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  1. I will be presenting a travel talk with "slides" on Georgia on Saturday afternoon on the 5th of March titled 'Good Morning Svanetti'. All the photographs made in Georgia were done with a Leica M9. The talk will take place in London at the Globetrotters meeting starting at 1430 and I'll make sure you are very welcome. There will be another speaker, Leon McCarron, who will also have an adventure travel talk: ’On Foot Across China: a 3000 mile trek from the Gobi desert to Hong Kong’ After the meeting, we'll head to a local pub around 6pm where we can chat more about Leica/photography/travel/life. more details: The Globetrotters Club | London Meetings, Saturday 5th Apr 2014 directions: The Globetrotters Club | About the London Meetings
  2. Brick Lane, London: Leica Monochrom, 50mm Summicron. First day out with new Monochrom, still getting to grips
  3. A less than ideal for a trip up the Shard. M9, Elmarit-M 90mm, SEfexPro2.
  4. "You want WHAT?!" M240, 135mm APO-Telyt-M, ISO 2500, f3.5, 1/180th sec.
  5. In the Blackfriars district of central London. M240, Elmarit-M 28mm ASPH.
  6. Here's some shots I took yesterday - out with the new 21mm 'Lux in the (unusual) London sunshine Getting to know my lens day - very pleased with it so far. London Bridge Steps [ATTACH]204452[/ATTACH] Near City Hall [ATTACH]204453[/ATTACH] City Hall [ATTACH]204454[/ATTACH]
  7. Here's a few people shots from London, Westminster yesterday - second day of the Papal visit. Was interesting walking round and seeing all the different opinions on the visit being expressed Shot with 21/50 luxes and 90 cron. There was another banner like this; "We love you Papa, more than beans on toast" ! [ATTACH]221982[/ATTACH] Not quite sure what this fella's message was ;-) [ATTACH]221983[/ATTACH] Plenty of protesters about, highlighting this controversial issue [ATTACH]221984[/ATTACH] Very vocal preacher no. 1 [ATTACH]221985[/ATTACH] ... and no. 2 [ATTACH]221986[/ATTACH] Multi-cultural Britain [ATTACH]221988[/ATTACH] A face in the crowd [ATTACH]221989[/ATTACH] A lovely man from Northern Ireland [ATTACH]221990[/ATTACH] Gaining a vantage point [ATTACH]221991[/ATTACH]
  8. Taken after we saw the totally excellent play "The 39 Steps" at the Criterion Theatre, our first night in London, 18 Aug 2009 about 11pm. Leica IIIg, Summarit 50/1.5, Kodak Portra 160NC2, 1/15 @ f/4 zone focus, drug store develop and scan to CD (after we returned home), CS4 and Topaz Adjust. The vacant, puzzled expressions on some of the kids' faces kind of reminded me of Robert Crumb scenes in Zap comix books and that's what I tried to make this look like with lots of extraneous detail. [ATTACH]201969[/ATTACH]
  9. You meet all sorts on the tube... I just couldn't help myself, I had to ask him to photograph him! Comments welcome! M9, 35mm Summarit, @1600
  10. This is St George Wharf on the Thames river's Albert Embankment shot in infra-red. M8 and 21/2.8 Kobalux with 093 'black' infra-red filter, handheld.
  11. Went to Oxford street yesterday to check out the sales... and managed to pick up a 2TB harddrive for £80 (..to keep all the precious M9 images..) , but was shocked at how many people had the same intention..! We took the side streets for most of the trip out, and had roast duck in Chinatown after.. The wide angle became a very useful tool for this shot. Leica M9 + 15mm Heliar at f8.
  12. Took this while in Leicester Square. Think she was out on a break, liked her expression while on the phone.
  13. Saw this whilst walking along and waited for a break in the people passing by.
  14. In London there's a great little coffee shop called Monmouth, the baristas are excellent and I always try to pop in if I'm in London.
  15. Ballroom Dancing at an art gallery exhibition I went to yesterday. M9 / 50 lux [ATTACH]257523[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]257524[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]257525[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]257526[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]257527[/ATTACH]
  16. I'm in London next week and, as I'm only going to be taking my M9, 35 & 50 Summicrons, I wonder where I might be able to rent a 21mm for a few days. I know where to go in Tokyo to do such a thing, but have absolutely no idea where to try in the city where I was born! Is it possible to do it through a dealer, or would they only be interested in a potential sale? I suppose, if the price was very good, I might get a used example, but I'm more interested in just taking one out for a couple of days to 'keep the others company', as it were. Any information gratefully received. Many thanks Pete
  17. Hello I am new to the forum and I want to know when are the meetings in London and they happen every weekly or monthly because I would love join you thanks Mr Habis
  18. Just had my very informative session at the Leica Akademie in Mayfair with the famous 'Brett'. Inspired - I snapped this on the way home
  19. I took the baby for a walk today in a very windy and grey London. All shots with a 'Cron 50mm. Some PP using Aperture and a couple of B&W using Nik Silver FX.. Anyway - here's the flickr link. Comments appreciated! Leica M9 - a set on Flickr
  20. As part of the London 2012 Festival - Boris closed off Piccadilly and the surrounding area yesterday for various circus acts to perform for the public. Culminating in a spectacular finale, dropping a ton and half of feathers over Eros. I don't think I'll ever see anything like that again, it was truly amazing to be part of. I took my Nikon and M9, with a Zeiss 35/2 and my Nocti/0.95. Here's a few of my Leica shots of the massive feather fun that ensued at the end of the night. p.s. Bumped in to a fella there with an M3 - hope you got some good shots) There were high-wires rigged right across Piccadilly Circus, on which the performers travelled in costume to drop their payload. They also had feather 'canons' ! [ATTACH]333186[/ATTACH] The performers enjoyed mingling with the appreciative crowd after. Everyone was buzzing! [ATTACH]333187[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]333188[/ATTACH] And lastly a few pics of all the children (which pretty much included the adults) playing ! [ATTACH]333189[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]333190[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]333191[/ATTACH]
  21. Rather than 'Views fromThe Shard' Just for a change... Actually cannot decide which one a I prefer - does anyone have a preference? Leica M9, ZM 21mm Biogon f2.8
  22. Looking NW towards St Paul's Cathedral. M9, ZM Biogon 21mm f2.8, SEfexPro2.
  23. Courtesy of a 90mm Elmarit-M on my M9, a closer look at St Paul's Cathedral. AKA View from The Shard (IV) - let me know if you are getting fed-up!
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