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  1. Guten Morgen, ich wollte nur mal kurz anfragen, in welchen Bereichen sich die M8.2 preislich aktuell bewegt. Die M8 rangiert ja so um die 1000 €, wieviel Aufpreis ist für die 8.2 gerechtfertigt Vielen Dank
  2. Hi guys , recently i bought an M8 . And it has some color problems which black fabric looks magenta , so i was wondering if the UV/haze filters can solve this problem ? Thank you.
  3. 15.09.2006 -15.09.2016 - 10 Jahre M8 to whom it may concern: Es wundert mich das der Temin "15.09." hier im Forum so spurlos vorbeigegangen ist. An diesem Tag vor 10 Jahren wurde die Leica M8 vorgestellt. Nicht die erste elektronische Messsucherkamera mit M -Anschluss aber die erste von Leica . Happy Birthday M8 !
  4. Guten Abend Leica Forum, ich bin seit einiger Zeit auf der Suche nach einer Leica M8/8.2. Bisher habe ich dafür Ebay oder Ebay-Kleinanzeigen genutzt. Leider sind entweder alle Angebot meiner Meinung nach zuteuer oder zuschnalle vergriffen. Ich werde dort weiter suchen aber, wollte fragen ob ihr mir auch andere Orte empfehlen könnt. Egal ob Online oder nicht. Sollte nur nicht allzu weit von Frankfurt entfernt sein. Vielen Lieben dank schonmal im Vorraus. Liebe Grüße Flo
  5. ddp

    High Line

    M8, 35 Summilux aspherical
  6. Nur als Querinfo: Wie in Summilux.net zu lesen ist hat Arca Swiss aus Besancon* eine multifunktionale L-Schiene für ihr System herausgebracht wie wohl "perfekt" auf die digitalen Ms passt. summilux.net :: Voir le sujet - Lbracket avec fixation arca swiss pour Leica M(9)? * warum heisst der Laden eigentlich nicht Arca Jura ?
  7. I wonder if Leica will do a roadshow in Asia where it has a large user base for both film and digital M. And would they include Indonesia as well where there are plenty of M9 and M8 users of varying degree of experience & expertise. Any thought from Asian based Leica users?
  8. Hello friends, I have been having trouble with my good ol' M8 lately. It appears when I have just switched on the camera to begin shooting, Sometimes (not always) the first pictures I shoot are overexposed and blurred. The only way to fix it is to set a fast shutter speed (1/1000) and fire off another frame and then return to the correct shutter speed. Then the camera will work again. I have tried the following remedies without any help: Charging the battery, switching the battery. Changing the SD card. Reformatting the SDcard (they are SanDisk cards 2 Gb), None of these things work. What is even more frustrating is that the error happens every now and then, but not every time I switch the camera on. I have the latest firmware. Example 1: Ice hockey match. EXIFsays 1/250 First picture: [ATTACH]196244[/ATTACH] Second picture after doing the shutter speed change trick: [ATTACH]196245[/ATTACH] I guess I will need to send the camera to Solms. Nevertheless, I would be very grateful if any of you could explain what might be wrong. The more precisely I can explain my problem, themore likely is it that they will be able to identify it, even though it does not appear all the time. Thanks a lot! "HP"
  9. Hello, I'm sure this has been posted numerous times but there's a good deal on these particular adapters on Amazon at the moment and I would like some technical info. I have a Metz 45 CL-4 SCA 300A system. What I would like to know is 1. Do I need to buy both the SCA 3000C cable and the SCA 3502 adapter to get the system to work TTL on my M8? 2. I also have a Mamiya 7ii and a Zeiss Ikon Z1 - I know neither of these cameras offer TTL but will the 3000C and the 3502 have any adverse effect or any effective improvement if I use this system with these cameras? 3. What is the the maximum shutter speed on the M8 with the Metz adapters? many thanks.
  10. M8, 35 Summilux aspherical. Brief January thaw....
  11. I've had my M8 for about 2 years. Last week the operation of the thumbwheel became intermittant. Sometimes I turn it and nothing happens, and other times I turn it and it will cause a jump through 4 or 5 menu items. It is essentially useless. Anyone have any suggestions? If there is a simple fix or a way to remove it and clean whatever mechanism is underneath it, I would much rather do that than send it in for repair. Tom in California
  12. I hope. Last day of February...the snow cannot go soon enough here in NJ. Taken at a nearby park. M8, 35 Summilux apsherical
  13. spring brings out many things....
  14. Awa-Odori is dance with live music instruments (it's important matter). It sounds like trans music.
  15. I moved down to Miami, FL about a year ago from Boston and have been looking for a Leica group ever since... Anyone down here interested in starting a Leica M8 group? Or a Leica group in general?
  16. Das neue 2.5 Phocus für Mac unterstützt (dank Apple OS ) auch "Nicht-HaBla" RAW-Formate. siehe Hasselblad Phocus 2.5 konvertiert Rohdaten von Canon, Nikon, Sony usw. | photoscala also auch: Mac OS X v10.6: Digital camera RAW formats supported Bevor jemand sagt "brauch ich nicht"- man sollte sich die SW mal ansehen Windows Nutzer werden wahrscheinlich durchs Fenster sehen...
  17. M8 + (Fill in the blank) Critiques are especially welcome!
  18. eman59


    Some pictures from a recent holiday. Most were shot with the Nokton 50mm f/1.1 on an M8. Hope you enjoy them.
  19. So I have recently upgraded myself from M8.2 to MP and have several questions about filters. I have decided to keep all my Leica lens (18-f3.8, 28-f2.8, 35-f1.4, 50-f2, 75-f2, 90-f2 &f4) and they are all great Leica lens. The problems is that I only have the UV/IR filters that were supposed to be used for the M8.2. Question is 1. is there any problem using the UV/IR filters on the lens with MP? will there be any color casting? 2. to shoot wide open I often find 1/1000 not fast enough. So ND filters can help. How many Leica filters (not the thinnest in the world) can I stack before I get myself vignetting problems. (digital post processing will get rid of this in a heart beat but film.... I have to be more precise.) 3. what will be a good lens combo if I were to use both M8.2 and MP? suggestion please. thanks.
  20. When turned on my M8 now beeps and shows the following on the LCD .... " drive blocked " and then " shutter fault ". Especially galling - as this happened the day before I was about to trade the camera in on another purchase ........ I purchased it in mid 2007 and it has not had a lot of shutter activations - I would guess certainly less than 15000 - but of course I can't find out now as the camera is doing nothing but complain about its shutter ....... Serial Number is 332XXXX. This camera has already been back to Solms for rangefinder adjustment under warranty as is was not good enough straight out of the box. It came back perfectly adjusted. So it is out of warranty but on its way to Solms with a request for evaluation and advice about what my options are. Not sure if I should have confidence if the same type of shutter is used as a replacement .............. but don't know the current costs regarding the newer shutter, or if the problem with these older shutters has been eliminated. Guess I'll just need to be patient and see what Leica says. I know this has happened to others - but if anyone has been down this path before and would be willing to offer any advice that might help - I would appreciate it. Many Thanks.
  21. Interesting reading about the 3 lens Kit ideas in that recent thread... But it got me thinking. If you could only choose ONE lens to have on your beloved M8? What would it be? For me it would be a tug-o-war between the 28 cron, and the 35 lux. With the 28 winning out eventually for it's width giving that little more versatility. But the 35 lux offers it's 'magic' and that extra stop...! g http://www.GlendynIvin.com
  22. I just bought a Summicron 50mm Type III Rigid from someone on RFF. I received the lens in the mail today and he had mentioned there are some cleaning marks on the front, but after closer inspection it seems like it is a fungus, and not cleaning marks. I snapped a few pics in my apartment tonight and I can't see it in the pics... what should I do. I got a good price on it, should I send to DAG to get CLA'd or is it a lost cause... I've included a pic of the front element. Other than the spots the lens is in very good condition... 1) Are these spots fungus? 2) Can this be cleaned in a CLA by DAG or another Leica dealer? 3) Is it worth going through the hassle or should I try to get my money back?
  23. I've been dreaming of owning a Leica M for many years, and when the M9 was announced I thought it might finally be time. But the M9 and couple of lenses is going to cost way more than I can afford. I considered for a while buying an M9 and then getting a couple of Voitlander lenses. Making the package more affordable. But then after consideration I thought perhaps it would be best to spend my money on some mint 'used' Leica glass (28mm Cron and 50mm 1.4 Lux ASHP) and then maybe purchase a used / demo / new M8 (I'm looking at a 'shop handled' M8 for $US3200). The idea being I would have quality glass that will suit any upgrades to further M bodies in the future. But I have read so many contrasting reviews and user experiences of the M8. The negatives seem to all focus on unusable 'noise' at ISO 1250 and above. Auto White Balance (has firmware upgrades fixed this?), cameras not working for many reasons (seems to be 'first batches' that seem to fall into this category). Anyway, it's just been interesting reading all the gushy reviews of the M9 where alot of M8 hate seems to come out. You know the drill "problems finally fixed, here there and everywhere etc...." Anyway I'll stop raving, but I would love to hear anyones thoughts on the M8 and my questions. Are people still happy with their M8's. Is it really the digital v1.0 that needed to go to v2.0 (M9) to finally get the digital M right. thanks for your time, g http://www.GlendynIvin.com
  24. I just bought my first digital camera, a Leica M8. I understand that some lenses, particularly some old wide angle lenses, protrude too far into the body and can interfere with the shutter. Does anybody know if I can safely use the Canon LTM 25mm f3.5 LTM lens, with an M adapter? Thank you.
  25. I experimented with IR photography using my Elmarit 28/2.8 on the M8. I realized that this lens appears to cause a significant hot spot under IR conditions, especially with apertures 8 and up. Can you please share your experience with other lenses on the M8 when using for IR photography? Thanks! Ralph
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