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  1. futura


    From the latest shoot in and around London. SL + 50mm 1.4
  2. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and screw mounts in general. Some members suggested I set up a London event as there are apparently a lot of us here! How about it? Weekend i am guessing is probably best. Fine by me! What weekends are best for everyone? I'm thinking some street shooting perhaps by the water or around Trafalgar Square (but i don't mind location if you guys want to chime in with ideas) and probably dinner and maybe drinks after ;D
  3. Up in London yesterday with the M240/35 cron.
  4. Continuing my trawl through my archives, I found this from Chinese New Year in London 1998. I had been shooting with my first Leica (a M3) for less than a year at this stage. Film was Fuji Neopan 400 and the lens was an old Summicron 50mm f2. Gerry
  5. This is St George Wharf on the Thames river's Albert Embankment shot in infra-red. M8 and 21/2.8 Kobalux with 093 'black' infra-red filter, handheld.
  6. 1 - Skatepark (South Bank) Leica M9 + CZ c-sonnar 50mm f/1.5
  7. ...Architecturally speaking! As viewed from Peter's Hill (twixt the Millenium Bridge & St Paul's Cathedral), London. M240, Elmarit-M 28mm ASPH.
  8. As seen in early Spring. M240, 35mm Summaron f2.8.
  9. Looking, unsuccessfully, for a pod (bean bag) this afternoon, in central London, I found that both Park Cameras and Jessops now do Leica. Perhaps they have been doing it for years and I just haven't noticed, but it seems to be a sign that their production must now be keeping up with demand. A couple of years ago, no normal retailer would have stocked Leica because they would just have had lots of frustrated, disappointed potential customers. Not sure what the story behind Robert White's decision not to stock Leica was, but I expect that sales requirements of £X, to be a distributor, but supply of £Y (< £X) could be part of the story.
  10. samwells

    Car park

    The South Bank car park, London M7, 35mm 'cron, HP5
  11. Giant inflatable, internally lit rabbit, on London's South Bank…best not seen after an alcoholic night out :-) M240, 24mm Elmarit.
  12. In the Blackfriars district of central London. M240, Elmarit-M 28mm ASPH.
  13. "You want WHAT?!" M240, 135mm APO-Telyt-M, ISO 2500, f3.5, 1/180th sec.
  14. Jcraf and I feel that it's high time for another forum meeting in London. I think the previous forum meeting in London was the very pleasant Primrose Hill meeting in August 2017 although I'm happy to be corrected of course. Our proposal this time is to meet in The Garrick Arms in Charing Cross Road at about 1 o'clock on Saturday 16th July for some refreshment, possibly a bite to eat if desired, to re-acquaint with members we haven't seen for too long and meet new ones, generally laugh a lot, relate anecdotes, tell outrageous lies, admire cameras and lenses and, when the mood takes us, partake in a gentle stroll-and-click in central London. The whereabouts of the stroll-and-click will be determined on the day depending on how many attend, the weather, what the horoscopes are advising, the results of analysing some fresh entrails etc, and we'll take things from there. But mostly how we're feeling at the time and on the day. If you haven't made it to a forum meeting before then you'll be made to feel most welcome and you'll be able to spot us in The Garrick Arms from the collection of cameras and lenses on the table(s) so I hope you do manage to come along. We've had a meeting at The Garrick Arms before, when StS briefly brought his mum over from Hamburg, and the venue was reasonably well received so I hope it won't have changed too much. It's on the east side of Charing Cross road parallel with Leicester Square. Jcraf and I look forward to seeing friends again and meeting new ones. If you'd like my mobile number in case something goes wrong then just drop me a PM and we can swap numbers. If you already had my mobile from a past encounter then it has not changed. We'd be grateful if you'd very kindly post a reply stating your intent to come along if you are so that we can get a rough idea of numbers. If something occurs to force us to change arrangements such as a rail strike, Covid, the Garrick closing down etc then we'll advise the details in this thread. See you in the Garrick! Pete.
  15. I will be presenting a travel talk with "slides" on Georgia on Saturday afternoon on the 5th of March titled 'Good Morning Svanetti'. All the photographs made in Georgia were done with a Leica M9. The talk will take place in London at the Globetrotters meeting starting at 1430 and I'll make sure you are very welcome. There will be another speaker, Leon McCarron, who will also have an adventure travel talk: ’On Foot Across China: a 3000 mile trek from the Gobi desert to Hong Kong’ After the meeting, we'll head to a local pub around 6pm where we can chat more about Leica/photography/travel/life. more details: The Globetrotters Club | London Meetings, Saturday 5th Apr 2014 directions: The Globetrotters Club | About the London Meetings
  16. After a 13 month wait, got my 35 Lux yesterday Thanks Ivor! Obviously it's mandatory in these situations to put the lens straight on the camera and go for a wander. [ATTACH]334675[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]334676[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]334677[/ATTACH]
  17. As part of the London 2012 Festival - Boris closed off Piccadilly and the surrounding area yesterday for various circus acts to perform for the public. Culminating in a spectacular finale, dropping a ton and half of feathers over Eros. I don't think I'll ever see anything like that again, it was truly amazing to be part of. I took my Nikon and M9, with a Zeiss 35/2 and my Nocti/0.95. Here's a few of my Leica shots of the massive feather fun that ensued at the end of the night. p.s. Bumped in to a fella there with an M3 - hope you got some good shots) There were high-wires rigged right across Piccadilly Circus, on which the performers travelled in costume to drop their payload. They also had feather 'canons' ! [ATTACH]333186[/ATTACH] The performers enjoyed mingling with the appreciative crowd after. Everyone was buzzing! [ATTACH]333187[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]333188[/ATTACH] And lastly a few pics of all the children (which pretty much included the adults) playing ! [ATTACH]333189[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]333190[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]333191[/ATTACH]
  18. MSV

    People ain't happy

    People ain’t happy M9 + 35mm 'cron IV
  19. London, January 2012 - Evening Rush at Piccadilly Circus. The Gorillapod is always in my bag, so the X1 could be mounted. This technique, including processing, has to be refined and I'll be thankful for any advice in this field. Thanks for looking.
  20. for me the giant wheel's construction was fascinating, evenso at night. Unfortunately every tripod is banned, so a few handheld shots with open lens and high ISO were possible. The night shots are a bit grainy but the most the X1 could do.
  21. Impressions from a few blissful days. If you like you can share and have a look.
  22. Shot at Tate Modern, London more at : Zenfolio | knopfler's portfolio | London 2011
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