, but I thought many of you would like to know that Dr. Ulrich Rohde has posted on Dpreview a link to a number of new photos purported to be from the M240. You can find them here: With Leica winning is easy, M240/S2 I have to say I don't find them very exciting at all, but they do seem better than his first group of photos from a few weeks ago (plus the sensor is clean this time!). I'm interested to hear what forum members think. Unfortunately the small size of these images makes it difficult to judge sharpness and detail. Note that the photos with the ID tags beginning with "L" are the one he identifies as M240 photos. The ones beginning with ULR are apparently shot with the S2. With many thanks for all the wisdom and advice you have all contributed to this incredibly valuable forum!
  16. Hello. I am new to rangefinders and Leica having recently bought the M7 and 50mm/f2, a medium I first started using 30 years ago. I have fallen for Leica, hook line and sinker, so much so that I put my name on the waiting list for the M. But I cannot get my head round the idea of spending £5000 for a camera where the lenses, to me, are the main reason to buy into the system. I am an enthusiast who takes photographs of landscapes and when travelling; I prefer B&W, which the M7 will fulfill. I have been on the waiting list for 3 months now, but I cannot stop trying to talk myself out of this. I bought the M7 in order to slow my photography down and take more time composing each shot. I found that using a DSLR became an extension of a point and shoot where you could take image after image and manipulate them as you would wish in post production. I am considering the following options: 1. Remove my name from the M list and remain faithful to my Canon 5Dii and newly acquired M7 for B&W. a. Get the 35mm ASPH f1.4 (#11663) with the money saved. I have recently found that the 50mm does not provide a sufficient angle of view for all my needs. However, would the 35mm f2 (#11879) be as good for street and landscape photography? I can always push process my film should I need a higher ISO. Several threads suggest flare and CA as issues on the Summilux. Please do not bring the ASPHERICAL and any earlier versions into the discussion (I am still waiting for member IWC Doppel to complete his comparison test with the 35mm ASPH FLE version from another thread !) 2. Continue with my purchase of the M. 3. Wait for the next reincarnation of the M, but when will this be - 2015 ?? 4. Get a Fuji X100s/ X Pro 1 for colour to compliment my M7. I understand that my M may become available in December, so I have plenty of time to decide and I know that only I can make this decision (and I think I have made a decision from simply putting this down in words) but other members' thoughts and similar woes would be appreciated. Especially on the M and 35mm lenses where there appears to be much subjectivity and personal preference. Thanks for listening ! David
  17. In Peking wurde meine Leica M240 black 10770 Fabrik Nummer 04701707 mit Summilux M 1:1,4 35mm ASPH black 11663 Fabrik Nummer 4163652 gestohlen. Falls diese Seriennummern bei einem Verkauf auftauchen sollten, lassen Sie es mich bitte wissen! Vielen Dank! My Leica M240 black factory number 10770 was 04,701,707 with M 1:1.4 35mm Summilux ASPH black 11663 serial number 4163652 was stolen in Beijing. If these serial numbers should appear in a sale, please let me know Thank you very much!
  18. Hopefully I'm not repeating a thread here. I think I may be having a problem with this menu setting. The manual states, on pg 205 under "AUTOMATIC REVIEW OF LAST PICTURE," "2. In the associated sub-menus select the desired function or time: (Off, 1 second, 3 seconds, 5 seconds, Continuous, Shutter release pressed)." On the camera it states, in Setup/Auto Review, "Permanent" rather than "Continuous" and "Release button pressed" instead of "Shutter release pressed." I'm running FW I'm not concerned about the change in wording, but that when I select "Release button pressed" on the camera, no image is displayed after exposing. The image is simply written without display as if set to "Off". When "Permanent" is selected, the image taken is displayed until the release button is pressed. The only issue with this is that the exposure indicators in the viewfinder remain on and don't turn off after 24secs with the "Permanent" setting, but they do under all the other options in this setting (including "Release button pressed"). As I'm used to having the image (and histogram) on display until the shutter release is pressed (on the M9), I prefer to leave it on "Permanent", however the exposure in the viewfinder remains on which is a drain (admittedly minimal)... Anyone else notice these issues? If not, are you running the firmware or a prior version? Thanks in advance for any responses, Bob
  19. I'm consistently getting a green tint on my M240 photos. I tested White Balance settings: Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, and Grey Card. Even the Grey Card is giving too much green. I hoped manually setting the White Balance would fix it. I do the RAW processing in iPhoto, but I see similar results when i use Lightroom 5 to processes the RAW files. The tint in iPhoto is in the 20-25 range (green). Fixable but a hassle. Are other users seeing a similar issue. Is this issue (White Balance related?) on the firmware update wish list? Mike
  20. The embedded date on the camera screen is correct, but in Lightroom the embedded date is 10.02.1988. Do you have the same issue?
  21. jrp

    NEX to M*

    I have a nice set of 21-135mm Leica (and Sony) lenses that I have been using on NEX bodies, pending the emergence of the M240. Now that the M240 is potentially available, my mind has started to focus on what I should do: stick it out with Sony the bodies and lenses are much smaller / lighter than Leicas they are refreshed every year or two with the latest sensors, that seem to be at least a couple of generations ahead of even the latest Leica sensor, particularly for high ISO work (which for me means 1600-3200 indoor portraits, eg) they have folding screens, which can be incredibly useful focus peaking works well with Leica lenses and so I can use the 90mm and the 135mm, which are both incredibly sharp and render beautifully access to Sony / Sigma / Nikon lenses is very useful. Autofocus means that you can spend more time composing your pic, and image stabilization is a boon. The NEX-specific lenses are pretty good. If anything, it's the color rendition that sets the Leicas apart. But: APS-C sensor means that you either get v good edges from the Leica lenses or, in some cases, bad ones, where the lens has been designed for optimal full-frame centre and edge performance, letting the mid-range suffer [*]get a battered and brassy M9 or new M-E to see how I get on with the system, with the intention of upgrading to the M240 when they are more readily available, or selling out if I don't get on with the rangefinder way of life. the absence of Live View means that I would have to rely exclusively on rangefinder focus, which may or may not work well, as I have (vari-focal) glasses. Moreover the Leica has no diotre adjustment. for some reason used M9s are only about 10% cheaper than M-Es, so there is no point in going for them other than availability. but this is paradise postponed, as I am sure that I will ultimately want an M240 if I stick with the system as the better sensor and Live view are indispensible [*]wait for an M240 to appear for sale this is the riskiest approach as, if I don't get on with the M240, I take the biggest (VAT, depreciation, sales commission) hit it is not clear when the M240s will actually become available to those not on pre-order lists. Are there any other considerations that I have missed? Has anyone else made the transition from NEX to the M series? What have you found?
  22. With the (hopefully) imminent arrival of the M 240 I would have expected to see an increase of M9's and M9-P's hitting the 'used equipment' market. This does not really seem to have happened. Is this because people are not trading up or are they keeping their original gear and adding to it. I realise not everyone will trade their M9's etc. to the M but I thought there would be more movement than there is. I personally think that getting the right price will be tough. I still have my M9-P which I will trade in for my M (when it eventually arrives). Dealer will not give me a price yet but seems to think that £3000 would be erring on high? Seems very low to me. Wouldn't mind some of your thoughts. Lee
  23. Here is some comparison I made between Leica M 240 and M9 for a night photo made at ISO 200, 1250 and 3200-2500. Enjoy ! Leica M (type240) vs Leica M9 – Night Landscape Photos Comparison
  24. Hi Folks, I have been disappointed with residual uncorrected color shifts in the corners of shots with my M9P and 28mm Elmarit ASPH and 24mm Elmar ASPH lenses (particularly snow scenes). The built in profiles of my camera don’t seem adequate for my samples of these lenses. Has anyone with the new Leica M worked with these lenses? If so, could you please post samples? Thanks, Steve K
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