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  1. I'm about to buy a factory new film Leica, and my choices are Leica MP and Leica M-A, and one thing, that could help me make the decision, is how bright the viewfinder is. I know of the difference between the two cameras, so my only concern, prior to buying, is the viewfinder, since i find mine (Leica M6) to be a bit to dim in certain situations, and annoying when flaring. Does anyone in the forum know how the viewfinders of the MP and M-A are compared side by side? Which camera has a brighter viewfinder?
  2. In a months time or so, i'm gonna buy a companion for my trusted M6 manufactured in 1998, and i've decided, it's gonna be the MP. I can get a silver MP for a really good price at a dealer. I can get the black as well, but i don't like the high gloss black finish, so this really isn't an option for me. The only thing, i wan't to change, if i buy a black à la carte, is the black finish to the more durable black and a viewfinder without the 135 mm frameline, since i only shoot 35 mm. The price difference in total will be 1300 USD, if i choose the à la carte, where i "only" do get the
  3. "Sax Player" "Seattle's Original Neighborhood" "Seattle's Oldest Saloon" Pioneer Square All photos shot with Leica MP on Ilford FP4+ stand developed in Rodinal 1:100 for 60 minutes at 68F
  4. I bought my leica mp in 2012. I use every day in a non-dusty environment. I do not change the lens at all. Dust began to enter the viewfinder immediately after use. The camera is so poorly assembled that a whole bunch of dust has accumulated inside the viewfinder. If you carry the camera under clothes, it is better to buy an older model, well-sealed. You will soon be disappointed with this dust bag. And this is a $ 5,000 camera .... No words. This is a terrible choice. Attaching photo
  5. Hello to all!. New in this forum for a sad reason.😢 A few days ago I have lost or been stolen in Lisboa - Portugal the following material: - a black chrome Leica MP engraved JBB, nº 2983641 - a 50mm 1:2 Summicron nº 3436356 - a black chrome Leicavit nº 00403 Just in case somebody can tell me something...
  6. I saw a M7 with 0.85 finder on eBay, but not the "a-la-carte" version, it comes with its original box, manuals, papers, body cap and shoulder strap... the seller said that, it is very rare~ anyone can tell me...? is it more expensive than the 0.72 version at its original price? is it rare? also.... is the concept similarly apply for MP? ...I want to get one 0.85 for my 50mm lens... : ) here is the eBay link (just for reference): Leica M7 RARE 0 85 MP Finder rangefinder Film Camera Body LNIB 4022243105058 | eBay
  7. Riccis

    The prayer

    Hot summer afternoon in Florence.
  8. Riccis

    6th Ave stroll

    It's been a long time since I last posted here Cheers,
  9. Hello, An opportunity for a 2003 MP to become mine may be a reality.. I was just curious if there were any differences with MPs from when they first started making them and later, or currently.. Or are they completely identical? best, s
  10. Magpie Mine, Peak District. Leica MP 35mm summicron asph Adox Silvermax Heliopan 22
  11. From Millenium Bridge, London. Leica MP 35mm summicron asph Ilford XP2
  12. I am new to film Leica and have problems with loading the films. It should be easy but it is not for me. I think I am doing something wrong and need some help. 1. the spool: in the MP spool there are 3 metal leaflets that turns. Do I insert the leading end of the film into it (like between 2 metal leaflets) or around it? 2. my 2nd roll did not stop after the last frame. So it just kept going forward after frame 38... then I cannot rewind. I think it is ripped off on the last winding. How can this happen? I had to open it (exposed it) and then used a forceps to remove it. 3. there is no
  13. I just got into rangefinder photography and have been using the following setup fo rthe last two weeks: Leica MP .72 Black - I've been fully DSLR for a while now and wanted a drastic shift. And I got it! Was a very nice change. Still getting used to the all-manual approach and learning how to focus faster. Special note to rangefinder newbies - don't put your right hand/fingers in the way of the rangefinder input. I thought my Leica was behaving strangely, but it was just me. I had a finger over the RF input and it's working much better now that the camera can "see" what it's supposed to be
  14. jack-tucker


    Auf dem Weg nach Hause, die MP in der Hand und Glück gehabt... Leider Hab ich, nachdem meine Testversionen von Lightroom und Photoshop abgelaufen sind gerade keine andere Möglichkeit gesehen als den Feinschliff mit iPhoto zu anzugehen. (Staubflecken entfernen, Kontrast) Gescannt hab ich mit Vuescan (in das ich mich auch erstn noch einarbeiten muss).
  15. So I have recently upgraded myself from M8.2 to MP and have several questions about filters. I have decided to keep all my Leica lens (18-f3.8, 28-f2.8, 35-f1.4, 50-f2, 75-f2, 90-f2 &f4) and they are all great Leica lens. The problems is that I only have the UV/IR filters that were supposed to be used for the M8.2. Question is 1. is there any problem using the UV/IR filters on the lens with MP? will there be any color casting? 2. to shoot wide open I often find 1/1000 not fast enough. So ND filters can help. How many Leica filters (not the thinnest in the world) can I stack before I g
  16. At the Pacific Ocean coast in Washington state these birds were flying very low to the surf. I only caught three frames of them before they were gone into the space that seems to go on forever at the ocean. Shot with Leica MP and Elmarit-M 28mm 1/250 @ f/11 on Kodak B&W CN, and scanned with Nikon Coolscan 5000ED. Here's another one taken earlier in the day when it was raining. Shot with Leica MP and Summicron-M 50mm 1/125 @ f/11 on Kodak B&W CN, and scanned with Nikon Coolscan 5000ED. Cheers, Mike
  17. Leica MP, Mauritania - Paris Dakar 2005 I hope You like the images. Thanks for looking!
  18. So how many of you are using an MP, whether stock or a-la-carte? I'm curious to know why Leica decided to put the rewind knob on stock MPs instead of the M7-style crank. Ah, if you want the rewind crank, just double the price, right? Second question... I photograph weddings for my business and am switching from digital EOS back to Leica M... like I used to! Do those of you who use MP cameras out there find the rewind knob excruciatingly slow and painful? How quick can you rewind and change films? Thanks very much!
  19. Hallo Leica Freunde, sorry für diese Frage, aber ich habe alle Artikel zum Thema Seriennummern abgeklappert, aber keine Antwort auf meine Frage gefunden. Ich habe eine Leica MP (Schwarz) gekauft, mit der Seriennummer 3469419. Frage: Wann wurde das Gehäuse hergestellt ? Gibt es technische Veränderungen zu den zuerst in 2003 ausgelieferten Modellen ? Danke für eine sinnvolle Antwort !
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