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  1. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2021/07/kodak-rochester-new-york/619009/
  2. From the album: Film

    Leica MP, 35 mm Summicron ASPH, Kodak Pro-image 100. Lab developed, home scanned on a Noristsu LS-600.
  3. Photos from a day spent hiking around the mountains near my hometown. All shot with my Leica M6, 35mm Summicron IV and on Kodak Portra 400 film. Would love to see you over on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_philippw._/
  4. Hey, I went to Vietnam this summer and shot a series that was among other featured on the leica camera blog. You can check that out here: http://blog.leica-camera.com/2016/09/25/lounging-in-vietnam/ But of course I shot a lot more than just those few images in the series! So I still had a ton of photos from my trip to Vietnam buried in Lightroom. I haven’t posted any of them anywhere because I couldn’t really figure out how to arrange them in a story that would make any sense. Also most of these photos are a tad too touristy for my taste. But since I still really like them and can
  5. A couple photographs of Point Reyes Lighthouse on Kodak Tri-X 400. Leica M6 & 35mm Summicron IV plus yellow filter
  6. Eine kleine Auswahl von Bildern aus einer relativ großen Serie die während eines kurzen Trips in die Türkei entstanden ist. Die ganze Serie gibts hier: http://www.philippwortmann.com/istanbul 35mm Kodak Portra 400 - Leica M6 & 35mm Summicron IV lens - gescannt mit Kodak Pakon 135+
  7. This is a small selection of photographs from a series I shot in Istanbul and Bursa during short trip to Turkey. You can check the full series out on my site: http://www.philippwortmann.com/istanbul Or follow me on one of my social media things, down below. All shot on 35mm Kodak Portra 400 with a Leica M6 & 35mm Summicron IV lens. Scanned by myself with a Pakon 135+
  8. Die ganze Serie gibts hier: https://www.flickr.com/photos/derphilipppp/albums/72157659340180141 Leica M6 - 35mm Summicron IV - Kodak Portra 160 Almabtrieb by philipp wortmann, auf Flickr Almabtrieb by philipp wortmann, auf Flickr Almabtrieb by philipp wortmann, auf Flickr Almabtrieb by philipp wortmann, auf Flickr Almabtrieb by philipp wortmann, auf Flickr Almabtrieb by philipp wortmann, auf Flickr Almabtrieb by philipp wortmann, auf Flickr
  9. A small series I did on the Austrian tradition of "Almabtrieb". This is just a selection of pictures from the full series here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/derphilipppp/albums/72157659340180141 Leica M6 - 35mm Summicron IV - Kodak Portra 160 In case you don't know what an "Almabtrieb" is: The "Almabtrieb", which translates from German as: "drive from the mountain pasture", is an annual event in the alpine regions in Europe, referring to a cow train in autumn. During summer, all over the alpine regions cow herds feed on alpine pastures ("Almen" or "Alpen") high up in the mounta
  10. lookbook


  11. Hatte endlich mal wieder die Gelegenheit und Zeit meine Kamera über einen längeren Zeitraum in der Hand zuhalten Mehr gibts hier: https://www.flickr.com/photos/derphilipppp/
  12. I shot a little photo series while in Vietnam this summer All Kodak Portra 160/400, Leica M6, 35mm Summicron Full series here: http://www.philippwortmann.com/lounging-in-viet-nam Teaser:
  13. Ich hab aus Vietnam eine kleine Serie mitgebracht alles Kodak Portra 160 und 400 mit meiner Leica M6 und 35mm Summicron IV Ganze Serie hier: http://www.philippwortmann.com/lounging-in-viet-nam Oder auch: https://www.instagram.com/_philippw._/ Teaser:
  14. Hello, I recently published my M2 user experience in my blog using Summaron35 f2. 8 and Summicron35 version 4.All were taken with Kodak Portra400. The M2 with these 2 lens are amazing. ( I got the good deal on Summicron35 during my trip in Munich, so I carried two 35mm lens😋. Hope you guys enjoy the picture and have fun shooting. I really love my M2 https://goo.gl/G5T1TR
  15. Does anyone know if there are any LTM versions of the Kodak Aero Ektar 178mm ?
  16. From a film returned from the lab today. Leica M4-P + 35mm Summarit f2.5. Kodak T-Max 400. Gerry
  17. has anyone used rolled, Kodak Vision Cine film on their M cameras ? quite cheap for $2.50/36 exp thought id try it..the place that's selling it also develops so no headaches they have FUJI ETERNA VIVID 160/250D/500T (CINE) and Kodak Vision 3 250D/500T
  18. I haven't really shot colour film before, but I'm very pleased with the results. See here some pictures taken with the M6TTL 0.85 with Summicron-M 50mm on Kodak Portra 400, scanned with Nikon coolscan 4000 I really like the colour rendition on the images. Anyone else really liking the Kodak Portra 400 colours? Or recommending other films I might like? thanks! P.S. for people who have read my post about my mother in critical stage in the hospital, on #3 you see her fully recovered with my little brother.
  19. Greetings! May I ask some possibly helps for the below technical question? A friend sent to me the below: --------------------------------------------- Here is some information on how I set up my system for dissolve and multi media slide-show projection: The PC is connected to a Magician dissolve unit with a 4-pin telephone wire adapted to a nine-pin connector Two Kodak projecters are connected to the dissolve unit with seven-pin connectors A mini-disk in a Yamaha Multi-track MD recorder records the signals received from the computer through the Magician dissolve unit
  20. Went to my local car boot to try find an original MP being sold for £3 by some old duffer. Unfortunately, no MPs but I did buy a Retinette IB and an Olympus Pen D. Neither looked as though they've ever been used and the selenium meters, shutters and mechanics all work beautifully. I have used a Pen and an older Retinette in the not too distant past. Both produced images similar to a Holga; milky, out of focus etc. I developed the two films by the cameras tonight and was amazed at the results. The photos themselves are uninteresting but the image quality the two cameras (especially the Re
  21. Hello everybody, in a few days I will travel to L.A. and will expose some rolls of KODAK Tri-X Pan. Does anybody know a lab that developes that film good? Thanks a lot, take care, Peter__
  22. Hallo, ich habe in unserer Schule eine Dunkelkammer zur Verfügung und wollte fragen, wie ich den Kodak 400 Tmax entwickeln soll. Was für Chemikalien soll ich kaufen, auf welches Papier soll ich die Negative ablichten? Was ist für mich als Anfänger sinnvoll? Kann ich dann auch andere Filme wie z.B. den HP5 von Ilford mit dem selben Entwickler entwickeln, oder brauch ich da einen anderen? Muss ich mir ein Buch kaufen, oder kann ich mir alles aus dem Netz anlesen? Ich habe schon zwei mal Filme entwickelt, aber da hatte ich jemand, der die Chemikalien vorbereitet hat... (ich habe quasi nur die Neg
  23. Kodak stellt einen neuen CCD FF Sensor vor: Kodak Announces Highest Resolution Interline Transfer CCD Image Sensor
  24. wenn es eine M9 für Schwarz-Weiß geben würde, würde ich die sofort kaufen:D Es gab von Kodak vor Jahren mal eine reine S/W DSLR DCS 760M Das mit den 18 MPix und Leica Glas wäre der Hammer. Gibt es dafür einen Markt? Was meint ihr? Wer würde sie kaufen? viele Grüsse dierk
  25. Ich war eben bei DM um mir eine der in einem anderen Thread beschriebenen Unterwasser "Einweg" Kameras zu zulegen Dabei entdeckte ich das der _ Kodak Elitechrome 100 (135-36) Verfallsdatum 05/2011 auf 1.85 Oiro/Stück _ Agfa APX 400 (135-36) Verfallsdatum 2010 auf 1.45 Oiro/Stück (_ und nur der Vollständigkeithalber ein Kodak APS 2.45 Oiro/2Stück) herabgesetzt war. Auf Nachfrage bestätigte die zufällig neben dem Regal arbeitende Filialleiterin, dass die Preisreduktion eine Auslistung bedeutet. Diese wäre bundesweit aktuell. Da der D- Markt ein breiteres Filmangebot besitzt als der
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