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  1. Hello fellow M8 users, I am very happy to announce that I finished the tool mentioned in the thread M8 goes uncompressed DNG! It creates 16bit (acually 14bit in a 16bit container) DNG files from the M8 RAW files with slightly more pixels and much more discrete values compared to the 8bit standard DNG. I even set up a website with download, comment function, contact form and whatnot... even though I am really not familiar with web programming so please be lenient if it is not as polished as this site here for example. The command-line tool is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, so I am now looking forward to getting some input after you tested it on your own files. You can find more information on m8raw2dng.de. I am trying to make the program as good as possible (because I am using it myself on a daily basis). To achieve this I thought it clever to share it with the community even though I had to create a completely new software from scratch in C++ even though I already have a running version in Matlab with more functionality. But I think that'll change as I focus now on the C++ version. I invite you to share this information with other M8 users on other forums, flickr groups, wherever you like. Have fun and good results, Arvid
  2. Guten Morgen, ich wollte nur mal kurz anfragen, in welchen Bereichen sich die M8.2 preislich aktuell bewegt. Die M8 rangiert ja so um die 1000 €, wieviel Aufpreis ist für die 8.2 gerechtfertigt Vielen Dank
  3. I do commercial photography as a huge part of my day job, but I have a Canon EOS 1Dx for that. However I do, for my personal use, much prefer my M6 due to the size and the quality of the glass. I have a decent assortment of M glass, all with UV/IR cut filters on them. I would like to switch to a digital M as work has me traveling quite a bit going forward and I am honestly done with the extra handling that film requires. I don't know if anyone else has done this, or if I am over reaching by wanting to swap for an M8.2 body. If any of you have any thoughts, or tips, that you'd like to share with me I am all ears.
  4. kein Tippfehler der Film heisst wirklich so (deutsch Poliezei ) Hauptprotagonistin Mélissa (Maïwenn de Bosco - auch Regie und Skript) ist eine Fotografin die im Film sehr oft mit einer Leica M8* arbeitet**. *sinnigerweise war der franz. Partner von Arte bei diesem Film M6 (der frz RTL Ableger) ** ich bin gespannt was die Tagespresse als Foto veröffentlicht einige Pressefotos sind Werbeplakate für die M8 mit 28er Elmarit
  5. I took my new m8 with an old summar to the local skatepark. Spent some time with friends and walked away with some nice portraits
  6. Just posted some photos on my blog about my beautiful "new" camera, check it out if interested! https://uninspiredme.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/camera-porn-leica-m8-anti-panda/
  7. Hi Everybody,I'm a new one to the leica world especially to digital leica camera. I got a used leica M8 camera on ebay about a month ago with around 5000 shutter counts and Firmware 2.014. Camera comes only with charger and battery,no box or other accessory.Seller said he has no problem since owned it. After I got the camera I checked the shutter num directly in the body debug data in the service menu and it did have around 5000 exposurecounts and the camera seems works fine.I registed the camera in leica.com and even got 2 UV/IR filters with the serial num on the hotshoe(3104318 which seems an early products...) since the previous owner seems didn't apply for them. But recently when I was playing with the camera,I occasionally entered the service menu and played with all the options in the menu other than just the debug data,and that's where I thinkg the problem starts:when I entered the firmware info option in the service menu(please see attached pic),I found that the serial num didn't match the one on the hotshoe(3103771)!!!!! I'm so confused and nervous now,I paid almost $1500 for the camera... Anybody have any idea on this?Could it be the previous owner cheated on the camera? Why the serial num didn't match?Could it be the top plate including the hotshoe was not the original one(3103771) due to serious damage? And thus was replaced from another dead camera for parts(3104318) ? Please help me out,any idea or suggestions will be really appreciated~~~ I'll need to contact the seller to see if we can work something out if this is really a big problem although I've left positive feedback for him....
  8. I just purchased a used M8 from an Ebay member of 6 years with a 100% rating. He is sending paperwork along with the camera showing that Leica US had recently completed a CLA on the camera. I know what a CLA includes on an M6 but can someone tell me what it incudes on an M8? Thanks
  9. "Ich habe fertig! " ... und zwar reise ich gerne mit kleinem Gepäck. Und drei Ladegeräte widersprechen dieser Philosophie. Ich suche deshalb ein Universalladegerät das folgende Mindestvoraussetzung erfüllt _ laden von M8/9 Akuus _ laden /entladen AAA/AA (R6) Normakkus _ USB Anschluss (zum Laden) Optional sollten zukünftige Nikon Akkus (ENel3a) geladen werden. Hat jemand ein solches Gerät in Nutzung / getestet ? Wie sind die Praxiserfahrungen ? Danke im voraus !
  10. My Leica M8 has a loose shutter leaf. I noticed it when all of the sudden a bright white stroke of light appeared on my photos. I made the loose shutter leaf conclusion after removing the lens and looking at the shutter. A loose shutter leaf is clearly visible. I hope I can find a solution through this community. I bought it two months ago as my first Leica. I'm missing it already.
  11. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a Leica snob; my first camera was a Digilux 2, and I've since upgraded to a Digilux 3 and also own a D-Lux3 for casual shooting. As there will be no Digilux 4, I've been considering upgrading to an M8. I am just a hobbyist, so investing in a new camera, especially one as pricey as an M8 + lenses, is a big commitment. I'm certain that most Leica users feel the same loyalty to the brand, which is why it's difficult to find objective reviews of the M8. Yes, it's a spectacular camera, but if the branding, the case, all of that were stripped away and we just considered the hardware, firmware & optics, what is the justification for spending a few thousand more than a high-end Canon with more MP's & features? Thank you! Ben
  12. Ich habe vor einigen Tagen den Blitz SF 24 D gekauft und mit der Leica M8 verbunden. In der Stellung TTL/GNC sind alle Bilder völlig überbelichtet. Richtige Belichtung geht nur, wenn ich zwei Blenden größer wähle als der Blitz angibt. Wer kann helfen ?
  13. I really love my M8. I gladly paid $2300 for it in 2011 - and even with two repair trips under its belt - I still love it. The entire concept of Leica was born from the idea pf better quality - smaller camera. In the digital age - the process of using a rangefinder became the standout point. There are smaller cameras that have better image quality at this point. The M8 still has its advantages: DSLR quality at a small size Ability to use best glass in the world Fast and reliable manual focusing system with a viewfinder At your fingertips manual controls solid build the NEX system really only eroded a few of these things - with image quality of the NEX-5 about the same as the M8 with vastly inferior controls and focusing/shooting process. Now the NEX-7 comes along: Will provide superior image quality (we've seen the RAW image files - it's no longer debatable) Better low light performance by a nautical mile Ability to use the best glass in the world DSLR quality at a smaller size Fast and reliable manual focusing system with a viewfinder (the Sony peaking system is amazing) At your fingertips manual controls Solid build This leaves the key advantage and differentiator of the M8 as having the ability to see beyond the frame of the image. VERY important - but now this is pretty lonely as the big advantage of the system. Also add smaller ones: 1.33x vs. 1.5x crop Bright viewfinder regardless of lens (but in low light, the M8 is kind of a donkey unless you have a LUX or a NOCTI) Perhaps better wide angle microlens correction Ultimately - there are fewer and fewer reasons to shoot the M8 despite nostalgia, habit, and the important "see more than you shoot" finder... trading off image quality and lowlight capability. (Learning to love the M8's noisy, grungey photos past ISO640 is compensation. We all do it. I did it) These reasons may be enough for me. But the NEX-7 really makes it harder and harder to love an M8 at $2,000. Thoughts?
  14. animefx

    Colonial Times

    M8 + 40mm f/2 Rokkor
  15. Hello, I am struggling with a decision about my lens kit: I have an M8 and a VC 28mm 1.9 (which I love), as well as some older glass from my M3 (Summaron 35 with goggles and an old and unfortunately quite badly scarred Summicron 5cm collapsible). I am debating whether to now buy myself a newer Summicron 50 or to sell the VC 28 and go for a one-lens set-up Summilux 35 pre-asph. I most do portraits and street shooting and will probably eventually (whenever prices drop after the M10 being released) upgrade to an M9. Any thoughts would be most appreciated. I hope I didn't double-post, but couldn't find a similar post via the search. Thanks in advance, George
  16. http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/50mmfullframehyperprime-680x443.jpg http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2011/08/01/its-official-new-leica-m-mount-0-95-50mm-from-noktor-poll/ What are your thoughts on this? Will this be what puts this already bankrupt once company on the map or will it simply fade into obscurity? A poor mans noctilux for those that can't afford a noctilux and can't find a canon .95 perhaps?
  17. Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum and although I spent few hours searching around relevant topics I couldn't make up my mind yet... so please convince me NOT to buy an M8. Here is the thing, I've used SLR / DSLR all my life, I mainly do street photography (not pro, just for fun) and recently I've decided to sell all my gear and get an X100. Best choice I've ever made (photography wise)... I love the X100 under every aspect and quirk... but it's slowly becoming "small" especially the crappy MF and no lenses. So I am thinking... let's get a M8, Leica has always been my dream but I cannot justify (from a money / usage perspective) a M9 and here comes my problem: 1) M8 is quite an old camera. 2) The image quality / iso performance are substantially crappier than my X100. Will I end up buying a used camera, spend 1.5gbp + a lens (was thinking of a 28 Ultron F2 or a 50mm Nokton 1.1) that will most likely perform worse than my X100. I love the Leica (idea) <- but I'm deeply worried i will regret it... So... please stop me now!!! Thank you all!
  18. Folks, I've just got me a used M8. When I look through the view finder, I noticed that the shutter speed display LED is very blurry. But at the same time, the focusing RF patch in the center of the VF is clear and sharp. I tried to google online but don't get the information I need. Please advise why this happens and how to adjust it? P.S. since the RFpatch and focusing looks clear, I assume the eye piece of the VF should be fine, am I right? (I do have a -1.0 and a -1.5 correction lenses if it's necessary to replace the eye piece.) update: I did put on the -1.0 and -1.5 correction lenses to try but didn't see any improvement of the shutter speed readout. I also put on a pair of glass and that didn't help either... update2: I also brought the m8 to a local camera store. A guy look though the VF and also confirmed that the m8/9 shouldn't look that blurry ======= I doubt that is something I can fix by myself (I didn't have such experience nor the specific tool to dissemble Leica before). How much this might cost? Any idea? Thanks.
  19. My M8 has some serious trouble with damaged shutter blades/curtains. I sent the camera the next day, after the problem happened, to Solms in Germany. Leica sent my a cost estimate to repair the shutter and to upgrade the mask carrier (my first language is Dutch and I don't know what mask carrier means) will cost € 987,00. Also the estimate mentioned that the cost could be higher because the repair people could not test the sensor due to the defective shutter. I would like to know if there are other M8 owners on this forum who have experienced the same trouble with damaged shutter curtains, did the reparation cost around € 1000,00 and what mask carrier means. Thank you for your help.
  20. When turned on my M8 now beeps and shows the following on the LCD .... " drive blocked " and then " shutter fault ". Especially galling - as this happened the day before I was about to trade the camera in on another purchase ........ I purchased it in mid 2007 and it has not had a lot of shutter activations - I would guess certainly less than 15000 - but of course I can't find out now as the camera is doing nothing but complain about its shutter ....... Serial Number is 332XXXX. This camera has already been back to Solms for rangefinder adjustment under warranty as is was not good enough straight out of the box. It came back perfectly adjusted. So it is out of warranty but on its way to Solms with a request for evaluation and advice about what my options are. Not sure if I should have confidence if the same type of shutter is used as a replacement .............. but don't know the current costs regarding the newer shutter, or if the problem with these older shutters has been eliminated. Guess I'll just need to be patient and see what Leica says. I know this has happened to others - but if anyone has been down this path before and would be willing to offer any advice that might help - I would appreciate it. Many Thanks.
  21. I have a Leica M8, which I purchased used from Foto Care in NYC in December of 2010. I've been using it regularly sense then with no problems at all. Last night I went to format my card, I navigated to format card, scrolled to "yes" hit set...nothing happened. I hit set again still nothing. I thought maybe there are no images on the card? hit play, an image appeared. I scrolled through them. Again I navigated to format card, scrolled to yes hit set and nothing. I hit the play button and an image appeared, I hit info and got nothing, I hit Delete and the option of deleting one are all appeared. I selected all, hit set. nothing. To sum it up. the the Play Button works, the Delete button works, the info button does not work, the Protect button does not work, the Set button does not work. Otherwise the camera functions as it should. My only thought is that during my last use it was hot and humid I did sweat on the back plate, is it possible that sweat can short out the buttons? It's not like I was pouring sweat. Any feedback will be appreciated.
  22. Guest

    Burg Querfurt

    Leica M8 Elmarit, 28mm 11 Einzelaufnahmen in Photoshop gestitcht.
  23. I have recently purchased an used Leica M8 and have noticed one very peculiar issue. When the camera is in the "OFF" position, sometimes I accidentally process the shutter button and sometimes the red LED comes on. If I subsequently turn on the camera by changing to S/C/Timer positions, the camera becomes buggy and is unable to turn on fully. There is no exposure or shutter timer in the viewfinder, and also the top LCD does not come on. I'm able to access things in the menu, although it is very laggy compared to normal. So I try switch to the OFF position again, the camera is still able to access menu, play functions. It is as if the camera is "stuck" and won't turn off, and sometimes the shutter releases after a minute or so of being stuck. While its stuck like this, I can hear a high pitched noise cycling over and over again. I have to remove the battery and it will reset the camera back to its normal state again. I'm just wondering if anyone else have come across this issue? First of all it is weird how the LED lights up when I press the shutter even though the camera is off. Does it light up for any of you guys when your camera is OFF?
  24. I need a little help here, I inherited my fathers Pentak and Leica camera - M8 (used) and M6 (never used) with lenses and accessories. I am thinking of keeping one of the cameras to take pictures of my kids, ie. Sports, vacations and general pictures. My limited experience with cameras are my Iphone 4 and $100 Nikon, Kodak, and Sony pocket cameras. What would make the best camera for my needs and abilities - please consider I am willing to learn how to use the camera! Any help would be appreciated. Leica Summaron 1:2.8/35 Leitz Wetzlar Lens Leica M8 Leica Summicron – M 1:2/35 ASPH E39 Lens Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 1:4/135 Leica 1:2.8/28 mm ASPH Leica 1:2/75 mm ASPH Leica 1:4/90 mm Leica macro-adapter-M Leica SF 24D Flash Leica Elmar-M 1:2.8/50 Leitz Camera tripod Leica M6 Green Pentax K20D No lenses Pentax K10D No lenses Doug Cain
  25. I know it's a strange question but does anyone have any idea where I might get a dummy M9 or M8 or even a broken and useless M9 or M8 body. I am not a collector but I just need a 'dummy' for something I am working on. Can anyone help Many thanks Paul www.glendell.co.uk
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