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  1. My interests toward film are ignited again by my dad’s efforts in developing C41, ECN-2 and E-6 at home after his retirement. We talked frequently on the chemicals, processes and experiment the push process together. We now have succeeded in pushing the Kodak Vision3 500T to 800 and 1600. For me, 800 is enough to cover my needs shooting streets from dawn to dusk and the artificial lights. And I now enjoy the M4 more than the M10-P. We use a Plustek 8200i to scan. Okay, let’s kick-off with a frame. Leica M4, LLL 35/2, Kodak 5219@800
  2. Hi, I have Leica M6 Classic and I have only one lens - Summicron M 50 (V5). Nifty fifty is my preferable focal length and this particular lens is perfect for me.Despite of this I feel the need to have another wider lens for some particular occasions - when walk in stretch streets and want to catch wider space, buildings, but mainly would give a try it for street phototherapy of people. Is there somebody else who started with 50mm lens and bought as second lens 28mm? I wrote here, because I’m interested mainly the feedback from analog users.
  3. Came to this promenade park last Sunday. Leica M3, Voigtlander 21/4, Kodak Vision3 5219
  4. Hello, I have found expired ORWO reversal, greyscale double 8mm film from 1967/1968 It has been subject to harsh conditions of heat/ bad storage etc For these image stills shared here, i have been hand-processing the films with D94 chemistry, re-expose them in Cairo's sun for minutes, then using D94 as a second developer without fixing the image (hence all silver halide should be consumed at the last step) I have the following questions: 1) Could you help identify the cracks/wrinkles? 2) Some of the results seemed really good at the re-exposure process (image attached), but then turned out less contrasty at the end results- do you have an idea why? 3) Do you have extra general tips on how to get better results/ clearer images/ better contrast etc? Thank you very so much in advance
  5. Ich erlaube mir mal einen Thread für das Format 6x6 zu eröffnen und beginne mit ein paar Bildern. Rolleiflex Automat K4b, TMY 400, D76.
  6. It was an ominous dusk with the rainstorm hovering. The old MR-4 meter did a great job. I was holding my umbrella in left hand and then did all settings adjustment with my right hand, which I’ve practiced a lot so it was not a big deal. Leica M3, Light Lens Lab 35/2, Kodak Vision3 5219@800
  7. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality Leica M4, Voigtlander 21/4, Kodak Vision3 5219@1600
  8. So back in 2010 Cameraquest published this comprehensive compilation of Leica M analog special editions and some ratings on how well they would do as an investment. https://www.cameraquest.com/minvest.htm While I do agree with some ratings, I on the other hand completely disagree with others. How well in your opinion did this list age?
  9. Hallo, Ich habe ein Problem mit meiner Leica Af-C1. Obwohl ich bereits fast den ganzen Film benutzt/aufgebraucht habe, springt die Anzeige auf einmal von 33 benutzten Bildern auf 1. Wird sich der Film trotzdem automatisch aufspulen? Kann ich normal weiterfotografieren? Freue mich über jede helfende Anmerkung:) Lg Leo
  10. Joerg-Peter Rau shares his thoughts on the loss of his darkroom that was located in the basement of his mother's home. Reading this essay is but one of several recent serendipities that are compelling me to revisit black and white film photography and to get my film developing gear out of the cabinet where it has laid dormant for too long... Turn off the red light: My farewell to the darkroom https://www.macfilos.com/2023/01/18/turn-off-the-red-light-my-farewell-to-the-darkroom/
  11. We shared and celebrated the holiday regardless of races and nationalities. Minolta CLE + Voigtländer 35/2 Ultron II + Expired 5 yrs+ Kodak Vision 3 250D. Mong Kok, Hong Kong, July 1st.
  12. Minolta CLE + Voigtländer 35/2 Ultron II + Expired 5 yrs Kodak Vision 3 250D. Mong Kok, Hong Kong, July 1st.
  13. Hello, I got back the photos I took with my M7 and Portra160 film. I am not sure if this a light leak o a developing issue. What do you think this might be? Thank you for your help.
  14. Hallo, bei meiner Leica M6 habe ich mir leider mehrere Löcher eingebrannt. Hat jemand Tipps wo ich die Kamera reparieren lassen kann? Außer in Wetzlar direkt? Ich bin dankbar für jeden Hilfe Möchte meine M6 noch nicht in den Ruhestand schicken. Gruß
  15. About 100 yers ago, Leitz company issued a set of theatre binoculars in gold (BINAR and BITUR, according to Laney). It was a thing of class and the luxury edition adorned their catalogue until the WWII. The logical choice was to try and implement the gold mystique to the Leitz cameras as well - and thus in 1929 the "Luxus" Leica (LELUX, LESSALUX) was born. Although never a huge commercial success, the cameras (less than 100 made according to Rogliatti et al.) remains a collector favorite. Fast forward to the M era. There were several attempts to revive the glitter with custom golden M3's, but the biggest golden boom was created after the M "revival" with the special edition M4-2 in 1979, commemorating the 100 years anniversary of Oskar Barnack (1879-1979). There were 500+500 cameras made in 1979 and 1980 in Canada for the occasion (1527201-1527700 and 1528151-1528650 respectively) with 24-karat gold plating. After that, there were several more editions in gold - for the Sultan of Brunei (I know of two variants, first was the 25th Anniversary of accession to the throne of Sultan of Brunei on 1st October 1992), for the commemoration of the Golden Jubilee celebration of the access to the throne of HM The King Bhumiphol Adulyadej of Thailand (1996) and the Leica MP Gold "60 years PRC" (2009). Several very nice golden M2, M3 and M4s surface on eBay now and then, but they are all custom repaints. No golden M was made in digital era, only brass - M10P for Thailand S.C. ASSET comes to mind. Please feel free to add any additional information! And do write how you feel about golden Leicas. You know what they say - anything useful to you is pure gold, regardless of the material used... (Pictured here: my personal M4-2 with Leica catalogue production number 10420 from 1980 with the Summilux dating from 1977.)
  16. The waiter. Taken in le Marais, Paris last weekend. Leica M4 / 35 Lux / Tri-X.
  17. Photos from a day spent hiking around the mountains near my hometown. All shot with my Leica M6, 35mm Summicron IV and on Kodak Portra 400 film. Would love to see you over on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_philippw._/
  18. Ich hab aus Vietnam eine kleine Serie mitgebracht alles Kodak Portra 160 und 400 mit meiner Leica M6 und 35mm Summicron IV Ganze Serie hier: http://www.philippwortmann.com/lounging-in-viet-nam Oder auch: https://www.instagram.com/_philippw._/ Teaser:
  19. I shot a little photo series while in Vietnam this summer All Kodak Portra 160/400, Leica M6, 35mm Summicron Full series here: http://www.philippwortmann.com/lounging-in-viet-nam Teaser:
  20. A couple photographs of Point Reyes Lighthouse on Kodak Tri-X 400. Leica M6 & 35mm Summicron IV plus yellow filter
  21. Some photos I took in Joshua Tree NP while on a trip through the southwestern US with my trusty M6, 35 Summicron and a whole bunch of Kodak TriX. If I remeber correctly I think I also used an orange or yellow filter on these shots .... More here: http://www.philippwortmann.com/southwestbw or on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/derphilipppp/albums/72157651692347201
  22. Unterwegs bei schönem Wetter in der Eifel. M7 + sumicron50 + Kodak Portra160. Belichtet wie 100ASA, scan von Meinfilmlab. Bild wurde von mir verkleinert, wahrscheinlich sehr stümperhaft.
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