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  1. 15.09.2006 -15.09.2016 - 10 Jahre M8 to whom it may concern: Es wundert mich das der Temin "15.09." hier im Forum so spurlos vorbeigegangen ist. An diesem Tag vor 10 Jahren wurde die Leica M8 vorgestellt. Nicht die erste elektronische Messsucherkamera mit M -Anschluss aber die erste von Leica . Happy Birthday M8 !
  2. Hi guys , recently i bought an M8 . And it has some color problems which black fabric looks magenta , so i was wondering if the UV/haze filters can solve this problem ? Thank you.
  3. Guten Morgen, ich wollte nur mal kurz anfragen, in welchen Bereichen sich die M8.2 preislich aktuell bewegt. Die M8 rangiert ja so um die 1000 €, wieviel Aufpreis ist für die 8.2 gerechtfertigt Vielen Dank
  4. Guten Abend Leica Forum, ich bin seit einiger Zeit auf der Suche nach einer Leica M8/8.2. Bisher habe ich dafür Ebay oder Ebay-Kleinanzeigen genutzt. Leider sind entweder alle Angebot meiner Meinung nach zuteuer oder zuschnalle vergriffen. Ich werde dort weiter suchen aber, wollte fragen ob ihr mir auch andere Orte empfehlen könnt. Egal ob Online oder nicht. Sollte nur nicht allzu weit von Frankfurt entfernt sein. Vielen Lieben dank schonmal im Vorraus. Liebe Grüße Flo
  5. I am looking for a camera bag that should cost around $60-100 and it should fit a M8 with a 50mm Summicron. I want it to look like something normal and doesn't scream "I AM A CAMERA BAG! LOOK AT ME!" and should fit a M8 with a water bottle and some batteries. I originally wanted a billingham hadley digital but didn't think it was worth the price (and another kidney) so yeah, hope you guys can help!
  6. Just posted some photos on my blog about my beautiful "new" camera, check it out if interested! https://uninspiredme.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/camera-porn-leica-m8-anti-panda/
  7. I just bought an M8 camera in good condition with about 4750 shoots. Yesterday however something very strange happens. I had an 8GB 30 MB/sec San Disk card into the camera with various photos from last days. Yesterday I took some photos in 2 different places and I was able to see all photos in the LCD of the camera. When I put the card on my Mac Book Pro and C1 to retrieve the photos , to my surprise some of them was not there !! In fact I could see all photos of the previous days , I could see the last shoots of yesterday , but I lost all photos I took early yesterday !! Wh
  8. My Leica M8 has a loose shutter leaf. I noticed it when all of the sudden a bright white stroke of light appeared on my photos. I made the loose shutter leaf conclusion after removing the lens and looking at the shutter. A loose shutter leaf is clearly visible. I hope I can find a solution through this community. I bought it two months ago as my first Leica. I'm missing it already.
  9. I took my new m8 with an old summar to the local skatepark. Spent some time with friends and walked away with some nice portraits
  10. I do commercial photography as a huge part of my day job, but I have a Canon EOS 1Dx for that. However I do, for my personal use, much prefer my M6 due to the size and the quality of the glass. I have a decent assortment of M glass, all with UV/IR cut filters on them. I would like to switch to a digital M as work has me traveling quite a bit going forward and I am honestly done with the extra handling that film requires. I don't know if anyone else has done this, or if I am over reaching by wanting to swap for an M8.2 body. If any of you have any thoughts, or tips, that you'd like to shar
  11. OK SO i'm new to Leica and also Leica glass. I've tried a few CV lenses, but always felt that they lacked something that the only other lens i had 28mm Elmarit, seemed to deliver. I've just taken a few frames with this 50mm lens on my M8 and its filled me with a lovely warm feeling. now the lens came with a UVa 13206 filter fitted which is in perfect condition. Question: Do i find an IR filter e43 for this lens or is the feeling that i can resolve colour shifts in LR? again i'm new to Leica, so if the best solution is to replace the UVa or indeed, keep the IVa and resolv
  12. Hello fellow M8 users, I am very happy to announce that I finished the tool mentioned in the thread M8 goes uncompressed DNG! It creates 16bit (acually 14bit in a 16bit container) DNG files from the M8 RAW files with slightly more pixels and much more discrete values compared to the 8bit standard DNG. I even set up a website with download, comment function, contact form and whatnot... even though I am really not familiar with web programming so please be lenient if it is not as polished as this site here for example. The command-line tool is available for Windows, Mac OS X and
  13. Hello Everyone I have an M8 and M9. I use the M8 mainly for infrared and as a backup when travelling. I want to buy the M 240 for all sorts of reasons ..... but money is a little tight and I would benefit from trading in either the M8 or M9 ( or both ). I have found the M9 to be very poor as an IR camera, but the M8 is superb. I think I want to end up with the M 240 and the M9 - but I don't want to give up shooting infrared photos. Can anyone please tell me how the M 240 performs as an IR camera. If I could get really good IR from the M 240, I could let the M8 go more easil
  14. Hi folks I'm new here but not new to photography or rangefinder use (I use among other cameras a Mamiya 6 and an old Yashica 35mm rangefinder). But I feel it's time for me to consider bringing Leica into my professional workflow. I have been offered an almost new (under 500 actuations) M8 body for £1200. I'm still not convinced it wouldn't be more of a hindrance than coming into the system at M9/M-E level? I have no M lenses so would be looking to buy something new or newish either 35 or 50mm Leica lens to with, particularly as I do a lot of portrait and documentary work, so the savi
  15. Hi My friend has asked me to sell his white M8 for him with lens. I admit to having no knowledge of Leica (would love to be able to afford one!) Have been having lots of questions about serial numbers. My question is would it be safe (or even a good idea) to list his serial numbers? The item is listed on a well known auction site - Is it a ploy or scam to make a copy somehow?? - I may just be being very paranoid, but I don't want my friend to be ripped off. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  16. Flickr 上 Jimmy C. Yang 的 Hat Man I saw this guy on bus, and I thought it will be an interesting shot.
  17. This weekend I visited Ximending in Taipei with my beloved Leica M8 with summircon 35 Pre-A. I was able take some very interesting shots in this area in Taipei. Overall, I'm very happy with my setup, the 35 summicron is a very good performer all around, and the 35mm on M8 is very practical when shooting on the street. Here are some of the results from that day, enjoy. Flickr 上 Jimmy. Yang 的未命名相片 Flickr 上 Jimmy. Yang 的 Ximen Flickr 上 Jimmy. Yang 的未命名相片 Flickr 上 Jimmy. Yang 的未命名相片 thanks for watching
  18. Hello all! i have been a film shooter for years mostly (leica m6). recently i have been craving a digital camera to carry along with my set up. I cant really stretch to a m9, so i was thinking of going to a m8.. ... am I Mad? i was thinking of trading in a m6...
  19. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a Leica snob; my first camera was a Digilux 2, and I've since upgraded to a Digilux 3 and also own a D-Lux3 for casual shooting. As there will be no Digilux 4, I've been considering upgrading to an M8. I am just a hobbyist, so investing in a new camera, especially one as pricey as an M8 + lenses, is a big commitment. I'm certain that most Leica users feel the same loyalty to the brand, which is why it's difficult to find objective reviews of the M8. Yes, it's a spectacular camera, but if the branding, the case, all of that were stripped away and we just
  20. Bis zum Erwerb meiner Leica M8 habe ich ausschließlich Farbdiapositive aufgenommen. Jetzt, in der überwiegend digitalen Fotowelt, wollte ich diese Aufnahmen nicht vergessen - also digitalisieren, natürlich selbst! Dazu boten sich die digitalen Leicas und das BEOON-Nahgerät mit seinem möglichen Abbildungsbereich von 1:1 bis 1:3 an. Die ersten Versuche machte ich mit der Leica M9, Maßstab 1:1, einem kleinen Leuchtpult und verschiedenen 50mm-Objektiven. Nach den ersten Testaufnahmen schieden wegen mangelnder Randschärfe (Zonenhöhe ab 17mm) das Summicron 2/50 (Vers.IV), das Summarit 1,5/50 und
  21. I just made the move to digital Rangefinder from an M4, with the purchase of a used M8 from KEH camera. I also have a Leica X1. I am unsure if this is a common issue or normal for the M8. It seems at all ISO i have a few, what appears to be Hot Pixels pink blue and green colored, the number of "spots" increases with higher ISO. However when in play mode the photo displays these inperfections for a moment then the photo seems to correct and the Pixels or Spots are gone. Also these are not noticable in the photos only at extreame crops Does anyone know what this is, any help o
  22. I just purchased a used M8 from an Ebay member of 6 years with a 100% rating. He is sending paperwork along with the camera showing that Leica US had recently completed a CLA on the camera. I know what a CLA includes on an M6 but can someone tell me what it incudes on an M8? Thanks
  23. kein Tippfehler der Film heisst wirklich so (deutsch Poliezei ) Hauptprotagonistin Mélissa (Maïwenn de Bosco - auch Regie und Skript) ist eine Fotografin die im Film sehr oft mit einer Leica M8* arbeitet**. *sinnigerweise war der franz. Partner von Arte bei diesem Film M6 (der frz RTL Ableger) ** ich bin gespannt was die Tagespresse als Foto veröffentlicht einige Pressefotos sind Werbeplakate für die M8 mit 28er Elmarit
  24. Hi Everybody,I'm a new one to the leica world especially to digital leica camera. I got a used leica M8 camera on ebay about a month ago with around 5000 shutter counts and Firmware 2.014. Camera comes only with charger and battery,no box or other accessory.Seller said he has no problem since owned it. After I got the camera I checked the shutter num directly in the body debug data in the service menu and it did have around 5000 exposurecounts and the camera seems works fine.I registed the camera in leica.com and even got 2 UV/IR filters with the serial num on the hotshoe(3104318 which se
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