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  1. Hi, I had Leica M6 classic. UPS lost the package and obviously I’m going to get the insurance.Now I have to see what to buy. My Leica M6 was super, but I have to recognize that the manual exposure control and manual focusing make me slow. I lose time and distract from what I shoot. From one side M7 seems to be a very good option, from all reviews I see the owners aré happy and enjoy it. I know M7 is with electronic exposure and M6 is fully manual , but is M7 serviceable? Is M7 so bad? And because I’m not sure wether I’m going to find M6 in same mint condition like one I had, the another option is to buy brand new MP. I know MP is “mechanical perfection” and it is nice and mechanical, but it is with manual exposure. what are your recommendations?
  2. "He likes to pose" his owner said when I asked for permission to photograph, and he certainly did! Leica M7 + 35mm Summarit-M f2.5/ Film was Kodak T-Max400 commercially processed and then scanned at home. The shadows were a bit of a problem but the scanner (Plustek 8200i + Silverfast) got through them well. Gerry
  3. I have shot very little this past year for various health and Covid reasons. Here is one that I was pleased with from my favourite café. It is a grab shot as I just had the camera resting on the table and didn't look through the viewfinder. Leica M7 + 35mm Summarit-M f2.5. Kodak T-Max 400 at 400. No exposure values recorded. Commercially processed and scanned at home. Gerry
  4. I saw a M7 with 0.85 finder on eBay, but not the "a-la-carte" version, it comes with its original box, manuals, papers, body cap and shoulder strap... the seller said that, it is very rare~ anyone can tell me...? is it more expensive than the 0.72 version at its original price? is it rare? also.... is the concept similarly apply for MP? ...I want to get one 0.85 for my 50mm lens... : ) here is the eBay link (just for reference): Leica M7 RARE 0 85 MP Finder rangefinder Film Camera Body LNIB 4022243105058 | eBay
  5. Liebe Forumler, habe soeben bei Ebay eine neuwertige Leica M7 mit einem Summilux 1,4/ 50mm, Motor M und einer Bereitschaftstasche zu einem guten Preis ersteigert- 2950.- Habe jetzt bei der Kontaktaufnahme erfahren, dass die Bodenplatte wohl nicht vorhanden ist und keinerlei Herkunftsbelege vorhanden sind.(Erbschaft) Ich habe die Kamera noch nicht bezahlt oder abgeholt. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, die seriennummern zu überprüfen? Was kostet eine einzelne Bodenplatte? Oder kann ich die Bodenplatte meiner M6 verwenden und gegen den Motor austauschen? Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe Emil
  6. Hello everyone, I have a ASA light blinking for 16 seconds or so each time i press the release button. I assumed that the asa is not correctly set...but it is.... I am not sure what to do. Did you ever have this problem? Thank you very much in advance for your help. greetings. m.
  7. Hello all, I've just bought (through a dealer online) a second-hand M7 with a 50mm F2 lens. All I know is the ser. nr. 3328314 and that the supposed age is about 2008-2009 (?) but there's no passport or original proof of purchase with the camera. Can anyone offer advice as to what issues (if any I should look for in the camera)? I've heard that early models (how old?) can have an unreliable DX film speed sensor and that also there were issues with a defective finder design. "A lack of a proper baffle often would let the same light that comes through the fluted window to light the finder lines would also light (flare) the rangefinder spot." Does anyone know at what point in the history of the M7 this was fixed? Thank you for your help. Victoria
  8. "woman in window" what do you think about life? is it important to you? are you important? does it matter, that you exist, breath, think, procreate? why do you look at me like that? do you search for answers? answers from me? i ain't got no answers. i ain't got no answers. i ain't got nothing.
  9. I just tried the new Retro 100 TONAL (Orthopan) film in CG-512. E.I. 50, 14:00 minutes at 24 C. M7 + Summicron 2,0/50mm The regular film speed in AM74/RHS is E.I. 80-E.I. 100. The Orthopan film goes till 625nm and in 135-36 it has been made on 100 micron clear Polyester layer. The film is very flat so easy to enlarge or scan. Due to the very fresh emulsion the Ortho sensitizer tends to have white spotts in the negative due to the Calcium salts. So the new emulsion must be developed in a developer made in destilled water.
  10. I am new to film Leica and have problems with loading the films. It should be easy but it is not for me. I think I am doing something wrong and need some help. 1. the spool: in the MP spool there are 3 metal leaflets that turns. Do I insert the leading end of the film into it (like between 2 metal leaflets) or around it? 2. my 2nd roll did not stop after the last frame. So it just kept going forward after frame 38... then I cannot rewind. I think it is ripped off on the last winding. How can this happen? I had to open it (exposed it) and then used a forceps to remove it. 3. there is no indication that the film is properly loaded like the "turning knob" on the M7, M6 that i have read and viewed on you tube. How can you tell? 4. next is How to do longer exposure than 4 seconds on MP? can you give me a website where I can read about it?
  11. I need some help to decide, I’ve just sold my M4-P with M6 top-plate, and now I want to upgrade but which one is best, a used M6 TTL for $1750 (Canadian dollars) or a used M7 for $1000 more? Thank in advance
  12. New to my street photography gallery: June 2019Leica M7 + 35mm Summarit f2.5 lens. Kodak Tri-X.
  13. This from a film received back from the lab this week. Leica M7 with 50mm Zeiss Sonnar f1.5 and taken on Kodak Tri-X at 320iso. Lab processed and then processed using Lightroom Classic.
  14. Since a few years m7 has been my "first" camera. Lenses: 12mm (CV) + 35 cron asph + 50 cron + 75 cv F2,5) . When travelling I was used to have a Nikon FM2 (with 50mm F 1,4) as back up. Reason of this choice was that with the 50mm I can focus up to 30 cm for details. Most of time leaving one camera in hotel an going out with one lens on the camera + 1 lens in the pocket depending on the daily expectations about what to shoot. Sometimes iso 100 in one camera and 400 in the other. Mostly B&W. Last winter I bought my first digital camera and I went for the x1, because of the sensor, OVF and the 35 equivalent lens (35 is the lens I use 70% of times on the m7). Last week I went for a short holiday in south germany and after a long thinking I decided to take with me the m7 (35-50-75) and the x1. Idea was to have a relaxing holiday and taking some pictures, not to make a journey in order to take "the best photo of my life". The idea was to use the m7 with an iso 100 B&W film and the x1 for some family color snaps and for the need of higher iso. Positive points (IMHO) : I appreciated many times the possibility to set the x1 at 800/1.600 iso and shoot in low light situation, which I could not have done with the m7 (100 iso in it). In difficult light situations I could chimp. But what surprised me was the fact that I almost never used the m7 because "easier" just to set to 100 iso the x1 and take pictures. Even if I had the m7 with me all the time! It seems me that having a digital camera beside the film one causes a kind of "laziness" which forces me to work with it. I do not like to go in direction of a film versus digital old annoying story, but I'm just curious if the members here who own both a film M and a digital M are using them in the same occasion. I think in future when holiday is the main point to use just the x1, if I have a serious project in mind to use again the film combo M7+FM2. Any comment about ? thanks and sorry for long post, robert PS: I am not sure if this had to be posted in the x1 forum or in film forum, it seems me here could be of more interest.
  15. I just got a Zeiss Ikon ZM. My initial impression was wow! The viewfinder in it is just wonderful - after looking through it, I dont want to go back to the Leica's (it has the MP finder). It is bright and clear - rather like others have noticed for the wide angle viewfinders. However, to pick up and hold (sorry, that should probably be fondle), the Leica wins every time. But to actually look through and focus, the Zeiss is the winner.
  16. Here is one of the batch, I had developed after a few weeks around south China and Hong Kong. I love Hong Kong - my favorite place on earth ;-) "Z" … Hong Kong streets @ night | TriX@3200 | M7 | 35 Lux ASPH Negative "scanned" with Nikon D3 + 60mm AF-D Micro Nikkor + light table in JPG.
  17. epm

    Auto Portrait

    Another Auto Gem in and around Portland, OR SE Belmont Street Leica M7 Summicron 50mmƒ2.0 Kodak Portra 400 Scanned Plustek Opticfilm 7600i Eric Eric Patrick McCormack Photography - Fine Art and Portrait Photography Flickr: E_Mack's Photostream
  18. epm

    Twins and Guitars

    Another series from our recent Montana trip. I asked my brothers to go out and play there guitars. It was a bit cold but having grown up in Michigan it was not a stretch for them. I wanted to get the fading sun and get them together to play it was pretty cool. They just started playing and I started shooting.
  19. I am looking for a suitable flash unit to use with my M7. I know most Leica users don't use flash but I quite like and I like experimenting so I thought I would try it out. Im just not sure what flash unit to use, I want to use it for fill flash but I think I need to get a flash that will allow faster sync speeds. If anyone has some experience using flash on the M7 then I would much appreciate your input. Thanks.
  20. Hi everybody, I just wanted to post the serial number of my Leica M7 which got stolen yesterday in Spain after a robbery, maybe, you'll never know, if somebody sees it being offered at Ebay or other some other online auction website... The serial number is : 2779381 The lens on it is a Voigtländer Nokton 50/1.1 Please, if someone ever sees it being offered online, contact me !!!
  21. I love my M7, but I have been noticing that i consistently miss the framing on my photos because i find the 50mm frame lines to be inaccurate on the vertical plane. My photos are consistently framed higher than I think they will be when I'm looking through the viewfinder and taking the photos. (The result is that i often cut off people's feet when I intended to capture their entire bodies.) This is most common when I'm in the 8 to 25 feet range. I thought it might result from my eye not being aligned, but moving my eye around doesn't really change my view of the framing enough to suggest that it's the problem. Does anyone else have this issue with the 50mm M7 frame lines? The most accurate frame lines I use, oddly, are the 35mm lines with my 40mm Summicron on my original M8.
  22. I haven't posted for quite some time because being a street photographer when there is virtually nobody on the streets during these crazy times is difficult. This was taken prior to the time when we knew the term COVID-19 in 2017. Leica M7 + 35mm Summarit-MM f2.5. Fuji Neopan 400CN (C-41) film commercially processed and then scanned by me. Gerry
  23. Hello there! I have a slight but not to severe problem. I've noticed that my Leica M7 is not able to read the DX code of these two specific films: Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400 and Fujifilm Fujicolor C200. For these two films I get the ISO value of 5000 and 3200 which are obviously wrong. For example, Fujifilm Pro 400H is working perfectly fine, the ISO detection works without problems. Further I tried several other films like Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Portra 160 and 400, Ilford FP4+ 125 and so on... and the dx detection worked perfectly fine on every single one of these films. I compared the working ones with the "malfunctioning" films and the only difference I noticed is that the black paint in the dx code is a kind of green, it's not a perfect black, more like a darkish green, definitely not a true black. Could this maybe be the reason? The thing is, I've sent my camera to Leitz for a grand- overhaul just 3 weeks back. They changed and renewed a lot of parts including thr DX- reader so the camera is like brand new. Unluckily I've no clue if it had the same problem before it went to Leitz because I've not shot one of these films before. It would be a great help if somebody has an answer or maybe a similar problem! Regards Alex
  24. This was taken before the coronavirus problems we now all have. Leica M7 + Fuji Neopan T400CN film commercially processed and home scanned. Gerry
  25. gwpics

    The Drag Queen

    Just selected by LFI for their gallery. Leica M7 with 35mm Summarit f2.5 and using Kodak Tri-X lab processed. Permission given by drag artist to photograph. Gerry
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